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goldentriangle Oil price continue to rise...
As at 5.45pm,
Nymex at $52.23 (+0.55) (+1.06%)
Brent at $55.11 (+0.65) (+1.19%)
05/12/2016 17:47
pt tey http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5280873
05/12/2016 18:10
pt tey from recent announcement. general Lee direct own KMN 1.75%, indirect own 17.9%
05/12/2016 18:11
pt tey sorry, indirectly 19.44%
05/12/2016 18:11
goldentriangle he still remain as major shareholder 1.75% + 19.44% = 21.19%
he didn't sold a single share...

I believe recent selling was by syndicate...
we paper losses of thousands but how about those holding millions & millions shares?
i think general Lee will work out something to pushing up the price in order to gain more
confidence among KNM investors!
05/12/2016 19:25
goldentriangle Oil tops $55 for first time in 16 months as OPEC deal fuels buying

Brent crude oil prices rose above $55 a barrel on Monday, trading at a fresh 16-month high, as optimism spread about the prospect of a tightening market after OPEC members agreed on a landmark deal to cut production last week.
05/12/2016 19:32
alex lee 好!阿Q精神
05/12/2016 21:11
goldentriangle alex lee, i will never raise 'white flag' to the operator, if the want to die,
will die together with them, we are paper losses thousands only,
but they are millions & millions dollar !
06/12/2016 07:10
goldentriangle The euro has its best day against the dollar since early June

Investors appear to have swiftly moved past the ‘no’ vote in Sunday’s Italian referendum
One euro at $1.0767 late Monday in New York, up 1% from $1.0665 late Friday in New York. The currency traded as low as $1.0505 late Sunday, its lowest level since March 16 2015.
06/12/2016 07:10
goldentriangle US dollar big plunged...
I strongly believe our MYR will getting strong back !
As at 6.55 am,
US Dollar index at $100.15 (-1.30) (-1.28%)

our once MYR getting stronger, foreign funds will continuesly to buying-in into
our equities and bonds and definitely our economy and stock market will
getting better and better !
06/12/2016 07:11
goldentriangle 明年有望走挺至4.10.国行再出招.马币回神http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1593641/%E6%98%8E%E5%B9%B4%E6%9C%89%E6%9C%9B%E8%B5%B0%E6%8C%BA%E8%87%B3410%EF%BC%8E%E5%9B%BD%E8%A1%8C%E5%86%8D%E5%87%BA%E6%8B%9B%EF%BC%8E%E9%A9%AC%E5%B8%81%E5%9B%9E%E7%A5%9E

06/12/2016 07:12
alex lee GoldenT,that's why I said ah Q spirit, paper losses on us but real gain on them, raising fund game, they won't die but us
06/12/2016 07:36
LA777 Based on laws of gravity, KNM should be at 0.41, now is undervalue, can buy to keep. Buy at your own risk!
06/12/2016 07:41
alex lee ""our once MYR getting stronger, foreign funds will continuesly to buying-in into
our equities and bonds and definitely our economy and stock market will
getting better and better !""

06/12/2016 11:30
callme777 Something's wrong with the stock. Others have recovered but this dog is still near its all time low
06/12/2016 17:19
AzerothJr Maybe they wanted to squeeze out further the sellers?
06/12/2016 17:27
goldentriangle alex lee, when dump till no more left to dump which already at attractive price,
if you're foreign funds, what will you do => come back to buying into our
low atrractive equities and bonds market lor...
foreign funds also want to earned more monies ma...
06/12/2016 17:43
goldentriangle As at 5.50pm,
US dollar index at $100.08 (-0.07) (-0.07%)

today KLSE closed at 1629.73 (+4.76) (+0.29%)
US dollar to ringgit => 4.44065

Since Bank Negara Malaysia’s new measures to stabilise the local note.
Ringgit get strengthen and foreign funds started to buying into our
equities and bonds...
I believe once foreign funds continue to buying into our equities and bonds,
our Ringgit will continue to rise and will break below RM4.0 to a US Dollar !
06/12/2016 17:53
Friendship KNM won't go up this few days coz the operator wanna squeeze out those buyers post OPEC meeting, so need patience
KNM may drop to 0.31 again before any rebound
06/12/2016 23:13
goldentriangle Mier: Ringgit's fair value versus US dollar should be 4.05 to 4.10

1 USD = MYR 4.41950
Our MYR was started to getting strong back from recent weakend, I believe foreign funds will continue buying into our equities and bond in soonest of time from today onwards !
it's good for our economy and stock market !
07/12/2016 07:20
callme777 Knm going back to the low
07/12/2016 09:32
kangcs haiz...kesian KNM
07/12/2016 11:19
callme777 Faster come down, 0.28 start buying.
07/12/2016 15:09
Superstar33 im very sad due to this stock...few years ago I bought very high price at 1.10 or something and then they divide 4 and make my units to be low and then reduce the price and now its like hell for me..why this happens for this stock? please explain.
07/12/2016 15:34
07/12/2016 15:48
Johnny Tan start low than b4 !!!
07/12/2016 15:48
callme777 Is a shit stock. If the renewable energy play is all talk and no action, you can say Bye bye to this shit
07/12/2016 16:15
zhm540 few years ago I reminded about this stock but got bashed! now you see what is happening. Lee does not care whether u lose money or not as he already gain a lot at your expense! Good luck... see u at 25sen!
07/12/2016 16:26
zhm540 KNM got a lot of orders from RAPID but I bet you will not see a single sen going into your pocket as they will not declare any dividend and by next year when no more orders coming from PETRONAS, the price may go down further!
07/12/2016 16:29
callme777 Almost back to the low, woohoo! Lee don't care la, he is also in shit. He is useless if U look back at his track record. Another useless shit
07/12/2016 16:35
callme777 This tenewable energy is just a gimmick, get you all excited. If you look at the company, is only worth 0.20
07/12/2016 16:37
goldentriangle All Asian bourses are so green !
Nikkei closed at 18,496.69 (+136.15) (+0.74%)
Hang Seng closed at 22,800.92 (+125.77) (+0.55%)
Shanghai closed at 3,222.24 (+22.59) (+0.71%)
Taiwan closed at 9,263.89 (+13.12) (+0.14%)
Singapore STI closed at 2,959.84 (+10.72) (+0.36%)

