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Maybulk Intro

The MBC Group is the largest drybulk shipowner in Malaysia engaged in international shipping. The MBC Group presently owns and operates a fleet of vessels which includes dry bulk carriers and product tankers.  MBC Group’s vessels are largely tramped on the spot and period markets.

he principal activities of the Group are:-

i) Owners and operators of

   Bulk Carriers ranging from 29,000 DWT (Handysize) to 87,000 DWT 

   MR Tankers ranging from 47,000 DWT to 47,999 DWT; and

ii) Ship management


Source obtain from http://www.maybulk.com.my/index.html


Before i touch some thing about what happend on MAYBULK, let read some news for your better understanding what is happening in shipping industry.


With freight rates low, existing arbitrages settled safely and shipping while always there naturally was no longer perceived to be a crucial factor in opening or closing trade routes.

However, times are changing. In addition to freight already being on a path for recovery due to rising demand, there is an upcoming disruptive regulation from the International Maritime Organization that could upset the apple cart.

The global sulfur cap of 0.5% on marine fuels that that will come into effect on January 1, 2020 is already seen as a perfect storm by the oil and shipping industries as it may cause extreme volatility in bunker prices.

The most likely outcome is a sharp rise in costs for shipowners, and — as in any business — these costs will be passed on to the customer. For anyone involved in seaborne coal trade, this would mean dealing with a dramatic, long-term increase in freight rates.

No easy way out
The new sulfur cap of 0.5% is a sharp drop from the current limit of 3.5% and in simple terms it means that come January 2020, all vessels around the globe will have to burn cleaner and more expensive fuels or take other costly measures to comply.

One way that shipowners could go is using special fuel oil blends, which would fall below the 0.5% cap. However, experts are doubtful that the global refining industry will be able to supply these in sufficient volume and variety in time for 2020.

Otherwise the industry could go straight to burning marine gasoil which many expect will be the most popular option, at least at first.

However, while MGO is compliant and more readily available, it also much more expensive than conventional IFO 380 bunker fuel.

Of course, there are a few alternatives available to shipowners, such as LNG bunkering or exhaust control systems, also known as scrubbers, but both have serious drawbacks.

For example, it takes $3 million-$6 million to install a scrubber on a dry bulk vessel, with costs depending on the size of the ship and the type of the scrubber.

Retrofitting a 5-10 year old ship, given current vessels prices, would therefore be prohibitively expensive.

It is even harder to justify LNG as the global bunkering solution as the infrastructure required to support it is not there yet and the upfront costs for retrofitting ships are even higher.

Who will pick up the bill?
Whichever way the industry moves, one thing is certain — it won’t be cheap. Estimates of how much the extra costs for shipping would be vary widely, ranging from modest a $5 billion to $70 billion a year, which clearly shows how much uncertainty surrounds the whole issue.

This is not just a problem for the shipping industry. Given the sorry state of the freight market, shipowners will not be willing or able to absorb such massive extra costs themselves and will have to pass on the lion’s share to their customers.

This would be people who trade the actual commodity, and the extra bunker fuel bill could be quite substantial, especially on long-haul voyages.

Let us look at a specific example — the coal arbitrage from Colombia to North East Asia. Obviously Columbia is not the biggest player when it comes to this region. Australia and Russia are as they are much closer to the buyers.

However, in both 2016 and 2017, Colombia successfully took a considerable bite out of their market share, selling over 3 million mt a year of bituminous thermal coal to NE Asia.

The graph below compares Australian and Colombian coal prices, including Panamax freight to NE Asia. For the sake of simplicity it is assumed that freight rates on both routes were constant throughout the year.


Source obtain from https://steelguru.com/logistic/imo-2020-a-shipping-regulation-that-may-reshape-global-coal-trade/499669


More information pertaining MAYBULK outlook can be obtain by clicking this linkage.




To my personal point of view, In order to comply the IMO 2020 policy that will significantly increase the cost of operating business for dry bulk shipping vessel. 


“But, there is increasing expectation that ship demolition may increase as some shipowners may be inclined to scrap vessels instead of incurring additional costs for special surveys, installation of ballast water treatment systems and scrubbers to meet the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 sulphur regulations.


