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05-Jul-2018 Plantation - Rising Production; Emerging Risks
04-Jul-2018 IOI Corporation - Looking For Organic Growth
20-Jun-2018 IOI集团 业务亮眼财测上修
15-Jun-2018 热门股:IOI集团上挑RM4.80
12-Jun-2018 MPOB Monthly Statistics - May 2018 - Lower production offset weaker exports
11-Jun-2018 Plantation – Malaysia - Stabilising CPO Prices, Upgrade To MARKET WEIGHT
17-May-2018 IOI Corporation - 9MFY18 Core Earnings Is Within Expectation
17-May-2018 IOI Corporation - Plunge in manufacturing earnings in 3QFY18
17-May-2018 IOIC - 3QFY18 - Within expectations
17-May-2018 IOI Corporation - Within Our Expectation
17-May-2018 IOI Corporation - 3Q18 Within Expectations
17-May-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 17 May 2018
17-May-2018 IOI Corporation - Below Expectations
17-May-2018 IOI Corp - No Major Surprises
16-May-2018 IOI Q3 net profit jumps to RM2.07b
05-Apr-2018 Plantation - Looming Production Pickup
15-Mar-2018 IOI Corporation - Special And Interim Dividends To Go Ex Tomorrow
06-Mar-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 06 Mar 2018
05-Mar-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 05 Mar 2018
26-Feb-2018 IOI Corporation - Expect Special Dividend In The Next 6 To 7 Months
26-Feb-2018 IOI Corp - Results Within Expectations
26-Feb-2018 IOI Corporation - Earnings above expectations
26-Feb-2018 IOI Corporation - 1HFY18: Within Expectations
26-Feb-2018 IOI Corporation Berhad - 2Q18 Within Expectations
06-Feb-2018 IOI集团 次季财报有看头
05-Feb-2018 鲜果串以量抵价.IOI集团次季料赚3.8亿
05-Feb-2018 IOI Corp - Strong FFB volume to support 1HFY18 earnings
22-Jan-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 22 Jan 2018
22-Jan-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 22 Jan 2018
05-Dec-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 Dec 2017
21-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation - Better margin from downstream
21-Nov-2017 IOI集团 前景唱好宜短线买入
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation - 1QFY18: Within Expectations
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corp (SELL, Maintain) - Results Within Expectations
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corp's 1QFY18 Profit Triples
20-Nov-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Nov 2017
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation - A Steady Start
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation Berhad-Within Expectation
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation Berhad - 1Q18 In Line
20-Nov-2017 IOI Corporation - Focus On High Margin Business
24-Oct-2017 上下游业务好转.IOI盈利获提振
24-Oct-2017 IOI集团棕油价稳赚幅
23-Oct-2017 IOI Corporation - Aiming to Maintain Steady Growth
18-Sep-2017 IOI Corporation Berhad-RM4b From Divestment of 70% Stake in Specialty Oils and Fats Subsidiary
17-Sep-2017 郭晓芳.IOI集团的荷兰蛋糕
13-Sep-2017 IOIC - Divest 70% stake in Loders Croklaan
13-Sep-2017 39亿售资产助减债派高息.IOI专注上游受看好
13-Sep-2017 IOI Corp - Selling 70% Stake In Loders Croklaan For RM3.94b
13-Sep-2017 IOI Corporation - Unlocking Value In Specialty Oils & Fats
13-Sep-2017 IOI Corporation Berhad - Divesting 70% of IOI Loders Croklaan
13-Sep-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Sept 2017
13-Sep-2017 IOI Corporation - Divests 70% Stake in IOI Loders Croklaan
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corporation - Beneficiary of ban on trans-fat in US
29-Aug-2017 业绩逊色.棕油价回调.IOI集团财测下修
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corporation Berhad - Within Expectations
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corporation - Production Lags Slightly
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corp - Steady Outlook Despite Unexciting Results
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corporation - FY17: Below Expectations
29-Aug-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 29 Aug 2017
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corp - Margin Disappoints At Resource Based Manufacturing Division
29-Aug-2017 IOI Corporation - Downstream Disappointed
28-Aug-2017 IOI Corp - Results below expectations
22-Aug-2017 A competitive comparison of the 6 largest plantation companies in Malaysia - Stanley Lim, CFA
20-Jul-2017 IOI集团末季料赚5亿.写单季新高纪录
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seinfeld Palm prices to drop 19 pct by November as output recovers -Mistry - Reuters News
23-SEP-2016 03:30:00 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 (Reuters) - Crude palm oil prices are expected to drop around 19 percent from current levels to 2,200 ringgit ($534) per tonne over the next two months as production recovers in the new oil year, a leading industry analyst, Dorab Mistry, said on Friday.

