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Annual Report

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Financial Year Annual Audited Account Annual Report View
Ann. Date Ann. Date
30-Sep-2017 30-Jan-2018 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2016 26-Jan-2017 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2015 29-Jan-2016 29-Feb-2016 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2014 30-Jan-2015 24-Feb-2015 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2013 29-Jan-2014 06-Mar-2014 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2012 31-Jan-2013 06-Mar-2013 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2011 31-Jan-2012 09-Mar-2012 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2010 31-Jan-2011 09-Mar-2011 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2009 29-Jan-2010 09-Mar-2010 View Annual Result
30-Sep-2008 23-Jan-2009 05-Mar-2009 View Annual Result
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Feizal Mazlan If PP is set at 10 cent then nightmare again to everyone...... don't ever dream it would go higher this year. It most probably hover around 10 cent for a longer period of time.

Mr Baki and Mr Richard bought a lot earlier but they also got caught. I guess earlier they try to push share price higher than 20 cent but failed until now.

They thought share price goes higher once MOU is signed but again it goes the other way round.

Noteholders and Big Sharks fooled them. Thiese players make and controlled the game now.
24/01/2018 12:35
tklim Aiyaaa...no need to think lah.....Follow director.....
24/01/2018 18:12
HandOfMidas the reason they push down the price because they do the private placement via vwap of 5 market days and 10% discount. once the private placement done. now they are ready to push!!!
24/01/2018 22:36
tklim Now auto cruise....slow and steady.....
25/01/2018 10:09
equitywarrior Forget Hubline!

This company is poised for more upside tomorrow!!! https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/chubbyprofit/145436.jsp
25/01/2018 17:03
Dartmaster From what i heard Richard and Baki are going against RCN which now hold most of hubline share ready to dump it down . You can follow them i guess once they get enough friends to push up the price or if by any chance they manage to convince RCN to hold on to their share . Otherwise the price will stay stagnant..
26/01/2018 12:22
netx are you joking??
rcn share sell at 0.11???
26/01/2018 14:07
freddiehero wat is rcn?
26/01/2018 19:31
tklim aiyaaaa...follow director maaaaa....ha,..ha...ha
27/01/2018 00:00
netx ready
29/01/2018 09:26
victory015 hubline up
29/01/2018 12:34
$Vincent$ hold till 0.20, may be need 1 year
29/01/2018 12:39
freddiehero em.. collect some
29/01/2018 15:49
stteck Its Annual report, except cover, its fully black, white and grey, my eyes are not so comfortable
31/01/2018 10:50
victory015 i read its annual report. Hubline is a family business. The CEO is Dennis Ling, his son, his daughter, his daughter-in-law are directors in hubline.
31/01/2018 13:33
victory015 in year 2017, it is burning "less" cash , as seen from cash flow from operations.
31/01/2018 13:42
Astotti Roller Coaster spotted, my very good friend struck at 0.135, however he still hoping can go up to 0.18 for sell. He is a short term trader now becoming long term investor. =(
31/01/2018 16:05
Hubline AR is out. Share more those reading. Different people read this different things.
31/01/2018 16:11
sandrakkc The last tranche of the PP is done, they're going to fire from all cylinders.
31/01/2018 19:15
victory015 what is PP ?
31/01/2018 20:01
sandrakkc Private placement
01/02/2018 01:01
KillBuffett http://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/overview/1171.jsp

Visit this site and read on Orange88 comment. he suggest bursa should make sure a new CW exeercise price should according to the average of last 3 trading days price..WE nee to suooort him
01/02/2018 01:07
victory015 can't see any reason that hubline share price can go up this year
05/02/2018 09:05
icezai96 Anyone can explain what happen today? 900+stock drop heavily
05/02/2018 15:01
tklim https://klse.i3investor.com/additionalListing/7013/05-Feb-2018/19794_1243385343.jsp
05/02/2018 15:17
tklim Moving Average (Long Term) BUY
05/02/2018 15:20
victory015 >> they're going to fire from all cylinders.
They have no power, no profitability to fire.
05/02/2018 21:19
freddiehero fly without win
05/02/2018 21:32
beebumble fly to hell dy..
06/02/2018 09:15
freddiehero tat win kena burn up liao lo..
06/02/2018 10:07
freddiehero but stay steady..
06/02/2018 10:08
newtrend buy steady buy
06/02/2018 10:46
victory015 who is buying now? it will drop further
06/02/2018 11:49
beebumble buy back at 0.08
06/02/2018 13:26
victory015 hubline is a family business. The ceo's daughter, son, daughter-in-law are all directors. The company will not have positive cash flow and profit in this year. It is hard to see its shares moving up.
06/02/2018 14:04
sandrakkc Tn Haji who came on board had brought in new business with Petronas Chemical. He had been collecting Hubline shares on 15 Jan at 14 & 15 Sen
06/02/2018 16:46
sell Loss QR mali?
08/02/2018 09:20
fl888 Any chance for something from Petronas Saudi deal of Us 8 billion
08/02/2018 10:41
newtrend steady
08/02/2018 16:07
victory015 there is no deal with petronas saudi
09/02/2018 14:11
sandrakkc They just signed an MOU with Petronas Chemical
09/02/2018 17:04
victory015 That is an MOU, not a deal !
09/02/2018 21:15
victory015 hubline lose money every year. In the long run, hubline bankrupt. Are you sure long term is buy ?
11/02/2018 10:18
kidsplay die
12/02/2018 14:03
victory015 hubline is dying, i am selling my shares
14/02/2018 15:36
freddiehero no, u r late..
14/02/2018 17:22
tklim Moving Average (Long Term) BUY
14/02/2018 23:41
freddiehero tp 0.3?
17/02/2018 11:13
freddiehero tp 0.3?
17/02/2018 11:14
Feizal Mazlan Q result just around the corner. Most probably loss again.
19/02/2018 14:24


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