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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source
06/10/2017 7.19 7.20 +0.01 (0.14%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK
14/09/2017 7.35 6.68 -0.67 (9.12%) HOLD WILSON & YORK

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chesslim JN88.... sure ! because Magni is good share .
05/10/2017 00:10
tealeaf gap closed up so fast...
05/10/2017 07:06
Whey Whey Showing no sign to slow down^^
05/10/2017 10:36
apple168 Magni is magnificent!
05/10/2017 21:02
JN88 No worry no worry RM10 coming as share split and warrant coming soon. Management will expanding their business also. As what had mentioned by the director. Their confident level is 100 %
08/10/2017 22:11
Alex Foo i am wrong. pls come back =(
08/10/2017 22:13
ehtan not your wrong, market wrong
08/10/2017 22:14
JN88 Those people who miss out Magni can in now. No point to talk bad about Magni. Alabama Amtui si bor when drop 6.0 and no buying wakak
08/10/2017 22:18
JN88 Net Cash RM 188 million. Where to find this kind of company? Next quarter RM210 million net cash...
08/10/2017 22:29
apolloang market cap 1.137 bil and net cash only 188 mil. SAB more cash than magni anyway.....hahaha
08/10/2017 22:43
apolloang KEN market cap only 178 mil,got 158 mil cash....more cheap
08/10/2017 22:47
JN88 SAB dividend so low P/E so low ....hahaha
Margin so low hahaha.
08/10/2017 22:47
JN88 SAB 5 Sen dividend sibeh pity.
08/10/2017 22:50
JN88 I suggest you sail Lang KEN. Then take the 158 million run away
08/10/2017 22:56
apolloang u said where to find this kinda company and I mention 2 for u liao,so this is ur answer pula.magni is consider high.it is only magni a more speculative stock than both SAB and KEN
08/10/2017 23:01
JN88 SAB and KEN give 30% dividend from net profit???hahaha so kiam siap company no wonder so many cash.
08/10/2017 23:33
JN88 Consider high in what??? A company growth from RM 1 To RM 7 now. 30 % dividend keep paying to shareholders. Cash still growing now, business still doing now. You said this is speculation. Haha.
08/10/2017 23:37
JN88 Your valuation in value of company is too old. Better put your money in FD la. Haha
08/10/2017 23:38
apolloang if magni is worth 7.00 then sab should be at least 6.00 and ken 2.00,if u wanna based on the cash reserve.sab is kiam siap really only pays 5cts but ken a 94cts stock pays 2.5cts leh,what u gonna say?
08/10/2017 23:40
JN88 If Ken worth 2.00 then why now only 0.94 but not 2.00? If Magni not 7.00 why up to 6.99??
09/10/2017 00:14
JN88 The fact is magni up to 7.00 but sab never up to 6.
09/10/2017 00:15
apolloang both sab and ken no speculation not like magni,even profit down stock also up.
09/10/2017 01:44
limch Why RM 6.99 is cheap? Can drop to RM 6 or below? Last time people also said Perstima good at RM 7. Why PNB sold Magni not long ago like they sold HRC?
09/10/2017 04:06
JN88 Sab and Ken are over value. Profit down but go up, goring counter.
09/10/2017 07:05
apolloang sab profit down and asset rich,ken profit up and cash rich both are undervalue not like magni profit down still no down,overvalue
09/10/2017 08:43
lcng123 apolloang, if you think sab and ken are good counters, just buy in and hold quietly. no need to announce in the forum. what is the point you mentioned here? you need people to push up the price so you can sell at higher price?. for jn88, just buy and hold if you think magni is undervalue, just like me buy in quietly.
09/10/2017 11:51
Alex Foo huat ar lackluster magni~
09/10/2017 16:42
Alex Foo why drop RM6 that time i no sailing?
09/10/2017 16:43
Alex Foo 如果没有‘美女'~日子怎么过~
09/10/2017 16:45
Slam Drum may i know when magni will share buy back?
10/10/2017 10:24
JN88 Magni over value buy Ken and Sab. Under value.
10/10/2017 21:44
Mars JN88...Ken & Sab not moving how to buy?
10/10/2017 23:26
apolloang no capital how to buy stocks? buy when not moving, moving wanna sell already,not the opposite
10/10/2017 23:28
JN88 Yummy yummy dividend. After get the dividend we buy KEN. Help to push up value of KEN. If not undervalue later.

Mars. Very simple you Q lower then ask Apollo ang sell to you.
11/10/2017 11:18
JN88 Apollo any ...why Magni still at 7 after ex of dividend? Under value?
11/10/2017 14:05
Whey Whey Engine start again! Voom voom
12/10/2017 16:20
apple168 Voom voom voom voom...
13/10/2017 16:54
neville_83 Slam drum: directors do not intend to do any share buyback at this time
16/10/2017 19:43
Slam Drum neville_83 thanks for update , company share buyback already announcement at bursa , directors do not intend to do any share buyback at this time, but the company can share buyback anytime ..right ?
17/10/2017 09:17
Winz If i sell my share, am i entitle for dividend??
20/10/2017 19:44
BullRunComing Sub-shareholder transacted at 3.28 pm? 1 million share transacted at RM 6.90.
26/10/2017 15:40
26/10/2017 20:04
cyeec2000 Sell or buy?
26/10/2017 20:20
resilient911 https://finance.yahoo.com/m/013b5492-dcc1-3f2b-b88a-58c667072852/in-massive-retail-shift%2C-nike.html
26/10/2017 20:49
Bizfuneng Tq for info. This is oni for footwears. Magni is not on footwear.
26/10/2017 21:21
tonynet https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/10/25/nike-shares-jump-as-retailer-lays-out-new-growth-targets.html
27/10/2017 08:02
Alvin Low Kin Weng Anyone know where is MAGNI factory located?
05/11/2017 21:06
rlch Its subsidiaries include South Island Packaging (Penang) Sdn. Bhd.,
Address: Lot 689, Mukim 1, Prai Industrial Park, 13600 Perai, Pulau Pinang
05/11/2017 21:12
swissvillage Kesm is a good semiconductor with a low P/E , uptrend
17/11/2017 08:25
17/11/2017 19:24


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