Source obtain from https://www.msn.com/en-my/money/topstories/uncertain-outlook-for-shipping-industry-this-year-%E2%80%94-maybulk/ar-BBVC4ua

Recent positive development news : 

1.A new ship-to-ship (STS) marine gas oil (MGO) and marine fuel oil (MFO) storage and supply hub will be built off the Port of Tanjung Pelepas in southern Johor, say sources familiar with the matter. It is touted to be the largest in the world.

The construction cost of the hub — to be developed by little-known KA Petra Sdn Bhd, partnering Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing’s Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd — is estimated at RM500 million, a Hutchison Port official tells The Edge.

“KA Petra has been in the STS business since 2005, providing offshore storage and MGO and MFO supply services between vessels in the waters off Port Klang, Selangor, Tanjung Beruas, Melaka, and Tanjung Pelepas, Johor.


“In Johor, it is one of four operators licensed by the Ministry of Transport to provide STS services to vessels coming to the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) and Port of Singapore,” says the official.

Hutchison Port will have an up to 30% stake in the completed STS hub, the official adds. The project will have a gross development value of RM8 billion to RM12 billion.

A check with the Registrar of Companies shows that KA Petra is a distributor of marine lubricants and provider of shipping and oil and gas-related services. It is almost wholly owned by Datin Lelawati Raffik.

Source obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/newsbreak-li-kashingbacked-venture-build-sts-hub-johor

2. The other component of PIPC is the Petronas’ Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) which is PETRONAS’ largest downstream investment in a single location to date, the development includes the USD 16 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development Project or RAPID. This also involves the USD 11 billion associated facilities consisting of Air Separation Unit, Raw Water Supply, Cogeneration Plant, Regasification Terminal, Deepwater Terminal and Utilities and Facilities. Upon its completion in 2019, PIC will have a refining capacity of 300,000 barrels per day with petrochemical plants yielding an estimated production capacity of 3.6 million tonnes per annum of petrochemical products.[7] The development of PIPC which received full support from the both state government and federal government will also benefit the local community by creating more access to economic opportunities other than the provision of public infrastructure and a complete infrastructure in Pengerang, Johor, PIPC also will create a total of 8,600 jobs in the operational phase by year 2020

Source obtain https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pengerang

Toward completion of Pengerang project, it seem that Port of Tanjung Pelepas need to be expand to cater the need for oil stroage and tank which is well explain in a above manner.

There is some thing to be worry due to argument between the Johor Ruler with Dr. M. To avoid touching sensitive information, you guy can google to find out more pertaining this information.

Financial Snapshot : 

It is very crucial that the coming quarter result release determine MAYBULK have the ability to turnaround. By disspose lost making company POSH, it will help MAYBULK to focus on their core business and having a better cash flow.

Financial Info







SUPPORT : 0.53

RESISTANCE : 0.63 ; 0.68 ; 0.71 ; 0.80

Personal Point of view, there might some hickup if you would to hold this stock as the Pengerang Project beneficiary will kick start by this year or some time around 2020. However, this new new ship-to-ship (STS) marine gas oil (MGO) and marine fuel oil (MFO) storage and supply hub will be built off the Port of Tanjung Pelepas in southern Johor does not specificy mention when it the completion date. However, the entire process may take up several years and go phase by phase. Good news is that global crude oil price is on the recovery mode. Political issues can be resolve as long both party want the best for the Malaysia economy and people which i think should not be a big issue. Baltic Dry Index has been declining and old vessel will be scrap. Indirectly it will lower down the supply in the market as well as asking for higher price. This will take effective by the year 2020. So, to my point of view. 2019 is not yet the year for maybulk. Is just a standby preparation year. We should be seeing more active news coming out for the year 2020.


Malaysia Short-Term Technical Analysis Workshop

Date : 16 April 2019

Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Language: English

Location : Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor

Registration Link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/malaysia-short-term-technical-analysis-workshop-tickets-59892323552?aff=ebdssbdestsearch




日期: 18 April 2019

时间: 2.30p.m- 4.30 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor



大马投资分享会 | Vol .1

日期: 21 April 2019

时间: 1.30p.m- 5.00 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: B-2-13A Plaza Arkadia, No 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa ParkCity




FB : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

Telegram :  https://t.me/steventhee628


免责申明: 以上文章纯属个人意见以及学术性分享,不构成任何买卖建议。在你做出任何买卖之前,建议您和你的股票经纪质询任何投资意见。买卖风险自负

Disclaimer: Above article is for educational sharing purpose. Kindly consult your dealer/remisier for any investment advise before you make any decision. Trade at your own risk.  




