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From To Type No. of Shares Min Price Max Price Total Amount
31-May-2011 31-May-2011 31-May-2011 Buyback 10,000 1.000 1.000 10,000.00 View Detail
21-Jun-2011 21-Jun-2011 21-Jun-2011 Buyback 11,000 0.945 0.945 -123,456.79 View Detail
21-Jun-2011 20-Jun-2011 20-Jun-2011 Buyback 5,000 0.960 0.960 -123,456.79 View Detail
12-Jul-2011 12-Jul-2011 12-Jul-2011 Buyback 10,200 0.980 0.990 -123,456.79 View Detail
13-Jul-2011 13-Jul-2011 13-Jul-2011 Buyback 10,000 0.990 0.995 -123,456.79 View Detail
15-Jul-2011 15-Jul-2011 15-Jul-2011 Buyback 17,000 0.990 0.995 -123,456.79 View Detail
19-Jul-2011 19-Jul-2011 19-Jul-2011 Buyback 11,500 0.955 0.975 -123,456.79 View Detail
08-Aug-2011 08-Aug-2011 08-Aug-2011 Buyback 6,300 0.900 0.915 -123,456.79 View Detail
11-Aug-2011 11-Aug-2011 11-Aug-2011 Buyback 2,100 0.890 0.890 -123,456.79 View Detail
19-Aug-2011 19-Aug-2011 19-Aug-2011 Buyback 7,500 0.915 0.930 -123,456.79 View Detail
25-Aug-2011 25-Aug-2011 25-Aug-2011 Buyback 4,000 0.910 0.915 -123,456.79 View Detail
26-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 Buyback 5,000 0.900 0.910 -123,456.79 View Detail
12-Sep-2011 12-Sep-2011 12-Sep-2011 Buyback 4,700 0.915 0.925 -123,456.79 View Detail
22-Sep-2011 22-Sep-2011 22-Sep-2011 Buyback 3,500 0.895 0.895 -123,456.79 View Detail
02-Apr-2012 02-Apr-2012 02-Apr-2012 Buyback 7,100 0.960 0.965 6,880.55 View Detail
10-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012 Buyback 6,000 0.940 0.940 5,675.69 View Detail
19-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012 Buyback 3,000 0.940 0.940 2,851.85 View Detail
14-May-2012 14-May-2012 14-May-2012 Buyback 2,900 0.930 0.930 2,728.81 View Detail
26-Aug-2015 26-Aug-2015 26-Aug-2015 Buyback 74,800 1.674 1.674 125,646.48 View Detail
27-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 Buyback 49,800 1.680 1.680 83,971.95 View Detail
01-Sep-2015 01-Sep-2015 01-Sep-2015 Buyback 10,600 1.686 1.686 17,929.99 View Detail
02-Sep-2015 02-Sep-2015 02-Sep-2015 Buyback 68,900 1.682 1.682 116,260.71 View Detail
17-Oct-2016 17-Oct-2016 17-Oct-2016 Buyback 10,000 1.605 1.605 16,109.15 View Detail
18-Oct-2016 18-Oct-2016 18-Oct-2016 Buyback 55,000 1.607 1.607 88,711.54 View Detail
19-Oct-2016 19-Oct-2016 19-Oct-2016 Buyback 60,000 1.598 1.598 96,227.81 View Detail
20-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 20-Oct-2016 Buyback 71,000 1.592 1.592 113,384.98 View Detail
21-Oct-2016 21-Oct-2016 21-Oct-2016 Buyback 20,000 1.590 1.590 31,909.53 View Detail
24-Oct-2016 24-Oct-2016 24-Oct-2016 Buyback 31,000 1.601 1.601 49,811.33 View Detail
01-Dec-2016 01-Dec-2016 01-Dec-2016 Buyback 48,000 1.589 1.589 76,534.95 View Detail
17-Jan-2017 17-Jan-2017 17-Jan-2017 Buyback 10,000 1.600 1.600 16,055.01 View Detail
19-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 Buyback 10,000 1.600 1.600 16,055.01 View Detail
04-Oct-2017 04-Oct-2017 04-Oct-2017 Buyback 36,000 0.943 0.943 34,064.77 View Detail
05-Oct-2017 05-Oct-2017 05-Oct-2017 Buyback 30,000 0.945 0.945 28,448.12 View Detail
06-Oct-2017 06-Oct-2017 06-Oct-2017 Buyback 14,000 0.945 0.945 13,276.26 View Detail
09-Oct-2017 09-Oct-2017 09-Oct-2017 Buyback 10,000 0.945 0.945 9,483.04 View Detail
10-Oct-2017 10-Oct-2017 10-Oct-2017 Buyback 15,000 0.945 0.945 14,224.57 View Detail
11-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017 Buyback 32,000 0.943 0.943 30,293.40 View Detail
12-Oct-2017 12-Oct-2017 12-Oct-2017 Buyback 5,000 0.940 0.940 4,719.21 View Detail
