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31-Dec-2016 28-Apr-2017 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2015 28-Apr-2016 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2014 30-Apr-2015 13-May-2015 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2013 30-Apr-2014 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2012 30-Apr-2013 08-May-2013 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2011 30-Apr-2012 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2010 29-Apr-2011 16-May-2011 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2009 30-Apr-2010 View Annual Result
31-Dec-2008 30-Apr-2009 View Annual Result
31-Jan-2008 30-May-2008 View Annual Result
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ctooi51 last minute tongkat ali very effective.. zoom
16/02/2017 17:07
char1234 u must be new to this share..daily range is 6 to 8 ct...both ways...i sugguest u look at d share 2 months from now ...over 10 bucks
16/02/2017 17:16
tsswee Lots of comments without basis here. All smoking from a pipe and dreaming out loud
16/02/2017 22:34
char1234 so ....? not many ppl buy this share...those who buy tis share r rich ...only me ...im poor...empty vessels make most noise
17/02/2017 00:58
char1234 look at my posts....im lone ranger
....rich man dont make noise..
17/02/2017 00:59
char1234 Dont worry
18/02/2017 19:50
Simple man tomorrow good show
03/03/2017 00:15
Simple man Continue collect
03/03/2017 00:16
kktom I think this is the end of the wave.
12/03/2017 08:18
Boon Hian Beh 来了
13/03/2017 16:41
swaq ?
13/03/2017 18:00
Money168 haha. bornoil give bonus and warrant luuuu. who said buy at 0.18 nid to keep long time ah?
15/03/2017 18:15
Money168 i said already, buy and keep bornoil likes keep hapseng
15/03/2017 18:16
goldentriangle US rate hike by 25 basis points,
Don't know whether will it affected hap seng or not...
16/03/2017 05:52
Alex Yeong I'm newbie..Still thinking wan to buy 100 shares on hap seng or not
23/03/2017 12:13
Money168 @alex Yeong, buy buy buy! it's low price.will announce dividend in May!
31/03/2017 15:42
char1234 yes buy...price will b over rm10 by end of d year...
15/04/2017 09:37
goldentriangle Satellite photos show North Korean nuclear site 'primed and ready'
15/04/2017 11:19
goldentriangle http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/13/asia/
15/04/2017 11:19
goldentriangle North Korea was now in final preparations for a sixth nuclear test anytime from now
and US under Trump Dump will shooting the "MotherOfAllBombs" (MOAB)
to North Korea and the World War III may begins...
Then the world economy will be start the long recession after this,
So be prepared to sold all equities and holding the cash during down time is better !
15/04/2017 11:20
Boon Hian Beh PEACE NO WAR
15/04/2017 19:57
Sony Ooi don't worry about the war in the korean penisular it will not happen.

read this article

BEIJING: US President Donald Trump’s sudden strike on Syria and Washington’s doubling down on aggressive military posturing has led to wide speculation that Pyongyang could be the next target for unilateral action.

Even though the administration has indicated that military option is among the options under review, there are many signs that North Korea is not Syria – as military action against the former carries far greater risks.

1. Why can’t the US attack North Korea like it did Syria?

The Korean Peninsula technically remains in a state of war. Fighting halted on July 27, 1953 under an armistice signed between Washington and Beijing. If the US initiated an attack, it would break the treaty endorsed by the United Nations.

2. What are the most important differences between North Korea and Syria?

While Syria is believed to have pursued nuclear weapons, North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities have matured in recent years.

Pyongyang has conducted five nuclear tests and claims it has successfully “miniaturised” nuclear warheads – though such claims have never been independently verified.

It experienced a series of embarrassing failures while launching the Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missile last year.

Despite that, military experts believe that North Korea learnt from those setbacks and might even be able to develop a nuclear-tipped, intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the United States within the coming four years, during Trump’s presidency.

image: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/regional/2017/04/15/five-reasons-why-the-us-cannot-attack-north-korea-like-it-did-syria/~/media/d24359c1ca63450bbe5b30c2c49c9f04.ashx

North Korean troops parade in Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang on Saturday, the birthday Kim Il-sung, grandfather of leader Kim Jong-un.
3. Why must China stand by North Korea if it is attacked by the US?

