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Glove Catalyst Part 2: Vaccine Manufacturer’s Confession

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Glove Cataly​st Part 2: Vaccine Manufacturer’s Confession


Merck CEO says Covid vaccine won’t be a ‘silver bullet,’ predicts mask use for the ‘forseable future’







Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier said Thursday that drugs to treat or prevent Covid-19 aren’t a “silver bullet” solution to the pandemic, predicting people will need to wear masks and practice social distancing measures well into 2021.


“I don’t see the therapeutics that we have — or the vaccines that are coming — as a silver bullet,” Frazier told CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” saying that people will still have to practice mask wearing and social distancing “for the foreseeable future.”


“I think that’s with us for a while, and I would say certainly well into 2021 we’ll still be trying to observe these public health measures,” he said.



Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, has previously told lawmakers that a face mask could provide better protection against Covid-19, even when a vaccine is approved. That’s because a potential vaccine, which will likely be available in limited quantities by the end of this year, may only be 70% effective.



The effectiveness, or immunogenicity, measures a vaccine’s ability to build an immune response to the virus. Other top health experts, including White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, have said the likelihood of producing a highly effective Covid-19 vaccine — one that provides 98% or more guaranteed protection — is slim.


Which glove to choose? You can choose Topglov, Supermx, Harta, Kossan

Note: I ignore the smaller ones.

Of course the one who is the largest in the world and the lowest PE at 37


Topglov target price of RM30 ?

Supermx target price of RM26 ?(according to Koon Yew Yin)

Harta target price of RM29 ?

Kossan target price of RM23?


Are you looking at vaccine?





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ahbah "" predicting people will need to wear masks ""

"" people will still have to practice mask wearing ""

The above article is about wearing masks or about wearing gloves or about both of them, please ?
30/10/2020 4:20 PM
30/10/2020 7:10 PM
newbie8080 @ ahbah
This article is to reveal that one of the vaccine manufacturer is confessing that long term mask is still needed.
Thus, PPE including glove will still be the main solution for Covid-19 even with vaccine.

Not that vaccine will not work, but production and logistic are not ready to vaccinate 8 billion ppl.

Even if both production and logistic are ready, the vaccine efficacy may not be effective.

Even if vaccine efficacy is efficient/perfect, a person vaccinated can still be infected with covid-19.

So that's the point that glove WILL surpass most IBs estimate for 2022's demand to normalise, at least till 2024/2025.
30/10/2020 11:00 PM
ahbah ""Even if vaccine efficacy is efficient/perfect, a person vaccinated can still be infected with covid-19.""

If like that above, then plain water vaccine can still be considered efficient/perfect vaccine bcos a person vaccinated can still be infected with covid-19.
01/11/2020 10:07 PM
newbie8080 @ ahbah

To be honest, many people are promoting vaccines and that glove's demand will reduce significantly will be proven wrong.

Vaccine wannabies are thinking after 1-2 doses of vaccine, the individual will be 100% immune to covid-19. It's very sad to see these understandings.

Anyway, glove will still continue to produce after covid-19 war but vaccine for covid-19 will definitely die a natural death since vaccine wannabies believe everyone is cured in the end.
03/11/2020 2:09 PM

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