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abang_misai Gong kia
15/04/2019 10:43 PM


Author: StallionInvestment   |  Publish date: Mon, 15 Apr 2019, 12:32 AM

Could you recall those day when PROTON control about 70% market of the vehicle on the road. Those are the day when people driving Proton SAGA, PROTON WIRA. 

Below is the information which i obtain from MIDA website.

China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which has a 49.9% stake in Proton Holdings Bhd, has raised its 10-year projection for the sale of Proton cars by over 100% to one million units.

According to its original 10-year master plan drafted in late 2017, a total of 400,000 cars would be produced in 2027 to retake Proton’s leadership position in Malaysia and become the third largest auto company in Asean.

This latest forecast on Proton’s future was disclosed by Victor Young, vice-president of public relations of Geely group, when he spoke to StarBizWeek and five other writers in Hangzhou after receiving a Malaysian convoy of Proton X70 drivers from Kuala Lumpur.

In a 45-minute media interview at Geely’s headquarters in Hangzhou, Young says:

“With Geely’s technology and products, we aim to make Proton the number one car in Malaysia – in brand and volume.

“In 10 years, we want to make Proton another Geely. Proton can sell one million vehicles in 10 years. But it is a challenging and exciting journey. We all need to work hard.”

Geely sees potential in Asean’s vibrant market. Although the population in the 10-nation bloc is over 600 million people, only about 3.3 million cars are sold in the region.

Young says: “We are very confident of Proton in Malaysia. We started thinking of Malaysia and Asean markets ten years ago.


Source obtain from http://www.mida.gov.my/home/8430/news/geely-aims-to-sell-one-million-proton-cars-in-10-years/

What this is telling us, Geely already plan their 10 years road map to expand to regional level. Therefore, Malaysia listed company need to have next 10 years road map and in order to do so. 


Proton registered improved results in the first quarter of 2019, on the back of strong sales of the Proton X70.

The national car maker pushed its market share to 11 per cent for March, a slight improvement of 2.6 per cent compared to the 8.4 per cent which it commanded in the previous year. This was achieved after the car maker sold 6,145 units for the month.

Out of the total, 2,979 of the units were X70 SUVs. With 25,000 bookings of the model so far, it the most popular SUV and the most popular Proton model for the year to date.

Proton still has an uphill task ahead to face however, if it wants to regain the type of market share it once held.

In a press release, the company also highlighted that for the first three months, its cumulative growth rate was 43.5 per cent.

Chief executive officer Dr Li Chunrong attributed the results to the growth in the number of 3S/4S outlets, better product quality, and an emphasis on customer service as well as improvements in other areas.

“With delivery numbers of the Proton X70 increasing, we are hopeful of being able to reduce waiting times for our customers. At the same time, we are working diligently to ensure each unit we deliver is perfect as our aim is for our new SUV to be the highest rated vehicle for the Initial Quality Study (IQS) rankings for Malaysia in 2019,” added Dr Li.


Source obtain from https://www.nst.com.my/cbt/2019/04/475310/proton-market-share-inches-forward-thanks-x70-sales


Malaysian car manufacturing company Proton has announced to establish a factory in Pakistan.

Proton will be setting up a factory in Pakistan that will be its first facility in South Asia. The plant will be a joint effort between the Malaysian carmaker and its local partner Alhaj Automotive. This was revealed by high commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan Ikram Mohammad Ibrahim, reported by Bernama.

The envoy said that the agreement between Proton and Alhaj was signed last year, and Proton sees big potential in the venture.

“In terms of the potential of the Pakistan auto market, Proton feels it is big. That’s why Proton has agreed to work with Alhaj to build an assembly plant near Karachi in the Sindh province. This is significant because it will be Proton’s first plant in South Asia and the population of this country alone is 210 million,” Ikram told Malaysian media at the High Commission of Malaysia office in Islamabad.

Source obtain from https://paultan.org/2019/03/21/proton-to-set-up-first-south-asian-factory-in-pakistan/

Alhaj Automotive , when i google it. This came out. But i am not too sure about this as Malaysia new portal not many coverage about this. You may click below linkage to find out more.