In the current oil year ending September, palm prices have gained 9 percent as dryness linked to an El Nino weather event curbed yields across top producers Indonesia and Malaysia. Benchmark futures 1FCPOc3 hit a five-month high on Thursday and are now trading at 2,700 ringgit per tonne.

While global palm oil output for 2015/16 is seen declining by significantly more than the previous forecast of 2.5 million tonnes, a strong recovery next year should offset the deficit.

"Overall in oil year 2015/16, palm oil production will decline by over 6 million tonnes, a decline which has never before been seen in history," Mistry said at industry conference Globoil India. But production next oil and calendar year could see a strong recovery of almost 6.5 million tonnes, he added.

"Let us not ignore the rapid expansion of palm oil production in Central and South America."

However, for 2015/16, Mistry said he expects a sharper-than-estimated annual drop in output from Indonesia and Malaysia.

He forecast a 3.5-4 million tonne decline in Indonesia's output, versus a fall of 1.2 million tonnes projected before. For Malaysia, he pegged output at 17.83 million tonnes, versus his previous estimate of 18.44 million tonnes.

For the calendar year 2016, he sees Indonesia churning out 28.5 million tonnes of palm oil, lesser than a prior forecast of 31 million tonnes, and Malaysia producing 18.2 million tonnes.

In other vegetable oils, Mistry said he sees prices of soyoil, palm's rival, falling to $650 per tonne on a free-on-board basis if palm declines to 2,200 ringgit, adding that lauric oil prices are also due for a correction.

($1 = 4.1190 ringgit)
23/09/2016 16:08
seinfeld Headline: Greenpeace blockades palm oil trader IOI in Rotterdam

Two Indonesian men who have been directly affected by forest fires are blocking access to the refinery with eight activists. The Greenpeace ship Esperanza has moored to the dock at the back of the refinery, preventing palm oil being unloaded from incoming oil tankers.
IOI suppliers are linked to serious environmental and human rights abuses such as destruction of Indonesian rainforests, starting illegal fires and child labour. Palm oil from these companies continues to flood into Europe and the USA, research by Greenpeace reveals. Findings include:
Destruction of primary forest in Papua and Kalimantan.
Development on peatland

27/09/2016 15:57
Junichiro Call the police
27/09/2016 16:31
mm310 downtrend... how come
06/10/2016 21:13
mm310 come on!
07/11/2016 09:25
OrangKuat Foreign lost... Run
19/11/2016 15:13
mm310 most analysts upgraded IOI target price
07/12/2016 22:05
locust 專題報導 - 2017-01-11
過去10年,棕櫚油企業 IOI 屢次被發現涉及破壞印尼熱帶雨林。您或許不熟悉 IOI,可是,您吃的巧克力、洋芋片,使用的牙膏、洗髮精,卻可能含有這間公司生產的棕櫚油。雨林與生物無法發聲,您我如何阻止破壞?