16-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Buyback 10,000 0.946 0.946 9,533.18 View Detail
08-Jun-2011 31-May-2011 31-May-2011 Buyback 10,000 1.000 1.000 10,000.00 View Detail
04-Jul-2011 20-Jun-2011 21-Jun-2011 Buyback 16,000 0.945 0.960 15,271.56 View Detail
22-Jul-2011 12-Jul-2011 15-Jul-2011 Buyback 37,200 0.980 0.995 36,939.74 View Detail
29-Jul-2011 19-Jul-2011 19-Jul-2011 Buyback 11,500 0.955 0.975 11,027.50 View Detail
19-Aug-2011 08-Aug-2011 11-Aug-2011 Buyback 8,400 0.890 0.915 7,603.50 View Detail
26-Aug-2011 19-Aug-2011 19-Aug-2011 Buyback 7,500 0.915 0.930 6,915.00 View Detail
07-Sep-2011 25-Aug-2011 26-Aug-2011 Buyback 9,000 0.900 0.915 8,195.00 View Detail
23-Sep-2011 12-Sep-2011 12-Sep-2011 Buyback 4,700 0.915 0.925 4,308.50 View Detail
06-Oct-2011 22-Sep-2011 22-Sep-2011 Buyback 3,500 0.895 0.895 3,132.50 View Detail
09-Apr-2012 02-Apr-2012 02-Apr-2012 Buyback 7,100 0.960 0.965 6,880.56 View Detail
13-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012 10-Apr-2012 Buyback 6,000 0.940 0.940 5,675.69 View Detail
30-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012 19-Apr-2012 Buyback 3,000 0.940 0.940 2,851.85 View Detail
28-May-2012 14-May-2012 14-May-2012 Buyback 2,900 0.930 0.930 2,728.81 View Detail
03-Sep-2015 26-Aug-2015 27-Aug-2015 Buyback 124,600 1.674 1.680 209,618.43 View Detail
10-Sep-2015 01-Sep-2015 02-Sep-2015 Buyback 79,500 1.682 1.686 134,190.70 View Detail
26-Oct-2016 17-Oct-2016 21-Oct-2016 Buyback 216,000 1.590 1.607 346,343.01 View Detail
02-Nov-2016 24-Oct-2016 24-Oct-2016 Buyback 31,000 1.601 1.601 49,811.33 View Detail
06-Dec-2016 01-Dec-2016 01-Dec-2016 Buyback 48,000 1.589 1.589 76,534.95 View Detail
13-Feb-2017 17-Jan-2017 19-Jan-2017 Buyback 20,000 1.600 1.600 32,110.02 View Detail
16-Oct-2017 04-Oct-2017 11-Oct-2017 Buyback 137,000 0.943 0.943 129,790.16 View Detail
23-Oct-2017 12-Oct-2017 16-Oct-2017 Buyback 15,000 0.940 0.946 14,252.39 View Detail
13-Oct-2015 05-Oct-2015 05-Oct-2015 Resale 330,900 2.370 2.370 782,121.03 View Detail
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investgo now 1.01 anyone collect?
10/11/2017 15:10
hero666 @investgo, chart showing parabolic reversed, if wanna collect better wait it breakthrough and collect at 0.99 or lower, unless today close higher 1.03 with high vol, else you had plenty chances ahead to collect lower than 1.01
10/11/2017 16:03
fish88 sold all with 1.08 couple days ago and will definitely collect again until the next qtr result releases.
10/11/2017 16:34
Nobsinves Just buy buy buy dont think too muchh
14/11/2017 22:07
rocky77 I dun expect a good coming quarter result as the raw material price had increased by double digit in the past few month. It need time to transfer the cost to their client. Long term this is still a good company with plenty of future growth potential.
15/11/2017 14:49
leslieroycarter Its downside is 91c.....still far from it...
16/11/2017 10:46
pc_FA Next week can know latest QR :) Even increase raw material might affect profit margin. I'm looking positive towards revenue grow. Looking forward on it.
16/11/2017 11:16
hero666 @pc_FA, whats your expectation this coming qr and also FY17 - pe and eps gonna be?
16/11/2017 16:19
pc_FA @hero666,
Below is my expectation for 2017Q3:
1. Revenue around 70 - 75 million;
2. PAT around 4.7 - 5.2 million (after consideration of raw material increase and ESOS expense);
3. EPS around 1.1-1.2 sen;
4. Dividend around 1 sen;

