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Date Subject
13-Nov-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 13 Nov 2017
17-Oct-2017 科恩马 再生能源成主要贡献
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11-Oct-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Oct 2017
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10-Jul-2017 “On Our Radar” Tracker Review - On Cautious Mode
13-Jun-2017 KNM - Challenging Outlook
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01-Jun-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 1 Jun 2017
31-May-2017 KNM - 1Q17 : In Line
15-May-2017 KNM - Thai’s RE Phase 2 Expansion Underway
15-May-2017 KNM Group Berhad - Phase 2 of Thai ethanol plant
15-May-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 15 May 2017
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27-Feb-2017 意外亏损.科恩马财测大砍
27-Feb-2017 KNM - FY16 Results Disappointed
27-Feb-2017 KNM Group Berhad - 2016 in sea of red…
27-Feb-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 27 Feb 2017
27-Feb-2017 KNM - UnexpectedDip Into The Red
03-Jan-2017 Technical Buy: KNM (7164)
19-Dec-2016 Malaysia Oil & Gas - Upgrade to POSITIVE
25-Nov-2016 KNM - Missed expectations
25-Nov-2016 KNM Group Berhad - Further bleeding in the Americas…
25-Nov-2016 Mplus Market Pulse - 25 Nov 2016
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MoneyNotEnough http://www.enanyang.my/news/20171110/%E8%BF%91%E6%9C%9F%E6%95%B2%E5%AE%9A%E4%B9%B0%E5%8D%96%E7%BB%86%E8%8A%82br-%E5%A4%A7%E7%BA%A2%E8%8A%B1%E7%9F%B3%E6%B2%B9%E5%AF%84%E6%9C%9B%E6%B2%99%E5%B7%B4%E8%B5%84%E4%BA%A7/
10/11/2017 12:09
MoneyNotEnough http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/hibiscus-active-136-positive-outlook
10/11/2017 12:09
MoneyNotEnough http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5597269
10/11/2017 12:09
riko wow... rocketing price...
10/11/2017 18:48
riko wow ... wow ... wow ... wow ... wow ... wow ... wow ...
PP coming ...

This time not only shoot to Holland ... but shoot to Holland in Moon or Mars.
10/11/2017 19:13
Ywchew8255 Good news!!!!!!!Fund rising coming,no more money on hand,need more money,023 coming soon,good luck
10/11/2017 19:41
Ywchew8255 10%,fund rising
10/11/2017 19:42
Friendship Great private placement means they need to push up prices to get more money
Monday gap up!
10/11/2017 19:58
balvin71 Dilute everyone shares. Can up?
10/11/2017 20:23
Ywchew8255 Fund rising how can grow up?No need to dream!Wait u at 023or new record 020
10/11/2017 20:29
balvin71 Yup. A testiment that the company cash-flow is in trouble. Unable to finance projects or insufficient funds for working capital. Possibility price drop by 10%!
10/11/2017 20:58
riko hahaha...... gap up..... hahahahahaba...... gap up..... hahahhaahhahhshahahahahah

rocketing... rocketing... rockting....
10/11/2017 22:40
riko i have warned you all from 0.45...
you buy you die.. sell also die... monitor also die...

i will repeat again when it break 0.2.
10/11/2017 22:42
Friendship Private placement at 0.25 so that's the floor

But I think the party won't have interest to do the pp if market value is only 0.25, it needs to be at least 10-20% above 0.25, so Monday KNM will b at least 0.28 and above

Also, the pp will help KNM save more than 2 million of interest payment per annum!
10/11/2017 22:47
Friendship KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 10): KNM Group Bhd has proposed a private placement of up to 10% of its issued shares to independent investors to raise up to RM53.32 million, mainly to repay bank borrowings.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia, KNM said the exercise involves the issuance of up to 213.28 million placement shares, at an issue price to be fixed.

The expected maximum sum raised is based on an indicative issue pric of 25 sen apiece, which is based on an approximate 7.27% discount to the volume weighted average market price (VWAMP) of KNM shares for the five market days up to Nov 9, 2017 of 26.96 sen.

Of the proceeds to be raised, it said RM40 million will be used to repay bank loans, while the remaining RM13.32 million will be used for working capital, the group said.

As at Nov 8, KNM had a total outstanding borrowing of about RM1.27 billion.

The proposed repayment will reduce KNM’s overall gearing level from 0.53 times to 0.50 times, and result in an expected annual interest savings of about RM2.3 million per year, assuming a weighted average effective interest rate of 5.8% per annum.

However, the group’s earnings per share (EPS) will be “proportionately diluted”, as a result of an increase in the number of shares after the exercise.

