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Daily Futures Commentaries: [FKLI Malaysia Index] 14/1/2019 - Enter sideway, trade in range and wait for breakout

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*FKLI Jan 19*
Previous Close: 1689.5 +14
FKLI closed at day high on last Friday, showed a bullish signal yet overall still in a sideway trend. US stock market erased previous gains and closed with almost unchanged while DJI futures drop on this morning, FKLI may gap down 1st.
Hourly chart showed FKLI moved within range of previous down swing 1703-1664, wait for more breakout, with technical indicators in neutral, show no strong direction.
 *Classic Support & Resistance* 
Resistance: 1703 1713
Support: 1664 1655.5
 *Recommend Trading Plan for the day:*
1. Buy 1691, stop 1688, profit 1694/1697/1700.
 *FKLI Margin Requirement* 
Overnight MYR 4000
Spread MYR 500
Disclaimer: Idea sharing only, trade at your own risk.
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