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MFLOUR - My 2019 Sailang Stock - Historical Low Price at the Best Time . PART 1

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Share Price of MFLOUR has dropped to historical low level. From RM2.50 in 2017 to RM0.565 as of last friday price, a drop of more than 75%. What has changed since then?

Why has the share price been fallen these much? 


1. Negative Results in the last Quarterly Result



2. Rights Issue for Expansion - Rights Price fixed at RM0.50



Have things been improved in the Q4 2018? Its quarterly result will be released by end of this month, Feb 2019. 


1. Strong Recovery of Earnings - Higher Poultry Prices, Higher Flour Prices, Higher Production Volume and Better Margins

Please look at last quarterly result, under prospect section, it was hinted there would be a SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in Q4 2018.


2. Rights Completed & Oversubscribed - Investment Bankers and Major Shareholders are Confident 


3. Better Years Ahead for MFLOUR - Hong Leong Investment Bank Research 


4. Today news - Increase of Flour Prices by 5% to 10%

Source: http://www.enanyang.my/news/20190217/%E5%95%86%E7%94%A8%E9%9D%A2%E7%B2%89%E6%9C%88%E6%9D%AA%E6%96%99%E6%B6%A8%E4%BB%B75%E8%87%B310/



The worst has gone for MFLOUR. And things and prospect have been improving and strong earnings should be expected moving forward. Upcoming quarterly result to be released this month should be significantly better as hinted. Should the share price recovers to its year 2017 level, it has more than 200% upside. Should the share price recovers to around RM1, it has 100% upside. 

This is PART I on MFLOUR. In Part II (I will post it in the next few days), I will be covering the current customers of MFLOUR - defensive and its strong recurring incomes, the past 10 years track record, earnings jump in FY2019 after huge capital expenditure has been spent, margin improvements, its product price movements in the last 6 months and etc. 



Enjoy reading and please do your own due diligence and buy at your own risk. I have bought MFlour shares and I will continue to accummulate for medium term investment due to its positive and bright prospect. And yes, this will be my Sailang stock in year 2019. 

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davidkkw79 Sailang! Show hand
17/02/2019 16:04
ramada Err.. Historical low? Then how much the total of shares now? How much warrants and how much RCULS launched?

Answer — Total shares increased from 550 million to 920 million. Plus 137,570,667 warrants & 158,276,541 RCULS. Which will dilute heavily earnings per share of Malayan Flour.
17/02/2019 16:28
ramada Based on 10 pe ratio, Malayan Flour need to record at least PAT of RM13 million per quarter. Then it worth RM0.60.

But looks like they can't do it. Previous quarterly result, their quarterly result even in negative.
17/02/2019 16:31
Investor 999 难得的好文章!
17/02/2019 16:31
Investor 999 This coming QR will be PAT RM20-25mil.
17/02/2019 16:32
Bruce88 Poikai stock I think...LOL
17/02/2019 16:36
VenFx Well ! this is going to be interesting one ...
17/02/2019 16:36
ramada Yes, will. That's why I say nowadays unlicensed fortune tellers everywhere.
17/02/2019 16:38
Investor 999 https://klse.i3investor.com/m/blog/kianweiaritcles/107755.jsp
17/02/2019 16:38
probability can sailang? guess they are expanding heavily....
17/02/2019 16:59
Icon8888 Horrible company. Capex non stop
17/02/2019 17:07
VenFx Just good for gorenging.
I usually manage ti make killing frim thus kind of exercise.

