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davors magni 3.2 on the way~
25/06/2018 11:23
cyeec2000 Really?
25/06/2018 11:35
Aries If sell just because last quarter Magni was not doing well, might as well put your money in the bank to get interest. Investment is too risky for you.
25/06/2018 11:42
chesslim 记住, 当别人恐惧时你要贪婪。
25/06/2018 12:33
apple168 Better keep cash in Bank now and buy once bottom off
25/06/2018 12:33
apple168 Don’t be silly to buy Magni now..
25/06/2018 12:34
Steven Tan Rubbish company, revenue and profit should be up due to World cup. The managing group must be sleeping, profit down by 48%.

Guys, I already sold all my stocks at 4.44. Luckily got some stupid guys still believe in Magni.

25/06/2018 12:58
Maurice1688 Queue order at 4
25/06/2018 13:57
shareinvestor88 EPS 55c net cash 210m , high ROIC , NO debt
25/06/2018 15:04
chesslim who sell magni today, they next enter price is rm6.00 above.
25/06/2018 17:47
probability Investors are becoming more n more intelligent.

Posted by chesslim > Jun 25, 2018 05:47 PM | Report Abuse

who sell magni today, they next enter price is rm6.00 above.
25/06/2018 17:48
cannot_cincai queue order at 3.90
25/06/2018 18:10
omgimnoob https://www.facebook.com/groups/576895232689179/permalink/611277619250940/
25/06/2018 18:12
Yu_and_Mee This is very cute statement

Posted by chesslim > Jun 25, 2018 05:47 PM | Report Abuse

who sell magni today, they next enter price is rm6.00 above.
25/06/2018 18:20
lsv1977final Luckily able to buy more at RM4.4.
25/06/2018 18:33
lsv1977final Good company, nothing can be worst than this already. Good dividend
25/06/2018 18:34
VOS26 Regardless the recent selldown, the base is strong and will pull off current unstable market soon. Publicinvest maintains outperform.
25/06/2018 18:40
25/06/2018 18:52
Calvinharris Ofcause gave outperform TP RM6.40 because they and their investors all are bought higher price RM5.00 ++.
If they give sell TP RM3.50 , they will facing huge loss.
MAGNI only worth RM3.00 if coming qr. result also poor.
25/06/2018 19:32
Aries Don't simply pluck any number from the sky.
25/06/2018 19:42
Calvinharris Then , we sit for coming 2 qr. lol.....lol.....lol......(总统套房很“舒服”,很好“住”的)
25/06/2018 19:53
Calvinharris 来临业绩,随随便便MAGNI盈利退步20%至40%,你们都脚软。
25/06/2018 19:55
Fabien Extraordinaire In my opinion, Magni is fairly priced. PE of 8x is just about right.
25/06/2018 20:57
lsv1977final This year all Company posted with very bad results. Not only magni
25/06/2018 22:05
Alex™ aiya, normal lah, green buy red sell ma....if not how IB can huat?
25/06/2018 23:19
Alex™ why i no sell RM5.50?
25/06/2018 23:19
probability Harley-Davidson will move some production out of US after retaliatory tariffs
by Nathaniel Meyersohn @CNNMoney
June 25, 2018:


Posted by probability > Jun 23, 2018 05:37 PM | Report Abuse X

There are many ways to channel sales to China without originating from U.S. Trade war is Tariff on country of origin ..not the Brand Nike itself. Its two different thing.

Magni can channel to Nike Europe to send to China...also why not establish its Sales centre in Malaysia itself for China Market?

That would be explosive to Magnitech.

Posted by newbie911 > Jun 23, 2018 05:22 PM | Report Abuse

Not risky bcz nike sale will be affected with trade war?
25/06/2018 23:38
soojinhou Nike's exposure to China is just 12% of sales
26/06/2018 07:24
jibbie public bank analyst cant be trusted. In march they call buy TP6.40. Now trapped. So they calling others to buy
26/06/2018 08:46
apolloang now if u ask them,they will say they downgrade the stock.
26/06/2018 08:53
godhand why not? public bank is consistent. not like hong leong
26/06/2018 08:55
apolloang kenanga picks all ikan masin,pwroot,pie,layhong and many more
26/06/2018 08:58
apple168 Let’s recap this sick Magni company.

1. Global issue: US trade war with China/ Euro/ India/ Turkey. 95% of garment produced by Magni is Nike. Nike is US company and definitely taxed deeply by China/ Euro/ India/ Turkey. Many other competitive garments in the market offering cheaper price with good quality. Pasar malam selling non original Nike at RM 10 only. Nike will definitely lose customer, and hence drop in profit if trade war escalate and market goes into recession.

2. Malaysia and Vietnam issue: both countries are heading to increase basic salary for staff. This will reduce Magni profit margin. Till now, management yet to give a concrete plan to settle this issue.

3. Exchange rate: Tun Mahathir said he will peg ringgit to US at 3.8. Not 4. Even no pegging, USD outlook is bearish. We will see stronger ringgit soon. This will hurt Magni profit margin too.

4. Magni company: a drop in 30% revenue and crash of 50% profit are not good signs for Magni. This result should be far better to prepare garment for World Cup 2018. In fact, it is disappointing!

5. Donation: Magni donated few million cash to PH government in the middle economic downturn is not a wise move. Cash is very important for a healthy company.

6. Insider: Magni insiders stopped buying Magni shares for months. They are the best persons knowing the company status. They are far better than kyy, who is construction expert rather than garment expert.

Things are not looking good for Magni. Magni is sick. TP 2.


Good Luck.
26/06/2018 09:45
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/162765.jsp
[转贴] [MAGNI-TECH INDUSTRIES BHD,在市场动荡不定的情况下将面临挑战] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
26/06/2018 11:23
opustang slow falling knife with lower lows,dont get caught.below RM3 is ok.
26/06/2018 11:34
stevenwongg When you think is will drop below 3 but til 4 it's already up back to 6 hahaha
26/06/2018 14:29
LearnInvest Buy REITS.
26/06/2018 15:06
LearnInvest Inflation may rise in 2H2018...
26/06/2018 15:08
LearnInvest ...consumers... retails... Is there any opinion?...
26/06/2018 15:09
yiniugongxiong MAGNI 7087 QUARTERLY REPORT 30 APRIL 2018
26/06/2018 18:56
Calvinharris RM3.75.
27/06/2018 21:40
kyy_superinvestor I have faith on magni
27/06/2018 22:49
lsv1977final Magni good dividend share
29/06/2018 13:01
shareinvestor88 Nike surge
01/07/2018 09:23
trulyinvest Nike reported strong result but not magni. Sory ya
01/07/2018 10:10
shareinvestor88 Magni is selling to Nike
01/07/2018 17:57
newages00 buy buy buy! public bank TP about at least 50% gain from current price. kakaka....
02/07/2018 09:22
VOS26 https://politicalreporter.net/2018/06/29/nike-shares-surge-to-record-high-after-sales-top-estimates-and-retailer-sees-return-to-growth-in-us/

Nike shares surge to record high after sales top estimates and retailer sees ‘return to growth’ in US
02/07/2018 10:50
VOS26 If NIKE’s future in US is great, magni shall perform as well. No doubt!
02/07/2018 10:51
taylorswift I see I see... so can buy now? Whats the fair value?
06/07/2018 18:03


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