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calvintaneng Post removed. Why?
13/07/2014 00:34
rlch Mulpha is losing money. Latest interest rate increase will cause people to borrow less to buy property. However good or bad time I think people will still read newspaper.
13/07/2014 04:09
rlch One of Malaysian richest man Tan Sri Tiong Hiew King is holding tight to his MediaC why are we afraid to buy if he is not selling.
13/07/2014 04:25
Patrick Ngian i think the director-張裘昌 do nothing most of the time in his position and getting salary for RM 1 M ++, is it fair to minority shareholders? insider trading is illegal and serious offend in many developed countries. i wonder malaysia can enforce it..
13/07/2014 18:07
Tanleechoo I almost want to invest in MEDIAC before .
But after reading this , I think better NOT .
TQSM for give us the insight .at one time I was attracted by the special dividend
14/07/2014 00:17
rlch We invest base on what we get from the stocks ie dividend or capital gain if any. DY for MediaC is 5.02%, PE 9.96 so this stock is still cheap compare Malaysian market PE around 16 or 17 times. I believe MediaC business is sustainable because those like to read newspaper will continue reading day after days and years after years unlike some stocks recommended here eg Dsonic, KNM or property stocks. Tanleechoo I check you interested in Armada because price has dropped but I check further EPF is selling and PE 24, DY 1.02% so not cheap. Armada business getting worse some more with revenue and profit dropping. Dividend for Armada 3.25sen in 2013 vs MediaC 4.67sen despite being 3X more expensive. Somebody mention Armada want to have right issuekah? No special dividend but half yearly dividend you can get from MediaC not good enough?
14/07/2014 03:08
Patrick Ngian how many of you read sin chew , nan yang or 中国报 here? if there is readers then there is business, in the US newspaper business is declining due to the launch of ipad and tablet device , ppl tends to read free news from the internet. If they don't aggressive capture market share in the internet news business . They are doom to be a declining business. I think their management just too content of what they are doing. Look at the their magazine business in china, for years keep losing money although not significant but if can they just shut down the business there and invest somewhere which is more profitably. What's the point of keep mentioning they have business in china but actually is not profitable one?
14/07/2014 08:54
rlch Media adex rises to RM6.8b in H1
17/07/2014 07:39
Patrick Ngian adex up 11% yoy , hope it reflect in media Chinese next quarter report.
17/07/2014 09:42
superman11 Profit drop for 1st Q of 2014. Any reason??
21/07/2014 09:27