All Asian bourses are closed high or almost near their new high!
Our KLSE currently still left far behind, still got plenty space to goes up...
by end of this year should break above 1680 points or 1700 points!

Market sentiments become better and better,
Just be patient, it will be uptrend for KNM in soonest of time!
07/12/2016 18:03
goldentriangle Oil continue it's uptrend,
as at 6.21pm
Nymex at $51.16 (+0.23) (+0.45%)
Brent at $54.19 (+0.26) (+0.48%)
07/12/2016 18:21
naggio http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2016/12/07/opec-deal-will-go-ahead-even-if-only-russia-commits/
07/12/2016 19:07
pt tey oil drop lo. yesterday NYMEX Ard $52. the share have down trend.. no symptom it is moving back.. oil just stable above 50, petrol company not even earn money., bleeding in low income since 2015. how petro company will award or resume project to knm this kinda project or engineering supply company in next 6mth?..
07/12/2016 19:12
goldentriangle wow, as at 10.57am market was so green at 1638.50 (+6.03) (+0.31%)

all the world bourses shooting up and since our stock market still quite low and cheap
and now seems like foreign funds already started to buying into our equities and bonds already!
there will be uptrend for our KLSE started from today onwards,
just be patient, KNM definitely will be goes up too in soonest or time!
08/12/2016 11:01
naggio http://m.investing.com/news/commodities-news/oil-prices-rise-on-u.s.-crude-stock-decline,-weaker-dollar-446399
08/12/2016 13:14
annmix Foreign fund everyday selling how to up.. this country really no hope if this shames 1 malaysia family still in power.
08/12/2016 18:41
annmix Only Past 10 trading day i think average daily foreign fund selling is 100million daily.. with this kind of capital pulling out from Bursa . How share price will up if jus depends on local institution n retailer support. Really no hope for this country. Totally damage
08/12/2016 18:50
goldentriangle Bursa Malaysia Trade Statistic - 08/12/2016

Participant Bought RM m Sold RM m Net RM m
Local Institution 942.1 957.7 -15.6
Local Retail 170.0 181.0 -11.1
Foreign 456.4 429.7 26.7

Foreign funds today become net buyers, net movement of 26.7 million!
It's good sign, todays onwards will be bull run for KLSE, still got 3 weeks
to end of 2016, break 1680 or 1700 is possible!
08/12/2016 22:23
no3no4 this laosai share no hope anymore, sell and run away better
09/12/2016 16:23
HKC1965 no3no4, frankly, I am keep buying... Gen Lee .....yes
09/12/2016 18:37
HKC1965 不会死的,看春天!!
09/12/2016 18:38
HKC1965 沒有本事,请别买股票!!
09/12/2016 18:39
goldentriangle Good news...
Non-OPEC oil producers to cut output 558,000 barrels a day
11/12/2016 10:58
goldentriangle Like that by end of 2016 Oil price will break $60 and our KLSE will be Bullish next Tuesday onwards, break 1700 points by end of 2016 is possible...

It's good for our economy and stock market, and KNM definitely
will be shooting up to break above 0.4x or 0.5x in soonest of time!
11/12/2016 10:58
speakup since when KNM is an UPSTREAM O&G company????
11/12/2016 11:10
goldentriangle Azerbaijan, Kingdom of Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Equatorial Guinea, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Sultanate of Oman, the Russian Federation, Republic of Sudan, and Republic of South Sudan commit to reduce their respective oil production, voluntarily or through managed decline, in accordance with an accelerated schedule.
The combined reduction target was agreed at 558,000 barrels a day for the aforementioned producers. And Russia expected to be large part of cuts.
Officials said Saturday that non-members agreed to cut 558,000 barrels per day for six months starting Jan. 1, and that the deal was renewable for another six months after that.

Plus OPEC decision Nov. 30 to reduce member output by 1.2 million barrels a day,
total output will be reduced 1,758,000 (1.76 million) barrels a day!

So, i conservatively predicted that oil price will break above $60 by end of 2016,
and will break above at least $70 a barrels in the year 2017 !

It's good for our economy and stock market!
11/12/2016 11:25
Friendship Speakup, KNM drop becoz oil drop since mid 2014. Now u say oil up KNM can't go up? Haha
What logic is that?
KNM will be 0.50 before end of 2016!
11/12/2016 12:19
goldentriangle Friendship, Agreed with you!
maybe Speakup is an operator and he do "Shorting" (pressing down price by Keep sold out KNM shares) too much,
now he seems so scared and a bit nervous of the buying power from the public at current record low price!
11/12/2016 13:05


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