過去10年,IOI 多次聲言承諾「不毀林」,卻一再被發現毀林罪證。去年四月,IOI 受到被「永續棕櫚油圓桌倡議組織」(Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil, RSPO)除名的威脅,可能會喪失所謂的永續棕櫚油認證,連帶失去重要訂單,IOI 卻拒絕大幅改善。可惜的是,認證制度近年備受質疑的 RSPO 竟然就此罷手,沒有進一步行動。

2015年底,綠色和平調查員在一個 IOI 特許棕櫚油發展區範圍內,發現有高保育價值地區受到雨林大火的洗禮。

IOI 摧毀寶貴的熱帶雨林

IOI 為超過300家公司供應棕櫚油,是全球數一數二的主要棕櫚油企業,其棕櫚油最終製成的消費產品,相信遍佈全球各地的超市貨架。早在2008年,綠色和平已揭露IOI 涉及在印尼婆羅洲破壞雨林,沒有履行護林承諾。2015年11月,綠色和平發現IOI 位於婆羅洲的特許發展區內火災災情嚴重,數月後實地到場調查,更發現 IOI 在新近遭遇森林火災的地區種植了大量油棕樹苗。

2015年9月,印尼雨林大火嚴重,當時才七個月大的紅毛猩猩 Otan,被救援人員發現在一個棕櫚油種植園內獨自尋找水源,因而被送到保育中心救治及照顧。

IOI 破壞極瀕危紅毛猩猩的家園

持續焚燒雨林,不但讓寶貴的天然資源消失,更傷害棲息其中的雨林動物。多年來,IOI 不但自己將重要的印尼雨林變成棕櫚油種植園,也縱容其供應商清空雨林,受影響範圍包括極度瀕危的紅毛猩猩的家。紅毛猩猩數量銳減,專家警告有可能在10年內滅絕,野生蘇門答臘虎現在只剩下約400隻,同屬極度瀕危。

2016年4月,綠色和平在一個 IOI 的特許發展區內,發現人工的泥炭地排水渠。

IOI 加劇全球氣候變遷危機

焚燒泥炭地過程造成大量溫室氣體產生,印尼政府估計,光是在2015年,就有約1,700,000公頃的土地被燒毀,面積等同約兩個南投縣,連綿數月的雨林大火釋放的二氧化碳,比英國全國一年的碳排放還要多。IOI 在開墾棕櫚油種植園時,刻意排乾雨林泥炭地,而乾燥的土地是讓雨林大火一發不可收拾的主因之一。


IOI 坐視對公眾健康威脅

雨林大火也讓印尼與鄰近地區空氣污染嚴重。霧霾之下,學校停課、商店停業,居民生活大受影響,也受空氣污染物 PM2.5 細懸浮微粒的威脅。印尼政府估計,超過500,000人民因而患病。哈佛大學和哥倫比亞大學的研究更推估,東南亞地區約有100,300人,因2015年印尼雨林大火帶來的空氣污染而早逝。


棕櫚油用途廣泛,完全避免含有棕櫚油的食品或日用品並不容易。我們要求的,是符合環境永續發展原則的棕櫚油。已有許多真心承諾「不毀林」的棕櫚油企業正朝著這個目標大步向前邁進,要避免成為摧毀雨林的幫兇,急需公眾一起要求各大消費品牌及企業,與破壞雨林的棕櫚油生產商劃清界線。2016年,全球森林守護者同心協力之下,就成功促使聯合利華、雀巢、家樂氏等消費品牌,取消與 IOI 的合約。


