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goldentriangle jwchuey, you're welcome!
22/09/2016 07:38
Friendship Maybank target price for KNM is 0.80!
22/09/2016 08:29
callme777 Where is the gap up??? Lol
22/09/2016 08:44
Ammar Roshidy I have been with this counter for the last 7 years, my experience is that it will never touch 0.80...... never, the highest it can go is .60 Unless and only unless, EPF comes in. Does anyone know if EPF plans to purchase KNM again?
22/09/2016 09:08
callme777 Wah red dy!!!
22/09/2016 10:20
callme777 0.415 lol
22/09/2016 10:49
riko i said already ... someone always comment rocket ...
shoot up like rocket ... rocket ... rocket ... rocket.

can you please rocket when it really rocket.
22/09/2016 10:51
Friendship Operator push lower we buy more at cheaper price haha
22/09/2016 11:32
riko rocket comment .... nose down price.
please don't do it again , you have done many times liao.
22/09/2016 15:40
callme777 0.41
22/09/2016 16:03
callme777 Rocket nose dive
22/09/2016 16:12
goldman_trader The move from operator is obviously to press the weak holder out....don't worry, just buy whenever it drops...waiting at 0.40...
22/09/2016 16:17
hng33 bought knm at 41.5sen
22/09/2016 16:26
goldentriangle Currently as at 5.00pm, oil price are still on it's bull run!!!
US Nymex at $45.76 (+0.42) (+0.93%)
Brent at $47.21 (+0.38) (+0.81%)

Why so hurry to sell it as market sentiments become better and better???
22/09/2016 17:03
Friendship Normally operator will push down stock when market is hot to discourage existing holders to sell them cheaply....lousy tactic haha
22/09/2016 18:13
yifie_911 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/my/article/thailand-gets-strong-interest-waste-energy-power-plan?type=Corporate
22/09/2016 23:52
goldentriangle Friendship, Agreed with you!
Who want to so stupid to sell it at a losses now,
stupid operator, let's it closed shop if you dare, we die together lor!

Oil scores 4th straight rise as U.S. crude stocks decline again!
US Nymex settled at $46.32 (+0.98) or (+2.2%)
Brent settled at $47.65 (+0.82) or (+1.8%)
23/09/2016 06:47
speakup selling at a loss is NOT STUPID! it's called CUT-LOSS.
those who bought parkson at rm8, sold at loss at rm7.50 are the smart ones! but those who bought parkson at rm8, and STILL HOLDING now at rm0.80 are the STUPID ONES!
23/09/2016 06:54
goldentriangle if KNM share's price plunge till 0.005 or enter PN17 or delisted
you also won't get any benefit from it!
23/09/2016 07:13
CKNYAM79 KNM Start making profits last quarter and renewable energy revenue start generate in early 2017. Will change to uptrend for longer term. Just need a bit time . But no contra player.
23/09/2016 07:30
riko NO shooting like rocket liao.
23/09/2016 12:02
annmix Retail like parkson are sunset business. While oil we still nees it everyday n demand will increase due to higher global population. Now oil n gas is in the worse situation but mayb in 1-2 year things will change.also malaysia stock market is really bad now coz foreign fund not coming in. Thanks to the stupid government n shameless 1 malaysia family. We can only see the light if foreign have confident on our market ..then there is chance * shooting like rocket * lol
23/09/2016 13:01
goldentriangle Wow, good sign for Oil price!
Till this afternoon, the Oil price was in red!
But now at 6.20pm, Oil price was suddenly shooting up!
US Nymex at $46.55 (+0.23) (+0.50%)
Brent at $48.22 (+0.57) (+1.20%)
23/09/2016 18:23
snwong13 .
yes, some hope next week...
23/09/2016 19:11
ivan9511 knm very funny one
sometimes when we are expect up he sleep
hope next week will limit up
please la
23/09/2016 19:51
callme777 I think everyone here should shut up for a week, maybe knm will move
23/09/2016 20:00
yifie_911 Gen lee told his gunman for last round engine checking. Rocket gonna to take off on next week. He also remind his pilots to buy insurance because he not sure whether will explode when taking off.
23/09/2016 20:28
anson8888 O n g share this years dun touch first.. wait result out then baru decide buy or not..
24/09/2016 00:31
anson8888 Final q
24/09/2016 00:32
anson8888 I no ask u all sell.... keep and see .. for long term player can keep it..sure can reach Tp.
24/09/2016 00:33
Friendship Knm not easy to play but I believe if u have 10 years investment horizon, now is the time to buy
24/09/2016 13:14
Chef Sell call
25/09/2016 22:54
riko sell call if you see rocket or 1700 klse from GTA.
25/09/2016 23:52
kenny5978 O&G counter seems like not performing since last week.
Wait & See.
We must have holder power on this counter. Force selling at current moment will generate more losses instead of profit.
26/09/2016 16:09
riko sell call if you see rocket or 1700 klse from GTA.
26/09/2016 17:08
goldentriangle Oil steady as market awaits Algiers meeting; funds cut bullish bets