China is North Korea’s ally. In 1961, the two countries signed the Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty, in which both parties are obliged to offer immediate military and other assistance to the other in the case of an outside attack. This treaty has been prolonged twice, and is valid until 2021.

4. Why does China insist on a peaceful resolution and oppose military option floated by the US?

China is concerned that its border provinces would be inundated with North Korean refugees if the Kim regime collapsed.

From a geopolitical point of view, Beijing views North Korea as a buffer zone from the potential encroachment by powers are aligned with the US, including Japan and South Korea.

5. Besides China, which other countries oppose a military strike against Pyongyang?

Both South Korea and Japan prefer non-military option.

The South Korean capital, Seoul, is only about 40km from the border and is particularly vulnerable to North Korean attack. Sam Gardiner, a retired Air Force colonel, was quoted by an interview by The Atlantic magazine as saying the US “cannot protect Seoul, at least for the first 24 hours of a war, and maybe for the first 48”.

Even though former US president Bill Clinton seriously debated bombing the Yongbyon reactor in 1994, he was convinced by his defence officials that the intensity of combat with North Korea “would be greater than any the world has witnessed since the last Korean War”. – South China Morning Post
15/04/2017 20:01
char1234 Good info....Trump could b inpulsive at times..ha ha
15/04/2017 23:42
char1234 stay with hap seng
15/04/2017 23:42
Des2003 Hapseng lately acts like no steam!...
21/04/2017 10:54
Boon Hian Beh coming soon
26/04/2017 14:59
Teong77 Not no steam dude.. Because big boss share buy back pass few week ago.
28/04/2017 20:45
aikinlai give bonus issue lar so the small player like us have a chance to buy some.....
28/04/2017 22:07
Money168 be patient. will give bonus issue soon.
02/05/2017 09:42
Boon Hian Beh sbow time
19/05/2017 22:53
Boon Hian Beh show time
21/05/2017 09:42
drt6398 Giant waking up...
24/05/2017 10:35
BZ Sleeping giant
24/05/2017 12:03
Boon Hian Beh coming soon
24/05/2017 20:25
ctooi51 this time around guess what will be the dividend like?
25/05/2017 11:33
kent323 show time!
25/05/2017 13:49
char1234 relax.....rm 10 by year end
25/05/2017 15:19
Ming Koay 10 soon be soon
25/05/2017 16:40
goldentriangle OPEC especially Iran no further
output cut, Oil price tumbling by nearly 5%
US Nymex=> $48.90 (-$2.46) (-4.8%)
Brent=> $51.44 (-$2.52) (-4.7%)
26/05/2017 05:29
ctooi51 how yeh.. 15 sen dividend coming ....... have to beg, borrow or steal to pay dividend. up up.....
26/05/2017 09:22
drt6398 Info from where @ctooi51?
26/05/2017 09:32
ctooi51 sh! sh! going for record high..today..
26/05/2017 09:35
ctooi51 che.... 9.42 only equal previous record.. so no new record for today?
26/05/2017 09:39
ctooi51 this is the only company where the owner is not directly involved in the company hence not getting any perks, salary, allowances nor bonuses.. he only depends on dividends from hapseng cons and hapseng plant .. each giving alternate quarters dividend ...
26/05/2017 09:48
Ming Koay next week agm
26/05/2017 11:03
ctooi51 still trying..to go for a new high... go go.......
26/05/2017 11:27
drt6398 Currently second attempt to break 9.40 limit...
26/05/2017 12:55
ctooi51 bet today will break the 9.42 record. go hapseng go.... to put tan sri in the top 5 richest man in Malaysia...
26/05/2017 13:37
char1234 10 this year...no worries
27/05/2017 01:05
Des2003 go go go hapseng to break the 10 mark...
27/05/2017 18:06


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