The proposed private placement is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2018.
10/11/2017 22:48
Friendship Better gearing and lower interest payment every year

Positive news for KNM! Rocket up on Monday!
10/11/2017 22:49
Ywchew8255 Gan swee liat ,Lee swee eng every week disposed ,how can rocket????¿????,now cash flow problem!
11/11/2017 04:43
balvin71 I think the announcement of better earning and interest saving is just a nice way to say, "Company in Cash-Flow crisis". Earnings will be diluted. NTA per share will be diluted. Majority share holder interest will be diluted. So as of now, this is not good news.

The good news will be who is the new major share-holder. Do they have the funds& capabilities to turn around the company? Than there could be a possible pick-up on the share price. Anyone with 'inside' info?

I will only buy when got good confirmed news, like I said in my earlier comment. Only buy when got confirmed news or the indicators showing a strong buy signal. Buy at a bit higher price is also on.
11/11/2017 07:49
riko lower gearing ... lower interest payment??
pp more loh ... until it goes to 0.

why so stp...
11/11/2017 10:36
Tjaifc yes knm go for it...head on....up up knm...
11/11/2017 12:15
ivan9511 last time we pay 50sen for right issue . why keep asking money . no money please find yourself.
I see hibiscus . daya armada dialog waseong feel so sad about knm.
because last time knm prife very high more higher than hibiscus waseing armada
now knm 26sen hibiscus near 80sen waseing 1 ringgit.
what is going wrong why many people say knm is fundamental and solid and good for long term .
now all trap from 50sen
so please stop ask people buy unless you comfirm.knm will.limit up
11/11/2017 17:46
riko limit down is possible...
suggest you cut loss... no point stay here for another 2-3 years price stagnant.

decision is yours.
11/11/2017 20:31
Ywchew8255 If one company good,can make money,so why need fund rising?So many right issue!The ceo disposed his share,so u say this is good counter or Not!Better cut loss now!
11/11/2017 20:59
Acon888 those who said knm is good, has no idea what this company and its management are all about.
they will suck you dry.
12/11/2017 01:09
ivan9511 hibiscus .armda. waseong last time price lower than knm .
now all.up because oil prices limit up
today I pump petrol already 2.31 fuck.oil too expensive .
we have no money to pump petro .
I wonder when oil up to 200us knm will still 26sen until 30sen
by then waseong armada already 2ringgit maybe ?
12/11/2017 19:32
AzerothJr They don't like negative news, they only like to heard good news. Hence there will always be people believing in golden boy. Then up 15% shout like no tomorrow when down its down by 30% and all koyak.
12/11/2017 22:05
AzerothJr Richard see if you had invested in lion like i said already 40% up and more will come.
Ok, you can say KNM got 10% from its lowest if you had managed to catch it. But lets see if that earning can be sustained most probably will go back to no earn soon.
12/11/2017 22:07
1009 3rd party investors so brave buy 10% private share, why don’t scare KNM go to hollan mer?
Lagi buy in 0.25, look not more discount la!! So........ hahaaaa
12/11/2017 22:11
yifie_911 Down Down Down
13/11/2017 02:18
yifie_911 Down Down Down
13/11/2017 02:19
Ywchew8255 Don't worry,today show coming
13/11/2017 07:46
masterkevin212 knm breaks resistance....down trend to come
13/11/2017 09:07
masterkevin212 FUCK...RUN
13/11/2017 09:10
Bullhunter gone case.. oil price up, all oil stock up KNM DOWN!!!!
13/11/2017 09:21
1009 Can’t murah sangat la, Nanti tiada orang mahu private 10% shares liao..
I think not more die also not more up.. haiz...
13/11/2017 10:17
Ywchew8255 One day show only
13/11/2017 10:19
Ywchew8255 No need wayang,just push down to 025
13/11/2017 12:03
yifie_911 Rocket hero sudah hilang
13/11/2017 16:35
Acon888 private placement some more, just to pay debt.
14/11/2017 10:26
goldentriangle today not bad...
closed at 0.265 (+0.005) (1.92%)
14/11/2017 20:54
goldentriangle It's time to accumulate more KNM...
All the capitals from blue chips will flood
into small cap companies which has been
years in low low price level !
15/11/2017 21:27
masterkevin212 holland time
16/11/2017 11:53
sailang_now totally agree! bursa today only 1,718 points and going 1,710 points?
16/11/2017 12:00
Ywchew8255 0250coming soon
16/11/2017 13:44
yifie_911 It's time to accumulate more KNM...
All the capitals from CHINA and US will flood
into small cap companies which has been
years in low low price level !

Sell your buttock and sailang them to KNM
16/11/2017 15:03
riko hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

rocketing comments come , RUN as fast as you can.
16/11/2017 17:13
balvin71 Private placement at 0.24. Soon will stabalize at that level.
16/11/2017 18:19
Ywchew8255 Not 0.24,my tp will 0.20coming soon
17/11/2017 09:19
azrin i thought 0.18 is the best to enter
17/11/2017 14:12
goldentriangle No lar, why not 0.005 then you can use just a little of money to acquired more and more it's shares
17/11/2017 16:25


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