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Date: Sep 26, 2017 Price: 1.61

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free2invest Good! CPO price above 1850 already.
13/09/2017 17:52
Chua Zhi En 2850?
13/09/2017 22:10
Myway BPlant is generating much lower than industry return from its existing plantation. This reflect poor management quality of BPlant and the management quality of its ultimate parent is questionable too. BPlant has huge borrowing as shown in the latest financial report ! There are so many more undervalued good private plantations counter out there to choose from . I have recently switch from BPlant to SOP and my decision is seem right as SOP has risen from RM3.55 to RM3.98. Whereas BPlant price is down .
14/09/2017 06:47
Yippy68 @myway, thank you for sharing,... for discussion and benefit of share holder, @albukhary may help to tell us on those facts that @myway has mentioned thank you.
14/09/2017 09:12
speakup we can talk about the acquisition till cows come home, but as long as Bplant can pay 7-8% dividend/year (>2X FD rate), it is GOOD to hold. Remember why u are in Bplant in the first place : HIGH DIVIDEND
14/09/2017 09:39
Myway Can the dividend yield be sustained if earning is poor and at the same time spending huge sum in acquisition ?
14/09/2017 20:01
Yippy68 @ MYway, if they sell more prime land , it is possible.. If they sell the other piece of land beside the land sold to sp setia , they will pocket another RM700 millions, that make up total of RM 1.32 billion...less 750 million on dutaland acquisition of 11,000 hectare., they still have balance 570 millions to pay out as dividend or capital refund of 35.6 sen per share. so, now you now how KAYA is bplant. (all done by selling 1350 hectare of prime land to carry out two fantastic events) what about land at Semenyih , Kulai, Pengerang johore etc etc....BUY BUY BUY ...at 1.63, still very cheap. I hope i can cheer up all the share holder, ( provided they listen to us, and do as what we suggest.)
14/09/2017 22:09
Yippy68 be patient brothers, long term holder will be very rich...one day...
14/09/2017 22:13
Yippy68 @MYway, if you have 20 millions in the bank and collect interest of 800,000 a year, will you worry people laughing at you for working on a small income of 2,000 a month...Bplant need to sell another small portion of prime land to pay up RM 395 million in loan, bplant will be debt free, cash rich over night,
14/09/2017 22:20
Yippy68 wow ...cpo 2873
14/09/2017 23:26
michael_jackson @Yippy68...for me, i will go with management decision...this is because i based on my own analysis studies....the crowd mostly follow psychology emotion when they see, read or heard the bad news in share prices..i learned very much since i started trading 10 years ago and invested in several construction, banking, plantation and f&b stocks.....the point is let the investors make their own decision...same like my previous stock in tmakmur, really good plantation because of bauxite mine...share prices didn't move very much until it is delisted from bursa one year later.....
15/09/2017 18:10
michael_jackson @Myway...i don't think bplant earning is so poor and spending huge sum in acquisition....maybe you need to do deep studies on bplant financial report before come to that conclusion...anyway, the acquisition, still not yet confirm....are you worry about dividend and share prices??? that's how the market react when the bad news appeared.....for me, i use logical thinking, so i don't make hastily decision...
15/09/2017 18:45
Myway Earning from plantation operation is really bad! Pls see below.

NPAT from operation (Mar-Jun 17)was $21 mil and EPS was 1.42 sen only. If you annualised the EPS base on Mar-Jun 17 quarter (which was favourable), EPS full year may just be 5-6 sen!

NPAT (Mar-Jun 16) was $96.1 mil and EPS was 6.1 sen. But in Mar-Jun 16 period, the high NPAT is contributed by gain on disposal of plantation land $89.6 mil. If you strip off this exceptional gain (which was tax free), the NPAT from operation (Mar-Jun 16) was only $6.5 mil and EPS was 0.5 sen only.

You can see that Bplant only sustained the earning and dividend by selling land/assets. Is it good ?? They can not earn enough from pure plantation operations. Their pure plantation return is well below the industry. This is a reflection of poor management. I have no faith in this GLC management.

Do not buy BPlant for its plantation business. You may buy Bplant for speculation of more asset monetisation to sustain dividend.
16/09/2017 07:28
4444 Good question. The answer is no.

Posted by Myway > Sep 14, 2017 08:01 PM | Report Abuse
Can the dividend yield be sustained if earning is poor and at the same time spending huge sum in acquisition ?
18/09/2017 04:04
4444 Different is B Plant is unlike SP Setia or Ecoworld to turnaround Dutaland.

Posted by Albukhary > Sep 12, 2017 12:57 AM | Report Abuse
This is just like Semenyih land 7-8 years ago, before SP Setia and Ecoworld start to acquire the land there. Last time, Semenyih terrace house 20ft x 75ft maximum can sell for RM250-350k, so the land at the not worth money. But after SP Setia and Ecoword acquired the land, they plan the township, and bring up the selling price from RM250k-300k to RM600-700k.

Why, because last time those land owner are not professional property developer, they don't know how to plan the township, they don't know how to maximise the revenue from the land. They are just sitting on the land, and waiting for Property Developer to acquire it.

Same scenario are reflect in Dutaland.
18/09/2017 04:07
cpo_ You got write to them? If not they only think Dutaland is the 1 worth buying.

