KLSE: TRC (5054)       TRC SYNERGY BHD MAIN : Construction
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0.685   -0.005 (0.72%)  0.68 - 0.69  358,700
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source
15/09/2017 0.845 0.82 -0.025 (2.96%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK
06/09/2017 0.83 0.82 -0.01 (1.20%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK

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lordng94 Triple Rewards Counter
15/09/2017 18:52
Ahead1268 Lordng94 0.84 x 3 = 2.52 = triple. Hahaha. I always Think BIG on the Triple Rewards Counter
15/09/2017 19:06
Becky123 No wonder price doesn't move up

MRT 2-related job is actually JV. KKM owns a 55% stake with the remaining 45% owned by TRC. The effective contract value to TRC is just only RM156.7m. People that always push this stock will not tell you the net value is actually much lower which is rm156.7 mil.

I'm done with lrt3, mrt, what Eva monorail job play. It's all priced in and one thing that they will not tell you is these jobs margin might have very2 low margin of around 2-3% due to desperate of getting awards/top line while jeopardising the margin/bottom line (bidding lower price than competitors). This also applies to other stocks such as wct, gadang etc. That's why price doesn't move up when getting those contracts/awards.
17/09/2017 00:19
cristiano 777 Hahaha
17/09/2017 11:27
Ahead1268 This round only little how about previous week exceeding 0.7 bil ma oso no move. Today something strike my mind thought PM announce for GE14. I think better for TRC run up before GE14 as this counter have political risk. If BN lost control easily gap down cry oso no tear but if BN win wolud it gap up sharply!
17/09/2017 20:10
city6943 volume for this counter running slow, show no interest to this counter. seems like cannot push to go up.
18/09/2017 11:04
Ahead1268 This forum quite liao. All switch to US stocks liao. So envy with US stocks. Damn matured n steady. Can we don't look at TRC for 3 months then revisit see whether ended 0.60 or 1.00. Hahaha.
19/09/2017 20:51
zexon Harry Teo just promoted TRC on his live FB.
19/09/2017 20:55
cpng 此时无声胜有声
19/09/2017 22:42
zexon 大鳄在建仓就勿打扰
19/09/2017 23:12
AlvinHCJ gonna hold it until construction theme. probably next 2 seasons
20/09/2017 13:32
mamatede public analyst is really sucks, kenanga or normura better
20/09/2017 16:35
G-boy zexon. the big shark build up the stock? is it too obvious?
i just know when the share price drop to 0.8, big shark is coming.
Suddenly it disappear again. so weird
22/09/2017 16:41
zexon ask lordng94
22/09/2017 17:02
cpng 比较一年前的$0.40,Trc 现在都已经翻倍了,我们也不用大事宣扬,要加的话,自己安静加碼咯。

自己介绍的股翻倍了,也没有那样Hard sell,有必要提醒大家,现在有追高的风险。
而不是像市场那些PasarMalam Kakies,股价一路新高,反而追加更多吹箫看好文章。
23/09/2017 20:02
Ahead1268 Market not going to be good from now. Will go cheaper n cheaper.
26/09/2017 18:21
Indahnya lordng94, hello... any news about TRC?
30/09/2017 13:46
lordng94 What news?One more guideway lor, already mentioned before. one depot and one guideway.Pan Borneo too. Just wait lor
30/09/2017 14:29
Ahead1268 Wah! No activities at all. Few more rounds selling I think easily break below 0.70.
03/10/2017 20:37
budakbaru come on naik sikit la..
04/10/2017 10:54
Ahead1268 Sudah naik sikit wo. Jangan turun balik sudah!
04/10/2017 12:25
Ahead1268 Softening! How to push up. Once cross over 0.80 LTH waiting to throw down. LTH still got 35.04million units = RM28mill how to swallow. Wait for LTH finished selling or get out now is a better strategy.
04/10/2017 20:57
lordng94 Last time also keep lar...after few days only announce.
05/10/2017 19:42
Ahead1268 Above total 7.19b. Balance 1.81b!
05/10/2017 19:54
Becky123 Possibly balance is 3.5bil each of remaining will got 700k. Potential other names to get were Gadang, Fajar, Gamuda (tunneling) and ijm.
05/10/2017 21:11
lordng94 Rest of the packages are for bumiputra status companies. No more wct and Suncon
05/10/2017 21:20
lordng94 Tunneling job is still pending because of technical specs changed
05/10/2017 21:21
lordng94 Ahead168, total packages value is more than 9 bil
05/10/2017 21:22
Ahead1268 Hi lordng94 n d rest, more than 9b if TRC get another may has some meat. I checked Gabungan movement quite only but Sun Con immediately after lunch shoot up n come down. Maybe tomorrow Sun Con n Gabungan will surge then pull up TRC a bit.

TRC counter before mkt recover at 0.78 to 0.79 I wittness small player flushing out their position. After 2 days TRC went down as low as 0.76 then slowly make a u turn and on 3rd no activity then thereafter this 2 days closing higher steadily. Tomorrow or Monday may surge as today candle body cross over SMA 50. If tomorrow cthe candle body stay above SMA 50 then will be more promising.

Any good news announce within nx 2 days will provide some uptrend catalyst.
05/10/2017 21:57
Becky123 Think we miss one other company, Ahmad Zaki should get one. Things are getting competitive here :)
05/10/2017 23:07
Oreo Oreo ahead and all,thanks for all the analysis.
05/10/2017 23:19
cpng According to Trc bosses pattern,they are going to announce to accept another LRT3 contract offer by today after their weekend man's talk .
09/10/2017 08:55
Vin Chuah gambateh TRC...lol
09/10/2017 14:49
Vin Chuah why bye2 feel..
09/10/2017 15:41
cpng LRT3 packages($9B)


TD1 $186M WCT
TD2 $760M TRC

GS02 $640M WCT
GS03 $840M WCT
GS07&08 $2.17B SunCon
09/10/2017 21:35
tianwang possible got project or not? zzzz.........
10/10/2017 10:00
tianwang sleeping counter..zzzz.........
17/10/2017 11:18
budakbaru wait after budget.. hope can get another rail project..
23/10/2017 22:22
eklim65 Don't hesitate... just buy tomorrow and sell on Monday with a profit of at least 10 sen per share. Public Bank Research house is always right one.
25/10/2017 20:41
Vin Chuah no energy
26/10/2017 02:04
chewlai78 Hi everybody, will next week be a good week for construction after budget announcement?
29/10/2017 20:06
chewlai78 With significant increase in infrastructure spending from around rm90b last budget vs rm210b in the latest budget, I think construction stocks would be prime beneficiary hence we can expect more order book , better top n bottom line growth for those with expertise in rail, lrt,mrt , airport and highway works. Mid/ Small cap stocks within that category with relatively cheap valuation may be worth considering.
01/11/2017 07:51
Vin Chuah kesian TRC
16/11/2017 15:06
Vin Chuah more kesian TRC ,aiiii
22/11/2017 02:02
Babubilbo jual..
23/11/2017 15:36
Ahead1268 Will consider aquiring some share when price reach RM0.55.
23/11/2017 21:48
cpng Trc 最有可能今天公布业绩。
They are going to announce the latest quarter result by today.
24/11/2017 08:49
eklim65 Ahead1268, your wish may come true if EPS for this QR is about 1.5 sen
24/11/2017 11:41
Vin Chuah omg TRC :(
24/11/2017 14:20
chewlai78 Upside soon.
24/11/2017 22:04


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