04/02/2017 14:55
88luckybull IOICORP Target price is RM5.30.
07/02/2017 13:34
88luckybull Plam oil shoot up from about RM2500 to RM3100,.. ...IOICORP is not yet shoot up till above rm5. So, good buy ioi.
07/02/2017 23:40
88luckybull Today bursa news update, EPF is collecting Ioicorp.
07/02/2017 23:44
88luckybull http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/palm-hits-2-wk-high-expectations-lower-stockpiles
08/02/2017 17:18
88luckybull http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/02/09/malaysias-palm-oil-exports-to-india-set-to-grow-up-to-10-this-year/
09/02/2017 09:43
88luckybull Nobody interested in IOICORP ? Potential to be shoot up in near term.....RM5 to RM5.30.
09/02/2017 09:47
ryan7642 I would prefer much bigger margin play eg kretam/rsawit/etc can play big volume b4 report is out or even hold mnths time easily more than 20% from 0.5 to 0.65:) happy investing^^
12/02/2017 00:22
pakatan_harapan2 EPF support IOI but not FGV meaning EPF CEO Shahril Ridza support Dr Mahathir not Najib?
21/02/2017 11:47
iwant2bmillionaire This one proved to be strong stock even after all the bad news. Anymore catalyst to support the share to move higher?
01/03/2017 09:31
Vin8888 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/ioi-properties-build-s35b-gdv-office-development-central-boulevard-site-singapore
13/03/2017 19:18
newbe999 Will USD interest rate increase result in more forex loss?
16/03/2017 06:09
iwant2bmillionaire IOI corp has debt denominated in USD. Based on closing on 31dec2016, USDMYR was 4.49. Assuming it was mark-to-market there and resulted FX lost 330mio, then next QR should be better if USDMYR close below (as of today USDMYR around 4.44). Good luck.
16/03/2017 17:02
Junichiro The 330m is paper loss in the sense that the co is not paying off its entire USD loan as it is long term. It is only paying what is due during the financial year.
But the market is well-known for its knee jerk reaction n once the results were announced, huge selling started.
Axiata has more USD loans than IOI but it is going up after the sell down.
17/03/2017 14:53
joannelim Buy
13/04/2017 21:48
Junichiro Expected bumper harvest of soya bean oil.
14/04/2017 19:36
tai yee suddenly jump high. Why ?
06/07/2017 17:00
tomblack KESM is a good semiconductor stock with a low P/E.
03/10/2017 09:59
Calvin Foo watching....
26/10/2017 14:28
ov123 debt down but so will future earnings.
04/11/2017 18:29
ivan9511 just buy will limit up soon
07/11/2017 18:44
ivan9511 buy will up
08/11/2017 23:55
ivan9511 buy
10/11/2017 18:25
ivan9511 buy
14/11/2017 23:36
ivan9511 buy will.up
15/11/2017 17:27
ivan9511 as i said many times already buy
sure limit up
17/11/2017 18:11
mm310 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/316041
07/12/2017 08:38
terrytsp I wonder who keep throwing shares for Tan Sri and Puan Sri to collect in open market.
19/12/2017 16:24
jonnyBRAVO biasa la this jerung always like that..
17/01/2018 09:11
Anti_debt 6th highest net debts.
21/01/2018 19:23
Anti_debt https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/01/20/debt-raising-vital-for-khazanah-stable-of-enterprises/
21/01/2018 19:23
upfed555 time to do some share buyback
02/02/2018 10:57
dexterchan dow jones drop 1,032.89 points this is start will drop below 20000 points
today drop near 848 counter, same as 2008 crisis everyday drop 700 counter above .this situation will drop half year .
holding cash better shares. cash is king ..
09/02/2018 10:18
23/02/2018 13:52
pretty_life All in
23/02/2018 13:57
fkser gap up
23/02/2018 14:24
pretty_life Sapu ioicorp c15...huat ar
23/02/2018 14:34
pretty_life I Wan See mother 5.02
23/02/2018 14:45
Fergus Chong Just bought it
23/02/2018 15:13
fcdematthew Like no response to the QR.
24/02/2018 22:52
Surewind Just asking do you know why china buys soybean from US??
Its not for the oil, it is used as feed for their hogs (pigs). Nothing to do with soyoil or palm oil.

Half of all pigs in the world is in China, and a huge fraction of the soy bean is used for pig feed. Soy bean was discovered by animal nutritionists that 1 part soy bean meal with 4 parts grain, will sharply increase the efficiency with which livestocks and poultry - including the pigs - convert the grain eaten, into animal protein (aka meat).
24/04/2018 15:56
chanph Super good result, will it affect ioipg as well???
16/05/2018 19:26
Anwarfree18 Post GE14 this counter is good. Never do hanky panky funny deal with Duta Yap. Even cancel plantation deal lose money also save the name. When IOI found out Duta pay commission and kick back to IOI inside people Tan Sri Lee cancel the deal. Better lose a bit deposit then lose name in corrupt deal. Now you see who want to do funny deal with Dutaland.
21/05/2018 11:10


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