Posted by Yippy68 > Sep 4, 2017 08:13 AM | Report Abuse
do not worry... bplant may cancel this deal..they are now busy doing deep study on this,..to .management of bplant , we are rich and rich is king. we can afford to choice and pick the best.not necessary dutaland.
18/09/2017 04:11
free2invest Dutaland counter keeps moving up, but this counter not moving. Can you smell something?
18/09/2017 14:54
free2invest Only if the Dutaland land purchase deal is called off, then will see reverse trend.
18/09/2017 15:20
free2invest Has anyone received the dividend?
19/09/2017 11:38
IlmuKhodam i received. thank bplant.
19/09/2017 17:28
free2invest Yahoo! I received my dividend too....thank you Bplant

Going to withdraw money now ....hehehe....

Is this called laughing to the bank?
19/09/2017 17:55
michael_jackson i received mine also....my dividend bonus from bplant keep me very happy....going to withdraw my bonus today......hahaha....
20/09/2017 09:43
malaysiakuku sama-sama dapat dividen, bro.....#sama-sama kita juara.......#terima kasih bplant....
20/09/2017 09:52
dayang_suri laughing all the way to bank.....me also...
20/09/2017 09:57
rainbowyen thank you Bplant.......
20/09/2017 10:13
free2invest I wasn't laughing but just smiling all the way to bank.....cool isn't it?

Talking about buying Dutaland's land, the D day should in 2-3 days from now. Let's cross our figures no matter what is the decision, Bplant should go up.
20/09/2017 12:18
rainbowyen of course, it is cool.....
20/09/2017 16:14
michael_jackson very cool, you bro....can still smiling all the way to the bank because today weather very is hot....
20/09/2017 16:27
free2invest Today is the D-day, right?
21/09/2017 10:06
free2invest Is it good sign that Dutaland share price dropping?
21/09/2017 10:49
Yippy68 very very good sign. once confirmed deal cancel, dutaland share price will drop like waterfall
22/09/2017 03:44
Yippy68 expect duta to drop to 50 sen, and bplant will shoot up. just wait and see on Monday..
22/09/2017 03:54
joetay many alrdy analyzed that there is a high chance of a mermaid surfacing causing the deal not to go thru and highlighted on dutaland forum.

so it is not news anymore since within expectation.

only those not expecting at all r caught.

now just sit back and watch show only.
22/09/2017 09:01
Gen2 Where is the announcement ?
22/09/2017 09:36
TheContrarian I always wonder how a mermaid make love since the bottom half is a tail. :-D
22/09/2017 17:57
joetay lol.......

best question of the day.
22/09/2017 17:59
mywuneng hmmm.still no announcement?
25/09/2017 17:17
Gen2 Penang land sale completed.
26/09/2017 13:41
free2invest Yeah....

26/09/2017 17:42
TheContrarian Gain will be reflected in next QR.
26/09/2017 19:41
apolloang sale completed and gonna take this money to buy butaland swamp land.....hahaha
26/09/2017 20:15
TheContrarian Beware of the swamp creature.
26/09/2017 20:19
apolloang u go protest to object the deal lo.....hahaha
26/09/2017 20:21
TheContrarian Now still LOI. Not a deal yet.
26/09/2017 20:31
Yippy68 by friday, you will know the outcome. no new is good new
26/09/2017 22:45
Myway The deal is very likely to go thru'. Remember that BPlant made the offer to Dutaland to buy. BPlant would not have made the offer to buy without some degree of certainty to close the deal. The timing of completion for BPlant land sales and the timing for Duta's SPA seem perfect.
26/09/2017 23:00
TheContrarian If deal goes thru no bumper dividend next QR.
26/09/2017 23:12
InvestorAnalyst You will have your chance later in the EGM if they keen to buy the land. So far, i got some information to why they want to buy the land. There are 2 possible acquisitions where one to acquire a company and another one is to but the asset which is dutaland. They have rule out peninsular as thr valuation to acquire a land will be costly. Sarawak with the native issue currently will bring more problem as what they already facing right now. Sabah on the other hand like the previous acquisition of GG estate has given them good value. A low yield estate at the point of acquisition but with better management, practise, fertiliser and clonal planting material has transformed the estate and able to get better yield.

For dutaland, they dont have the expertise in managing an estate. They have quite sizeable land but they only sell FFB and no mill to process to CPO that can enable them to generate better profit. They is no proper planning in the estate such as road for better operation. They are also struggling with the labour shortagr that translate to a lower yield. The yield now at around 10 per ha and bplant could get around 14 on first year amd continue to improve to 17 and so on.

6 years ago IOI back off from the deal of 830 million with slightly bigger size. Now valuation of land has gotten more expensive. Land are very scarce and it is hard to find a good one. According to AR, land NBV 2011 318 million and 2015 was 352. That is on the land only does not include other assets.

And it is an ongoing process to dispose land that already located in prime area with low yield to get better return just like mlakoff estate.
27/09/2017 00:45
Yippy68 many has said on negative side, this one has some logic.thank you@investorA
27/09/2017 03:40
cpo_ Dutaland done deal? So dividend cut next?
27/09/2017 04:02


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