A possible deal to limit output may be reached!
As at 6.25 pm, oil price go up sharply!
US Nymex at $45.15 (+0.67) (+1.51%)
Brent at $47.27 (+0.79) (+1.70%)
26/09/2016 18:26
jwchuey goldentriangle,pls advise how long we have to be patients to this KNM n Armada counter, still have hope?
26/09/2016 18:36
goldentriangle jwchuey, trading shares have to be patient, you won't be so lucky when you buy a stock
then that stock tommorrow will shooting up!

I just buy it and hold it for long term waiting our economy to become better and
better perhaps after 2017 ! that time KNM as one of the profitable good company
will be rebound first from the current record low price of 0.405 !

If you want to make fast monies can consider to buy steel stocks, but i'm not
encouraging peoples to chase high, because it is to risky!

I also in the learning stage of trading shares, So, i also cannot give you
an exact timing when KNM will shooting up!

Let us just pray for our economy getting better and better and oil price
rebound back to above $80 a barrel !
26/09/2016 19:09
richardcslim KNM proposes US$80 mil Thai bonds to fund bio-ethanol plant
26/09/2016 20:57
ivan9511 richardcslim I quite confuse
this news about at Thailand one is a good news or no good news or average
26/09/2016 21:09
richardcslim goldentriangle,u don't mind to explain pls,u more prof,haha..tqvm
26/09/2016 21:17
richardcslim Ivan9511,sorry myself confuse too.
26/09/2016 21:18
balvin71 Increasing debt by RM300+ million. What sort of collateral are they giving for the guarantee by Asia Development Bank? How risky is this bio-ethanol biz?
26/09/2016 21:20
ivan9511 ya confuse, seem nothing one , but see tomorow share price will help
hope is good news
knm now super undervalued
I remeber long time ago above 2.00 ringit what
hope can fly back as before or at least at fair price la
26/09/2016 21:20
callme777 Raise money how can be good news?
27/09/2016 00:44
goldentriangle ichardcslim, u r so understand me... ha..ha.. TQ!
27/09/2016 07:18
goldentriangle KNM to issue RM330mil Thai bonds

It definitely a good news, KNM is a really want to do business company,
It is all the while trying so hard to expanding it business !
27/09/2016 07:35
snwong13 .
yes, all a good biz needs is to raise capital.
if a company doesn;t need to borrow for biz expansion, its share price would be different already!
surely there is risk in all biz undertaking
but at least, some activities looking forward
keep it up, knm...
27/09/2016 07:45
kenny5978 *GLOBAL* ♦

*Sept 27*

*Dow Jones* : ⬇ 166.62

*WTI CRUDE OIL* : 45.93
⬆1.45 / 3.26%

*BRENT OIL* : 46.97
⬆1.08 / 2.35%

*USD/MYR* : 4.14


•*KNM* is proposing to issue bonds in Thailand of up to US$80 million equivalent in Thai baht guaranteed by Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility, a trust fund of the Asian Development Bank.
27/09/2016 08:36
kenny5978 KNM Group Bhd is proposing to issue bonds in Thailand of up to US$80 million equivalent in Thai baht guaranteed by Credit Guarantee and Investment Facility, a trust fund of the Asian Development Bank.

KNM Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd had on May 19 completed the acquisition of the entire equity interest in Asia Bio-Fuels Ltd and Asia Biofuels II Ltd (ABL Group).

Upon completion of the deal, ABL Group now owns a combined 72% equity interest in Impress Ethanol Co Ltd (IEL) and a 49% equity interest in Impress Farming Co Ltd.

In a bourse filing, KNM said the construction of IEL's Phase 1 bio-ethanol plant with a production capacity of 200,000 litres of ethanol per day is ongoing.

"The construction of Phase 2 of the bio-ethanol plant for an additional 200,000 litres (of) ethanol per day is expected to commence by the first half of 2017, due to the favourable ethanol market demand in Thailand.

"Accordingly, the group is proposing to undertake the proposed Thai bonds to raise the funds required by IEL," said the firm.
27/09/2016 08:37


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