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1.13   +0.01 (0.89%)  1.11 - 1.13  222,200
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Market Cap: 227 Million
NOSH: 201 Million
P/E | EY: 7.68  |  13.02%
DY | Payout %: 3.87%  |  29.71%
NAPS | P/NAPS: 1.17  |  0.97
Avg Volume (4 weeks):880,140
4 Weeks Range:1.00 - 1.16
52 Weeks Range:0.83 - 1.16
Average Price Target: 1.01
Price Target Upside/Downside: -0.12

Business Background

Hexza Corporation Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. The Company operates in three business segments: investment holding, which is engaged in investment holding activities; manufacturing, which is engaged in the manufacture and sales of formaldehyde based adhesives and resins for timber related industries, ethyl alcohol, natural vinegar, cooler, liquefied carbon dioxide and kaoliang wine, and others segment, which covers trading, property development, dormant and pre-operating companies. Its subsidiaries include Bio-Acetic Products Sdn. Bhd., Chemical Industries (Malaya) Sdn. Bhd., Hexza-Mather Sdn. Bhd., Hexzachem Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. and Norsechem Marketing Sdn. Bhd.
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paperplane2016 Is it sustainable
20/02/2017 22:45
Kkbull Wait 1.00-1.01 two day, hard to get it, will try set 1.04 today.
21/02/2017 07:53
Jia Le Kiat http://mrkoppy1234.blogspot.my/2017/02/hexza-3298-2.html
Hexza still in good condition!
21/02/2017 15:27
Kkbull Set 1.04 again
22/02/2017 08:49
Dolly_Chai2 paperplane is right, i dun think the "fake" EPS is sustainable... one-off gain of asset disposal and forex gain... core business (both ethanol and resin business revenue has fallen) are deteriorating...

they are a loser of weak MYR as most of their raw materials are imported while their sales are mainly in Malaysia..

some "super confident" investors here can continue to sing their songs and feel confident with this company but what i said is all fact..

in fact, they closed down a resin subsidiary recently.. and i had mentioned earlier, resin business is very competitive.. many MDF, particleboard, plywood makers are now making their own resin, and they even sell the excessive resin!

do you think their resin business will be sustainable?

and another concern is the new young CEO... do some research urself....
22/02/2017 12:58
Kkbull Match 150 lot 1.06. Slowly collect.
22/02/2017 17:27
Kkbull Cash rich company, expect to get 8-10 cent dividend for this year.
22/02/2017 17:34
Kkbull Matched 1.04 150 lot, hihi
23/02/2017 15:21
Kkbull Set another 130 lot 1.02.
23/02/2017 15:28
HuatRex Agree with Dolly.
24/02/2017 01:28
Kkbull Matched 1.04 80 lot
24/02/2017 09:18
Ckk2266 Bought back Hexza @ 1.03
24/02/2017 10:42
Kkbull Matched 1.03 80 lot
24/02/2017 11:03
Kkbull Set another 1.01 140 lot
24/02/2017 11:04
yangstyle10forms When the participant in the forum posted the CEO too young, it triggered me. I always believe age should not be used as the measurement of the individual capabilities but the experience & background more important. So I go check check


Walao er....The new CEO : MR GARY GOH SOO LIANG, Age 32

Working experience and

He started his career as an investor relations consultant in Singapore
and spent 3 months in Corporate Finance Department of OSK
Investment Bank Berhad. Subsequently, he joined RHB Investment
Bank Berhad ("RHB") in 2010 advising government-linked and
corporate clients on fund raising and equity strategies. He left RHB
in October 2016 as Section Head of Equity Capital Markets

The captain only have experience in finance industry, how to know the chain supply & distribution?? latest earning result, he really make use his past experience for cosmetic touch up on quarterly result. Well done.

Unfortunately cosmetic touch up is not the one I'm looking for. I prefer quality earning on fundamental business - the growth on revenue & improve in earning margin.

