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BULL10BEAR10 Everything in Malaysia is not stable...........cash out and buy US dollar
16/09/2017 15:59
herry168 oh..not to keep more in ringgit?i heard n saw ringgit is going stronger now o..big sign on mediapress:)huat la
16/09/2017 16:14
ooihk899 Haha, people sell short sure talk 3 talk 4 to make sure it go down.
I also hope to collect cheap but I'm not like some low life only after QR out, want to short sell then talk 3 talk 4 to make sure price go down. Cannot cari makan in HRC then only come here.
16/09/2017 17:17
cheap1 Here also drop can cari makan?

Posted by ooihk899 > Sep 16, 2017 05:17 PM | Report Abuse
Haha, people sell short sure talk 3 talk 4 to make sure it go down.
I also hope to collect cheap but I'm not like some low life only after QR out, want to short sell then talk 3 talk 4 to make sure price go down. Cannot cari makan in HRC then only come here.
16/09/2017 17:21
BULL10BEAR10 selling all shares by next week
16/09/2017 17:46
JN88 Hoseh TP 4.2....
16/09/2017 17:46
seanchin Date Transaction CashFlow
4-Oct-12 Cash In (MYR 23,227.95)
13-Apr-15 Cash Out MYR 4,784.99
10-Jul-15 Cash Out MYR 3,806.30
5-Nov-15 Cash Out MYR 580.82
6-Nov-15 Bonus MYR 0.00
24-Jun-16 Margin in (MYR 5,228.60)
1-Jul-16 Margin in (MYR 5,137.20)
28-Feb-17 Margin in (MYR 10,727.38)
16-Sep-17 Worth MYR 138,627.00

CAGR still 46.73% p.a. since 4-OCT-12 excluding dividend.
16/09/2017 17:47
BULL10BEAR10 Najib wants to help US to strengthen their economy... invest to US la
16/09/2017 17:47
pakatan_harapan2 Vote Pakatan better. Pakatan invest in M'sia.

BULL10BEAR10 Najib wants to help US to strengthen their economy... invest to US la
16/09/2017 17:47
16/09/2017 21:08
cy91 operating cash flow ok, means business is still doing well... net profit is only accounting numbers..
16/09/2017 21:50
herry168 u wan sell all shares, houses, cars,underwear just go ahead..not need anounce here..nobody interested to know.huat la
17/09/2017 00:42
David Ng The revenue is still there even if you compare Q2Q. So they are not losing the business yet.
17/09/2017 09:10
huikong Magni still good to keep for long term. But I will only top up when the price going stabilize and below 6 only.
17/09/2017 11:27
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes general election announcement
17/09/2017 12:19
BULL10BEAR10 Good company playing forex and losing so much money? Investors need to bear this losses also?
17/09/2017 12:27
Whey Whey Play forex? Are u seriously know how to read Quarterly Report or not? Lol
17/09/2017 12:34
RainT Playing forex ...what a joke .....since when Magni announce it change it nature of biz from manufacturing of apparel to forex trading ( play forex)

Really can see lots of idiot and stupid comment that never use brain !!!!
17/09/2017 13:23
RainT Please do some research and homework la

To understand why listed company have forex gain or loss !!!!!
17/09/2017 13:23
tealeaf mayb he affected by recent forex case investigation against tun...haha
17/09/2017 17:34
Bartz The .
2016Q1 USD3.7
2017Q1 USD 3.9
2018Q1 USD 4.2

USD uptrend in 3 relative quarters, how come report shows:
2017Q1 forex gain RM3.4m
2018Q1 forex loss RM1.3m

Magni invoices Nike with USD, logically this quarter should be forex gain.

Someone good in accounting please enlighten me.
17/09/2017 17:42
coldinvestor RM5.00 应该不是问题。
17/09/2017 18:50
JN88 I will slowly wait.....wait you all sell then I buy. Hope tomorrow drop another 10%.... I sell my underwear and buy this.
17/09/2017 19:43
JN88 EPS 70+ , dividend king, more powerful than my AirAsia. AirAsia playing oil ...this one only one key POPULATION.
17/09/2017 19:45
Sam Mich Why price Lao sai? Suddenly!
17/09/2017 20:11
JN88 Lao sai for you to buy.
17/09/2017 20:19
ehtan hope will down more, 20%
17/09/2017 21:57
JN88 Very sad only2%.
18/09/2017 09:07
Depeche Congrats to the bold who bought in
18/09/2017 09:17
carilembu mungkin lonjakan kucing mati..
18/09/2017 11:16
herry168 yeke,bkn lembu?sy ingat lembu hilang, nak cari lembu :)
18/09/2017 11:28
891891 Now up to 6.16...not falling
18/09/2017 11:48
carilembu herry, lu cepat potong kalah kalau sulah beli 7 ke atas,jangan pegang lama lama, nanti kucing mati kelaparan..
18/09/2017 11:51
herry168 carilembu,sy tengah cari lembu lagi, klu terus ptg, terus kalah, klu lembu dpt cari nanti belum tentu sy kalah :)
18/09/2017 15:05
RC77 Hi guys
Vietnam labour cost increase 7.3% in 1/1/2017
Why the profit margin for FY2017Q4 does not affected?
Any ideas?
18/09/2017 15:28
JN88 Where RM5?????
18/09/2017 20:31
Bizfuneng I aso hope RM5.
18/09/2017 21:09
apolloang in jan this year only 4.00
18/09/2017 21:10
JN88 10 year ago onlyRM 0.5...hope able to drop to RM 0.5
18/09/2017 22:45
apolloang 10 years too long already to compare.....this jan only 4.00 can compare cos not even 1 year yet.stock price up so much and yet profit drop,bursa no fundamentals at all ar?
18/09/2017 22:50
FullTime Market over reacted , i wanted to grab this opportunity to enter , I queued at RM6 whole day , oso can't get la.
19/09/2017 07:07
ChartMaster i also Q few days already . still cant get.
19/09/2017 08:37
PN17player https://www.facebook.com/shuixing/photos/a.1503741673226021.1073741831.1495344394065749/1940183759581808/?type=3&theater
19/09/2017 08:43
truthseeker516 So many ignorant comments in this forum. Say what drop to RM5 la, RM4 la or even Rm0.5 like wt heck?? You seriously kiddin me?

Please learn how to read financial reports before simply speculating the price. Pretty sure those who speculate any price less than RM6 do not know a THING about P/E, revenue, and operating profits such BASIC principles about a company. #FACEPALM#
19/09/2017 10:21
Alex Foo fren, dun buy so fast. boss already say next Q also lackluster. wait next QR out only consider ba. Hope the price stay around 6ish so we can enter then
19/09/2017 10:23
Alex Foo but if you're really scared that the price will run before Q2, you may enter half a position first.
19/09/2017 10:25
Whey Whey Profit just dropped abit not making loss....Revenue never dropped, profit dropped mainly because cost of labour and forex loss.....
19/09/2017 10:34
optimus9199 wow directors and Tan Sri busy buying back Magni shares at RM 6.18 and 6.26
19/09/2017 17:27
Whey Whey All kena cheat already....they sell b4 Qtr result out and buy back after market over reacted
19/09/2017 18:51
omgimnoob can they trade like this? insider trading?
19/09/2017 19:26
omgimnoob hope it drop to cents then.... let's curse it drop to cents!
19/09/2017 19:27


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