My main concern is the Revenue at this QR.
16/11/2017 16:41
pc_FA Daiboci QR should be release this week. It can be a guide/reference for Tomypak QR.
16/11/2017 16:43
R40s Daiboci Q3 revenue +8.5%, PAT +20%... PBT up +46%, despite oil price increase...
21/11/2017 00:13
pc_FA "Daibochi Malaysia notched 10.1% higher revenue to RM95.58 million from RM86.84 million in the
preceding quarter mainly attributed to stronger demand from the local market after the Hari Raya
Aidilfitri festive period."
21/11/2017 09:31
TrueInvestor90 where you got this news pc_FA?
21/11/2017 09:52
pc_FA @TrueInvestor90, you can refer to latest QR of Daiboci which release yesterday. Thanks.
21/11/2017 10:55
hero666 tomypak qr need to wait end of this week or monday liao, hope is new record la
21/11/2017 11:21
omgimnoob Daibochi takes advantage of Myanmar factory, gross margin is so-high! Tomypak has no factory in Myanmar... GG?
22/11/2017 23:20
TrueInvestor90 This counter need patient. Not goreng counter. Even if this qr is not good. I will add more. Patient will be reward
23/11/2017 08:42
Qintian this counter need to buy and go to sleep don't watch the monitor and next 10 years, ta-daaaaaaaa from 1000 become 1 million
23/11/2017 17:35
pc_FA QR is out. Let me have a read on it.
23/11/2017 18:18
23/11/2017 18:42
pc_FA http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5613577
23/11/2017 18:54
Christopher Toh 高招.. 股息
23/11/2017 19:11
hero666 What 股息?
23/11/2017 19:20
pc_FA It don't grow much as expected. Despite increase at inventory and purchase/repair machine. The revenue generated still almost same as previous time when just operate old Tampoi factory.
23/11/2017 19:38
pc_FA http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5613653
23/11/2017 19:40
pc_FA The Group recorded a higher profit after tax of RM13.40 million for the 9 months period end 30
September 2017 compared to profit after tax of RM12.11 million in the previous corresponding period.
The Group enjoyed lower effective tax rate for these 9 months as compared to the previous
corresponding 9 months due to higher reinvestment allowances in 2017 resulting from new investments
carried out by the Group to expand as well as upgrade its production efficiencies.
23/11/2017 19:42
3A0012 so sad! the revenue no increase at all
23/11/2017 20:01
ltg100y we should aim for this "Nestle launches global procurement hub" . Hope Tomypak can get some orders from Nestle global procurement hub
23/11/2017 21:09
pc_FA I believe first batch of Tomypak expansion is aim for Nestle global procurement hub and Ajinomoto new products. Second and third batch might rely new or existing customers. Local market is grow while overseas market is drop. They might need work harder at overseas market.
23/11/2017 21:32
Kin Wing I have read through the latest 3rd q report, so not surprise on the result. I mentioned before that not to put much expectation on 3rd or even 4th q of FY 2017.

