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Dammy Garage tinyinvestor...sabar..pelan-pelan kayuh.
23/12/2016 08:54
B4b4 Pdz is on the move up. US economy is improving. World demand for shipping will increase. Soon, freight rates will go up. PDZ will move North
27/12/2016 21:06
Dammy Garage 0.06 sudah abis, 0.065 mau habis...Next 0.07-0.075
28/12/2016 08:10
pillai65 It all depend on sumatec.if suma up pdz follow. Ini abang adik. Only trap small investors
28/12/2016 20:28
izoklse watch this to carefully Sumatec and Pdz. Internal fight
28/12/2016 20:33
richardcslim Hahaha... thheavy is abang adik not Sumatec!
28/12/2016 22:48
monreyes Suma n pdz no longer abang adik
28/12/2016 23:03
CashWin hi, to whom interested invest BO pls contact me 012-4293468 or wechat/ whatsapp
29/12/2016 10:12
Dammy Garage technically cun!
30/12/2016 08:16
monreyes PDZ is selling Perkapalan Dai Zhun...@ PDZ ..so PDZ is into what biz now
30/12/2016 17:50
monreyes Today's announcement
30/12/2016 17:51
Dammy Garage new high....next tp 0.1
03/01/2017 17:35
tinyinvestor yeah....moving forward....jangan pandang belakang...
04/01/2017 12:30
Dammy Garage with this momentum..i believe slowly can go t 0.15
04/01/2017 12:52
char1234 Dammy ....i think 0.10 can b attain too
05/01/2017 11:01
Dammy Garage yes, look like have people buy again to support the price maintain at current level...good job!
05/01/2017 17:40
char1234 veru slow increase in price.....
06/01/2017 03:25
char1234 resting.....consolidation......next week ACTION !
06/01/2017 10:18
B4b4 About 4.1 m shares eaten up at 8 s in a split second in the last hour of trading. That is great.
06/01/2017 18:32
char1234 hopefully Monday ...action upwards....looks like profit taking at this time
07/01/2017 15:57
B4b4 Pdz is undergoing a restructuring plan, selling of PDZSB together with its debts of RM 35.21 m. This will certainly help to streamline its future operations. Now Pdz has reduce its debts tremendously.
09/01/2017 08:48
char1234 lack volume......if not in d sky already
09/01/2017 09:36
B4b4 Slowly but surely uptrend. Hopefully will eat up 8.5s , 8.3m shares soon
09/01/2017 16:27
char1234 yes..go ..go...go
09/01/2017 21:37
B4b4 With the disposal of the entire PDZSB , PDZH will have net gain of RM 5.8 m , hence increase the NTA from RM 25.6 m to 31.4 m. Also the total borrowings dropped tremendously. This will streamline PDZH for future growth .
09/01/2017 22:10
B4b4 The borrowings dropped from 8m to only 3.3m. Also the new CEO, Mr Christopher Tan has a very good track record of turning companies around into the black. PDZ will surely go uptrend since the group is in good hands.
09/01/2017 22:15
char1234 good for 10 ct
09/01/2017 22:15
B4b4 Pdz will be moving up soon, it is opportunity time for ppl who wants to look for company that has restructure and streamline its operation with reduce operating expences. Now , with a stronger and healthy balance sheet, Pdz is ready to reach for the sky.
10/01/2017 08:51
char1234 oil n gas ....juzt buy n wait..
10/01/2017 13:10
B4b4 Lets hope 8s will be eaten up in a split second
10/01/2017 15:25
char1234 Looks promising
11/01/2017 08:32
char1234 Maybe not today....
11/01/2017 11:14
tinyinvestor bila mau push pdz to the next level?..
12/01/2017 08:07
Dammy Garage 2nd accumulation phase....some keep collect 0.075
12/01/2017 08:20
char1234 wait....
12/01/2017 21:33
char1234 too slow a pace....
15/01/2017 16:45
char1234 7.5 ct...push harder...no need to test
16/01/2017 15:39
Dammy Garage 38.5% @ 0.065
16/01/2017 17:40
venture Lembab betol la pdz ni
17/01/2017 13:23
tinyinvestor going back to its original level?...
19/01/2017 17:31
richardcslim Today up together wth thheavy.
20/01/2017 08:02
Dammy Garage i think they will sustain around 0.07-0.075..check with fibo...look like have buy vol at this stage
20/01/2017 08:27
sheggy27 BUY!
06/02/2017 16:10
tinyinvestor Dammy, how long will the price remain flat at 0.07 - 0.075 level?
08/02/2017 12:51
pillai65 Pump n dump stock why waste time.
08/02/2017 21:55
Dammy Garage See see...hopefully this month will fly again
12/02/2017 11:43
Dammy Garage will play new level..
13/02/2017 17:40
tomwah maybe on march ...flying
17/02/2017 13:02
ccwong9584 where are you? flying...
22/02/2017 22:28
Dammy Garage chill...sideway
23/02/2017 08:37