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Nikmon need more private placement to pay debt.......
02/06/2018 03:02
benykp https://planpa.peterborough.gov.uk/online-applications/propertyDetails.do?activeTab=relatedCases&keyVal=IKLIM9MLR8001


Still alive... Suspect getting thru red tapes must be a nightmare.... If you ever watch the UK show of remodelling old buildings... Time consuming.

02/06/2018 19:35
benykp Looks like all the latest(funding etc) announcements lining up... Hmm sounds interesting at 18 cents.
03/06/2018 08:30
Haha 18 cents is a support ..
already lowest...
03/06/2018 14:34
kaichin83 no no . lowest can go to 0.09 cents , 18 cents is not the lowest yet ,
04/06/2018 17:17
freddiehero im feeling save in hubline
04/06/2018 17:18
masterkevin212 Next week KNM Above 0.30 ....this counter will start goreng according to insiders
07/06/2018 17:04
benykp Agm meeting soon.
07/06/2018 19:35
Ammar Roshidy Nah, will still wait till it gets positive, before I come in.
08/06/2018 09:02
benykp Look at volume... Out of the blue... High volumes in q. Something is brewing...
Cuscapi same thing yesterday... Today volume gone.
08/06/2018 09:32
kaichin83 when it come to AGM sure will rise a bit , long way to go b4 it can rise it price up to standard.......
08/06/2018 11:16
lck1300 director also sell it own share , this is a sinking ship captain also abandon?
08/06/2018 18:48
lck1300 director also sell their own share , this is a sinking ship captain also abandon?
08/06/2018 18:48
benykp 120k shares of indirect holding of spouse of director.
09/06/2018 02:34
Li Li this counter will close?
09/06/2018 11:55
benykp Nope.....
09/06/2018 12:38
w2339 Terrible. Major shareholders keep disposing shares.
12/06/2018 23:35
no3no4 Significant shareholder reductions indicate that the company’s leadership has discovered that the company’s profitability will decline significantly in the future, and the stock price may become a high point that cannot be surpassed for a long time in the near future. The stock price is obviously suppressed.

 Some more , from the perspective of industrial capital to remind financial capital, because even the controlling shareholders have begun to reduce their shareholdings, then why should small and medium-sized investors, as financial capital, struggle to support it? Therefore, shareholder reductions provide a new benchmark for valuation.
13/06/2018 02:31
newbie8080 The bosses are selling like no tomorrow.
You guys still around?
13/06/2018 15:01
Hustle Can join venture with chang beer too lol
13/06/2018 15:05
Hustle The only way to make profit is establish business deal with US coz american love moon shine included trump
13/06/2018 16:13
Li Li Scary, shareholders keep selling
14/06/2018 11:31
sardin81 Very obvious boss are trying press down the price for proxies to collect ( or maybe some bankers doing force selling ). For the rest of us, this is the best oppurtunity to collect. It has happen before in the past in many other counters where shares gets battered for no reason. Brave investors who grab the opportunity, reaps huge profits.

KNM no way can go bust at this point of time. KNM have one major asset, the highly regarded BORSIG. Worse case, just sell off BORSIG, all the debts will be wiped out completely with lots of cash balance. Even by listing part of BORSIG will see KNM becoming a debt free company. No doubt BORSIG is the main money spinner for KNM but now with the cash cow Bio-Ethanol plant up and running, KNM no longer need to depend on BORSIG.

Ethanol has alot of use, can be used to make green energy car fuel, whiskey, beer, solvent in industries, medical and cosmetic stuff, Demand for ethanol, is always there, ie cash cow business. According to sources, the bio-ethanol that KNM produce was at very high quality of 99.9% purity with cheap abundance raw material ubi kayu.

Once you have one ethanol factory up and running, you can make more factories in other places, because you already have expereince building and operating it. Modify the factory a little bit, use different raw material, like malt, you get a mini Carlsberg factory.

Bio-ethanol is a very significant move for KNM, soon they wont even need to depend on oil and gas projects anymore.

And more, with peterbrough in UK, another cash cow. By taking in garbage, gets money from the UK gov, use the garbage to produce energy also gets money, waste product energy production can still be sold as fertilizer, also income for KNM. Peterbrough, 1 stone kill 3 bird.

