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Do you think this RyanC launches a campaign of personal attack on me ?

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Dear value readers, 

Below are the comments of RyanC written in my article, do you think he is launching a compaign of personal attack on me ?

A few questions ask here.

Did RyanC contribute more articles than me ?  Ans : No

Did RyanC contribute educational program to help readers in I3 ? Ans : No

Did RyanC takes part in I3 competition ? Ans : No, not brave to take part and Kiasu.

Did RyanC shows better competition result than me ? Ans : No. Hence he has no standard to bad mouth me.

Did RyanC helps I3 investors to make money by recommending good and profitable stock ? Ans : No.

I have all records in I3 to show my winning records.

I still like to repeat my records in I3. 
2013 - 104% ROI 
2014 - 61% ROI 
2015 - 129% ROI 

Am I better than him in term of investment ? Ans : Yes.

Hence RyanC has no standing to attack me unless he is better than me.

All valued readers, please judge yourself on the moral value of RyanC.

Thank you.


Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 10:01 AM Report Abuse 

When loss say outstanding performance. Another piece of crap. Hahahahaha

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 10:02 AM Report Abuse 

This yr is bad year for the Holland Sifu bcos his Feng Shui no good.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:02 PM Report Abuse 

Past history is no guarantee of future performance. Why blow ur horn on past results? Ppl only interested in current results. If ur previous results were so good then all who followed u will become millionaire and nobody will curse u but is that the case? Nobody put a gun to ur head and ask u to recommend any stocks. If u r that good u shld hv said this year is not good to invest - put ur money in FD - then nobody will curse u but since u open ur big mouth - now u hv to live with it.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:04 PM Report Abuse 

What moral value? Cheating newbies is considered noble?

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:09 PM Report Abuse 

Holland Sifu is acting like Sour Grapes now bcos he lose .... and LOSE BIG. He has lost the contest, lost face, lost business and lost new suckers for his lousy pump and dump stocks. Hahahaha

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:15 PM Report Abuse 

Idiots, big liars, sour grapes - is that the extent of ur vocabulary Mr Holland Sifu? Seems u r not so gracious in defeat. Hahahahaha

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:20 PM Report Abuse 

Holland Sifu - Please continue your lies. 

Thank you. 

Holland Sifu can lie but chart never lies.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:24 PM Report Abuse 

Now calling ppl stupid idiot - very limited vocabulary for a Sifu ... that is why u r Sifu from Holland.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:34 PM Report Abuse 

Yes, the pump and dump game has been exposed. Now just need to pass this info to SC to investigate then .... ??? We see lah.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 04:56 PM Report Abuse 

Nobody come to defend him so now he call to God .... but did God come to defend him? NO - cos he is a big stupid liar.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 14, 2016 06:01 PM Report Abuse 

His Feng Shui 'eroded' by all the big lies he tells and the con game he plays. Karma is out to F*** his backside now.

Posted by RyanC > Jun 15, 2016 01:51 PM Report Abuse 

Boast, boast, boast, con, con, con and call ppl names. That is what the Holland Sifu is known for.





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hpcp In his previous posting http://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/OoiTeikBee/98294.jsp, he said "I had made it in my life in last 3 years, those want to learn from me, you are always welcome. Those want to bad mouth me, please do not waste your effort because I just ignore your remarks here. I could not care what you said because all facts and records are in I3 to prove my capability. "

He is actually still very much disturbed by others' comments
15/06/2016 4:08 PM
Tom Tee Mr Ooi, in share market we only has a common opponent, that is share market. as long as I can earn money/beat the market, who want to care about others?
15/06/2016 7:39 PM
RyanC U forgot to add my latest comments. Aiya, how can u?
15/06/2016 8:29 PM
RyanC Since 2013 I already started commenting. Now the truth comes out. So many ppl saying the same thing and I only have one ID - not using any fake IDs.
15/06/2016 8:31 PM
RyanC Post removed. Why?
15/06/2016 8:33 PM
smalltimer Dear Mr Ooi,

I pity you since you have been under siege by the forum readers.

Is there any particular reason(s) for this bad mouthing?

I was a follower of this forum and your recommendations. I am still holding PJD-WC.
Loss my savings on this.
16/06/2016 11:06 AM
_OptimusPrime_ Otb. Now is june 2016
U said very bullish mkt for first half 2016. How much damages ypu bring to all your believers?
16/06/2016 11:11 AM
Fam Jenny Many years ago,my friend and her friends became the students of a self claimed expert and chartist,she lost all the proceeds from the sale of bungalow in Bangsa and so were so friends under him who may be a conman.Fortunately,I stayed away from them and invested in properties instead and made some money.
16/06/2016 11:23 AM
Fam Jenny Correction:......so were her friends under him ....
16/06/2016 11:28 AM
Fam Jenny To me there are many organised conmen in Bursa under disguise of investors or advisers to persuade you to buy this and that after they had bought cheap.So be careful with your hard-earned money or life saving once is lost you will find life is tough.
16/06/2016 11:35 AM
OTB Posted by shinado > Jun 16, 2016 10:42 AM | Report Abuse

I am going to write a fair comment here and I am not gonna side with anyone.

Let's take a look at the returns of OTB's portfolio for the past few years (all figures as claimed by OTB himself):

Assume you start with RM 100,000.00.

2013 - 104% ROI - Your total value is now RM 204,000.00.
2014 - 61% ROI - Your total value is now RM 328,440.00.
2015 - 129% ROI - Your total value is now RM 752,128.00.
2016 - -21% ROI (based on current result) - Your total value is now RM 594,181.00.

Yes, in year 2016 you have a bad year with around RM 150,000.00 being wiped off from your total value. But you still end up with almost 6 times your original investment value. CAGR or Compounded Annual Growth Rate is 81.12% over the period of 3 years which is very impressive.

So it shows one thing; one year of bad result is nothing. The most important thing in investing is consistency. If you have 1 bad year but 9 more good years, does it means your result is bad? No.

Then again, no one thus far can keep such high returns over a long period of time (20 - 50 years). Can OTB continue to perform well each year? We don't know, will have to see it for ourselves. Did OTB cheat his subscribers and prioritize VVIPs? I don't know, I'm not one of his subscribers. Is he being unethical? I don't know the guy and his dealings, I can't tell from my point of view. But I do know his record is still an impressive one.

Only time can tell how well or bad will his performance gets as it goes on. So I suggest we stick to facts and see for ourselves how his performance will be for the next few more years.
16/06/2016 11:45 AM
RyanC Jenny - salute for telling a true story to enlighten readers b4 they end up as suckers to the self proclaimed Sifu. Good Karma for u.
16/06/2016 2:53 PM
RyanC smalltimer - feel sorry for u. Now u know why he is under seige.
16/06/2016 2:54 PM
RyanC Shinado - Yes, indeed 81.12% CAGR is very impressive. So impressive in fact that this "Sifu" should go and boast to Warren Buffett that he beat his record - why waste time boasting here?
16/06/2016 2:59 PM
AK2899 who do you think you 're ? who care who attack who ? as long as can gain profit in stock market else no body will pay tips for losing !
17/06/2016 9:53 AM
cloudtrip OTB can you responsible for those whose join you in end of 2015?
You never respond to the newbie whose join you.
What kind of Sifu??
17/06/2016 10:00 AM
DavideLim Post removed. Why?
19/06/2016 12:38 AM
DavideLim Post removed. Why?
20/06/2016 10:04 AM
RyanC Checkmating market syndicates


SC going after pump-and-dump syndicates. Watch out Sifu from Holland. Hahahahaha
17/07/2016 7:30 PM

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