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HSSEB - Big Volume Spike will end up like VS, JAKS, UZMA, UEMS?

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HSS ENGINEERS BHD one of the stock with big volume spike today like VS, JAKS, UZMA, UEMS, unlike the rest, HSSEB did not end up having a LONG TAIL, which means HSSEB is closing is good. May have a chance to break the 1.00 resistance... keep a tight stoploss if trading short term.

Any HSSEB supporter? Pls comment below

VS, JAKS, UZMA, UEMS, all got big volume spike, however the Long Tail represent the BANKER offload at the top when everyone is very HIGH~ (Excited).. not a good sign, so if you are stuck on these counter.. remember to get out before you get stuck for life time.





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