Simply cant go wrong investing into KNM at this point of time, it is just insanely cheap now.
14/06/2018 11:32
chinaman Sardin81's detailed explanation on KNM's prospect very convincing but why General Lee keep disposing. i've minor share, thought want to topup but seeing boss selling, change my mind. latest report shows he left with 14% stake only....i guess many can challenge his main shareholder status any time, be new boss
17/06/2018 13:52
masterkevin212 chinaman...

Boss disposing is a good start. Boss will normally dispose off for outsider to push up. It could be to scare off the minority investor to run so that they can collect ticket through their proxy.
18/06/2018 11:41
sardin81 I doubt there is any problem with KNM from this recent sell down. I think it is just a problem with a major shareholder who has no choice but his shares being dumped by bank, most likely because he use his shares borrow money. Shares change hand is normal, just different owner. We are lucky to be able to pick up at such a low price because of someone else misfortune

If dumping is caused by company going bust, ussually it will have a sharp increase in share price before dumping take place. Apart from that, a company going bust normally have some kind of bleeding business and will not have any sellable major asset. In KNM case, KNM have the profitable highly regarded german based BORSIG, Peterbrough Energy Park in UK ( under construction, future cash cow ), ongoing profitable O&G contract business with Petronas and cash cow profitable Ethanol factory in Thailand. All the business are easy to sell off. Even without sales of any of those assets, with debt of just RM2 billion and their cash in hand of more than RM200 million and their business mostly proftiable, I dont see any problems.

If you see the RM2 billion debt is a burden, disposing any of their major business will see KNM in good financial position. Lets say KNM sell off BORSIG, Peterbrough and other O&G business and by just keeping their Ethanol business, KNM will become a debt free company with more than RM2 billion cash in hand and a cash cow Ethanol factory. How much will our 20sen investment worth then ?

The KNM ethanol factory is similar to a carlsberg factory, only difference is the raw material they use, ubi kayu vs malt and packaging of end products. KNM can be easily turned into a carlsberg if they wish to. With just 20sen we are potentially having a stake in "Carlsberg"

However, producing ethanol is also good vs beer because many countries are adding ethanol into their petrol, it is cheaper and cleaner for the environment vs petrol alone. Many countries are going this path.

Huge potential in KNM in the ethanol manufacturing business. IF KNM were to expand this business, it will be very easy for them to get license, approval and build the factory because they already have a proven track record.
18/06/2018 11:48
ganapathy18 KNM total debt stands at RM1.175b
18/06/2018 16:10
masterkevin212 that's why....sell borsig worth of 2 billion can have surplus of fund already

borsig currently worth of 2 billion ringgit
18/06/2018 16:58
Hustle http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1766246/贸易战烧到大马!-中国反倾销乙醇胺
19/06/2018 11:46
Hustle Seems lime General lee need to open moon shine outlet
19/06/2018 11:48
masterkevin212 good or bad
19/06/2018 14:27
sardin81 Hustle, this is good news. it is now confirmed, even China cant compete with KNM when comes to ethanol production. Not only China, in fact all the ang moh countries will find it hard to compete with KNM, you know why ? they cant grow ubi kayu in their cold countries. They have to use corn or other very expensive raw material to make ethanol. Thats why KNM can sell very cheap and high quality ethanol to China, they cannot tahan and call it dumping.

Thailand is also the 2nd largest ubi kayu producer in the world. so raw material supply for KNM is always there and cheap since KNM ethanol factory is ideally located in Thailand. Using ubi kayu surprisingly give a very high quality ethanol,.99.9% purity. Excellent move by KNM.

Anyway, this kind of sanction wont work because easy to smuggle in. Besides, even dont sell to China also no problem because because even in Thailand itself, already KNM cant cope with the demand, so many industries needs to use ethanol.

