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Trade this stock and win a FREE I3investor T-shirt after 5 trades. Find out more.
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confuse Why DPS 3.76 sen unwanted?
22/03/2016 13:30
Sebastian Sted Power hopefully no more 60cents zone!!

this counter deeply undervalued
24/03/2016 09:49
Sebastian Sted Power this is the counter totally no response after sifu ICON8888 call last year

personally I feel sifu your writing damn correct- Premium product sell at pasar malam price

I have parked 50% of my investment since last month. Wish for the best
24/03/2016 09:51
Sebastian Sted Power old article but worth to read and understand it

24/03/2016 09:54
familybusiness moving down or up??
24/03/2016 14:41
tcsjohnson Winding up???
24/03/2016 15:49
Sebastian Sted Power buy this golden paper
30/03/2016 12:01
Cherrie Current Market Price of MEDIAC: RM0.72
Current Market Price of One Media: HKD1.42
Current holding of MEDIAC on One Media: 292,700,000
HKDMYR: 0.51

Based on most conservative assumption, if offer price by buyer is HKD1.50 (only 5.6% premium to current market price);

Sale proceed from the disposal: 292,700,000 x HKD1.50 = HKD439,050,000 equivalent to RM223,915,500 (RM0.1327 per MEDIAC share)

Assumption (1): If distribution of 30% to shareholders (MEDIAC's dividend policy of 30%-60%)
30% of RM0.1327 = RM0.03981 per share
Existing Dividend = RM0.03757 per share
Dividend for 2016 = RM0.03981 + RM0.03757 = RM0.07738
Dividend Yield for 2016 = RM0.07738/ RM0.72 = RM10.75%

Assumption (2): If distribution of 45%
45% of RM0.1327 = RM0.05972 per share
Existing Dividend = RM0.03757 per share
Dividend for 2016 = RM0.05972 + RM0.03757 = RM0.09729
Dividend Yield for 2016 = RM0.09729/ RM0.72 = RM13.51%

Assumption (3): If distribution of 60%
60% of RM0.1327 = RM0.07962 per share
Existing Dividend = RM0.03757 per share
Dividend for 2016 = RM0.07962 + RM0.03757 = RM0.1172
Dividend Yield for 2016 = RM0.1172/ RM0.72 = RM16.28%

Lastly, don't forget MEDIAC is in net cash now, since One Media contributed minor loss to MEDIAC in its latest financial results, so the disposal will not have any impact to MEDIAC but positively to its existing net cash position.
30/03/2016 17:55
Cherrie The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which was signed on 4th March 2016 will expire on 16 April 2016. Both vendor and buyer must have an outcome for the offer price on 16 April 2016.
30/03/2016 18:13
___irene Sebastian Sted, may I know how much KBUNAI did you bought, and when? Thanks.
03/04/2016 13:34
Sebastian Sted Power irene, no buy kbunai. Just read that calvin blog last time and found he trying to mislead ppl.
04/04/2016 09:05
Sebastian Sted Power cherrie seem like you have done with all homework and all in to mediaC
04/04/2016 09:06
Cherrie yeah....my family and neighbours are long-term subscribers to SinChew and Nanyang. We read it everyday. It monopoly chinese media market. My opinion is the current downtrend since 2H2014 is due to economy downturn but it has created a great opportunity to us to accumulate at low price. Soon after the economy recover, we can enjoy the fruitful.
04/04/2016 12:24
Cherrie If you study its financial statements, you will find how strong MEDIAC's fundamental is even in this downturn. So, I plan to hold it for long-term. Disposal of One Media has further strengthen its current solid fundamental and increase its capability to venture into new business as they plan.
04/04/2016 12:28
Cherrie MEDIAC's management is aware of the shifting preference of consumers from print media to digital, so they have put afford to transform its business to next milestone by enhancing its digital contents, diversifying in LOGON and well prepared to venture in new business (property/ education).
04/04/2016 12:39
Sebastian Sted Power well Cherrie!
05/04/2016 11:49
Sebastian Sted Power Maybank give TP 80cents

For me, definitely worth more than that

05/04/2016 11:51
MYSCHN Not Worth! something may happen later!
08/04/2016 16:13
Lincorn Matthieu Seven myschn, might to share more?

