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Annual Reports

Financial Year Annual Report Audited Account

Part 2 - Annual Report 2014-Pg 22 to Pg 75.pdf Part 2 - Annual Report 2014-Pg 22 to Pg 75.pdf

Part 1- Annual Report 2014-Cover to Pg 21.pdf Part 1- Annual Report 2014-Cover to Pg 21.pdf

Part 3 - Annual Report 2014-Pg 76 to Proxy form.pdf Part 3 - Annual Report 2014-Pg 76 to Proxy form.pdf

HSCB Financial Statements 31.12. 2014.pdf HSCB Financial Statements 31.12. 2014.pdf


HAPSENG-AnnualReport2013.pdf HAPSENG-AnnualReport2013.pdf


HAPSENG-AnnualReport2012.pdf HAPSENG-AnnualReport2012.pdf

HSCB-Financial Statement 31.12.2012.pdf HSCB-Financial Statement 31.12.2012.pdf


HAPSENG-AnnualReport2011(2.4MB).pdf HAPSENG-AnnualReport2011(2.4MB).pdf


HAPSENG-Cover to Page 51 (2MB).pdf HAPSENG-Cover to Page 51 (2MB).pdf

HAPSENG-Page 52 to ProxyForm (2MB).pdf HAPSENG-Page 52 to ProxyForm (2MB).pdf

Financial Statement 31-12-2010 - HSCB.pdf Financial Statement 31-12-2010 - HSCB.pdf


HAPSENG-AnnualReport2009 (2.9MB).pdf HAPSENG-AnnualReport2009 (2.9MB).pdf


HAPSENG-AnnualReport2008 (3MB).pdf HAPSENG-AnnualReport2008 (3MB).pdf


HAPSENG-Cover to Page 17.pdf HAPSENG-Cover to Page 17.pdf

HAPSENG-Page 18 to ProxyForm (3.1MB).pdf HAPSENG-Page 18 to ProxyForm (3.1MB).pdf


HAPSENG-Cover to Page 75 (2.7MB).pdf HAPSENG-Cover to Page 75 (2.7MB).pdf

HAPSENG-Page 76 to ProxyForm (589KB).pdf HAPSENG-Page 76 to ProxyForm (589KB).pdf

HSCB_ACCS_YE 31 Jan 2007.pdf HSCB_ACCS_YE 31 Jan 2007.pdf


HAPSENG-Cover(133KB).pdf HAPSENG-Cover(133KB).pdf

HAPSENG-ChairmanStatement (Part A) (1.2MB).pdf HAPSENG-ChairmanStatement (Part A) (1.2MB).pdf

HAPSENG-ChairmanStatement (Part B) (1.2MB).pdf HAPSENG-ChairmanStatement (Part B) (1.2MB).pdf

HAPSENG-FinancialStat-OtherInfo-Properties-Analysis-Proxy(726KB).pdf HAPSENG-FinancialStat-OtherInfo-Properties-Analysis-Proxy(726KB).pdf

HAPSENG-Contents-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors-CorpGov-GrpFinHighlights(1.2MB).pdf HAPSENG-Contents-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors-CorpGov-GrpFinHighlights(1.2MB).pdf

Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad 310106.pdf Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad 310106.pdf


HAPSENG-Cover (349KB).pdf HAPSENG-Cover (349KB).pdf

HAPSENG-AGMNotice-CorpInfo-DirectorsProfile (469KB).pdf HAPSENG-AGMNotice-CorpInfo-DirectorsProfile (469KB).pdf

HAPSENG-CorpGov-GroupFinancial-ChairmanStat (1.2MB).pdf HAPSENG-CorpGov-GroupFinancial-ChairmanStat (1.2MB).pdf

HAPSENG-DirectorsRpt-FinancialStat-GroupProperties-ProxyForm (613KB).pdf HAPSENG-DirectorsRpt-FinancialStat-GroupProperties-ProxyForm (613KB).pdf


HapSeng-Cover-BackCover (225KB).pdf HapSeng-Cover-BackCover (225KB).pdf

HapSeng-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors'Profile (1.43MB).pdf HapSeng-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors'Profile (1.43MB).pdf

HapSeng-CorpGov (455KB).pdf HapSeng-CorpGov (455KB).pdf

HapSeng-AuditCmt (1.1MB).pdf HapSeng-AuditCmt (1.1MB).pdf

HapSeng-FinancialHighlights (345KB).pdf HapSeng-FinancialHighlights (345KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement I (745KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement I (745KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement II (635KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement II (635KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement III (650KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement III (650KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement IV (615KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement IV (615KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement V (780KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement V (780KB).pdf

HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-ShareBuyBackSummary-PlantationStats (410KB).pdf HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-ShareBuyBackSummary-PlantationStats (410KB).pdf


HapSeng-Cover-NoticeAGM-Directors'Profile-CorpGov-AuditCmt (315KB).pdf HapSeng-Cover-NoticeAGM-Directors'Profile-CorpGov-AuditCmt (315KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement (730KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement (730KB).pdf

HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-PlantationStats (435KB).pdf HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-PlantationStats (435KB).pdf


HapSeng-Cover (555KB).pdf HapSeng-Cover (555KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement I (635KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement I (635KB).pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement II (680KB).pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement II (680KB).pdf

