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02-Feb-2018 Telecommunications - 2100MHz Extension
02-Feb-2018 Telecommunication - 2.1GHz Band Offers Accepted
01-Feb-2018 Maxis, Axiata & Digi accept MCMC's offer
25-Jan-2018 业绩符合预测.数码网络财测不变
25-Jan-2018 数码网络 上行潜能有限
24-Jan-2018 Digi.Com - Operationally Sound Despite a Weaker EPS
24-Jan-2018 Digi.com - No Surprises, In Line With Expectations
24-Jan-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 24 Jan 2018
24-Jan-2018 Digi.Com - Solid Internet Revenue Growth
24-Jan-2018 DiGi.Com - FY17 Results Below Expectation
02-Jan-2018 Digi CEO Albern Murty admits that being a telco in this day and age isn’t what it used to be
11-Dec-2017 [转贴] 大型企业拥抱数字化 DIGI GAMUDA 领先转型
28-Nov-2017 Digi.Com - Digital Revolution
16-Nov-2017 DiGi.Com Bhd - Shariah concern
09-Nov-2017 Digi moves into fintech sector with e-wallet app, vcash
08-Nov-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 8 Nov 2017
08-Nov-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 8 Nov 2017
05-Nov-2017 EBITDA Multiples Analysis for Telco - L. C. Chong
03-Nov-2017 Digi signs with MOLPay and iPay88 for mobile payment service
03-Nov-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 3 Nov 2017
03-Nov-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 3 Nov 2017
20-Oct-2017 后付稳健.预付复苏.数码网络展望改善
20-Oct-2017 数码网络频谱费无损股息
19-Oct-2017 Digi.com - Still an uphill battle
19-Oct-2017 DiGi.Com Bhd-Postpaid Growth Sustained
19-Oct-2017 Digi.Com - Solid Internet Growth
19-Oct-2017 Digi.Com Berhad - 900Mhz deployment to uplift postpaid take-up rate
19-Oct-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 19 Oct 2017
19-Oct-2017 DiGi.Com Bhd - 9M17 Results in Line
19-Oct-2017 Digi.Com (HOLD, Maintain) - Operational Improvement in 3Q17
17-Oct-2017 Digi.Com - Stabilising service revenue
19-Sep-2017 新业务技术伙伴强大.数码网络叩开企业后付
19-Sep-2017 DiGi.Com: Paving The Way Into Enterprise Postpaid Market Via Digi-X
13-Sep-2017 The Digi 'Headache' - Relief in Sight?
03-Sep-2017 Digi shifts gear to ride on digital boom
09-Aug-2017 数码网络新业务前景难料
08-Aug-2017 DiGi.Com: Strengthening Core Business Whilst Building Digital Momentum
08-Aug-2017 Digi - Digital Transformation
24-Jul-2017 DIGI Updates – 24 Jul 2017 - L. C. Chong
13-Jul-2017 业绩逊预期.数码网络财测股息双降
13-Jul-2017 11 things I learned from the Digi.com 2017 AGM - Mitra Chen
13-Jul-2017 DiGi.Com: 2Q17: Below Expectations
13-Jul-2017 DiGi - Lower Numbers
13-Jul-2017 DIGI - Higher Depreciation and Finance Costs
13-Jul-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Jul 2017
13-Jul-2017 DiGi - Challenging 2HFY17 For The Prepaid Segment
12-Jul-2017 The similarities between Tony Fernandes and Digi’s Albern Murty
05-Jul-2017 Life At Work Awards 2016 Best Malaysian Organisation - Digi Telecommunications
22-Jun-2017 Digi - Raising the ante with 4 Freedoms
11-Jun-2017 Digi ventures into US$2.2bil IoT space with connected vehicles strategy
07-Jun-2017 5 reasons why Digi.com is on my watchlist
04-May-2017 首季净利逊预期.数码网络展望保守
02-May-2017 DiGi.com - Revenue Softness
02-May-2017 Digi.Com - Challenging Times Ahead
02-May-2017 DiGi - Ready For 900Mhz Spectrum Deployment
02-May-2017 DiGi.Com Bhd - 1Q17 Results Below Expectations
02-May-2017 Digi.com - Sharper Contraction for Prepaid Segment
02-May-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 2 May 2017
22-Apr-2017 DIGI Updates – 21 Apr 2017 - L. C. Chong
19-Apr-2017 高赚幅.低税率.数码网络首季净利有望破4亿
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linges Yup...even last year Maybank crashed to 7.50...and CIMB to 4.30...now both back on track..

Digi RM5.00? for sure not in short term...but in middle term possible..meantime just enjoy 5-6% dividend.
24/11/2017 18:42
ampabella Aiyoh why telco also got syariah one very confusing, anyway Digi is still the favorite for Bangla, Nepalese, Myanmar and Indon
24/11/2017 22:21
linges Its already anticipated that Digi will be out from Shariah list one week ago...
So its not totally suprise news today...