I'm planning to buy leh... This counter drop from 1.50 until now
14/04/2016 09:50
noobnnew Bought at 0.6 and dumb dumb hold until now. Dividend stock, cash cow,
14/04/2016 09:52
Sebastian Sted Power today mediaC very steady; other counter drop like shit
26/04/2016 15:30
Cherrie Media sector is now very steady in volatile market. It seems a signal of recovery started in 2016.
26/04/2016 18:49
Cherrie Or maybe the worst is over for Media sector
26/04/2016 18:49
Sebastian Sted Power cherrie, seem like your holding quite high. how much your average price? No sell yet??

I stll hold all the shares (mainly bought 0.62-0.65 range)
27/04/2016 09:07
Cherrie My average price is Rm0.60. I will hold till the media sector is fully recover. Meanwhile, will stay in volatile ans collecting dividend =
28/04/2016 07:45
ken law my avergae price rm0.60
28/05/2016 17:33
I_like_dividend Higher dividend than last year announced today ie 2.43 sen. Ex-date 20th June.
30/05/2016 23:16
I_like_dividend Suspended on Monday. One Media Group finally disposed? Special dividend coming?
22/07/2016 19:05
Double_K Tp 0.60?
15/11/2016 13:56
Jimmy Lim Media C Keow Keow
15/11/2016 22:52
rich_ Dividend soon? Buy today.
23/11/2016 16:40
GPAC http://klse.i3investor.com/entitlement/5090/30-Nov-2016/17028_2042695962.jsp
01/12/2016 10:20
I_like_dividend Declaring 3-4 sen dividend per annum should be no problem.
04/01/2017 02:43
SuperLaber Love the resilient share price and consistent earnings of this counter!!
14/01/2017 16:24
limch DY 6.37% from i3 data. Why nobody want?
10/03/2017 06:07
chinkeong88 Going to buy this counter as well media for long term investment. I noticed many fund manger bought this company at higher prices.. good time collect!!!
07/05/2017 23:10
tkm1978 Bought at 1.70+ few years back..now 0.60...speechless...
15/05/2017 21:46
Apollo Ang shhhhh.....many here says lose one cannot say. only shout out load win one so can dispose to others......hahaha
15/05/2017 21:47
DickyMe Below 50 sen coming....
20/05/2017 13:21
chinkeong88 Report not nice!!! But the price quite strong still..close at 0.575
30/05/2017 19:50
DickyMe Revenue drop and net profit in red. Limping horse.
13/06/2017 12:13
tkm1978 没有最低,只有更低。。。。speechless
13/06/2017 21:13
DickyMe "DickyMe Below 50 sen coming....
20/05/2017 13:21 "

Gradual slide may lead to sudden DROP !!
14/06/2017 21:30
whatthesucks Time to collect??
20/06/2017 11:11
whatthesucks Price like bottom ady and dividend return 6.++ to 7.++ % ^^
20/06/2017 11:15
DickyMe Everytime pay dividend, price keep dropping. What's the point of giving dividend when value depreciates. It has been gradual drop over the years. Directionless and visionless counter. KNN.
22/06/2017 14:38
unclejoe One Media stock price has been on the rise for the past few days, it closed at HK$1.57 today. Believe insiders are accumulating, the disposal of One Media to China state owned Qingdao and the special dividend are still intact.
22/06/2017 17:04
unclejoe Those who have access to Maybank report dated 9th June will know that Mediac's core profit has improved year on year (2017 vs 2016), plus positive prospects for financial year 2018 with national events in both Malaysia and HK. Even more reasons to hold.
22/06/2017 17:12
whatthesucks unclejoe tq thumbs
23/06/2017 09:33
unclejoe Just a sharing of facts. One can take a look at Mediac's cash flow, they can still generate > RM100M in financial year 2017 ended March. There is minimum capex, and their net cash position is about RM160M. The disposal of One Media will add another RM205M to their cash pile; this is not just improvement on the balance sheet; One Media is not generating profit but losses. this will improve the bottom line too.
23/06/2017 09:47