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10-Jul-2018 SCGM –FY18Q4季报分析
09-Jul-2018 [转贴]阿笔谈股系列21-浅谈SCGM-Input Cost 是否能转嫁给顾客
06-Jul-2018 Plastics & Packaging - Unflattering Sector Outlook, SLP our Top Pick
05-Jul-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 5 Jul 2018
05-Jul-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 5 Jul 2018
01-Jul-2018 [转贴] 公司报报看-SCGM - 牵引·回归根本之说
29-Jun-2018 SCGM上挑RM1.50/敏源
27-Jun-2018 [转贴] [SCGM BHD,持续充满挑战的商业环境] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
26-Jun-2018 SCGM 业绩报告。成熟期何时?
26-Jun-2018 SCGM 净利预估下修
25-Jun-2018 SCGM Bhd - A Disappointing Quarter to End FY18
25-Jun-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 25 Jun 2018
25-Jun-2018 SCGM Berhad - FY18 Below Expectations
20-Jun-2018 牵引•回归根本之说-《公司报报看-拜访SCGM前》
20-Jun-2018 Technical Analysis - SCGM
20-Jun-2018 [转贴] SCGM 未来如何? - 股灵精探
20-Jun-2018 M+ Online Technical Focus - 20 Jun 2018
20-Jun-2018 热门股:SCGM上挑RM1.98
20-Jun-2018 Daily Market Update - 20 Jun 2018 (SCGM, ELSOFT)
11-Jun-2018 SCGM 成长继续?
10-Jun-2018 SCGM: An Educated Guess
07-Jun-2018 [转贴] AGM游记(2017) —— SCGM - Easy Wong
29-May-2018 SCGM: Growth Not So Sure
22-May-2018 [转贴] FB LIVE股理悟道 : 浅谈SCGM - Harryt30
19-Mar-2018 SCGM Bhd - Kickstarting its exports
16-Mar-2018 SCGM转嫁成本增赚幅
15-Mar-2018 SCGM Bhd - New Kulai Plant Commissioning Soon
15-Mar-2018 SCGM Berhad - Margin Compression in the Near Term
14-Mar-2018 [转贴] FB LIVE股理悟道 : 很会讨钱以及花钱的SCGM - Harryt30
14-Mar-2018 SCGM Berhad - 9M18 Below Expectations
14-Mar-2018 SCGM Bhd - A Slight Drop In 3Q
14-Mar-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 14 Mar 2018
22-Feb-2018 Daily Technical Highlights – (SCGM, TOPGLOV)
07-Jan-2018 [转贴] 你用过的环保食物盒 - SCGM - DANCEWITHBEAR
25-Dec-2017 想卖掉SCGM
11-Dec-2017 SCGM Bhd - New Plant Almost Completed
11-Dec-2017 SCGM Berhad - 1H18 Affected by Weak Margin
10-Dec-2017 SCGM 下半年盈利改善
08-Dec-2017 SCGM Bhd - Facing Cost Pressures
08-Dec-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 8 Dec 2017
08-Dec-2017 SCGM Berhad - 1H18 Below Expectations
13-Sep-2017 Bursa Securities freezes upper limit for SCGM warrants
11-Sep-2017 成本走高.新厂落成.SCGM牺牲赚幅抢市占
11-Sep-2017 SCGM - Steady Outlook
11-Sep-2017 SCGM - Margin Compression
08-Sep-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 8 Sept 2017
08-Sep-2017 SCGM - A Steady Start
08-Sep-2017 SCGM - 1Q18 Below Our Expectation
11-Aug-2017 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 11 Aug 2017
11-Aug-2017 Mplus Market Pulse - 11 Aug 2017
01-Aug-2017 SCGM: “Sure Can” Growth Model (updated with FY2017)
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JustAnAmateur No need to rush. Will drop even more within this week
25/06/2018 12:33
kenz88 stanic88 .... you can add until it drop to rock bottom,,, u know what i mean,,,do you understand what I want to sayyyyy
25/06/2018 13:36
alphajack 1.20 lai
25/06/2018 13:42
Jia Cheng Stay in 2.5 bungalow now :(
10 days ago just avg down...
25/06/2018 14:28
Invest_Sensibly What do you mean? Bungalow for sales?
25/06/2018 15:38
peterchu Post removed. Why?
25/06/2018 17:12
apolloang I say opening,u sorchai ar?
25/06/2018 17:14
Invest_Sensibly hi.

These three are sorchai...