Following a refocus of Volvo's product line under Geely, the car maker revived sales in Europe, the U.S., and China. The brand has since moved upmarket to compete against the likes of Daimler's Mercedes-Benz and BMW. On the dubious partnership that many had questioned, Samuelsson says, "the success formula is to avoid the temptation of micromanagement."

In 2017, sales rose 7% year-one-year to a new record high. All regions contributed to the half a million units sold, with performance in the Asia Pacific region ballooning by more than 20% on the back of record sales in China--Volvo's biggest market now.

"Our company is almost more Swedish with a Chinese owner... and our Chinese owner loves that because they already have a Chinese brand," says Samuelsson.

Source obtain from https://www.forbes.com/sites/pamelaambler/2018/01/23/volvo-geely-the-unlikely-marriage-of-swedish-tech-and-chinese-manufacturing-might-that-earned-record-profits/#5ab578554ecc

Geely launched Geometry at an event in Singapore and said the city-state would eventually become a target market.

"The launch of Geometry and its first product advances Geely's strategic goal of becoming one of world top 10 automotive groups," An Conghui, president of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, said in the statement.

Geely set up a new joint venture with Germany's Daimler just last month to build the next generation of Smart electric cars in China. Smart is Daimler's small-car brand.

Geely is also developing new energy commercial vehicles like pickup trucks at another unit, Yuan Cheng Auto.

China has been a keen supporter of new energy vehicles (NEV) including pure battery electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid technologies, and started implementing NEV sales quota requirements for automakers.

According to a Reuters report, global automakers are planning a $300 billion surge in spending on electric vehicle technology over the next five to 10 years, with nearly half of the money targeted at China.

Geely posted sales growth of 20 percent in 2018. However, it is forecasting largely steady sales this year as the country's giant auto market struggles with slowing economic growth and more cautious consumers. Last year, the overall market contracted for the first time since the 1990s.

The Chinese carmaker bought Volvo Cars in 2010 from Ford Motor Co in what was China's biggest acquisition of a foreign car maker at the time.

Source obtain from https://news.yahoo.com/chinas-geely-launches-electric-car-brand-geometry-152631716--finance.html;_ylt=AwrxgzOFXbNcySUAAwIPQgx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByYmJwODBkBGNvbG8Dc2czBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--

So, let hope that the JV between Proton and Geely will bring Proton to another level instead of Kampung Champion that can never penetrate overseas market. In term of pricing wise, Proton  is no longer competitive in overseas due to quota system and never adopt open tender. We hope Proton will be shine in the international arena very soon. Now, thing has change.

So, with all this story coming in. Will we be seeing another new Proton Model launching in this year. Let share a little bit story ongoing with Proton first.



Do, visit Proton showroom and test drive it. It give you a total brand new experience. Your perception toward proton during those day is different. Find it out yourself.

Be proud of Malaysia National Car, Proton. 





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Author: StallionInvestment   |  Publish date: Sun, 14 Apr 2019, 8:11 PM


Through the years, the Group has evolved into a leading water and wastewater engineering company, with focus on the investment, design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of water and wastewater treatment plants and ancillary facilities across Asia. In 2003, Salcon was listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad).

Over the past 40 years, Salcon has built an excellent trackrecord in water and wastewater solutions. To date, the Group has completed more than 900 water and wastewater projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka,Vietnam and China. In 2014, Salcon secured the largest water contract in the Group’s corporate history, namely Langat 2 Water Treatment Plant Project with its joint venture partners for a total contract value of RM993,888,000 million. Salcon is the lead partner in the consortium.

With a strong foothold and solid reputation in the water and wastewater market, Salcon envisions itself to be in the forefront of future projects in other parts of Asia which has tremendous growth for expansion.

While keeping on track in the water and wastewater business, Salcon ventured into two new business sectors ie Property Development and Technology Services to diversify its income stream.

In early 2014, Salcon ventured into technology services as its 3rd core business. The Group invested RM23.5 mil to acquire 50.1% in Volksbahn Technologies Sdn Bhd (VBT), a fibre-optic cable layer and telecommunications service provider, to build and maintain 108 km of fibre-optic cables for public transport operator Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd.

Source obtain from http://www.salcon.com.my/company/company-profile

Let talk part by part.

First Part, Let talk about water and waswater related business.

