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Pccs Pccs Pccs !!! Hidden Gem !!!

Author: boomkilikala   |  Publish date: Thu, 9 Dec 2021, 2:49 PM

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First of all, today our topic Is PCCS Group Berhad !!!


Pccs Group was founded at year 1973, it is a diversified investment holding group that majors in textile industry. The group has more than 4000 employees, more than 20 wholly owned and holding companies and a number of state level high-tech and international standardization companies. Their main Headquater located a Johor. For the textile business , it had factory in china , cambodia , hongkong!


PCCS Group current mission and vision is to " make investments create a better world and great platform with happy stakeholders" !


Garments manufaturing: is the largest business segment under PCCS Group Berhad ! Main factory is in Cambodia , China and Hong kong !  Below is the clients of PCCS'  apparel business :



In year 1987 , it was another major step to set up Mega Label in Johor (Label & packaging). In year 2000, it set up another factory at central and northern region ,and thereafter set up another factory in Cambodia !

Below is the Clients of PCCS ' label and packaging business :


Medical Business:

In Year 2020, PCCS had diversified its business into healthcare industry by entering into strategic cooperation with world known medical device and technology developers to develop the Asia Pacific medical device market. For this purpose , PCCS had set up subsidiaries  La Prima Medicare Pte Ltd (Singapore) and La Prima Medtech Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) .

Singapore and Malaysia will act as the deployment center of medical technologies within the Asia-Pacific region. with PCCS extensive experience with conducting business within the Asia Pacific Region for many years, it had accumulated a profound understanding and strong influence over many different  market segments. Pccs hope to promote beneficial medical device technologies that can benefit more people.


Refer the full link article:



La Prima is currently focus on bringing in innovative products to help people who suffer from Cardiovascular . 

"Swide" is a rapid exchange PTCA Balloon Catheter with a drug (Paclitaxel) releasing system for the treatment of in-stent restenosis. " Swide" is designed to improve the lumen diameter and to also reduce restenosis.


The strengthen as :




For the medical business, they are currently in the midst of applying for medical device registration with the authorities in countries such as Vietnam ,Indonesia, Thailand , Malaysia and Singapore. They are optimistic that they are able to complete the registration at least 1 of the countries before the end of  financial year ending march 2022!



Used Car Loan and Insurance Business:

In year 2021, PCCS group had start hire purchase business with a join venture basis with holding 80% as stakeholder!!!

PCCS diversify into used car financing and Insurance business.

Can refer the full link :




And Now :


This is the past 5 year result , company is maintain a positive yearly net profit , even during covid 19 pandemic year 2021. For year 2022 still have 2 quarter . Look at the fundamental of PCCS Group:





EPS: 3.55 , PE : 12, Dividend Yield:2.41% , ROE: 4.56 , NTA 0.77 

Total Share issue : 214mil 

Current price :RM 0.415 . 


With the diversified to medical business and used car loan business, what do u think for the coming future ???



Year 2020 & 2021 , Director buy buy back the share at the range of RM0.42 to RM0.52 . 



The price is in sideway trend, with the positive company growth and looking in future profit , we strongly believe the price will breakthrough RM0.6 and heading to RM1 !!!

(Total Share issue 214mil + Growing Company + Car loan business + Medical business+ Garment Business)



Important Notice:

Projection is base on estimation and Im not responsible for the accuracy of data provided. Please be informed , Im not a professional or certified analyst. Im not a licensed consultant, just a normal retailer investor. Im just sharing my ideas and opinion on the market outlook. Any company mentioned should not be interpreted as a buy/sell/trade call. Please do your own research and buy/sell/trade at your own risk !!!



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Keep Calm and Invest !!!











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Ramssol Ramssol Ramssol !!!

Author: boomkilikala   |  Publish date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021, 2:21 PM

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First of all , Today our topic is Ramssol Group !!!


Ramssol group is South east Asia Human Resource Solutions Provider !!!

They started in 2010 with the establishment of Ram Solutions, offering innovative solutions in the field of Human Capital Management.


Their unique approach of harnessing the power of people allowed them to grow accross Singapore , Thailand  , Indonesia and Vietnam.


In Year 2017, they chartered a milestone which they started the R & D in collaboration with a professor from UMCH Technology sdn bhd for developement of FEET'S, a mobile application designed to help employers build and cultivate an engaging workforce.



Vision and Mission of the company:

For Organizations : Driving employee engagement & Business strength through creative platforms that encourages borderless interaction. It also encourage clients to upskill employees, preparing clients and people to be ready for digital transformation !!!


For Investors :  Fast growing with year on year revenue, create strong brand profile with diversified products and solutions that complement each other!!!


For People: Aim to passionate  about people empowerment through technology !!!



Lets make a quick summary for the Ramssol Group Digital System !!!







They are reseller of Lark , Sage , Oracle , etc...


Lark: is a essential collaboration tools in a single interconnected platform, including chat, calendar, creation and cloud storage.  These function are always in sync ! can live stream a meeting to millions employee , make easy your team management !


Sage Easy Pay : is a HR & payroll software. It is trusted by over  18,000 businesses ranging from SMEs to MNCs in the region.



Oracle: is a complete solution connecting everhy human resources process from hire to retire - including global HR, talent management, workforce mangement and payroll !!! Everything is provided within common business process,  with a single underlying data model and a single system of record !






Zoom : Can meeting syns with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop, mobile and dedicated Zoom for Home Devices !!!



And Now !!! what is Feet'S ???


Feet's : is an employee engagement mobile app designed with various features that help to nurture better relationships at workplace amongs managers and peers and cultivate healthier working environment !!!



