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11/12/2017 2.60 3.02 +0.42 (16.15%) BUY PUBLIC BANK
11/12/2017 2.65 2.75 +0.10 (3.77%) HOLD KENANGA
08/12/2017 2.70 3.02 +0.32 (11.85%) BUY PUBLIC BANK
08/12/2017 2.72 3.00 +0.28 (10.29%) HOLD KENANGA
11/09/2017 3.00 3.63 +0.63 (21.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK
11/09/2017 3.00 3.05 +0.05 (1.67%) HOLD KENANGA
08/09/2017 3.00 3.63 +0.63 (21.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK
08/09/2017 3.00 3.35 +0.35 (11.67%) HOLD KENANGA

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pputeh Till today 4/8 bonus shares still not in account however directors receiving bonus shares into their ac. Dated 3/8 on Klsc website today. How come. Thought all supposed to be same time. Registrar sleeping or intentionally done to allow directors to sell first.
04/08/2017 22:45
司马扬 Based on announcement today, SCGM warrant will be listed tmr. You can see that the issue date is 3 Aug. Hence, I believe same applied on bonus issue (issue date 3 Aug, listing date 9 Aug)
08/08/2017 20:47
pputeh Warrant overpriced. Conversion rm3.90 while mother share is only 3.12
09/08/2017 10:00
Irfan Rahman who queing for the warrant by the millions?
when is the qtr result and dividen anoucment?
09/08/2017 11:38
cchng2 Qtr result announced on sep n dividend announcement should be on sep also if it is still remain
10/08/2017 00:22
dfsbipohsch Bonus n WA aldy in account yest
Today WA double and no one is selling at above 0.605
10/08/2017 12:16
apolloang yesterday so early I queue a lot whole day 1,000 unit pun no get.....if no good one all get lah......all control and tipu
10/08/2017 15:37
Youssef El Amin really? you que buy arent you? so nobody sell?
10/08/2017 20:29
司马扬 Not bcoz of nobody is selling above 0.605, is due to limit up 30 sen a day according to Bursa rule.
10/08/2017 22:52
azrule10 why today cannot sell above 0.605
11/08/2017 10:28
Irfan Rahman scgm gain anything from silversponsored SEAgames?
or just a corporate-social service only?
20/08/2017 00:15
RainT I think cam get some tax incentive or reduction
27/08/2017 13:49
DisCiPline when will the qr release?
06/09/2017 17:49
Skykids Each bro sold 500lot to new shareholder?
07/09/2017 12:54
DisCiPline i am happy with the qr, business still doing well, still can pay dividend every quarter despite expanding the business
07/09/2017 17:58
bzeew The Klang Valley factory is expected to be fully operational by early 2018. We estimate it will contribute an additional 20% sales to the group.
(Public Invest Research).
17/09/2017 14:41
ltg100y SCGM perform shares buy back today, want to support the share price?
11/10/2017 19:53
股你悟到 oh...drop so much, -5.7%
08/11/2017 18:16
User Yap if the company thinks that the stock price is not reflected their actual value, they will perform share buy back ..... it's very common ...
08/11/2017 20:27
07/12/2017 18:33
shpg22 Below expectation...SELL
07/12/2017 18:36
ChrisYF Below expectation too. SCGM was said to gain benefits from the ban of styrofoam lunchbox with its degradable PP lunch boxes in the early of 2017. But until now, I've only seen the significant growth on the company revenue, but none any significant growth on the company profit. It just seems like they do more things, more jobs for nothing. Maybe this was due to the rising raw materials price but to be honest, I'm running out of patience
07/12/2017 22:13
ltg100y Agree with ChrisYF. In my opinion, the sales should be continue to increase but the fact is the sales has stagnant at 52~53 million now. SCGM does not realise what the management mention before. Disappointed with the management capability now and running out of patience too
07/12/2017 23:43
88bumblebee SCGM is good for long term investment. Barring unforeseen circumstances, sales revenue will ranging RM50 over million for the upcoming quarters until the new factories are in operations. I believe that the company currently is operating in almost full capacity therefore now they expanding new lines by building factories in Klang and Kulai. Once the new lines are up, you will see the growth in company revenue and bottom line.
08/12/2017 13:52
BlackWhite This stock can keep as there is uncertainty in IT n electronic sector, tech stocks have slided in US due over value. Scary for us all may world wide recession
08/12/2017 20:55
TenMiles http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/TenMiles/141491.jsp
15/12/2017 08:34
ChrisYF Im just thinking that, according to the recent performance of SCGM and the lower profit margin, I dont think SCGM can once again surpass or achieve the high 7million profit which was gained in 17Q3. As the capacity has achieved its limit, I assume that the profit gains in next quarter(18Q3) will also be around 5.5-6million. Just my opinion
03/01/2018 15:56
04/01/2018 15:19
Jia Cheng resin and oil price jump high, profit will drop soon
05/01/2018 12:45
BlackWhite At bottom now
10/01/2018 14:23
wussyboys @blackwhite .. still have a far gap to reach bottom i think... will this go below RM2.10?
11/01/2018 23:43
calvin volume start coming back..
12/01/2018 20:36
Guardize good moving,support by their boss
18/01/2018 23:54
SuperPanda Waiting 2.10 to enter. End year tp 3.0 if earnings 7m each qtr. steady and sustainable business
05/02/2018 14:10
SuperPanda But lot of patience needed. This is thermoform prod company not high end product. Consumer basis.
05/02/2018 14:11
SuperPanda Wow. 2.10 already. Too early come. I would wait at 2.0 then. Still have potential down.
06/02/2018 10:49
Jia Cheng PE still high :(
06/02/2018 12:19
Guardize high pe is reasonable for scgm as thy have big increasement in future .
06/02/2018 21:13
SuperPanda klang already starts prod and then kulai new plant coming soon, sales will up due to polystyrene ban, future earnings to grow up to 70-80%. If now earn 5m quaterly, will up to 8m-9m later and with that in place TP 3.0 end year not a problem
06/02/2018 21:31
Guardize klang production will be more than double to full utilities frm dec as strong demand
06/02/2018 21:44
RainT How about if future profit cannot meet expectations???

Buy in now with high PE is not wise decision
07/02/2018 00:20
SuperPanda Pls check it past qtr, since 2014 very consistent earnings. Solid foundation. Higher PE bcoz prev expectation too high. Now it back to its correct value.

At PE 18 now, very reasonable price. But im still waiting below 2.10.
08/02/2018 22:47
calvintaneng Rise of crude oil will impact on resin cost.

So be careful guys
08/02/2018 22:50
chkhooju Be patient. Wait for it to break the 2.00 support level.
08/02/2018 22:59
SuperPanda yes, maybe dji will have another surpise next week. possibly below 2.0
09/02/2018 09:44
SuperPanda higher resin cost will pass over to customer. thermoform packing is not a control price item under kpdnkk

calvintaneng, u hve no idea on this company. its main subsidiary lee soon seng plastic is at my hometown, back in 1990, everyday walk pass shoplots factory way to primary school
09/02/2018 09:47
viptraderclub will buy when the price drop below RM2. definitely possible due to current market condition
09/02/2018 12:41
SuperPanda dont think will down to below 2.. only 2 days to CNY. after CNY would rebound back.
13/02/2018 16:51
bluefun The Sunset or Sunrise of Plastic Packaging Industry

18/02/2018 22:43
Jia Cheng rebound back a bit
21/02/2018 15:02


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