25/06/2018 17:24
peterchu Post removed. Why?
25/06/2018 17:26
rogers123 Buy Buy Buy
25/06/2018 17:50
apolloang Posted by peterchu > Jun 25, 2018 05:26 PM | Report Abuse

wah, need give you one award or not ? the biggest sohem on earth
orang bodoh mahu act smart
25/06/2018 18:29
Yu_and_Mee WHAT??????????????????
Profit drop 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all the QRs are so steady why suddenly drop so much?????????????
anyone read the report and anything to share??????????

i didn't buy but just curious because it is at top loser with 18% trimmed.
25/06/2018 18:35
traderman stupid appoloang everyone also know will drop so much upon opening you don't act smart
25/06/2018 19:43
mega_invester keep collecting today after 4.30pm..... for mid term investing... (until 2019) will have good return~
25/06/2018 20:05
Fabien Extraordinaire anyone has Insider Asia report on SCGM to share?
25/06/2018 21:30
Winklse188 This company commiting suicide?
25/06/2018 21:34
Risk Trader Best buy below rm1
25/06/2018 23:07
apolloang traderman stupid appoloang everyone also know will drop so much upon opening you don't act smart

25/06/2018 19:43
u know will drop but u didn't post your TP before opening,sorchai go play with your conman fren
25/06/2018 23:37
pang72 Appoloang can you predict hiaptek will open what how much at opening?
25/06/2018 23:40
apolloang I didn't see that share no comment
25/06/2018 23:41
mega_invester yes... from every aspect, this company is commiting suicide. i can see they purposely make everything looks bad after the new factory is ready. bcoz they know the new factory will start contributing soon and they cant buy low later. so is now or never. they make everything looks ugly. and collect. so... u wanna sell to them? or collect with them? your choice.
26/06/2018 00:28
abang_misai You say what you like. The fact is that there are a lot of competitors out there. This has become dog-eat-dog industry. If no competitors, why can’t they raise selling price?
26/06/2018 07:34
jibbie new factory only commence operation in Dec 2018. next few months sure poor sales dt shifting equipment. can expect another poor quarter
26/06/2018 08:48
Fabien Extraordinaire abang_misai has a point there. it's really a cost-based industry...they cant pass on the cost to the end consumers.
26/06/2018 10:10
abang_misai Hope everyone manages to run.

Don’t touch until the plant is completed. During initial stage operation, there will be lots of depreciation.
26/06/2018 10:30
peterchu mega_invester keep collecting today after 4.30pm..... for mid term investing... (until 2019) will have good return~
lol mega paper loss now
26/06/2018 12:03
cschua Too late to sell now after 2 days of bloody 25% drop. Just hold it until next year. This is just a bump and the business fundamental is still there.
26/06/2018 12:29
miker Should be below 1 ringgit...
26/06/2018 12:30
Invest_Sensibly Two days drops enough to erase 2 month gain. More drops expected.
26/06/2018 14:21
jibbie i think the price is the lowest in 3 years already. dont know how lower it can go
26/06/2018 16:28
Invest_Sensibly Look for Superlon for a price action guide. It will surely continue to tumble next few days or even weeks.
26/06/2018 16:42
pang72 Scgm business create a lot rubbish to the world. Should close down immediately
26/06/2018 17:43
abang_misai Penang already started to ban.
26/06/2018 18:59
abang_misai Oil price up. Raw material up.
27/06/2018 08:28
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/162915.jsp
[转贴] [SCGM BHD,持续充满挑战的商业环境] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
27/06/2018 11:31
Winklse188 Oil price up
Again, trouble for this company
27/06/2018 21:44
Winklse188 But company boss is steady, maintain the dividend, I like the boss
27/06/2018 23:45
mega_invester rm2 is on the sight~~
30/06/2018 11:00
Hope333 why dropping?
05/07/2018 15:11
peterchu dividend already dropping ... next year 0
05/07/2018 19:40
05/07/2018 23:38
abang_misai Agreed. Will only look at when it breaches below Rm1.00
09/07/2018 19:17
KLCI King those days were gone
10/07/2018 02:48
TenMiles https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/TenMiles/164866.jsp
10/07/2018 21:46
abang_misai Manyak teruk ini hari
11/07/2018 22:46
stanic88 Drop till a point then will add
12/07/2018 09:20
Hope333 http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/404643
16/07/2018 08:53
enchopls Is this a good company.
20/07/2018 16:23
RainT Good company what use ....share price cannot up and low dividend

Resin price ....start up costs ....min wage hike ....this all will make the profit low ...not the time to buy yet until next year after finish build the new factory
22/07/2018 19:29
John Angel bad,cruel oil price up raw material up ...wait for 5 years
22/07/2018 19:36


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