"Words of truth are not pleasing. Pleasing words are not truthful" - Lao Tzu
24/02/2017 11:11
Kkbull Matched 1.01 140lot ,hihi
27/02/2017 16:20
Kkbull Set 1.00 200lot and 0.995 200lot last call ,not more money liao
27/02/2017 16:22
feiloh Q at 0.98
27/02/2017 16:28
Super_SKL bought some more at 1.05. now hari-mau queue at 1.04, 1.03, 1.02, 1.01, 1.00.....hahaha.
02/03/2017 14:02
Ch'ng Teikpeng great counter
05/03/2017 11:19
kanter retest all times high????
08/03/2017 09:35
Dolly_Chai2 Hexza so-called "growth" = disposal of asset + forex gain...

in fact, the core business revenue and profit has dropped...

pls do not mislead ppl...

and i do not see a chance for improvement/growth for core business (resin - too competitive, many MDF/particleboard/plywood manufacturers are making their own resin/glue now, no need buy from player like Hexza.. that is why they recently closed down on main subsidiary) (ethanol - maybe slightly better than resin business but i do not see any management plan to expand on this.. ASP is dropping too)...

sorry but no offense.. this is what i think... i may be wrong.. just that I have to disagree with what you said...
08/03/2017 09:53
Dolly_Chai2 the recent share price hike may be due to some investors who blindly look at EPS (without understanding what this EPS has gone up - due to asset disposal mainly and some profit gain)...

but bear in mind.. in 2017, MYR weakens so much that will be bad for Hexza...
why? Hexza imported its raw materials that is mainly denominated in USD... while its sales/revenues are all from Malaysia which is denominated in MYR...
08/03/2017 09:53
Dolly_Chai2 just my 2 cents... u guys better do ur own homework... dun trust me 100%
08/03/2017 09:54
balvin71 Lucky I didn't trust you...Hahaha
09/03/2017 15:22
balvin71 I am sticking to my TP of RM1.20, will re-evaluate over the weekend.
09/03/2017 15:24
sakurakid4 Hexza is not only doing ethanol business but investment holding as well,while weaken Ringgit go against their core business, strong USD does help their investment segment,it could be verified from the latest figures, MYS been weaken for a long time yet they have amazing forex gain which is not being derived from core business.They have explained the drop in ethanol revenue which caused by a temporary issue.

It is nothing wrong for a company trying to diversify their business instead of relying too much on a single segment which have less potential growth,just like Magni which didnt do too well while they were mainly focus on packing business,so they decide to focus on garment business instead and see how well they performing now, change of business mind is certainly a risk but not essentially a bad thing,we just have to see how the management team perform,new guy may be lack of experience but doesnt mean he is weak, every company eventually need new blood and replace the old gang,isnt it?

I dont think the recent share price up caused by people blindly follow EPS, the result been out for a while,people do awared of some of the one off gain items thus Hexza didnt sky rocketed on the very next few days after the result out but only up slowly and steady.
09/03/2017 16:27
Wei Xidu Guys hold tigh ur shares . 1.20 coming soon
09/03/2017 16:47
balvin71 Looks like more people don't trust Dolly
09/03/2017 17:06
Wei Xidu Good point at 1.14 . Tp 1.20 . 1.29 . Hold
09/03/2017 17:09
myongcc5 Dolly U r kind with good intention but people may not listen.

That's when they thot money smell is there
09/03/2017 17:09
kanter TP 1.65 is coming. Very soon !
10/03/2017 09:29
kanter The world most expansive stock Berkshire Hathaway is a textile company but income made from investment are crucial .....hence, income make from investment for hexza is still solid money that will beneficial the shareholder.

Any notion of income from other investment is not important is tantamount to so chai ! LOL
10/03/2017 09:33
kanter Let the so chai be the so chai...let the investor in hexza pocket the gain and laughing to the bank later! LOL
10/03/2017 09:34
kanter Let's tracking how soon hexza will hit rm1.65 !!!!
10/03/2017 09:35
kanter Let's not a sochai by erase the question of income derived from investment is not important!

Let's focus deal with more pertinent question is the income derived from non core investment income recurring consistency ?

I am sharing with the insider information with you.....the return on capital invested in non core business in Hexza is entering in early bull cycle in tandem with the overall market sentiment (bursa is expected to string rebounce after 3 years bear cycle).

