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18-Oct-2017 Stock Review – HEXZA (3298) HEXZA CORPORATION BERHAD - Klse Value
29-Sep-2017 HEXZA: Q4’2017业绩报告与投机者vs投资者之不同角度的观点
29-May-2017 HEXZA: Q3’17业绩报告及股价崩跌之我见
13-May-2017 A Dissection into HEXZA
12-May-2017 Hexza a Definite Undervalued Stock
24-Apr-2017 HEXZA: List of Articles on It + Who have Discovered this Hidden Gem
18-Apr-2017 HEXZA: One of the Major companies profiled in the report by Allied Market Research
10-Mar-2017 [转贴] 浅谈 HEXZA ~ BY 乡下小子
07-Mar-2017 Daily Market Update - 7 Mar 2017 (HEXZA, SSTEEL)
23-Feb-2017 HEXZA: 从资产被低估的价值股到盈利增加的成长股
27-Jan-2017 M+ Online Technical Focus - 27 Jan 2017
27-Jan-2017 Daily Market Update - 27 Jan 2017 (HEXZA, FITTERS)
13-Jan-2017 HEXZA: Let’s make it straightforward (as it’s about time to move up)
09-Jan-2017 M+ Online Technical Focus - 9 Jan 2017
09-Jan-2017 Daily Market Update - 9 Jan 2017 (IKHMAS, HEXZA)
24-Nov-2016 HEXZA: 2017年包赚钱的公司!
02-Nov-2016 M+ Online Technical Outlook - 2 Nov 2016
02-Nov-2016 Daily Market Update - 2 Nov 2016 (HEXZA, HEVEA)
30-Oct-2016 HEXZA: A Hint on the Change of Dividend Policy?
27-Oct-2016 HEXZA: Highlights of 2016 Annual Report
26-Oct-2016 HEXZA: A Sure Profitable Company in 2017 and the Years that Follow
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ys2k Net assets per share = RM1.20, paying RM1 is not necessary mean u r getting cheap deal.
If we using the same logic, does it making more sense to invest into super undervalue share such as OSK? Which you can use RM1.60 to buy RM3.15 NTA. Which has more upside and also give around 3% dividend (yes, i know it is lower than Hexza)

if OSK is undervalued, here come another question why the price low for many years?
28/06/2017 00:33
Apollo Ang hexza suddenly last quarter post a loss that's why below RM 1
28/06/2017 00:39
Frank Tan No show dy.Unless next Q really good.zzzzzzzzz
28/06/2017 22:57
JacNgu i am back. still a poop
07/07/2017 11:09
RainT It's time to sell this and buy Ekovest
16/07/2017 12:45
RainT Down back soon
24/07/2017 14:42
hohoho What the fxck !!!!!
31/07/2017 21:20
prudentinvestor Buy now and collect your 4 cent/share dividend 3 months later. Return of 4% in 3 months, not bad at all.
08/08/2017 23:29
Chong Jiunn Hau dividend payout has been over 50% of total EPS for the pass 2 financial years, by looking at the current FY17, it could be more than 5 cents.
09/08/2017 12:44
Chong Jiunn Hau FY15
EPS 8 cents - dividend 4.5 cents

EPS 8 cents - dividend 4.5 cents

3Q EPS 11.7 cents - dividend ??
09/08/2017 12:49
balvin71 Soon quarter result & div announcement....hope got good news! :)
16/08/2017 22:21
moguiyu dividend ===8 cents......
16/08/2017 22:29
Chong Jiunn Hau haha, 5 cents will be good, 6 cents is fantastic already
17/08/2017 15:13
prudentinvestor Hexza's performance this quarter should be much better.
18/08/2017 15:12
Chong Jiunn Hau QoQ for sure, but YoY i doubt...
18/08/2017 16:50
Goldchia MH Result look good this time
24/08/2017 19:18
Chong Jiunn Hau How did u know?
24/08/2017 19:25
Goldchia MH 6% dividend
24/08/2017 22:31
Chong Jiunn Hau Lol u hvnt answer my question.