Non-Revenue Water or NRW is the amount of treated water that is put into a supply system but does not bring in revenue to the water supply company. The main components that contribute to NRW are pipe leakages, reservoir overflows, meter under-registration and illegal connections.

SALCON offers comprehensive and holistic solutions in controlling NRW losses to acceptable levels, using modern NRW concepts and techniques in:

  • Pressure management
  • Active leakage control
  • Speed & quality of repairs
  • Infrastructure management
  • Meter replacement programme
  • Billing data management
  • Identifying illegal connections

Through implementation of NRW reduction and control works in various projects, SALCON has provided benefits to our clients in:

  • More water to be made available for the people
  • Conserving valuable water resources
  • Reduced operational expenditure
  • Reduced pumping thus save energy and environment
  • Less interruption and contamination in water supply
  • Improved financial situation of utilities by improving revenue and deferring capital works program

Source obtain from http://www.salcon.com.my/core-business/water-and-wastewater/water/non-revenue-water


Why talk about this?

1. The government is focusing on reducing non-revenue water (NRW) to 31% by the end of the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Dr Xavier Jayakumar said.

He said, he was personally dissatisfied with the NRW rate which recorded an average loss of 5,929 million litres per day (MLD) of treated water, which was sufficient to meet the water demand in Selangor at 3,316 MLD or Johor (1,320 MLD).

“One of the primary causes for this is mainly old pipes, especially the fragile and leaky asbestos cement (AC) pipes that are still widely available in the distribution system by 27% or 41,560km according to the 2017 statistics.

“In this regard, among the initiatives taken is to implement the National NRW Reduction Programme 2018/2020 involving an allocation of RM1.39 billion until 2020, where its main scope is to change and replace the pipes on a large scale,“ he said.

Source obtain from https://www.thesundaily.my/local/govt-to-reduce-non-revenue-water-to-31-by-end-of-11mp-YX550230

To know more about the story do click above linkage as i only copy paste certain part of the article.


2.  Six states have agreed to increase water tariffs, Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Xavier Jayakumar told the Dewan Rakyat today.

Source obtain from https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2019/04/10/6-states-agree-to-increase-water-tariffs-says-minister/

Above news is telling us the government is serious to reduce NRW. However, it incur cost to replace water pipe. Therefore, the cost of improving NRW got to pass down to the people. So, from above news, there is high possiblity water theme play stock will be moving.


3. Dam Water Level at critical level that push state government to manage their NRW at their utmost interest. Without water, factory can't operate as they need water to cool down certain machinery. As human being, we also can't live without water and this will affect our daily interest in term of water usage such as taking bath, car wash and etc. 

Water dam related news can be obtain by clicking below linkage : 




4. Various figures from PAAB, SPAN and industry players suggest that capital investments/capex for the water sector, if viewed over the longer term and on a bigger scale, would amount to RM77bil.

According to SPAN’s estimates, of this value, 70% is the estimated capex needed for nationwide water resource and supply systems and new sources of raw water that involve the construction of dams, off-river storage and new water treatment plants (WTPs). 

The balance 30% is the estimated total value of replacing the entire network of old asbestos cement (AC) pipes spanning 43,980km.

CIMB Research pointed out other more recent estimates of water capex (according to Bernama which quoted Selangor Chief Minister Amirudin Shari) include a RM30bil dedicated to the water infrastructure in Selangor. 

This is proposed to be implemented from 2019F over a 30-year period (RM1bn p.a.) to improve the state’s overall water services. More specifically, on non-revenue water (NRW), which is the rate that measures the percentage of water loss from distribution pipelines, a total of RM13bn is needed to reduce nationwide non-revenue water (NRW) from 37% in 2015, to 25% in 2020F, and further down to the state’s targeted 15% in 2030F.

Source obtain from https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/512257/cimb-research-sees-rm77b-capex-for-water-infra


Second Part of the buinsess : 


Under Salcon’s technology services division, its 50.1%-owned subsidiary, Volksbahn Technologies Sdn Bhd (VBT), has secured a 15-year concession from Prasarana Malaysia Bhd to lay and operate fibre-optic cables along the light rail transit (LRT) and monorail lines in the Klang Valley.

Leong said the group has to lay fibre-optic cables on 108km of transport lines, covering about 85 LRT and monorail stations.

