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It is just a pause. The Covid19 tide rises and so will Topglove.

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I find it odd that we are already talking about TG having reached its max. I would understand if this was mid 2021 and some people were concerned about the vaccine trial results but had not factored the time needed to make the vaccine and to distribute it in a mass vaccination program.

We are still in 2020.

The covid19 numbers globally, the cases per day, isn't falling. It isn't even constant. It is accelerating, rising ever higher. We are breaking the previous records every few days. If we were worried that glove demand has stop increasing while valuation continued to rise, we should have had this conversation in early May. This was when TG quickly jumped from RM7 to RM10, while Covid19 cases had remained constant. I wanted to sell at that time, thinking TG had gotten ahead of itself and Dr Fauci would control the virus. But  President Trump stopped me from making that decision when he said he would reopen the states and GOP governor followed suit. I then knew that after 3 weeks the virus would start to grow again and so would glove shares.

Now the virus is raging out of control. So this pause is just that a pause like in June. It can't last because the virus won't let it. We pay a lot of attention to the US, because they are loud and are doing insane things with regards to the pandemic. But look elsewhere and the virus is already starting a second wave in countries that had it under control in April and May.


Look at Japan (8% of TG sales), it is now in a second wave that is nearly 2x larger than the first. The situation in India is also rapidly deteriorating. The virus there is spreading as fast as the US during the height of the US pandemic. And worse yet, the pandemic in India is not just accelerating, the rate of acceleration is increasing! In just 15 days, the number of new cases per day in India will exceed the US. The Indian population is more than 4x larger than the US, with 1.35 billion people, allowing the virus far larger room to expend.

Australia is now experiencing a bigger second wave. Then there is Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Philippines, Indonesia Ukraine, Poland, Spain; and the list of nations losing control of their Covid19 outbreaks goes on and on. The sum total of the severity of the situation is reflected by the fact that global covid19 cases per day continues to accelerate. Not stay constant, but to grow ever faster.

There is nothing wrong selling now for a profit. A profit is a profit and nobody can argue against a profit. But for me, I don't see a reason to sell any of my TG holdings. Not during this pause, not until next year, and even then might delay it to 2022. Realistically it would be a year after the vaccine is found before we have the population vaccinated. The virus will not stop just because 200 million people have been vaccinated. That is just a drop in the bucket of humanity that number some 7500 million people, with 130 million new babies born each year.

Covid19 is the driver of the glove market bull run. It is as simple as that. The virus is honest and it will try its hardest to infect as many people as possible. As the human population is naive to the virus,so natural selection and evolution have selected for a new strain of SARS-Cov2 (G strain) that spreads even better (6x more contagious) than the original (@ D strain) in Wuhan, China. And every month of delay just gives the virus more time to mutate and be selected for improved adaptation to infect humans (and cats).

The glove bull run in glove is driven not by something as fickle as a fad, or fashion or even a market tulip mania. It is driven by the laws of biology, a virus spreading into a naïve population and medical health workers who while willing to do their duty to the human race, are unwilling to die cheaply.



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probability ok - pause for TG, fast-forward for Super
01/08/2020 8:58 PM
Iewis888 Couldn't agree more
02/08/2020 4:08 PM
PureBULL ... HARTA's QR likely is announced this week on Wed Aug 5th + n -.
It will provide the driving force for big GLOVES to fly high, like Carepls did for small gloves .,.

Have ready the tickets to watch the glove.flying.show .,.
Attention: glove stocks r just in GLOVE.ROUND.2 .,,,. yes at ROUND 1.5 today

a. 1st half of ROUND 2, the QUANTUM beginning
Harta was 1st to take off, followed 2 days later by Topglov n Supermx on next day.
b. 2nd half of ROUND 2, now starting
Again Harta was 1st to take off.
Would faithful team.players Topglov n Supermx follow closely ?


Look it up n calculate the PAT forecast under peer comparison for FY 20 n super high for FY 21.
U will know distinctly which r " The Most Undervalued GLOVE stocks "
03/08/2020 4:18 AM
chl1989 harta results wont be as good as u expected
03/08/2020 7:49 PM
chl1989 spm n tg results will be excellent
03/08/2020 7:49 PM

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