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GGecko @yifie911, u r rite in seeking clarification with regard to my earlier posting. my sentence structure suggests that china tourist's boycotting jeju is the reason is non-sustainability of AAX's jeju flight from KL. it's not that. jeju's destination will mainly attracts tourists to fly there from KL. whereas seoul & busan attract not only tourists, but also business people, students, etc etc; hence the load factor will constantly be maintained. anyhow, as u pointed out correctly, in a way china boycotts not only jeju, but anything korean. not only most of them not going to korea, they also boycott those korean things in china. for instance, lotte's departmental stores in many cities in china. some of these stores were hardly receiving any shoppers, some branches i was made to understand have closed down. i was informed that our parkson performs much better in china then. same thing with korean made cars. hard to sell in china due to this.
10/10/2017 13:03
Bornwinner Boring stock
10/10/2017 17:10
tecpower EMERGING MARKETS-Emerging stocks hit 6-yr high fuelled by dollar, growth

LONDON, Oct 11 (Reuters) - Emerging market stocks sailed to fresh six-year highs on Wednesday, buoyed by optimism over global growth and company earnings.

Currencies from emerging economies benefited from the dollar stalling on concerns over U.S. President Donald Trump’s tax plan
11/10/2017 23:20
James James Yesterday Asian stock market all in uptrend,except Malaysia......Fuxk the KLSE....
12/10/2017 06:42
James James 11/10/2017 AAX 0.385 0.41 +0.025 (6.49%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK
12/10/2017 06:55
James James 06/10/2017 AAX 0.385 0.54 +0.155 -TP(40.26%) BUY NOMURA
12/10/2017 06:57
LilyLL Still no signal up lah
12/10/2017 14:05
legolandinjohor Tsunami is around the corner be careful don't touch any call warrant
12/10/2017 15:49
MissElizaClarke this stock super sideways and super sleepy. operator don't like that leh...
13/10/2017 00:54
yifie_911 AAX will move soon
13/10/2017 01:54
mansaham1972 Harap aax boleh terbang soon sebab saya masih hold aax c12.bagi yg berani ambil risiko boleh pantau call waran murah cuma risiko tinggi,saya baru masuk supermx c27 harga 2 sen
13/10/2017 03:46
yifie_911 Good luck to you, mansaham1972
13/10/2017 09:06
mansaham1972 Tq yifie,harap aax ada luck hari ni
13/10/2017 09:27
MissElizaClarke get investor relation award... got use meh..? get so many award yet investor are eating grass.... what for? useless
13/10/2017 09:57
winwin2288 mansaham, selamat pagi. ada warrant yg boleh pantau hari ini? selain dr call warrant.
13/10/2017 11:31
winwin2288 mansaham, tanco betul-betul jalan, i jual 0.145. tq for your tips !
13/10/2017 11:39
mansaham1972 Ok winwin,saya jual 15 tanco haha.saya masuk mahsing wb pagi tadi 6.5 sen dan saya terus jual separuh 7.5 sen.masih boleh pantau mahsing wb sebab exercise rm 144 dan mother 154n155 skg.mungkin boleh meletop nanti sebab ti says jual separuh ja
13/10/2017 13:03
mansaham1972 Saya juga masuk kaunter connect harga 19 sen fan frontkn harga 40 sen hari ni winwin
13/10/2017 13:40
winwin2288 Ada consider nak jual tanco ke tak nak, tapi ambil duit dulu lah.
Hahaha, mansaham hari-hari ada tips. macam mana nak ikut semua ? connect ada chance lagi ke? Sy pun pantau mahsing tengok. terima kasih.
13/10/2017 14:31
mansaham1972 Hahaha connect kalau bawah 20 sen ok la winwin,kalau lebih 20 sen saya tak masuk
13/10/2017 14:53
winwin2288 ok. mansaham. i dah untung di tanco. pantau pantau dulu....
mahsing wb kuatnya. dah naik lagi 1 sen. jangkaan tetap. tahniah!