Can refer this link to further know more about Feet's




Feet's clients base are below :






And many more clients to come  !!!


Think of above Apps and software, Think of Ramssol Group !!!


Lets talk about Group Managing Director , Cllement Tan Chee Seng , holds a Bachelors' in Information Technology from Queensland University. He design and implement of HCM Solutions, and establish Rams Malaysia & Singapore at year 2010. Over the years, he has expanded Ramssol range of HCM offerings their business in presence in more countries like Vietnam , Thailand and Indonesia which have position them as a regional HCM Solution and technology specialist in Southeast Asia !!! He is young and energetic ,he are Malaysia top 20 young Entrepreneur in 2019, and get the BrandLaureate Brandleadership E Branding award & most admirable Young Leader at year 2020 !!! In year 2021, he had successful listed Ramssol Group !!! and Ramssol is the 1st Human Resource Technology Company listed in year 2021 !!!








Ramssol Group Berhad is optimistic about its growth prospects in light of the rapid pace of workplace digital transformation, which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and technology provider, en route to be listed on the Ace market on July 13,  they will use part of its RM25.1mil initial public offering (IPO) procees to fund its business expansion into the Philippines (RM2.5mil) within the next 24 months, as well as growing its relatively new HCM Technology application (RM6.3mil) unit in South -East Asia.


From the IPO proceeds, RM4.1mil will be for research and development (R&D) expenditure, RM7.6mil for working capital and the balance RM4.6mil for listing expenses.


Ramssol plans to focus on the provision of HCM and Student management solutions as well as HCM technology applications in the Philippines.


Refer the link to full article:





The company had on 1 November 2021 entered into a Business Collaboration Agreement with Impiana Hotels Berhad (IMPIANA)

for the collaboration in promoting the levy utilisation of companies subscribing tp Human Resources Developemnt Corporation (HRD Corp) Training (Collaboration)


Refer the link for full article:





Ramssol group expected to have revenue of RM100mil for above 2 years Cooperation !!!




This is the past 2 quarter result of Ramssol Group !!!


we can foresee Ramssol is in their growing trend, so what the next ???!!!



For the latest chart,  we can see the price range is between 0.75 to 0.95. Currenlty it is sideway trend, but we strongly believe it will going up and form a uptrend stock !!!


with (current total share issue only 223 mil + Superb management team + Growing company ), short term wises, we can foresee the price to break RM0.95 heading to midterm RM1.50 !!!


Important Notice:


Projection is base on estimation and Im not a responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. Please be informed, Im not a professional or certified analyst. Im not a licensed consultant, just a normal retailer investor. Im just sharing my ideas and opinion on the market outlook. Any company mentioned should not be interpreted as a buy/sell/trade call.  Please do your own  research and buy/sell/trade at your own risk !!!


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Keep Calm And Invest !!!










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Rex Rex Rex !!!

Author: boomkilikala   |  Publish date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021, 7:23 PM

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First of all , today our topic is Rex Industry Berhad !!!


Rex was incorporated on 26 November 1993 as a private limited company under the Companies Act 1965.

It was converted to a public limited company on 16 February 1994 and adopted its present name. Rex was listed on the Second Board of Bursa Securities on 29 November 1995.

Rex Group is involved in manufacturing of canned food, beverage and confectionary products. Rex Canning Co. Sdn Bhd a wholly owned subsidiary of Rex was founded in 1965 and has since grown into a leading manufacturer and exporter of halal canned productsfrozen food and beverages company in MalaysiaPT Rex Canning Indonesia began commercial operations in August 1992; the principal activities are manufacturing and exporting of canned processed seafood. PT Rex Canning operates under stringent standards set by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia. The majority of PT Rex’s canned seafood is exported to the US and EU.


Vision & Mission of the company is to provide high quality food and beverage products at affordable price !!!




Base on the annual report , we can see the revenue contribution 50% is from  Malaysia, 40% is from United Stated and Europe and balance 10% is from Asia country. 


Rex’s profits for the financial year ended June 30, 2021 (FY21) would have been higher, according to the group.

And within the next three years, Rex aims to double its revenue from RM160.54mil in FY21.

The group believes this is achievable as it introduces new products, boosts its production capacity, expands the client base and partners with more large-scale retailers.


Rex’s export sales, which have increased since the pandemic and currently contribute 50% of total sales, are also expected to contribute more to the topline.


Mr Darmendran (Managing director ) says Rex will expand into more profitable and high-demand product segments such as mushroom soup, pasta sauce, UHT milk and santan.


Moving forward, Rex continues to target the bottom 40% (B40) income earners that are mostly out of the Klang Valley.

Currently, 80% to 90% of Rex’s total sales come from outside of the Klang Valley.


Refer the link for full article:







This is the latest chart , last week had break the resistance 0.25 . Currently 0.28, is the highest share price since year 2020.


We can foresee Rex group is in growing trend with the company expansion, Rex aims to double its revenue from RM160.54mil in FY21   within the next three years!!! so what the next???





At the current price of 0.28, (break through year high +Director buying momentum  + company growing trend). Short term we can foresee the price to break through 0.33 and mid term to 0.5 as a target price!!!


Importance Notice :

Projection is based on estimation and I am not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided, Please b informed, I am not a professional or certified analyst. Im not a licensed consultant, just a normal retail investor. Im just sharing my ideas and opinion on the market outlook. Any company mentioned should not b interpreted as a buy/sell/trade call. Please do your own research and buy/sell/trade at your own risk !!!


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Keep Calm and Invest !!!




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