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Jaks Resources - Q4 2019 results

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What happened in Q4 2019 ?

Total revenue increased by 42% from RM168m (Q4 2018) to RM239m (Q4 2019)



Vietnam EPC Progress billings = RM167m (~9% progress billings)

Construction profit from Vietnam EPC = RM38m

Unbilled EPC contract = RM338m (~18% of total contract value) (Publicinvest). Hence, total progress billings as at 31st Dec 2019 was 82%.

Allowance for impairment of receivables = RM11m

Construction profit after impairment of receivables = 27m

Future Capital commitment in respect of Vietnam JV decreased by USD4m in Q4 to USD52.14m

In 2019, total RM817m revenue and RM187m profit were derived from Vietnam EPC contract. Average profit margin was 23%



Liquidated and ascertained damages (LAD) = RM10m

Impairment of Goodwill = RM20m

Allowance for impairment of Investment property = RM10m

Contingent LAD increased by RM3m in Q4 to RM45m

Revenue from property segment = RM24m (11m Q4 2018)

Losses on Property segment = RM29m (25m Q4 2018 after adjusting for 50m BG loss).



Effects of one off impairments

After adjusting for impairment of goodwill (20m) and investment property (10m), the property segment actually reported a profit of RM1m.

Accelerated assets impairments though affecting current profit reporting, it decreases future amortisation and depreciation expenses which improves future profit.


Profit before tax

Without the non-cash one off items of impairments of goodwill, receivables and investment property, the loss before tax of 12m would have been a profit before tax of 29m which is higher than the 17m PBT in Q3 2019 and the 2m (adjusted for the 50m BG loss) PBT in Q4 2018.


What would be the profit attributable to ordinary equity holders of the parent (Jaks) if the one off impairments were taken out?

It would be RM44m (18m + 11m + 30m/2) in Q4 2019


Why is there a loss after tax of RM15m but a profit attributable to ordinary equity holders of the parent (Jaks) of RM18m ? 

This is because 49% of the RM29m losses in property segment belongs to minority interests, and 100% of RM27m construction profit belongs to Jaks. On the group basis, there is a loss of RM15m but when computing the profit attributable to Jaks you have to deduct the property losses attributable to the minority interests. In general, shareholders of Jaks are only concerned with the profit attributable to Jaks only, which is RM18m in Q4 2019.




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5354_ ESOS RM 1.4 why not exercised when TP RM 5?
28/02/2020 12:00 AM
probability To all Jaks shareholders, see what was MFCB's earnings and cash flow for qtr Sept 19 which was announced on 18th Nov and the price it was trading then.

Also, see how market reacted on 19 Nov. Do not allow opportunist to buy from you cheap.

DJ can collapse, coronavirus can become a pandemic, malaysian politics and country economy can go down the drain...

But nothing can stop the Vietnam power plant from generating power.

...that's REAL and for bloody 25 years.
28/02/2020 12:03 AM
gemfinder Cakap apa pun x guna. Contra kakis wil rush to the exit door
28/02/2020 5:01 AM
Netx_Buy_Call_2_Cent_now_1_cent wow. dow Jones drop 1.1k....
28/02/2020 5:02 AM
HawkEyes After look in deep on Jaks Q419 quarter result, this quarter result is better than I expected. In fact suppose there are 44 Mils net profit report in this quarter if take out all one off impairments. It means that coming quarter result is getting better and better after deduct one off impairments in this quarter. Jaks prospect is excellent.
28/02/2020 8:29 AM
HawkEyes If base on 44 Mils this quarter result, the forward PE is just 905/(44*4)=5.14. The most important thing is Jaks future prospect is excellent.
28/02/2020 8:33 AM
VincentTang Dow Jones future rebound sharply now.
28/02/2020 8:48 AM
bankrupt 1.2 not 5.
28/02/2020 11:39 AM
kalteh Thanks a bunch in explaining why Jaks shareholders reports a profit when in total, there is lost. Very much appreciated.
28/02/2020 3:40 PM
DK66 kalteh, You are welcome. I m glad that you have a new knowledge.
28/02/2020 3:55 PM
newbie8080 Can see everyone is quite focus on the current quarter results.
I think the power plant results from the new income stream would superceed the property biz once the power plant is fully commission and running at its optimal capacity.
This power plant should generate income more stable than MFCB as MFCB will encounter dry season.
Besides, we know Vietnam is another manufacturing power house after China and needs stable source of energy.
Additionally, due to the trade war between China and US, many manufacturers had diverted their plants over to Vietnam.
Note: Most info can be found on CNN, CNBC, etc
28/02/2020 5:01 PM
probability Adding more than 4300 MW to electricity sources in 2020



In 2020, it is expected that the total capacity of the new power source will be put into operation at only 4,329 MW while the special load growth rate in the peak months of the dry season will require a lot of effort. There is a big demand for electricity in meeting the electricity demand for socio-economic development and production and daily life of people.