6% or 6 cents? Its par value is 0.5, if 6% = 3 cents dividend only.
24/08/2017 22:38
moguiyu div 8 cents. i'm sure.....
25/08/2017 12:57
ginvin hahaha, all guessing... i say div 10 cents
25/08/2017 15:19
Chong Jiunn Hau i dont really care about the dividend, i want a good QR result...
25/08/2017 18:00
moguiyu go to hell luao.......
25/08/2017 19:20
prudentinvestor Still made 11 sen this financial year and NTA increased by 10 sen even after payment of 4.5 sen dividend. Just wait for the 5 sen dividend.
25/08/2017 20:23
necro jialat
25/08/2017 20:47
necro poor HEXZA shareholder
25/08/2017 20:48
moguiyu wait another 3 months
25/08/2017 20:54
necro jgn minum liquor nti terluka kih kih kih
25/08/2017 20:56
skyz agree with Chong Jiunn Hau. I rather want a good Qtr Result. dividends is just one-time off positive news unlike good qtr performance can boost the uptrend momentum in a more sustainable rate in the coming 3 months ahead
28/08/2017 09:05
abbd going down to 80 cents.
The govt will tax Hexza until pokai. Just like ciggarete related company like BAT, Tien Wah also have to close shop in msia.
KNM's ethanol plant in Thailand already start operation. Hexza will face competition from thailand. Price war coming soon.
28/08/2017 13:07
prudentinvestor Drinkers will get used to the price hike after some time. Thereafter, they will start drinking again and sales will pick up.
28/08/2017 16:00
necro hopefully you not drinking enough until not jumpa balik ke rumah tapi paling takot kalo mabuk smpai lupa kembali ke pangkal jalan...wakakakaakakakakakaka
28/08/2017 17:54
necro HEXZA yang dulu bukanlah sekarang
Dulu disayang sekarang ditendang

Dulu2 dipuja sekarang hanyalah sampah
Director tidor xbuat kerja tahu nak pujuk shareholder dgn dividen saja

Tunggulah habis cash & cash equivalentnya
Nanti digasak retained earning nya pula

Namanya mulanya huruf H
Nanti jgnlah pula jd mcm HUBLINE la pula

Dulu disyg kini tahi cuma...

28/08/2017 17:59
lcng123 the profit doesn't include gain on share market.
29/08/2017 10:58
prudentinvestor Hexza won't go bust, that is for sure. It has 75 million cash and another 75 million in share investment. At 90 sen a share, you are just paying 15 sen for Hexza's business.
29/08/2017 15:42
lcng123 power rental fee having collection problem. if this problem can be resolve and include gain in share market plus income from bank interest and dividend, hexza should have profit in Q4.
29/08/2017 23:22
pelangi27 lcng123,so u will hold?
30/08/2017 17:18
lcng123 i will hold for another 2 quarters.
30/08/2017 19:02
lech001 this will be good to hexza ?
07/09/2017 10:02
lcng123 5 sen dividend will announce next month
11/09/2017 16:08
prudentinvestor Ringgit has gone up strongly against the US dollar. No more excuses for high raw material costs.
13/09/2017 10:43
elvinteo learning
17/09/2017 22:28
Super_SKL hi guys, as mentioned above, the 5 cents dividend will be announced anytime soon. 0.05/0.93 = 5.376% which is much much better than bank FD and most of the stocks listed here. I observed this stock few months back when it was traded at higher prices with bigger volume and now someone is quietly collecting it at relatively low price. It seemed to me that the engine is about to start. What say you? Are you still waiting for the "right timing" to do things while others were already started to do things?
03/10/2017 11:00
abcb First and Final Dividend of 5 cents per ordinary share will be announced on 26 October 2017 this month
04/10/2017 16:20
LingLing8 是的, 看来现在应该是准备要偷鸡的最好时机了。我想原因有三:




05/10/2017 11:01
Miaofang revenue keep droping. stock price not going down. careful
06/10/2017 09:01
balvin71 Additionally, another problem is with the power plant lease investment in Myanmar. Where they are unable to collect the lease payments. Until this is corrected and revenue increases, share price will be depressed.
08/10/2017 17:16
abcb Will Hexza to be the next Hovid to take private by major shareholders and private equity group?
10/10/2017 10:32
Super_SKL That's not a new idea here, mentioned several time already. Anyway, the point I wanted to mention here is: Most of the time, when I see sellers more than buyers, the more sellers appeared on the right-hand side, it seemed to me that the engine is about to start! Don't you see that? Let's see. hahaha!
10/10/2017 14:21
didi2005 Any updates on AGM?
20/10/2017 16:48


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