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kancahna84 ayoo...almost year low...
20/12/2017 10:18
AxeKhan Already hit rock bottom, only one way to go and it's up...
20/12/2017 11:41
20/12/2017 11:43
saufi74 Sold 2.59..take contra profit first..
20/12/2017 15:50
linges saufi74...not only contra profit...u have gained one-year Astro dividend, in less than one week...congrates !
20/12/2017 16:32
MoneyUp888 Linges still holding c5?
20/12/2017 17:03
linges @MoneyUp888...yup still holding C5...avg price 6.9c

its kind of normal cycle in Astro to drop like this...hope mother back to 2.80-2.90 range anytime soon..

C1 & C5 already given me good profit...hope its continues :))
20/12/2017 17:54
number2 today 2.63 come
21/12/2017 07:18
origamiandair EPF kept sapu. But then who's selling so low now? Kept selling down.
21/12/2017 12:00
AxeKhan Low volume, probably ikan bilis
21/12/2017 12:18
Mypickers Epf keep buying astro shares..
22/12/2017 15:43
origamiandair Astro is moving upwards already. Nice.
27/12/2017 10:37
AxeKhan EPF has been collecting Astro shares for the past month, something brewing?
27/12/2017 15:25
origamiandair World Cup and Winter Olympics coming next year. And general election too. Lots of premium ads.
28/12/2017 09:38
linges Top up some at 6c
28/12/2017 09:52
linges Might be a good show today...just my wild guess..trade at ur own risk...:))
28/12/2017 10:19
AxeKhan Thanks to EPF for supporting the price
28/12/2017 19:24
linges @AxeKhan...maybe EPF found that Astro is better than FD....even at today's closing price RM2.65 and annual dividend of 12.5c (which is consistent over the years)...its given 4.72% DY...
28/12/2017 19:34
linges Astro expected to record strong earning in 2018..hope so :)
02/01/2018 00:24
linges Astro start moving :)))
03/01/2018 16:13
linges yummy time :)
08/01/2018 15:42
MoneyUp888 Who's the one keep selling though.. really annoying
08/01/2018 15:49
linges no worry how many seller is coming....Astro is moving to 2.90 :))
08/01/2018 16:03
MoneyUp888 Good linges!! I'm still holding the warrant too
08/01/2018 16:03
linges Superb MoneyUp888...lets make nice profit this time...Astro never let us down..before C1..now C5 :))
08/01/2018 16:08
MoneyUp888 Yesss. All hail Astro!! ;)
08/01/2018 16:18
profitgrow astro will be going up from January to June until the Winter Olympic (February) and World Cup end - June
09/01/2018 15:34
linges missed to grab C5@7.5c today...queued @ 7c instead :(
09/01/2018 17:23
MoneyUp888 Me too linges. I saw that coming but hoping to get in lower
09/01/2018 17:57
pakatan_harapan2 Pakatan Harapan Youth Promises To Show Premier League Matches On RTM If It Wins GE14
09/01/2018 22:42
linges Grabbed C5 smaller batched @ 7.5c, 7c and 6.5c...
10/01/2018 11:07
linges Added more at 5c..
11/01/2018 11:18
number2 c5, 0.05 quite strong buy queue
11/01/2018 13:01
linges Stronger ringgit translate into lower content cost..Astro can be categorized as ‘import counter’ where will directly benefits from stronger ringgit...hope this gain translate into higher profit and higher dividend in coming QR...

Trade at ur own risk ;)
13/01/2018 15:30
linges Add more at 5.5c
16/01/2018 10:51
linges adedd more at 5c
17/01/2018 15:57
asturay Ph will make astro bankrupt.sale if ph win
18/01/2018 22:39
sell Agree. PH said RTM will show live EPL.

Posted by asturay > Jan 18, 2018 10:39 PM | Report Abuse
Ph will make astro bankrupt.sale if ph win
18/01/2018 22:41
linges Manifesto is an offer...not an obligation or legal binding..
18/01/2018 23:18
linges Are we feel happy our tax money spent for EPL instead for education/development?
19/01/2018 03:57
hornbill Sub broadcasting right from Astro. More revenue to Astro. Please read the content details.
19/01/2018 07:50
jonnyBRAVO Write a comment..sharp falllll....
19/01/2018 10:59
Mu G Ismail To accumulate
19/01/2018 11:16
profitgrow How ah.. what should I do now? Drop more than 15% since I bought it .
19/01/2018 12:21
number2 astro c5, 0.04, good entry price
19/01/2018 12:25
profitgrow erm u mean it will drop until 0.05 cent? T__T
19/01/2018 12:47
linges I think @number2 refers RM0.04....me also queuing @4c but not matching...
19/01/2018 12:49
number2 astro c5 back to 0.05, recover faster than mother
19/01/2018 16:00
cheated Who want to pay to Astro when there is free EPL on RTM? Many subscribe Astro bec live EPL.

hornbill Sub broadcasting right from Astro. More revenue to Astro. Please read the content details.
19/01/2018 07:50
19/01/2018 20:39
MelissaOoi It will bounce upward, worry not, EPF has our back. http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5666965
22/01/2018 10:27