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Let me tell you a great story that I believe will make 300% return

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The story is none other than Lay Hong Berhad's great story:

- NH Foods growth

- Chimdoo growth (Chin Boon Kim is a director in Takaso SC which is 100% owned by Lay Hong. Lay Hong enjoy all profit as there is no minority interest in Takaso SC)


p.s.: I believe in Jason Fong =)


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davidkkw79 I strongly believe that you will being homeless soon.
15/03/2019 07:59
Beza May your dream come true!
15/03/2019 08:05
kalteh If is it so good, you wouldnt be promoting like mad.
15/03/2019 08:40
jackfruit Finally you got RHB reserch support. Best of luck to u.
15/03/2019 09:10
speakup promote like mad until limit up
15/03/2019 09:31
kingcobra ka ki kong ka ki song!
15/03/2019 09:39
sctan New investment strategy : I believe
15/03/2019 10:00
Heavenly PUNTER Lay Hong already up a lot leh, give bird bird chua some credit please, I follow him sailang all the way from 39 cents
15/03/2019 10:01
cubic7117 still on Q at 0.35 0.36 0.37 waiting for you to dump
15/03/2019 10:03


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