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Ooi Kak Hwa: The share market will be extremely bullish!

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Mr Ooi Kak Hwa

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dusti Hope u r right buoy
14/04/2017 13:12
YF24 the bull lost direction again : )
14/04/2017 13:16
speakup this was in January right?
14/04/2017 13:47
stncws another monster in the making
14/04/2017 15:00
Octopus ... wrong post, wrong time...
bullish to crash on bear spread..
14/04/2017 15:10
Subrie He bet big time in sumatec when he told us during one of the seminar in 2015. Now look at sumatec. woot
14/04/2017 16:42
hpcp Ooi Kok Hwa la
14/04/2017 17:20
Bluey With his rep. He should go to North Korea, and don't come back. Cannot bullshit here
14/04/2017 17:28
choop818 Speaking of cycles, it makes sense. This correction may be a good entry point. Expect a `sling shot' reaction.
14/04/2017 17:38
excelyou hoping the 2 years
14/04/2017 17:45
CharlesT Who the hell is this guy? Otb's bro?
14/04/2017 17:48
dusti PEEPLE will continue to do this simply on the belief that " People get lucky sometime" Then there will be followers who will call him sifu and the like. Care to try?
14/04/2017 18:07
stncws kenanga boys !!
14/04/2017 18:27
Albert Baker there is no guarantee on what he said, as usual yes or no
14/04/2017 18:32
stockmanmy He is 001...who is 002?
14/04/2017 19:09
PlsGiveBonus Gotta like the optimism
14/04/2017 19:12
kahsoon888 Sohai
14/04/2017 20:21
kingcobra crab!
14/04/2017 20:28
lizi hahaha...i still remember one fund manager in SG shouted very loud last time during end 2010 that STI will hit 3800 by end 2011. I can't remember STI ever cross 3500 since his shouting. hantam kuat kuat also need to see what u hantam.
14/04/2017 21:02
YF24 If this sunday north korea cancel test the nuclear ....market will continue bullish de.... : )

Hopefully world peace
God bless u ....Namo amithuofo
14/04/2017 21:43
Ntpboon Relax, just for laugh..................

14/04/2017 22:05
stockmanmy the guys says extremely bullish just in time to see market come down.....lol.

a reactionary, not a balance view.
14/04/2017 22:29
pussycats 0oi Kak Hwa: The share market will be extremely bullish! Ooi Kak Hwa = OTB younger brother ???

Me:→ Nobody knows how bullish is the stock market. Or else everyone is millionaire oredi la. kikiki Kikiki according to AyamTua
15/04/2017 10:11
anticonman Ooi Kak Hwa a conman?

Posted by Subrie > Apr 14, 2017 04:42 PM | Report Abuse
He bet big time in sumatec when he told us during one of the seminar in 2015. Now look at sumatec. woot
15/04/2017 10:13
15/04/2017 10:14
anticonman After his seminar stock market drop non-stop how to trust him?
15/04/2017 10:15
Greedless he just didnt see the mother of all bomb coming. haha. Give him some time
15/04/2017 10:38
stockmanmy He is a better salesman than analyst.
15/04/2017 12:56
pussycats ;-)
16/04/2017 08:11
stockraider Thunbs up for Ooi Kak Hwa for bullish loh....!!
Very few people dare to express direct clear n precise stock market view, Mr Ooi is one of the very few exception loh...!!

So Even u r skeptical, disagree with this man, u must respect this man for his daring direct clear honest expression of mkt direction loh...!!
16/04/2017 10:43
TongKee Yam He must be a millionaire already.
16/04/2017 11:58
pang72 Ya buy more tomorrow.. To 2000
16/04/2017 12:00
EWTrader I totally agree with him based on EW analysis, we are now a bullish sw3 with more to come.
16/04/2017 12:04
koi koh very informative, good job
16/04/2017 13:42
wonderlust33e The speaker is very bullish and funny also.
16/04/2017 14:14
greatful The only thing i do not agree is property share will up soon, but he said don't know when. From my non-professional point of view, the property is oversupply including the affordable home. Property stock price will only possibly up in mid of 2018.
16/04/2017 15:11
Zenithopia When was the talk taking place?
16/04/2017 15:24
Zenithopia But Global sentiment unpredictable, NK launching anytime would cause a crash.
16/04/2017 15:24
Zenithopia But he got a point. DT is a tychoon businessman, i believe he knows the calculations well for a win win situation.
16/04/2017 15:26
pussycats Vry interesting.
16/04/2017 16:34
YF24 Malaysia will launch a MOAB soon : )
MOAB = Mother Of All Bullish
16/04/2017 18:16
3101575000 good talk, interesting!!
16/04/2017 23:33
stncws The Stock market will be extremely bullshit!
16/04/2017 23:38
Albert Baker Very positive, good info for investor. Hopefully will happen for this year, at least
17/04/2017 16:32
Sam Sam 大选后你就知pokai!
17/04/2017 19:07
Contender Ooi Kok Hwa..... talk was in April 8, 2017
21/04/2017 15:25
dompeilee CR AAA P! LOL
25/09/2018 18:09


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