HapSeng-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors'Profile-CorpGov-AuditCmt (1MB).pdf HapSeng-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-Directors'Profile-CorpGov-AuditCmt (1MB).pdf

HapSeng-FinancialHighlights (990KB).pdf HapSeng-FinancialHighlights (990KB).pdf

HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-BuyBack-PlantationStats (840KB).pdf HapSeng-FinancialStatement-Properties-ShareStats-BuyBack-PlantationStats (840KB).pdf

HapSeng-Errata.pdf HapSeng-Errata.pdf


HapSeng-Profile-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-FinancialHighlights-ChairmanStatement.pdf HapSeng-Profile-NoticeAGM-CorpInfo-FinancialHighlights-ChairmanStatement.pdf

HapSeng-Bus.Activities I.pdf HapSeng-Bus.Activities I.pdf

HapSeng-Bus.Activities II.pdf HapSeng-Bus.Activities II.pdf

HapSeng-Bus.Activities III.pdf HapSeng-Bus.Activities III.pdf

HapSeng-Bus.Activities V.pdf HapSeng-Bus.Activities V.pdf

HapSeng-Bus.Avtivities IV.pdf HapSeng-Bus.Avtivities IV.pdf

HapSeng-Directors'Report-Acc.pdf HapSeng-Directors'Report-Acc.pdf

HapSeng-NotesToAcc I.pdf HapSeng-NotesToAcc I.pdf

HapSeng-NotesToAcc II-Auditors'Report.pdf HapSeng-NotesToAcc II-Auditors'Report.pdf

HapSeng-AuditCmt-Properties-Share&PlantationsStats.pdf HapSeng-AuditCmt-Properties-Share&PlantationsStats.pdf

HapSeng-Graphics pg 2 (1MB).pdf HapSeng-Graphics pg 2 (1MB).pdf


HapSeng-Cover-Company'sProfile-Contents.pdf HapSeng-Cover-Company'sProfile-Contents.pdf

HapSeng-NoticeAGM-BoardDirectors-CorpInfo-GrpFinHighlights-GrpCorpStructure.pdf HapSeng-NoticeAGM-BoardDirectors-CorpInfo-GrpFinHighlights-GrpCorpStructure.pdf

HapSeng-FinancialStatements-AuditCmt-ShareholdingStats-Properties-PlantationsStats.pdf HapSeng-FinancialStatements-AuditCmt-ShareholdingStats-Properties-PlantationsStats.pdf

HapSeng-BussinessActivities-BusinessLocations-Plantations.pdf HapSeng-BussinessActivities-BusinessLocations-Plantations.pdf

HapSeng-BusinessActivities-EACHoldings-Dumex-HainanBreweryCo.pdf HapSeng-BusinessActivities-EACHoldings-Dumex-HainanBreweryCo.pdf

HapSeng-BusinessActivities-LamSoon(Thailand)-VintageHeights-CGUInsurance-HapSengAgrotech.pdf HapSeng-BusinessActivities-LamSoon(Thailand)-VintageHeights-CGUInsurance-HapSengAgrotech.pdf

HapSeng-ProgressesThroughPeople-CorporateStrategicPlans.pdf HapSeng-ProgressesThroughPeople-CorporateStrategicPlans.pdf

HapSeng-BusinessActivities-Processing-Carlsberg-.pdf HapSeng-BusinessActivities-Processing-Carlsberg-.pdf

HapSeng-ChairmanStatement.pdf HapSeng-ChairmanStatement.pdf

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  17 people like this.
Dan Lee Three things to look at, significant increases in profit, good share buy back to mitigate some additional listing due to exercise of warrant, potential bonus/split for second interim dividend this coming November ( Happy trading )
19/09/2015 01:57
sell An obvious sell. Director started to do so why retailers chase? Because see price keep rising?
19/09/2015 06:04
mamatede Stay calm and huat on !
21/09/2015 14:04
HJey Sick psycho calvintaneng only know to lie. Such a pity human

Iiinvestsmart, I can bet anything with you that sick psycho will lie until his last day
22/09/2015 18:23
iiinvestsmart The odd of losing the bet is at a very high level. Calvin has a daily routine consist of;

1. Wake up at 5.30am and login to the site
2. Go for quick breakfast and login to the site
3. Surf internet until market open at 9am
4. Read, posting comment and troll others until 1pm
5. Lunch and wait market resumes at 2pm
6. Repeat No.4 above until 5pm
7. Quick break, surf internet and login to the site
8. Dinner, surf internet until bedtime 2am
9. Repeat the cycle on the following day :D
30/09/2015 21:38
growthinvestor to equate hapseng with guanchong,london biscuit and knm like an idiot talk bs.this calvin clouded by hatred.a childish act.
30/09/2015 21:50
calvintaneng WAHAHA!

HapSeng not a bad share on its own. Only thing is - the fundamental is deteriorating by the days. So the price rise is manipulated. The actual growth last quarter is very little. Nothing to shout about actually. Sale of assets only one off event which will not be repeated in next quarter result.

Better sell when the price is still lofty and the masses are still unaware.
30/09/2015 22:21
kktom Shut the Fxxxk up
01/10/2015 16:20
mamatede Woah the last time I huat and now the price so high de ^^..... TP anyone?
02/10/2015 11:28
BZ Rock steady
02/10/2015 16:56


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