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20-Oct-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Oct 2017
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Lau Hs big o&g contract will be announce
16/11/2017 21:44
sapari57 Ibz corp belong to ibrahim baki
16/11/2017 22:13
sangjero Who is this Ibrahim Baki?.....Is he a BN proxy?
17/11/2017 07:31
sangjero Looks like Ibrahim want to vacuum whatever shares in the market...Whats up yo?
17/11/2017 07:32
fl888 MBO, RTO can happen ..
17/11/2017 08:26
netx look like something big coming soon
up todAY
17/11/2017 08:52
sangjero follow lah....
17/11/2017 09:05
fl888 breaking 12.5 today hope
17/11/2017 09:11
Bernard Tan i hold till qr first :/ coz the selling resistance quite strong, and the buying support not much
17/11/2017 10:05
Lau Hs waiting Ibrahim to collect another 50mil share, he will keep on collect until next week, after that will rocket
17/11/2017 11:56
allan83 next week qr out may be very good Plus oil contract.....
17/11/2017 13:53
kelvin17 it is predicted that logistic counters are all underprice i believe at current price you cant go wrong
17/11/2017 13:58
fl888 Baki need viagra to break 12.5 cts
17/11/2017 14:28
Bernard Tan Also a lot of contra sellers ..
17/11/2017 15:20
fl888 Why Dato Richard not buying more and only a Baki is buying ,,,,
17/11/2017 16:08
HAZ87 RaseNye selagi x turun bawah 0.115 ad harapan nk melantun keatas balik paling kurang 0.155
19/11/2017 01:10
allan83 Director no buy today. Someone is collcting. Tommorw gap up
20/11/2017 19:03
netx Limit up
20/11/2017 20:19
fl888 Looks like Baki has no more Baki i.e. Balances in his account to buy and maybe now Dato Richard will come to help to maintain the market price pending the contract negotiation announcement which is somewhat overdue....
21/11/2017 02:51
Bernard Tan suddenly huge dump @ 0.12 and instant purchase...
21/11/2017 15:45
sangjero Hubline highest price in history was 10.753 ....10 years ago....1/10/2007....Can History repeat itself?...Time will tell
21/11/2017 18:34
fl888 Richard is dumping to Baki in such a way that people like me who bought at 12.5 from their massive hidden stockpile of Hubline at 5-7cts will not be able to make money as this stock may go back to below 10cts by their pump and dump strategies with operators. Cut loss today at 12.5 better than 12 or lower to venture other stocks,,,,
21/11/2017 19:02
kelvin17 Sangjero n fl888 hubline has steep capital deduction not long ago pl check so may be at 0.125 is still dirt cheap. i believe it will be an interesting move from this level
21/11/2017 19:48
fl888 Hubline could be like Sanichi,,,,
22/11/2017 00:36
tklim Can Que at 0.12.......Maybe the directors are waiting at 0.12 for weak holder to dispose....

ATR(14) .......Less Volatility
22/11/2017 10:01
Bernard Tan cut loss some @ 0.12 , the q at 0.125 and 0.13 become more and more... and save some for qr
22/11/2017 10:19
money_cum_cum left right.... right left..... left right.... musical chair..... have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
22/11/2017 10:40
netx the game start playing tmrrw

stay tune
22/11/2017 16:55
Anything No more game
22/11/2017 19:40
fl888 Looks like will break >10 by year end
23/11/2017 02:00
netx Stay tune
The game is over
23/11/2017 07:12
Crossfactor LauHS & netx, you seem to know what's happening or going to happen, so is lowest to buy now? Will happen next week?
23/11/2017 10:44
money_cum_cum Sifu,,,,,,, please advise... ALL IN or ALL OUT??? game start or game over????
23/11/2017 14:54
tklim Aiyoooo....Follow director maaaa.....
23/11/2017 15:51
Anything free Europe trip to Holland
23/11/2017 16:00
money_cum_cum agree..... 99.999999% free trip to Holland..... one way ticket..... LOL!!!!!!!!!
23/11/2017 16:07
netx game restart
23/11/2017 16:28
fl888 .....?....
23/11/2017 19:29
rr88 Buy on the way up. Dont buy when stagnant. Cut loss on the way down. Dont cut loss when stagnant.
23/11/2017 20:55
rr88 Now wait n see only
23/11/2017 20:55
netx yes something big ...
24/11/2017 09:19
money_cum_cum buy popcorn ready watch BIG show....... LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
24/11/2017 10:35
baccarat 2nd half see big show.
24/11/2017 14:52
money_cum_cum GSC????? TGV????? MBO?????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
24/11/2017 15:32
baccarat Thanks for show. At least got a small show.
24/11/2017 16:24
Lau Hs big show will be on monday
24/11/2017 16:25
Anything no show is good show?
24/11/2017 16:48
money_cum_cum wheres the show? i no see...... so fast over?
24/11/2017 17:00
AhHuatblackkopi money cum cum everyday u talk bad about this counter , whats the point of u ? if u dont like this counter jus fark off and switch to others counter , no need everyday to talking here...
24/11/2017 17:28
netx 0.12 just warm up
I think

Monday stay above 0.125-0.13
Then consider bullish to 0.15-0.16
Then 0.17-0.195
24/11/2017 20:19


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