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Nitrile glove price increases so rapidly in UK - Koon Yew Yin (Please give comments here)

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As I always say a picture is worth a thousand words. The 2 pictures show that the price of 100 Nitrile gloves shot up from 14.99 pounds to 18.99 pounds, 13% increase in 17 days in UK.

The price increase is pure profit because it does not involve production cost. Based on this rapid price increase, all the glove makers should be making more and more profit continuously until Covid 19 pandemic is under control. That is why all the glove makers share prices are going up higher and higher.

It is still not too late to buy glove stocks. 

When can a vaccine be used?

Currently Vaccine is being tested on a few volunteers. Later it must be tested on several hundred of coronavirus sick patients. Then it must be tested on ordinary people who are not sick. Many scientists predicted that it will take at least another year before a vaccine is finally approved by FDA.


Currently there are 16.236 million Covid 19 cases and 649,156 deaths. These 2 figures are still rising as shown by the above charts. As a result, the demand for gloves will continue to exceed supply and glove prices will continue to go up higher and higher.


Based on this new information, all glove shares should go up higher and higher. I hope this article will help investors to make good decision to make more money. The best strategy is to buy and wait patiently until Covid 19 pandemic is under control.

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gemfinder Same old story. Asp
26/07/2020 11:19 PM
supersaiyan3 Well, Moderna vaccine stage III tested on 30,000 persons, one of the China vaccine is tested on 20,000 person. That's not "a few" for sure.

For your information, vaccines already being mass produced. Once a vaccine is being approved, then vaccines can be distributed immediately.

I am not saying glove is not good, however providing accurate information is of utmost importance.

Bear in mind there are more than 160 coronavirus vaccines being develop, even Indonesia got their own vaccine development program. And quite a few of them are showing satisfactory result. +it is heavily subsidies by governments around the world.

I am not saying glove is not good, but invest in a portfolio according to your ability is the right path to financial freedom. Haven't you notice quite a few of the SAILANG people have disappear from the forum? And quite a few of the blogger/sifu have disappear/change name?

Nobody knows the future, just in case the wind turn against you, you can still keep your underwear.

Not everyone can go drive grab and live a second chance.
26/07/2020 11:30 PM
stockraider Beside Vaccine they are also Drugs that is developed by many to treat the symptom of covid19 mah....!!

A good drug...may also kill covid19....making people not afraid of the pendemic loh...!!
27/07/2020 12:02 AM
gohkimhock The same product can be sold by numerous sellers quoting wide range of prices in e-commerce. Try it in Shopee or Lazada.
27/07/2020 12:49 AM

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