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Ann. Date Ann. Date
31-May-2016 30-Sep-2016 View Annual Result
31-May-2015 29-Sep-2015 View Annual Result
31-May-2014 30-Sep-2014 View Annual Result
31-May-2013 30-Sep-2013 02-Oct-2013 View Annual Result
31-May-2012 27-Sep-2012 24-Oct-2012 View Annual Result
31-May-2011 26-Sep-2011 10-Oct-2011 View Annual Result
31-May-2010 01-Oct-2010 01-Oct-2010 View Annual Result
31-May-2009 29-Jun-2009 03-Jul-2009 View Annual Result
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Hippo I saw some comments above are about Singapore.
Wondering the recent drop in price is because of zika?
05/09/2016 15:16
UncleSam Despite being quite a notable caution to the public, I don't think Zika will materially affect the business. Well, business and life has to go on, people still need to feed their families, it's not like the whole of Singapore is going to quarantine themselves inside their houses, as if there is a zombie apocalypse. We still have to fall back to realistic rationality and logic when news like these pop up from time to time.
07/09/2016 15:02
valuelurker Lol going back 0.50
20/09/2016 18:13
Kin Fai Hoo wah,,,,,2 weeks,,n0 body,,,,,malaria,,,,,,,,,,
20/09/2016 18:16
UncleSam Ringgit, ringgit let it drop, and let Fibon fly.
26/09/2016 09:17
Peter123 Ringgit will drop to 5 next year
04/10/2016 11:55
6182al 150 up 211 down 517 no up no down and 846 no transation what stupid market less than 8.8 % gainers
05/10/2016 15:16
UncleSam Revenue actually increased, the difference probably went to remunerations, so performance wise, the company should still be well intact if you look at it this way, I'm still expecting the next quarter to perform. However, we should expect share prices this quarter to adjust to the higher PE.
27/10/2016 08:09
Squirtle Wah down so much today
Fibon Ham kah ling liao
27/10/2016 09:54
XXXvalue Q1 normally slow & tend to pickup speed toward the end.
27/10/2016 11:53
hornbill I want to know director paid how much?
27/10/2016 12:45
Henry Tang From the history 2011 till 2016...Q1 is normally the highest revenue.
27/10/2016 15:38
Henry Tang highest Net profit*
27/10/2016 16:05
UncleSam But still as of this quarter, cashflows are still growing and positive, plus 33mil cash in company, assets 45.5mil vs liabilities 2.8mil, revenue still higher and growing compared to last quarter, and still no debts, no gearing. The issue in this quarter is not the sales, not toxic fundamentals, its the internal decisions that made the profits as it is this particular quarter. Value or not, is subjective, but management is still key to success nonetheless. So how, its up to you to see it as cheap or dangerous for now.
27/10/2016 16:19
PlsGiveBonus Panic sell!!
27/10/2016 16:23
Henry Tang anyone attended to AGM? mayb can share some ideas..haha
27/10/2016 16:45
cheated EPS 0.84 sen. annualized EPS=0.84x4=3.36 sen. If PE 10 TP 34 sen?
28/10/2016 05:42
cheated Below 40 sen safer.
28/10/2016 05:43
XXXvalue Agree..if u can get it.
28/10/2016 06:50
lousy_result Profit drop 56%. Who recommend such lousy stock?
29/10/2016 17:43
freedomheal Yalor, who recommend this lousy stock? Last time got ppl Lc said he recommend it den other ppl follow him, now mia already,kikiki.
30/10/2016 14:35
Song Lee Bones recommend
04/11/2016 22:25
UncleSam USD 4.4 at the moment.
11/11/2016 10:08
AishahNasimuddin Anyone still holding onto this counter? Barely moving but slowly downtrending.
07/12/2016 10:24
Dolly_Chai oolongteh, you have a valid point here...3-4sen of EPS selling at 60sen, which is PE 15-20...
perhaps big players are waiting to sell so they pump up the price first...
