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Chaostrader Sell first.. balance sheet cleaning in Q4 too?
08/02/2018 18:32
PeterPan yes sell
08/02/2018 18:54
dumbdumb123 Ready for take off.
08/02/2018 19:34
flysmart downside for this stock is limited.... upside will be TF factor
08/02/2018 20:55
Vanguard168 Moved my capital to pworth... Very exciting growth story!
08/02/2018 21:59
Chaostrader Dow Jones down again :)
09/02/2018 00:19
09/02/2018 05:40
Chaostrader Sell first...talk later:)
09/02/2018 08:41
poh_83 buy more now and sell next monday... DDDD
09/02/2018 09:19
Reeve Yong Wai Chuen Run for ur life!! Sell!!
09/02/2018 09:25
Aaxfan Run now as us market may drop again today
09/02/2018 09:35
Wei Wong Drop but still wining cos buy cheap last time .. hahahahaha
Waiting for chance to in more
09/02/2018 09:37
radzi Selldown in Dow Jones is planned and implemented by artificial intelligence sensors , analytics and machine. Just becareful, I know the people behind the selldown. They are very powerful and influential. The selldown coincide with the 10 years stock market cycle.
09/02/2018 10:57
Cik Babe apa jadi with Tony factor
09/02/2018 11:53
bjgdila123 TF masih hooneymoon mode.....
09/02/2018 11:57
Cik Babe eh mana boleh, dah kawin lagi semangat naik kaunter up up
09/02/2018 13:01

YouBuyIBuy HI orange , you mean global market will rebound over 1or 2 days now?
09/02/2018 13:36

Orange88 Announcement Bull Market is over Finito, kaput, habis. Momentum n trend is now down. Down, down. But great opportunity to make big money in BEAR MARKET Rally or rebound
09/02/2018 16:13

Orange88 We are lving in beautiful times
09/02/2018 16:13

Orange88 Fund managers in for the long haul all will be kentucky fried
09/02/2018 16:14

Orange88 The Love hotel is open for check in. No condoms allowed
09/02/2018 16:15
09/02/2018 16:20
JAY1234 Shark eat so much at 390... dunno what will happen next Monday....
09/02/2018 16:59
joetay so orange88/championcw and potentially ubuyibuy, just how many clones u have?????

must be a hassle logging in using different nicks.

09/02/2018 16:59
ChampionCw AAX IPO Rm 1.25 i forgot that thanks for reminding me
09/02/2018 19:10
Royce Chan The massive sell down was linked to US Congress impasse in budget approval which triggered extended Government shutdown.
09/02/2018 21:49
Wei Wong Is crude oil going down back ..
10/02/2018 00:52
KimSeng Chai https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-02-08/u-s-oil-reserve-would-fall-nearly-in-half-under-budget-deal?cmpid=socialflow-facebook-markets&utm_content=markets&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
10/02/2018 17:36
radzi Royce ... reason of last few days stock selling ....

11/02/2018 08:10
Championmbsbnsimecw Aax cw go go go
11/02/2018 13:16
fkser buy
11/02/2018 21:13
Aaxfan Qr result when?
11/02/2018 22:33
Aaxfan 21 Feb. Found it
11/02/2018 22:36
legolandinjohor Be careful cw will drop soon
12/02/2018 05:48
tomblack Buy Dnex. It is too unvervalued.
12/02/2018 10:54
Superb99 zzz
12/02/2018 15:32
KimSeng Chai https://www.facebook.com/starbizmy/posts/1421953101264791
12/02/2018 15:43
signn Looks like q4 results will be so so only. Read the article on Benyamin CEO. Look between the lines. Really cleaning up balance sheet now
12/02/2018 20:17
supersaiyan3 Signn, I think it will be bad. Next year will be great.
13/02/2018 12:10
Superb99 no more momentum....
13/02/2018 15:31
mikeyong when AAX is gonna fly? stuck in 0.39-0.40 for ages...
13/02/2018 16:02
Aaxfan See the sell down between 450 to 5. Big players are throwing like no tomorrow. Be careful
13/02/2018 20:54
PeterPan supersaiyan3, never believe the sweet promises given by company management team because it is easy for them to find an excuse or even several excuses on bad result
13/02/2018 22:20
blueocean88 My Guess second half only u will see a move for AAX
14/02/2018 13:20
legolandinjohor News will release soon, it's time for CW holders to sell before too late
14/02/2018 13:38
ahizra2 Buy AAX-WA @ 0.185 now!
14/02/2018 14:24
Superb99 can't even stand above 40 cents, poor counter
14/02/2018 14:34
Orange88 Just like to share with you Tony will only push up his shares when everyone unexpect n not on biatd, tony generous with his air fares but ungenerous n uncompromising with his shares.
15/02/2018 09:41
Orange88 Because tony makes all his money goreng shares not selling you cheap air fare have some brain lah haha
15/02/2018 09:42
Limitless BTM (7188) buy this better ...got higher profit
15/02/2018 10:24
Christopher Toh Tomorrow UP!
18/02/2018 17:37
Superb99 Under accumulation, just hope the coming result is better than last q
19/02/2018 12:47
ohkns Bulldog is going to bark wang wang wang at AAX next
19/02/2018 15:25
Superb99 Need to stay above 40 cents
19/02/2018 15:39
ohkns Bulldog starts barking wang wang wang here
19/02/2018 15:52