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Business Background

Hexza Corp Bhd is Malaysian based investment holding firm. It operates through its subsidiaries which engage in the business of property development; manufacture of Formaldehyde, Adhesive Resins, Urea, Formalin, Hardener and MD; producing chemicals such as ethanol production and its variants; Bio-Acetic division comprises of Natural vinegar production and Beverage Industries. The company has four operating segments namely, Investment Holding, Manufacturing, Trading and Other. Most of its revenue is earned from manufacturing segment.
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dompeilee Bought cheaper than their directors & much later so I earned more interest on my spare cash :)
28/12/2017 09:20
abcb Something may happen in the near term,either major shareholder Foong brothers may joint equity venture capital firm to take private like Hovid or propose for bonus issue
Other investments: RM 88 million
Cash and cash equivalents: RM75 million
Reserves:RM110 million
If all convert into cash,then total net cash equivalents RM273 million/200 million paid up capital=RM1.365/share
29/12/2017 11:23
dompeilee Hexza ends 2017 DOWN almost -12% versus the KLCI's 10% rise lol
30/12/2017 09:52
dompeilee What lousy management! Chem biz in sunset yrs dabble in stocks & pick stock like Sapura Energy @ 1.40-1.50 for their portfolio! The market is voting with their feet - many many stocks up but this one STILL DOWN!
05/01/2018 18:16
YuckyChicken dompeilee, so you still never make money. I already cut my holdings. disappointed
05/01/2018 19:04
fkser disappointed
05/01/2018 19:14
dompeilee Nope. I only bought small amount. I'm gonna accumulate slowly on weakness and make a whole boatload of $$$ when the price finally goes up :)
05/01/2018 20:56
dompeilee Already did something this co could not despite their millions - making a huge gain on my recent purchases of SAPNRG near the lows :)
05/01/2018 20:59
YuckyChicken good. made a lot of money. 5 million and 30 cents from 66.5 sen and this counter never even go up. time to buy or not to?
08/01/2018 18:06
dompeilee The WORST listed company in the whole of Bursa...the most inept management LOL!
12/01/2018 16:27
prudentinvestor Totally no sign of recovery. Its cash and available for sale investments are already worth RM0.80 a share.
12/01/2018 20:28
dompeilee Hopeless! Plunging towards 70c soon....
16/01/2018 14:54
balvin71 New 52 week low.
16/01/2018 23:16
dompeilee Evasive management: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYR103O14D8
20/01/2018 08:25
24/01/2018 19:55
dompeilee Switch to my about-to-be TEN bagger : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufFX7f1jV1g :)
24/01/2018 20:02
hijauan time to rock
30/01/2018 09:41
hijauan http://energy.frontiermyanmar.com/news/power-and-electricity/local-firm-wins-kawthaung-electricity-distribution-tender
30/01/2018 09:42
hijauan Local firm wins Kawthaung electricity distribution tender
30/01/2018 09:43
hijauan there will be huge write back soon
30/01/2018 09:44
bluemoon22 above news related to hexza? sorry, new to here
30/01/2018 21:28
hijauan yes, it was huge impairment from hexza on its investment (loan)on the power plant aka greenpower myanmar which linked to tembusu
30/01/2018 22:48
lcng123 Hexza wins the tender? Why Hexza never declare announcement in Bursa Malaysia?
01/02/2018 16:32
hijauan will see, i dont think the board of directors even know about this, you will surprise they just simply loan the money without knowing much the power business in myanmar
02/02/2018 21:03
hijauan in simple put, the company keep holding too much without good strategy on the capital ultilization
02/02/2018 21:05
hijauan from the latest AGM, the directors is thinking in property business, which really make us worry they repeat the same error as in tembusu
02/02/2018 21:07
dompeilee THIS kind of Cap Ayam human talent you dare to invest meh??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYR103O14D8
03/02/2018 14:01
PlsGiveBonus Tp=0.01
12/02/2018 22:20
Goldchia MH Better sell buddy
Tomorrow will go down
12/02/2018 23:07
BanglaMan results out one time, gap down one time. really joke
12/02/2018 23:09
BanglaMan The CEO from RHB IB oso bring the company go holland one hahaha still finding land to go into property
12/02/2018 23:10
balvin71 Results is not good. Management expect profit to remain at current levels for Resins and Ethanol segments for the rest of the year. With strength of ringgit, we can expect to see continued unrealised forex losses in the investment division. Only positive is that this is the first quarterly net profit after 3 quarters of net losses. Foresee that the company will remain profitable next quarter too. Unfortunately, forward looking earnings won't be strong. Price should drop below RM0.70 based on historical P/E ratio.
13/02/2018 08:23
镠公公 Told you all to sell since above rm1. No one wanna listen.
13/02/2018 09:06
lcng123 Hexza strong balance sheet will support its share price. cash+share market value = 67.53mil + 100.62mil = 168.15mil. AR+Inventory-AP = 13.18mil+20.88mil-5.58mil = 28.48mil and previous impairment loss (power generation) of 28.54mil eventually will be credited into account. dividend of 5sen, at current price of 74sen provide dividend yield 6.75%
14/02/2018 11:53
didi2005 FY2017 1H got eps 12cents, but 2H making loss eps -1 cent, overall eps 11cents, paid 5 cents dividend.
FY 2018 1H making loss eps -13.2cents...
16/02/2018 00:53
dompeilee DEAD stock walking!
22/02/2018 09:55
dompeilee Shareholders should requisition an EGM to remove this useless CEO!
27/02/2018 15:17
warchest Stupid ceo. Becoming worse since the CEO is here. Useless. How come the company get the non experience CEO
28/02/2018 23:14
balvin71 Agreed. No vision this CEO. Going into property when property market is super soft. Need to get someone that thinks out of the box.
05/03/2018 08:15
dompeilee Too much $ & idle minds lead to disaster...CEO & chairman shld be sacked!
05/03/2018 19:07
YuckyChicken agree. how to sack them? the company become 40 sen we go buy and takeover?
07/03/2018 17:12
hijauan A local firm KDDPC had won the kawthaung electricity
16/03/2018 23:08
hijauan the investment in tembusu or green power unlikely will be recovered
16/03/2018 23:09
hijauan board of director pls sell off all the shares been purchased before market clash and distribute the cash to the investors instead of repeating the stupid money loaning or propety development idea
16/03/2018 23:12
dompeilee All directors & chairman when the ill-fated venture was entered into until now MUST be SACKED!
17/03/2018 12:35
dompeilee Hire expensive Lee & lee law firm...as though it will make a difference to the chances of recovery...!
17/03/2018 15:13
dompeilee U r a SHAME to your father's legacy, useless Chairman!
23/03/2018 09:37
dompeilee Wife has to shop @ Tesco because husband's net worth has halved: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H99hSt5S4ho
08/05/2018 08:01
OngLiao99 Reversal of fortunes soon.
24/05/2018 19:05
Flintstones Reverse soon? You say reverse then reverse ah? You are god?
24/05/2018 19:08


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