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aceso Sorry fatsen... loll enjoying the show i see... hope next few weeks for rocket launch.. no north korean crap
27/04/2017 18:54
Shauns Oil price is continue to drop significantly and MYR is on the rise against USD will help improve AAX financial performance. Wait and see !!
28/04/2017 00:10
Woo John Another destination planned by TF for AAX which will contribute to the balance sheet positively.

28/04/2017 01:09
Alex Woo https://www.facebook.com/f1traderacademy/posts/1909119669331299
28/04/2017 08:30
Alex Woo https://www.facebook.com/f1traderacademy/posts/1910226849220581:0
28/04/2017 08:36
franky65 up already.......
28/04/2017 09:18
kenteoh94 Dont need keep monitor. Just go focus on other stocks to earn more
28/04/2017 09:33
radzi Volume is a bit slow because most investors are holding their position. Waiting for contra players to throw down ....they still make a little profit.
28/04/2017 09:39
B4b4 AAX is good, guys. Tp 50s very soon
28/04/2017 09:40
aceso Gut feeling is an afternoon show as its friday.. minum kopi dulu
28/04/2017 09:51
Melvin Chang Any force selling today?
28/04/2017 09:57
Eldon Ong losing steam……
28/04/2017 10:04
yongch Wahah...28jun'17fly HNL!!!next year will fly London n Paris!!!!tat's was abt 5yrs ago stories lo!!!tp0.60!!!kikiki
28/04/2017 10:59
newinvestor17 my broker said that a few of his clients would have to face force selling later. Major contra loss
28/04/2017 11:02
OrangKuat KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X Bhd (AAX) carried 1.4 million passengers in the first quarter ended March 31, 2017, up 33% from 1.055 million passengers in same period last year
28/04/2017 13:22
Edmund Soo AAX always sell on news.. not sure this time still same or not..
28/04/2017 13:35
Agni Aax will soar.
28/04/2017 13:59
Eldon Ong Agreed!always sell on news..no news better than good news..
28/04/2017 14:02
JoLee375 Enjoying my holiday in Holland.
28/04/2017 14:04
radzi Based on that operating result , i estimate AAX profit after tax around RM 238 million . Of course , it will go up . Buy slowly , dont be piranha, okay !
28/04/2017 14:14
radzi The only teason why AAX was sold on news last year was because the profit was not up to expectation. If we assume average ticket price RM 1,000 per passenger, translate revenue to RM 1.4 billion. Around 20% profit margin, this translate to RM 280 million profit before tax. PAT would be around RM 210 millon. So, the whole profit in FY2016 is obtained in Q12017. Wont that be wonderful ? At less 30% passenger last year, AAX chalked up RM 179 million profit. So, minimum estimate would be RM 200 million profit for Q12017.
28/04/2017 14:24
Surewin123 sell on news. make AAX landing =D
28/04/2017 14:27
IronShirt Latuk Kung, JJchan, predicted pre-load results on 25 April or 3 May___28April preload results
1.4m____4Q16 pre-load= 1,383,761____are we looking at much better results
28/04/2017 14:30
IronShirt why AA pre-load and aax results not issue at the same time???
28/04/2017 14:33
radzi Last chance to noard , last chance to board. Free first class ticket finished. Economy ticket left minimal. Dont miss the flight, else miss free holiday !
28/04/2017 14:35
yifie_911 awesome preload result but price unchange ..
28/04/2017 14:41
Fatsen Cfs forex..
28/04/2017 14:46
GoldenShares forex gain, : )
28/04/2017 14:57
jeht Aax carried 1.4m passenger 1q17 up 35% compared same q last yr.
Load up 2% to 84%....eventhough capacity up
28/04/2017 15:23
jeht http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/226251
28/04/2017 15:24
kenteoh94 We are buying on low price. Jz dont bother daily fluctuation. There js only one way for this stock
28/04/2017 15:35
aceso Tiger show come 4pm!!!
28/04/2017 15:38
Henry Chan this stock seems must hold at least two years
28/04/2017 15:40
radzi Henry Chan ~ TF said 2017 is AAX year.
28/04/2017 15:43
radzi Buy on dip ?
28/04/2017 15:43
radzi AAX-WA Buy percentage = 37% in the morning and currently Buy percentage = 69%.
28/04/2017 15:44
SniperElite More Good News - AAX on its way up higher for sure.
AirAsia X Bhd (AAX) carried 1.4 million passengers in the first quarter ended March 31, 2017, up 33% from 1.055 million passengers in same period last year.

In its preliminary operating statistics released Friday, the airline said its capacity rose 28% to 1.66 million versus 1.29 million previously.

AAX attributed the healthy growth of passengers carried to the strong demand for travel observed across all segments.
28/04/2017 16:00
Edmund Soo Last time the preliminary operating statistic always show goods thing but in the end the qr result not so good. Hope this time the profit meet expectation. :-)
28/04/2017 16:24
GoldenShares tiger show after 4.30pm, : )
28/04/2017 16:26
radzi Edmund Soo ~ agree with you. I hope so.
28/04/2017 16:35
yifie_911 Last time the preliminary operating statistic always show goods thing but in the end the qr result not so good. Hope this time the profit meet expectation. :-)

28/04/2017 16:36
radzi In 2016, AAX average load factor was 79%. This quarter , load factor is 84%. Higher load factor means highers volume at same cost, and higher average ticket price because the business model made ticket price increase as directly proportion to load factor.
28/04/2017 16:41
radzi when will actual result comes out ?
28/04/2017 17:00
GoldenShares Thai AirAsia X (“TAAX”) registered
strong passenger load factor of 94% in 1Q17 as all routes performed better during the quarter under review.
28/04/2017 17:50
GoldenShares wow, so good, : )
28/04/2017 17:51
YF24 Sold all today will buy back when the bull come in the right way : )
28/04/2017 18:03
Huat168 The price fly few days before the news out.
28/04/2017 18:45
aceso They knew people will buy in on the results... there will be. 2nd wave prior to q1 release
28/04/2017 19:39
radzi Depends on the result. If it is really good, there will be waves after q1 release.
28/04/2017 19:52
Fortune Bull I knew Aax load data would be good but it was jaw dropping moment that it when beyond my maximum expectation! The pre load result is too awesome! And the funds or syndicates controlling Aax are very smart! They know the pre load will be released today and it happen to be force selling day too!
Look, it's no brainer the coming 1QR17 will be very good! How good, it may exceed my estimate! I only estimate 5 cents EPS but it should easily cross that bar without a sweat!
Now, I am eager to sell Airasia and switch it to Aax! Foreign funds will flood Aax once 1QR17 is out! My only problem is, I need to wait until Airasia hit 3.50!
I hope Aax can wait for me! It should easily hit 60 cents prior to 1QR17! I hands are very itchy! First time in my investment life, that I am super sure of upcoming target price evendo I am already 50% in Aax, I want to buy more!
28/04/2017 19:55