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maunkulopdollah Uptrend momentum still intact..
18/05/2017 02:05
richardlee Now we know why market so weak yesterday. Foreigners net sell because worried about US markets.
18/05/2017 08:20
orangbaru77 TA perspective:

Monthly, weekly - crazy downtrend. Dieee!!
Daily- minor uptrend.FIFO!! If u dare..easily die. Up 1-2 bids clear position.
So many retailers want waiting to clear position.
Que very big.. buy now die later

FA Perspective:
Annual Report 2016 - P.A.T... Rugi RM311,823,000.00.. buy now later die

Warrant: WA - Exercise price rm0.98 buy now later die..

If this continue, I value this company RM0.005 cents!!

Jangan marah aaa...
18/05/2017 08:52
richardlee Everyone have right to opinion so no worries although 5sen a bit low i think.
18/05/2017 08:58
Ammar Roshidy If the price drop to 5 sen. I will be the first to purchase 100,000 shares. Can you look at your crystal ball and let us know when this is about to happen.
18/05/2017 09:26
angelol After netting the intangible asset and goodwill, the NAPS for this company is 0.455.
18/05/2017 12:03
richardlee So now undervalued and good buy?
18/05/2017 14:48
azrin goneeeeeeeeee
18/05/2017 16:17
nikicheong Ah, more than half of the "book value" is comprised of intangible assets...that explains things then. Can safely forget about this company.
18/05/2017 20:46
richardlee As usual, at almost any price some will think it is a buy while some will shout sell. This is what you call a stock market.
18/05/2017 22:23
riko today all oil counter up... we maintain it at 0.295 ... 吹咩....
this is the best counter in the world
19/05/2017 12:56
riko goldentriangle But now getting new projects and
the coming quarter report must be
very promising and now was on uptrend
mode, you may not get KNM any price
below 0.40 from next week onwards...
16/05/2017 12:46

if this is not rocket what is the rocket.
19/05/2017 15:30
winmal share price need to sustain above 0,32 ... before trend higher
19/05/2017 16:44
alexwest who buy who die...keep for long long time
19/05/2017 17:49
peggylian Riko, why you think the 1st quarter income will be promising?? When will it be announced?
19/05/2017 19:04
riko ?? i did not mention ever that 1st quarter income will be promising.

all i wanted to say is : only consider enter when you see better profit in their quarter.

the fact is : this company has a very bad impression in market now , you can ask any remiser or broker or auntie uncle in the street.

i myself also suffer huge loss and really don't want to see anyone to follow me but i really betahan see rocket guys here say 3 say 4 ( although i respect freedom of speech ).

buy or not buy ... still up to you !
19/05/2017 20:20
richardlee Disappointing, did not rebound. Not easy stock to play.
19/05/2017 20:33
miker Better wait after AGM on 15 June 2017.
19/05/2017 20:39
newrookie May I know when the date of QR will be release?
20/05/2017 00:21
richardlee Results expected to be good or bad, any market talk?
20/05/2017 13:29
yifie_911 No market talk because no people interest in KNM
20/05/2017 14:05
richardlee Haha. Recently i heard got broker promote, so i thought maybe got market talk also.
20/05/2017 17:02
musangfoxking BUY, tp 0.58 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! believe the great bomoh!!!!!!
20/05/2017 21:29
stonenut2 Oil price is going up. Time TO buy KNM Tp1.00
20/05/2017 23:16
yifie_911 If the few USD rise in crude oil will push KNM to 1.00, then how about other O&G upstream players like skpetro?
Most importantly, KNM is not petrol-producing company.

More worsen is oil price up, KNM price stagnant. U have to pay more for a litre of petrol
21/05/2017 02:20
richardlee Friday, US market rebound strongly. Market sentiment should be better today. Time for goreng stocks to rise again?
22/05/2017 08:12
richardlee This counter so quiet, why ah, up 3%! Lol
22/05/2017 10:46
peggylian so slowww
22/05/2017 10:47
Winmore88 any good news?
22/05/2017 13:11
richardlee No power. Looks like no one dare touch.
22/05/2017 13:44
balvin71 Wait for quarter report. On my radar to go in or not.
22/05/2017 14:43
richardlee Very quiet.
23/05/2017 09:06
alexwest kan na sai le....
23/05/2017 10:05
riko now you feel again for "you buy you die , sell also die, monitor pun die."
23/05/2017 11:46
yifie_911 now you know what is one night stand
23/05/2017 23:19
richardlee One night stand more exciting than this one la, :-D
24/05/2017 10:50
richardlee Hello, any one looking at KNM still? :-D
25/05/2017 11:44
Geevakumaran Manorgra Dieing stock.... pn 17 coming soon
25/05/2017 12:18
Winmore88 sold dy..not moving at all
25/05/2017 12:35
Terry Sinclair Like I said before 25 is coming next June.
25/05/2017 19:51
goldentriangle Allocate RM3b to spur small, mid cap sector, Johari tells GLIC
26/05/2017 05:40
goldentriangle yes, there shouldn't be blue chips
only up and the small cap stocks
keep pressing down, it's unhealthy to our economy...

It's time the reverse direction, now it's the
turn for small cap counters to shooting up!
26/05/2017 05:53
richardlee No action. Oil price also down sharply overnight.
26/05/2017 09:29
Nikmon what is the hope after massive loss, 300 million in 2016
26/05/2017 11:07
Izam_mahathir Loss for paying debt but revenue still intact.2017 will be postive
26/05/2017 11:13
mfbs Yes..
26/05/2017 15:14
richardlee Hope is massive gain, recovering from massive loss in 2016. LOL
26/05/2017 16:22
Ghostliker Anyone knows when 1st QR released? If it were to back to black, wil push back price to above 0.3?
26/05/2017 21:54
small_investor Suppose is today. But don't have next week must out before wed
26/05/2017 22:41
gutt Old news.. Mention will complete contract on 2018..
Will it benefit KNM finance?
27/05/2017 15:15


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