13/10/2017 15:13
MissElizaClarke Eh korang jgn la semak kat sini...blah pi lain tempat discuss ==
13/10/2017 22:32
Royce Chan Airasia Bhd (AAB) will soon change to Airasia Group Bhd (AAGB) in a group wide revamp into ultimately a purely investment holding company. As this is a group strategic restructuring, what will be the impacts on AAX directly and indirectly?
15/10/2017 10:27
freddiehero will aax drop till 0.20 level?
15/10/2017 12:26
Royce Chan Why will AAX drop to 0.20?
15/10/2017 16:32
Bornwinner AAX will have to wait for few years to raise up to 60 cents. This stock is very difficult to go higher because investors will sell when its share price increase at even 1 cent to make a small profit. Looking at the investors selling trend. It will take this stock many years to rise
15/10/2017 19:19
tecpower MARKET BUZZ: Malaysia Tech Stocks Hit Near 13-Year High On Earnings Hopes
15/10/2017 19:50
tecpower https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Nikkei-Markets/MARKET-BUZZ-Malaysia-Tech-Stocks-Hit-Near-13-Year-High-On-Earnings-Hopes
MARKET BUZZ: Malaysia Tech Stocks Hit Near 13-Year High On Earnings Hopes
15/10/2017 19:50
Sales MissElizaClarke, nice to see you here!
15/10/2017 19:55
SeeMoneyTakeMoney see this rubbish stock plunge tmr
16/10/2017 00:24
tecpower http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/worst-southeast-asian-stock-market-may-be-buoyed-by-najib-budget
16/10/2017 09:00
Johnfatt Boss's big day no trading today
16/10/2017 09:11
legolandinjohor 3 main warrants drop today ,not a good sign for tomorrow
16/10/2017 17:00
steven20 Suddenly huge block at 0.380....
16/10/2017 18:30
Mohd Yazid Mohd Ali Busuk punya stock mau BANKRUPT PN17 ,lain stock semua naik ,ini counter PENIPU jangan percaya ?
17/10/2017 08:44
yifie_911 Hold tight
18/10/2017 02:14
mansaham1972 Jgn semak kat sini la,forum ni bukan tempat utk earn money dgn buat blog
18/10/2017 13:00
mansaham1972 Blah pi lain tempat discuss utk earn money
18/10/2017 13:03
legolandinjohor Already told you all don't touch call warrant,because someone still pressing the stock
20/10/2017 11:25
mansaham1972 Ya la lego,apapun saya untung besar supermx c27 beli 2 sen dan jual 6 sen.ini hari nail sampai 8.5 sen hahaha
20/10/2017 13:28
LilyLL Aax no signal up but Airasia up like rocket why?
20/10/2017 16:27
Bornwinner Why is AAX so difficult to go up? Because AAX investors will sell even at 1 cent profit when its share price increase by 1 cent, for a very small profit. Like this kind of selling trend. How can we expect AAX to go up? In fact is much easier to come down than to go up
20/10/2017 17:17
Lck80 I make stupid decision invest in AAX.
20/10/2017 21:29
Bornwinner Lck80, I was caught too for investing in this silly stock. I will hold for 2 years hoping that miracle will happen to bring up this boring stock
20/10/2017 22:44
MissElizaClarke AirAsia X annual report wins the Best of Malaysia at ARC Awards got use ? not giving back to shareholder.... we investor invest but no return...share price sideways.... report got ++ Return but in the end...shareholder eat shit...Only know tayang only
22/10/2017 21:58
sell AR good; why no dividend for shareholders?
22/10/2017 22:27
Bornwinner AAX is a hopeless stock
22/10/2017 23:59
ezobear light at the end of tunnel?
23/10/2017 12:56
MissElizaClarke who vote for the award one a? the judge blind a.... return more important than the shiv a$$ award winning
23/10/2017 18:51
skoh AAC-c7 exdate 31/10......
23/10/2017 21:43