05/01/2017 09:37
UncleSam However, this counter is still a gem nonetheless, the only reasons so far now that can be speculated positively, is the ringgit, if ringgit is expected to stay bad, or worsen, then this counter has a valid reason to expect outstanding profits. In terms of other aspects, I can't find much basis to back this movement.
05/01/2017 10:10
Dolly_Chai UncleSam, no doubt that this company is making profit every year.. but the major problem is there is no growth seen for years.. the revenue and net profit has been stagnant at 15-16million & 4-5millions every year... this is a very conservative family-owned business so i do not see any big surprise in their share price appreciation... anyway, just my 2 cents...
05/01/2017 10:31
Dolly_Chai so for now, i think it is more likely that the big players (perhaps the owners) are pumping the share price for their dumping later...
05/01/2017 10:32
Dolly_Chai in fact, the latest quarter sees a huge drop in the net profit so i cannot reason why it shoots up a lot recently....
05/01/2017 10:33
AishahNasimuddin Trend hasn't retraced or corrected yet. Be careful. Hitting resistance. Any other opinions on technical analysis?
05/01/2017 11:11
funitec Party just started. Let's see it to 68 and above. Technically going strong.
05/01/2017 15:33
AishahNasimuddin However, we also can't deny that this is an export counter, with their bulk earnings in foreign currencies, with the weak ringgit now close to 4.5, this counter is expected to perform considering they are the pioneer of their niche industry. Furthermore, the quarterly results are coming up soon. Maybe we can compare the trend to other export counters? If others are moving, this could be the reason also?
05/01/2017 16:05
UncleSam I hope the price drops and corrects to the 5_ cents range asap. Hahah. Uncle needs a CNY value buy.
05/01/2017 16:08
Song Lee What'up
06/01/2017 00:05
foreign_fund Donald Trump to become US president on 20th Jan. Will he keep promise to implement US protectionist policy? If not can revoting happen?
06/01/2017 06:13
donfollowblindly Profit drop 35% QOQ, 56% YOY. If follow KYY Golden rule sure must sell.
06/01/2017 06:18
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11/01/2017 15:14
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Fibon supply the most popular form of pure copper being copper containing 99.9% Cu. It has a high electrical conductivity, and normally used as an electrical conductor.
11/01/2017 15:15
funitec Support at 0.615. s2 0.61 s3 0.605. If it breaks 0.63 or 0.635 it will go go .
11/01/2017 21:57
funitec RSI way above 70%. Still good.
11/01/2017 21:58
matrix6050 join in the party
13/01/2017 00:29
funitec SMA 50 turn around, .about to cut through 200day SMA. Then the party will really begin. someones accumulating at 61.5 and 62 today. D/E of "0". Nett CASH 18 CENTS PER SHARE.
ROE OF 9.6. Current ratio 18.37( anything above 3.0 ) is considered good.
Can dance for CNY.
18/01/2017 15:55
Andry Ong let's wait for the QR, is a boom or doom
19/01/2017 15:03
UncleSam Can hear the CNY songs already. Let's hope that it will be a good 2017 for Fibon.
19/01/2017 16:31
funitec Qtr result after New Year,,,,, Today highest 0.65 lowest 0.62. range is nice.,
19/01/2017 16:43
AishahNasimuddin Bullish sign. Strong support. Rooster is going make a long call on Fibon! Hehe! Berkat!
19/01/2017 16:43
BenjamGoh I think profit from exchange rates should be good this quarter also and hopefully sales. High profit margin export counter. Fibon pls shine pls shine.
19/01/2017 16:55
XXXvalue while the music is on...someone quietly disposing emmm.
19/01/2017 18:10
Song Lee Come on come on let it fly Fibon
19/01/2017 22:21
oolongteh I saw it too. Someone might be disposing. But then again, every investor has their own judgement. Just because I'm buying or selling, doesn't mean that you might be wrong or right in your decision to buy or sell. They might sell at the wrong time too, or who knows the right time maybe? But u have to ask yourself sincerely, why are you buying? Otherwise you are just speculating, and gambling. But i'm definitely going for the long call here. I see value where others may think otherwise.
20/01/2017 00:16


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