May want to try my luck ...
Not suitable to everyone lah !
17/02/2019 17:10
probability what is the NTA per share or cash/share change after the 275 Million injection?

ada MOAT kah? heard they supply to McDonalds...can have power to dictate the selling price...

ringgit gain beneficiary?

please summarize everything (new balance sheet and expected EPS) on your next article
17/02/2019 17:42
VenFx Hihi , appreciate sifu sufu input...
I only intetested in how sharks gorenging up to get the fuel.
17/02/2019 20:49
fitman but WC more potential ?
17/02/2019 21:33
hooi Poor management
17/02/2019 21:47
Investor 999 Well managed and good dividend company .
17/02/2019 21:53
birkincollector buy lor....already low mah hehe
17/02/2019 22:04
TakeProfits Lousy stock..keep on rights issue. Not the best management. It can be played up...but I stay away. Capital manage is a question mark.
17/02/2019 22:23
Goh Kim Hock Yes, poor management.
17/02/2019 23:04
VenFx I'm blur liaw, how can HLE rated mflour 0.72p

My street calculator only can get
X10 pe ex all rights price at 0.610 .

Hmmm , doesnt yummy at all.
(Yet to take unto account for its increase of 5-10% selling price ).
17/02/2019 23:14
shpg22 Naik kereta d this stock. Downgrade to 0.20
17/02/2019 23:43
Icon8888 Capex non stop like London biscuits

Siphoning out money ?

Growing itself into bankruptcy
18/02/2019 02:23
kenie cash 199million ,long term debt 127millions,short term debt 1.056billions ,earning 6millions
18/02/2019 02:57
Icon8888 I am just sharing my opinion

Don't take it personally

I invested in this company before
18/02/2019 07:11
Icon8888 Think about the points I mentioned (regarding capex). If you think I not right, just ignore me.
18/02/2019 07:15
Icon8888 Last time I was keen about this company also, then sifu paperplane pointed out this capex issue to me. I studied it and agree he was right.
18/02/2019 07:18
BumbleBee at this price no need to analyse so much
its cheap
18/02/2019 09:03
KAQ4468 apa ini tepung kah ??
18/02/2019 09:28
VenFx After the street calculation, it not pass my specilate criteria...
Unless mflour come down at 0.400-0.320 , then it worth speculate.
18/02/2019 09:30
Shinnzaii this month got dividend declare?hehe
18/02/2019 09:44
Investor 999 Still got energy to do calculation with all your capital stuck at 1.00 in EG since 2016?
18/02/2019 09:55
VenFx Pls dont bring your hate in EG to here lah.
Mflour is the ine we all focus.
Unless u r insane.
18/02/2019 10:20
VenFx I sympathy your lost in eg... u got to let it go lah.
Me able to make a killing in 2015 & 2017...

When i tell u , I'm ok with that. Dont piss off to me loh.
18/02/2019 10:22
KLCI King Zero value article written by orang otak kosong for rubbish company. The whole article empty talk, kaki kong kaki song. Points do not relate to facts.
18/02/2019 11:57
BumbleBee let market decide lol
18/02/2019 12:48
sapurakencana KLCI King, i agree with u
18/02/2019 13:35
ramada Here is open forum, you can publish an article to bull**** as song as you can.
18/02/2019 17:07
Investor 999 马麵粉厂, 妳很爭氣!
18/02/2019 17:17
birkincollector Lol...so many missed
18/02/2019 17:41
CK Wong KIV, huge CAPEX capitalize in Quarter 4 2018 for its poultry sector.
Maybe production and unit sales increase slightly as mention in the Q3 prospect, but still I believe coming, high CAPEX, high depreciation, low profit. Birds price not perform in Q4 18.

For flour business, overall flour not doing good as told by one of my friend who work in the flour sector.

Maybe there is deferred tax to cover its losses.

The expansion plan seem to be attractive, but is that worth to invest so much? and the yield of return only 2-3% per annum/additional investment sum(RM275Mil). Put FD better because low risk.
19/02/2019 00:16
adcb chicken business very tough. buy raw mat in us dollsr but sell product in ringgit.
19/02/2019 07:19
VenFx CK WONG, fully agree to u !
19/02/2019 14:59
matsukabird https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/financial-reports/view/74776
28/02/2019 09:29


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