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Protasco Bhd Chong’s RM4.2bil road contract MACC case in the line, after DBKL RM4.4bil River of Live probe? The Edge Coverup

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5 February 2019, Petaling Jaya: The Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) probe on 20 DBKL officers mark the investigation to the center of obvious corruption in Malaysia reminds the Rakyat of the largest public looting factory - Protasco Bhd (Bursa 5070).

The latest probe on DBKL before JKR raised concerns if there is any corruption within the corrupted system still cripple the country evidence that the elephant in the room (Protasco Bhd under Executive Director Chong Ket Pen’s illegal control) still covered nicely after Pakatan Harapan 8 months in office.

The long anticipated corruption probe in the ill-gotten RM4.2 billion JKR contract awarded to Protasco on April 2018, a month before General election in May 2018, prompt the already distrust of the people of Malaysia on the MACC priorities in reviewing corrupted cartel and cronies in the “public affair looting tea party”. Market concern if corrupted money could actually prolong the procecution of the “elite criminals” and became the new normal.

On December 2018, sources linked to MACC and Protasco Bhd management confirmed the leaked cover ups, prompt alarming signals to the ministry that the star culprit (Protasco Bhd’s Chong Ket Pen) was covered in Menuju Asas Sdn Bhd corruption probe, while the “Finger Pointing and Blame Diverting” which hit the ex rulling party’s member of the supreme council (Azeez) became the scapegoat.

How long can Chong Ket Pen hides behind Protasco Bhd to cover up the obvious elephant in the room will depends on how soon MACC uncover the obvious. Certain MACC officers instead might be in the list of investigation for the prolong of the probe on the largest money laundring machine in Malaysia history. Pakatan Harapan integrity and performance shall be judged when the clean up of these garbage money laundering machines and the parasites running the circus are done timely.

While the small flies were probed, the people of Malaysia expect the big elephants shall be captured soon before the country is damaged beyond repairable.


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MACC grills 20 DBKL officers over River of Life involvement — report | The Edge Markets

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has questioned 20 Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) officers over their involvement the RM4.4 billion River of Life project, reported The Malaysian Insight

These officers were involved in the wastewater treatment plant, clearing of debris from KL’s rivers, maintaining riverbanks and other undertakings related to the rejuvenation project.

They were believed to have been bribed by some contractors, and will be transferred out after the Chinese New Year holidays next week.

This follows a report quoting KL mayor Datuk Nor Hisham Ahmad Dahlan as saying the commission is investigating 20 DBKL personnel who were believed to have leaked information over a RM60 million contract.

He said the officers were all from the same department and had been transferred out to prevent interference into investigations which are underway.

Meanwhile, Federal Territories Minister Khalid Samad said a “cartel” of contractors and DBKL officers are monopolising projects, whereby the same group of contractors are awarded contracts.

He said the ministry was going to break the cartel up by reviewing projects and tenders approved for projects in KL. — EdgeProp.my

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calvintaneng Sorry for Prostasco

I made a wrong call

Please sell & get out of protasco now!
06/02/2019 12:39
speakup speakup hold Prtasco long time ago. now no more
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