Reason being the old plant is/was going through realignment of its machinery, as stated in the annual report 2016. The realignment would be completed by year end 2017. While I’m not an mechanic expert or insider of Tomypak, I’m not sure how much time would it take to complete the realignment of the machinery in old plant, be it 1 week, 1 month or 1 quarter. The only indication from the management is that the realignment is expected to be completed by end of the year 2017, so worst case I assume by end of December 2017 then only completing the realignment.

During the realignment, there would be very likely a disruption on the old plant’s operation, hence the old plant production for existing order would be transferred to the new plant. I believe we’d only be able to see revenue growth after the completion of the realignment which would likely to happen earliest on the 4th q 2017 or even later on 1st q of 2018.

Second possible reason would be the additional capacity to be taken up by the largest client, i.e. Nestle which only has its third new global procurement centre commencing its operation on 3rd week of November 2017. I believe Tomypak’s revenue should move in tandem with the new order from Nestle amid the operation of its new globabl procurement centre in KL. Looking at other plastic packaging companies which have their financial results encountering a setback in the past few quarters due to challenging environment, I believe Tomypak is not doing too bad as its future prospect remain in tact.

By excluding one off expenses such as maintenance cost for the realignment, increase in depreciation (assuming depreciation only incurs in tandem with new sales), additional cylinder costs due to the adoption of new MFRS standard, these would render the 3rd quarter PBT to be RM5 million, which would be close to the 2nd quarter PBT. As reported in the quarter report, the management is still “optimistic that the Group’s overall performance going forward will be further improved”. I cross my finger that an increase of sales will be on its way soon, be it the 4th q 2017 or 1st q 2018. This is truly a long term investment, we need to be patience like an entrepreneur who is taking time to nurture his business and hope to reap a good profit in the long run.
23/11/2017 21:56
pc_FA Thanks, Kin Wing. I'm agree with your point. Glad can discuss and share all insight together.
23/11/2017 22:09
3A0012 Thanks Kin Wing for your valuable sharing. I have crossed my finger for tomypak revenue!
23/11/2017 22:18
pc_FA Revenue per tonne was RM16,400 in 2015.
Revenue per tonne was RM16,437 in 2016.
Revenue per tonne was RM16,724 in 2017.
Slightly improvement at revenue per tonne.
23/11/2017 22:20
ltg100y The capacity installed in April'17 "may be" reflected in Q4 2017, additional capacity to be completed in Q1 2018, it looks like FY2018 result would be impressive.
23/11/2017 22:24
pc_FA With the completion of the new facility in Senai and refurbishment of the old Tampoi plant, and with
the installation and commissioning of new printing and laminating lines, a new film casting line and
other ancillary plant and equipment by the 1st Quarter 2018, the Board is optimistic that the Group’s
overall performance going forward will be further improved.
Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Board expects the Group to deliver a satisfactory set of results
for financial year 2017.
23/11/2017 22:25
R40s The Q3 results is a bit disappointing, but the management clearly explained in the QR that the decrease in profits were mainly due to decrease in gross margins, mainly due to an increase in cost of goods manufactured.

The increase in cost of goods manufactured was mainly attributed to:
i) Increase in depreciation by RM798,000 resulting from the commencement of operations at the new Senai plant;
ii) Increase in repairs and maintenance and other operating costs amounting to RM634,000 as a result of operating two separate locations as well as refurbishment of the old Tampoi plant;
iii) Increase in costs of cylinder expensed off at RM701,000 resulting from adoption of new MFRS 15 which resulted in an increase in earlier expensed off of cylinder as compared to Q3-2016; and
iv) Higher financial expenses of RM233,000 for the acquisition of new equipment.

Note that some of the above costs are not repetitive, or one-off expenses, so the Q3 profits could be better if not for such expenses...
24/11/2017 01:50
R40s Another "good news" is Nestle finally launched its Global Procurement Hub in Malaysia yesterday.

Tomypak has planned and timed their new Senai factory operation start-up and the old Tampoi factory refurbishment to be completed by next month, to crank up their productions just-in-time well aligned with Nestle's GPH commencement.

The Nestle Global Procurement Hubs will soon provide a big boost for demands of Tomypak's packaging materials, for all their markets globally...
24/11/2017 02:10
R40s Putting 2 and 2 together, I think Tomypak should have exciting years ahead starting from next Q or 2018 onwards.
24/11/2017 02:25
hero666 really disappointed with q3 performance .....................i saw the revenue, it was like..........facepalm still expecting around 70+-mil ............
24/11/2017 10:45
pc_FA Cheer it up. Tomypak is suit for long term investment. I do expect Q3 revenue will increase too. Anyway at least management spend money to repair and maintenance new and old factory. They still at the right path. Revenue definitely will increase once everything is On later.
24/11/2017 11:36
omgimnoob Hope it drop more to buy
24/11/2017 12:08
hero666 http://www.bursamarketplace.com/mkt/tools/research/ch=research&pg=research&ac=283648&bb=289014

MAYBANK Research report for Tomypak
24/11/2017 15:05
pc_FA Thanks, hero 666
"Short-term pain for long-term gain"
24/11/2017 15:10
Christopher Toh 我归类为长期股,留给子孙。。 XD
26/11/2017 13:09
hero666 One thing im glad abt tomypak is low vol trading and quiet low volatility, whole market red red red, tomypak can avoid hit for so long, smtg am really happy about
28/11/2017 10:49
ozzie75 @Kin Wing: Thanks for taking time to share your above written insight.
28/11/2017 12:13
xanavi @Kin Wing thank you so much for your effort for the info you wrote...i am holding tomypak shares a year ago and had been to AGM this year...i was quite impressed by the mgmt especially some comments regarding the company from Mr Lim and Mr Tan...of course...at the current market situation...i am more happy that tomypak share price still able to maintain...quite surprise though...hope to collect some WA at cheaper price but the force is strong...hehe..
05/12/2017 19:12
Christopher Toh Luckily I still can gain from Tomypak ... other counter lost ...
06/12/2017 21:01
newbie 99 Hold this counter 1 year already really worth it.
07/12/2017 17:39
Christopher Toh 成长股
12/12/2017 21:41


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