24/11/2017 22:39
Yu_and_Mee Opportunity comes. Will consider if below 4.00
24/11/2017 22:59
shpg22 Syariah is just used as a reason to throw. The truth is its overvalue and its result is getting poorer quarter by quarter since Murty takeover.
25/11/2017 16:14
curious2 Why XOX(smallest listed telco?) no chance to go up?
25/11/2017 16:15
shpg22 Most small player are not sustainable and are destined to go down in this capital intensive & highly competitive market.
25/11/2017 16:27
linges all telco stock already reached saturation level..do not expect any significant future growth in the revenue/profit/stick price...
Most u can get from telco is decent dividend if u catch the stock at weakness...nothing much..
25/11/2017 16:33
linges Unless u play telco CW like Digi-C21 and Maxis-C3...but risk is very much higher...
25/11/2017 16:36
Mohd Fahmi Bin Jaes No syariah
26/11/2017 15:02
GreatWarrants I am watching DIGI - C21. Good price to consider when 2-3 sens.
27/11/2017 01:13
linges Yup Digi C21..good to enter once price stabilized after syariah-fund final sell-off...

for now focusing mother, as the risk is more manageable..
27/11/2017 01:25
alivetoinvest Xox mobile service> digi
27/11/2017 08:51
Gentlemen Rebound but volume very less
27/11/2017 09:25
xixing MOLPay,iPay88 推出Digi的vcash电子钱包作为付款选项
27/11/2017 09:56
linges Sold all at 4.50...due possible another selling round...
27/11/2017 10:00
xexlone wow....seems EPF picking up back....!!
27/11/2017 10:17
christophertopher Then, we say bye bye to u lo, linges.
27/11/2017 10:43
linges Ha ha..yeah..i felt another huge selling emerging today morning..but i was wrong...
Good luck guys..hope fly fly more :)
27/11/2017 10:50
linges Anyway..got almost two Q DIY dividend..still happy :)
27/11/2017 10:54
Gentlemen Congrats linges, at least no more worries :)
27/11/2017 11:20
linges :))
27/11/2017 11:25
xexlone at least realised profit....no need struggle.....
27/11/2017 11:38
stockintalk wow....seems EPF picking up back....!!
(EPF Pick up 价位比我们高)
27/11/2017 11:48
Gentlemen Wow nice close!
27/11/2017 17:03
Win188 sold out at 4.59. Thank you DIGI
27/11/2017 17:18
linges Great bro!
27/11/2017 17:32
mohdsafwansabree Win188:u buy at what price ?
27/11/2017 18:00
wenlijianqinyun79 http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5617241
EPF 丢少少165,000 shares
大量地进货4,000,000 shares.

Kumpulan Wang Persaraan 买入200,000 shares.
27/11/2017 21:29
Rex Ang will bacck to 4.80
30/11/2017 11:41
faizkl Market not good back, sea of red.. Dont know digi can tahan tomorrow..
04/12/2017 18:33
The_Reds slowly moving up, resistance at 4.74...C-21 is a good bargain for now
04/12/2017 18:38
Gentlemen Digi make me feel good when market down...Luckily bought at low point
06/12/2017 12:20
The_Reds Digi is a real lifesaver in this bearish market..cheers
07/12/2017 18:40
xexlone collection time!
08/12/2017 14:58
faizkl Not collection time, it's correction time, it takes days..
08/12/2017 21:17
xexlone Election coming! time to goreng
13/12/2017 09:35
The_Reds cash out C21 for 115% gain..thanks DIGI
22/12/2017 10:46
Gentlemen sold all @ 5.10, thank you digi! will buy you back soon
29/12/2017 20:43
origamiandair What happened to Digi? Suddenly big fish makan so many at 5.10.
29/12/2017 22:08
SIBUK Crazy buy at 5.10
31/12/2017 23:15
SIBUK Going to drop soon lah......
31/12/2017 23:16
xexlone movie get started....
02/01/2018 16:00
ampabella this movie is not a action pack, is a Korean love and hate story , moving very slow sometimes love sometimes hate and sometimes nothing happen and throughout the whole movie alot of crying
04/01/2018 13:58
Jun Yi Lim Sell this desperate shitty company
10/01/2018 14:25
xexlone panic panic.....
11/01/2018 15:31
sleepyzzz overdue correction.. good chance.. foreign collecting.. TP4.96 TP5.13 TP5.45
11/01/2018 15:50
chickenriceseller rosak today....
12/01/2018 09:38
sleepyzzz slowly but surely
15/01/2018 12:06
03/03/2018 08:03


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