TP RM 1.65 has becoming pragmatic. I am not so chai ! LOL
10/03/2017 09:42
kanter As the insider see it:

"The income derived from core business has regained it footing since Feb while the contribution of non core income is expected to hit historical high"

TP RM1.65 is coming soon ! Technical chart has entering unlimited boundaries with new historical high be recorded every day...
10/03/2017 09:49
kanter There is still 40% capital to be gained ...from the current price ranges to TP rm1.65 before multiple bonus proposal being announced in this financial year.
10/03/2017 09:55
kanter 1) Risk in investment is always an important element to be considered by investor!

2) Buying to average up is a trade off game of increasing further gain at the expanse of reducing existing gain subject to the direction of price movement.

BUY more !!
10/03/2017 10:01
Wei Xidu Buy call now or hold your share .
10/03/2017 10:25
kanter It's indeed great to see Hexza retest the historical high quietly without attract the participation of daily trader.

We need quality investors but not emotional driven daily trader.

TP rm1.65!!
10/03/2017 10:32
bugle http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5363269

hooray, Hexza announced making another RM4 millions profit from it's investment in quoted securities. Expect another set of impressive financial result in May. Good luck to all Hexza's shareholders and hold your shares tight.
10/03/2017 20:29
Kkbull Good job hexza.....hulala
10/03/2017 21:44
balvin71 That's another RM0.02 realised profit per share!
11/03/2017 08:55
Signal Note Mal I am more interested on its cash reserve of RM50 mil +. Thats is a strong indicator
14/03/2017 09:39
Super_SKL Aiya, fundamentally strong stock, with really good prospect also don't want to pick up, go play contra, and now t+4 cut head already. Whose fault? Someone played contra, forced sell, then I go in lah. What to do? I Just buy lah.
15/03/2017 16:37
Super_SKL Thinking about the following:

Year Low / Year High / Now
CCM: 0.82 / 1.48 / 1.46, gone up 78%
Hexza: 0.83 / 1.16 / 1.12, gone up 35%
Nylex: 0.51 / 0.82 / 0.82, gone up 60%
Samchem: 0.65 / 2.12 / 2.09, gone up 222%!

1. Why all these counters' share prices gone up?
2. How high can it goes?
3. How many of you got the the shares when the prices were at the bottom?
4. Why Samchem's price gone up so much, while Hexza's price gone up relatively so little?
5. Which one is the best? The one that gone up so much or the one that gone up so little?
6. Which one at what price at what time?

Your answer, your choice. My answer? Very obvious lah! Wish all good luck!
16/03/2017 11:54
bugle Good observation and questions!

My answers:
1. There're many reasons why it goes up. Eating Viagra is one (just joking, hahaha). For sure, all are making more profit, giving more dividends, and business with better prospect. The most important one could be there're people willing to pay higher price to get the share. Who are they? Why? Look at the Top-30 list and company announcement.

2. I don't know.

3. I first bought Hexza when the price was around 60, few years back. Sold some, buy some, sold some, buy some.... Now? hahaha....you guess? Not important lah, I'm just a small potato.

4. I think the 1st one is due to manipulation and the second one is more on fundamental. But I might be wrong.

5. It depends.

6. Hexza, when it's undervalued.

Ya, good luck!
16/03/2017 12:32
Super_SKL Hi bugle, tqvm for your comments! I just curious to know why a good counter like Hexza, with an expected EPS of 20 cents for FY 2017, good dividends, net cash of RM70+ mil + stock investments of RM70+ mil, but the price is just about RM1.10. If I don't "hari-harimau" on it, I don't know what else to buy anymore. Should give it some Viagra, like you said, since a lot of hari-harimau here. Hahaha...
16/03/2017 17:32
funitec Current PE: 7.63; Debt/Cash=0 Current Ration much more than 2.0, in fact it is 10.8:
Profit margin 22.9%. Very hard to find company with this sort of profit margin,after the GST.
The beautiful part is Dividend Yield of 3.98.
Cash of 36 cents+ earnings 14.8 cents= 50.8 cents.
Discount this from current price 113-50=63 cents to buy Assets worthRm1.17-0.36= 81 cents
Only rough estimate to b on safe side.
i like chemicals.
21/03/2017 16:44


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