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Annual Report

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Financial Year Annual Audited Account Annual Report View
Ann. Date Ann. Date
31-May-2016 30-Sep-2016 View Annual Result
31-May-2015 29-Sep-2015 View Annual Result
31-May-2014 30-Sep-2014 View Annual Result
31-May-2013 30-Sep-2013 02-Oct-2013 View Annual Result
31-May-2012 27-Sep-2012 24-Oct-2012 View Annual Result
31-May-2011 26-Sep-2011 10-Oct-2011 View Annual Result
31-May-2010 01-Oct-2010 01-Oct-2010 View Annual Result
31-May-2009 29-Jun-2009 03-Jul-2009 View Annual Result
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zhangliang big volume buy today
22/03/2017 17:00
zhangliang told u all! jumped today
23/03/2017 10:05
Doer Down trend...
28/03/2017 12:16
BenjamGoh Today got new announcement. Wonder what's the share price gonna happen tomorrow. Panic sell tomorrow.
28/03/2017 18:04
joekit do business is like that one lah. once ur business started to grow, alot will eye red. alamak! the claim so small amount also need to announce. better goreng the secretary. haha. if tomorrow down is great chance to buy. haha
28/03/2017 18:45
oolongteh I hope the price goes down too, cheaper to collect. Please sell down tomorrow. Make it drop, big time.
28/03/2017 21:14
Doer My new prospect... will collect if go below 0.70
30/03/2017 20:22
Octopus Spot 0.62/3 then wahaha
09/04/2017 21:46
Wei3 Y Up...?
10/04/2017 14:46
Wei3 78 sen.. break Year High..
10/04/2017 14:48
Doer Any news leaking?
10/04/2017 16:00
joekit y just now so keras suddenly lembik ady! what went wrong?! lol
10/04/2017 16:02
joekit can fibon pls perform ngang ngang like willow? hehe...
10/04/2017 16:03
Doer This small action hints something...
10/04/2017 16:15
joekit wah...kambing second round......lol
10/04/2017 16:23
joekit close cantek. tomrow jatuh then sapu more...more.....tambah lagi nasi! hahaha.....
10/04/2017 16:54
johnyeoyeo healthy
11/04/2017 10:22
Gary Ooi How is fibon
18/04/2017 14:23
Doer aim 0.7
19/04/2017 11:04
BenjamGoh Q3 to Q3 results grow by double again. Fibon doing well.
25/04/2017 19:20
oolongteh http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5405253
25/04/2017 19:34
oolongteh Sales increased, profits increased, eps increased, cumulative periods profits increased.
25/04/2017 19:35
Wei Hong but the net profit was lower than the previous quarter. lets see how it goes tomorrow.
25/04/2017 21:43
oolongteh Also referring to the new law in malaysia, which is another plus point for export counters on foreign exchange gains, now companies must convert 75% of their foreign currency, so the forex gain is actually realised all the time, thus recording solid profits. It's not a floating figure that looks good on paper anymore. Correct me if I am wrong.
25/04/2017 22:48
Doer grab it...
26/04/2017 09:55
1009 Walau... why not power ler? Not long keep? Can buy ma?
26/04/2017 12:14
Doer need time for those "no confidence" to dispose first...then only we can collect...
26/04/2017 14:24
Song Lee Die liao
26/04/2017 19:45
Ng006127 Still can hold ??
26/04/2017 19:56
8085208 cut losses at 0.65
26/04/2017 20:12
Ng006127 Q3 to Q3 results grow by double ,y dropped?
26/04/2017 20:29
herry168 Shopping time,accumulated more..hold tight..
26/04/2017 20:36
oolongteh What's the reason behind this trend? Any basis to explain?
26/04/2017 23:14
Doer good fundamental, collect time
27/04/2017 09:04
joekit y'all better dont buy as boss wanna collect back. lol
27/04/2017 11:24
Apa_Macam like this....
1st support is 0.68. If break, then 2nd support 0.645. If break again, then next support 0.608. 0.608 last support.If can hold and rebound may go for new high again.
27/04/2017 21:29
Apa_Macam if want buy, i will wait at 0.645 or 0.608. For those stuck, don't worry. MM will come back again. Just timing , when nian. Close eye and go rest. See who longer life. haha.....
27/04/2017 21:31
joekit collect quietly lah
28/04/2017 09:26
Doer haha, weird investor...play psycho
28/04/2017 14:30
chesslim Strong support at 0.685 !!
02/05/2017 11:21
1009 98,000 .. 100 people buy 980 = can sapu habis.. I start perlahanx2 collect first
04/05/2017 00:47
joekit 98000?! pengsan. go check properly. lol. now is get rid of short term players first. so better go buy penny stock to play first. dont waste time here. lol
04/05/2017 08:34
Wei3 Low share issued 98 million
05/05/2017 10:00
sarariman nice
11/05/2017 16:31
Doer quite quiet this counter recently...any news?
16/05/2017 11:45
flyer111 this stock going to die
23/05/2017 16:02
flyer111 really cant tahan
23/05/2017 16:02
flyer111 almost teruk stock in 2017
23/05/2017 16:03
Doer what's is your basic info support?
24/05/2017 12:29
Doer cakap kosong?
24/05/2017 12:29


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