Coming back to the share market, by looking at the insider transaction, selling is from their indirect shareholding, not much left to sell, just 9 million shares to go. Once it is done, KNM share price has no where to go but to go up. Still got few more days of cheap KNM shares to buy, dont miss this oppurtunity.
19/06/2018 14:50
stonenut2 Knm will reach 0.45 TP very soon
19/06/2018 19:53
smalltimer Ka Nia Mah...
19/06/2018 20:09
PeterPan Mana rocket?
20/06/2018 10:09
traderman in north korea
20/06/2018 10:10
chimchim why china wanna compete in ethanol energy when they have other like nuclear?
20/06/2018 11:39
Hustle Ubi kayu liquor will beat gao liang
20/06/2018 13:27
sardin81 Now that we are done with the cas cow ubi kayu and Ethanol busniess of KNM.

We move on to the second cash cow business of KNM, Peterborough Energy Park UK.

In this project they are converting waste to energy. At the moment, UK export their waste to Europe because they have very little landfill space left in UK. With the Brexit it is more difficult and more costly for them to send their waste to Europe.The amount of waste is always growing with influx of tourist and their population growth. They have to deal with the waste in UK itself, this is where KNM Peterborough Energy Park steps in.

When the UK gov send their waste to KNM plant, KNM are paid to receive the waste. Then with the waste, KNM converts them into energy, energy are sold to UK power grid, KNM again gets money.. and whatever left over from power generation are probably orgainic ashes, which is perfect to be used as organic fertilizer, these again can also be sold for money. Like I said before last time, its a 1 stone kill 3 birds situation. This will be a concession based business, means they will get secured profit over a long period of time, maybe over a 30 years period. A Super cash cow business.

This project has been delayed for quite some time but now it seems all conditions are met and they say construction has started. I need proof, since I have no plan to go to Peterborough, I just use google map to see, from the old google map photo, land has been cleared, so I think it should be true and by now I think construction should be on its way.

So, huge money is coming KNM way from the UK.

When share price is cheap, people are afraid that something might be wrong but after looking at every angle of KNM, dont make sense why it is 20sen. The amount of potential in KNM, it simply cannot be as cheap as 20sen. I believe this selldown is purely a personal matter, someone probably borrowed money using KNM shares from bank and bank force sell the shares after it trigger the selloff point. Sometimes I feel bad from benefiting from other peoples misfortune, but if I dont benefit from it, other people will. So, what the hack, I just had to join in bandwagon so I dont miss this rare oppurtunity.

Remember, this kind of oppurtunity dont come everyday. it does happen in other counters but very rare, once in a long long time, dont wait until it has gone then only you regret for not buying.
21/06/2018 09:20
chimchim its not 20sen... its only 18 sen and its degrading...some of their contractors claimed that they always received late payments from this bs company...This company is unethical to its core. Probably, into some kinda scandals with the previous gov. and Mahathir is on the news to crackdown about 50 glc high profilers.
21/06/2018 09:33
sardin81 late payment is a normal business strategy. if can pay later, why pay early ? This is a good way to manage company finance. Money keep in bank for one extra day also earn one extra day interest. KNM was from Dr M era, used to be a high flyer during those days. So. I dont think there is any problem between them and Dr M. They may even get more projects from now onwards.
21/06/2018 10:15
Hustle Late payment is good means that it take care for the investor interest and maintain company capital
21/06/2018 11:34
Hustle China
21/06/2018 11:47
Hustle This action will benefit industrial that produce with the most lower cost input material or direct commodities sector
21/06/2018 11:50
Hustle For high end industrial might have some impact due to high input material cost but have to sell with competitive price
21/06/2018 11:51
Hustle A slow strategy to prevent 2007 crisis that happen suddenly
21/06/2018 11:54
Alex™ Alex sadding....stuck big time here....
22/06/2018 09:19
sardin81 today should be the last day of selling. Hopefully next week it will start to go up for the short term. In longer term, I strongly believe this counter should do very well.
22/06/2018 10:45
sardin81 for the whole morning, trading vol is less than 1 million. Selling should be completed by now.
22/06/2018 12:13
sardin81 Good to see shares shifting activities, if a company is dying surely wont be shifting shares like that. Surely wont waste money for no reason.

Very interesting moving stuff to Singapore, last time they say want to list BORSIG in Singapore. Is it going to happen soon ? A windfall gain for all of us ?
22/06/2018 23:57


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