According to the prediction of Vietnam Electricity (EVN), in 2020, the electricity production of the whole system will be 261.456 billion kWh, an increase of 8.97%, of which, electricity production and purchase of EVN is 251 , 6 billion kWh; maximum capacity (Pmax) reached 41,237MW, an increase of 7.81% compared to 2019.

EVN said that, based on the calculation of electricity supply - demand in 2020, it is the task of ensuring electricity supply, ensuring power supply. the 2020 dry season will face many difficulties and challenges, especially in the context of unfavorable weather.

Compared with the approved electricity system operation plan, there are some concerns, such as: the expected hydroelectricity output is lower than 2.67 billion kWh due to the water flow to the hydroelectric reservoirs. 65% lower than frequency; gas output for electricity generation continues to decrease; The electricity generated from gas sources is expected to be 408 million kWh lower than planned.

Meanwhile, the total new power capacity expected to come into operation in 2020 is only 4,329 MW, including: Hai Duong BOT Thermal Power 1,200 MW; 1,138 MW hydroelectricity; wind power of 118 MW; solar power 1,873 MW. Coal and gas thermal power sources will have to mobilize maximum continuously in the dry season as well as the whole year 2020, no more provisions.

Therefore, the electricity system has many potential risks of not ensuring electricity supply in case of risks of fuel source.
To ensure adequate supply of electricity for socio-economic development, in addition to sources mobilized from hydroelectricity, coal-fired thermal power, gas, renewable energy, ... the electricity industry is expected to mobilize up to 3,397 billion kWh from power sources. It is expected to mobilize about 3,153 billion kWh of oil-fired thermal power sources in the dry season (from March to June) in the dry season.

In fact, EVN had to mobilize oil thermoelectricity right in January to regulate and keep hydropower plants to ensure adequate supply of electricity for the load demand. EVN is also expected to increase mobilization from coal-fired thermal power sources of 1.9 billion kWh, mainly from new coal-fired thermal power plants (thermal power plants) and those currently undergoing pilot operation. Combustion is also an important component, the percentage of participation in the source structure is about 13% in capacity and 18% in output.

To overcome these difficulties, EVN has directed its member units to concentrate on ensuring electricity supply for six months of the dry season 2020, without leaving electricity shortages in all situations. To ensure the progress of investment in power source and grid projects on schedule, with priority given to projects completed in the first six months of 2020, especially key projects supplying electricity to the South, TP Hanoi and other important loads.

Take the initiative in reviewing the situation of investment in power grid projects according to the planning and annual plans to make adjustments suitable to actual needs, meeting the needs of new power transmission and power supply of investors. from.Focusing on directing the National Load Dispatch Center to regularly update input parameters such as additional charge, hydrology, fuel supply, source schedule, ..., calculating the balance between electricity supply and demand to promptly report to the Group. At the same time, optimally operating the electricity system, getting ready for power supply plans and handling options when incidents occur; rational arrangement for maintenance of units in 2020.

Accordingly, EVN has assigned plans for thermal power plants (thermal power plants) on a monthly basis and for the whole 2020 to enable units to proactively prepare operation plans. and prepare the fuel. At the same time, it is required that the thermal power plants must ensure the dry season output (the number of hours of operation is more than 4,000 hours) and the annual output (the number of hours of operation is more than 7,200 hours).
28/02/2020 7:01 PM
probability Key takeaway from above article:

Hai Duong is major contributor for 2020 - 28% of the inadequate supply needed by EVN and they ere expecting minimum 7200 hrs operation.
28/02/2020 7:01 PM
probability also:

It is required that the thermal power plants must ensure the dry season output (the number of hours of operation is more than 4,000 hours)
28/02/2020 7:04 PM
DK66 Probability, thanks for the info
28/02/2020 7:07 PM
probability Important extract from DK66's article:

What would be the profit attributable to ordinary equity holders of the parent (Jaks) if the one off impairments were taken out?

It would be RM44m (18m + 11m + 30m/2) in Q4 2019

28/02/2020 7:08 PM
kalteh DK66, may I know how can you derive the losses after tax for non-controlling interest of 32m for this quarter?
As you stated, NCI accounts for 49% of the losses in property segment which is 29m before tax. How does that figure goes to loss of 32m after tax?
28/02/2020 9:08 PM
DK66 Kalteh, it is good that you spotted the abnormally. It get complicated to explain. I was only using 49% as a general guideline as Jaks owns 51% of its major property arm, island circle development. However, do note that Jaks had a few dealings with its subsidiary where Jaks purchased car parks, residential and commercial units from its subsidiary at below book value. These transactions resulted in losses incurred at subsidiary level but no effect on group level. Thus, the share of losses by non controlling interests is actually greater than 49%.

Apart from property losses, there are investment holdings and share plan expenses as well as taxation with non controlling interests.
28/02/2020 9:35 PM
kalteh I see, thank you for the explanations. I presumed you got this from last year annual report?
28/02/2020 9:38 PM
DK66 From the company announcements to bursa malaysia
28/02/2020 9:41 PM
kalteh Okay, got it. Thanks for your time and sharing!
28/02/2020 9:55 PM
DK66 you are welcome
28/02/2020 10:06 PM

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