“We have signed up with major telcos (telecommunications companies) such as Celcom Bhd, U Mobile Sdn Bhd and Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd to lease broadband facilities to their customers, leveraging our fibre-optic cable network,” Leong said.

VBT also signed a master agreement with edotco in August last year to “fiberise” its 1,400 cell sites, which will provide mobile backhaul services to other telcos.

Above information obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/new-investments-see-profit-%E2%80%94-salcon

Let talk about fibre optic.

 fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. They're designed for long distance, high-performance data networking and telecommunications.

Compared to wired cables, fiber optic cables provide higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances. Fiber optic cables support much of the world's internet, cable television, and telephone systems.


Fiber cables offer several advantages over long-distance copper cabling.

  • Fiber optics support a higher capacity. The amount of network bandwidth a fiber cable can carry easily exceeds that of a copper cable with similar thickness. Fiber cables rated at 10 Gbps, 40 Gbps, and even 100 Gbps are standard.
  • Because light can travel much longer distances down a fiber cable without losing its strength, it lessens the need for signal boosters.

Source obtain from https://www.lifewire.com/fiber-optic-cable-817874


After new Minister of Communication step in , hurray. Malaysia in the world ranking number 28 in term of Internet Speed.


Source obtain from https://technave.com/gadget/Malaysia-has-climbed-to-the-28th-rank-in-terms-of-broadband-Internet-speed-13869.html


So, ongoing we dont need to suffer the low internet connection which showing in my HP 3G signal. Damm hate it when i see 3G...

In the future, believe it gonna to improve further to provide better value to the customer else telco company will be drop off and user will go to their competitor as this day many Malaysian are smart consumer. So, hopefully more TELCO company will appoint SALCON for laying fibre optic cable. 



Recent Possibile development from salcon

1. Salcon Bhd said its engineering unit has secured a water treatment plant construction contract in Sabah worth RM124.7 million.

In an exchange filing today, Salcon said the contract — awarded to its wholly-owned subsidiary Salcon Engineering Bhd by Rintis Dinamik Sdn Bhd — will involve works for the capacity expansion works for the Telibong II water treatment plant in Tamparuli, Sabah.

The expansion, which will be carried out on its main pipeline and storage tank, will increase the plant’s capacity from 80 million to 160 million litre a day.

Source obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/salcon-bags-rm1247-mil-water-treatment-plant-contract


2. Salcon Bhd has appointed businessman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf as its new chairman effective today.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia today, Salcon said that Abdul Rashid is the founder director of Eco World Development Group Bhd and is also presently the group chairman of Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd.

Source obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/salcon-appoints-tan-sri-abdul-rashid-new-chairman

A big guy carry the big name from reputable company is joining SALCON. What make him a founder of ECO World and Group Chairman of CMSB joining into this company. There must be some thing he found it worth to join and make this company turnaround.



In the past since mid 2014 till current, there is never once SALCON post consecutive 3 quarter profit in a roll. So, if this happen which mean there is possibility a turnaround for this counter base on interepreation on financial result. Although earning may not look that good for the past 2 quarter which translate about average 9.6% profit margin. 

Techncial Outlook :

Weekly Chart Outlook

SUPPORT : 0.275

RESISTANCE : 0.35 ; 0.40 ; 0.43


Daily Chart Outlook

Technical Interpretation : 





Malaysia Short-Term Technical Analysis Workshop

Date : 16 April 2019

Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Language: English

Location : Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor

Registration Link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/malaysia-short-term-technical-analysis-workshop-tickets-59892323552?aff=ebdssbdestsearch




日期: 18 April 2019

时间: 2.30p.m- 4.30 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor



大马投资分享会 | Vol .1

日期: 21 April 2019

时间: 1.30p.m- 5.00 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: B-2-13A Plaza Arkadia, No 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa ParkCity




FB : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

Telegram :  https://t.me/steventhee628


免责申明: 以上文章纯属个人意见以及学术性分享,不构成任何买卖建议。在你做出任何买卖之前,建议您和你的股票经纪质询任何投资意见。买卖风险自负

Disclaimer: Above article is for educational sharing purpose. Kindly consult your dealer/remisier for any investment advise before you make any decision. Trade at your own risk.  





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kyosan whose volume is that which enter today?sigh~
15/04/2019 5:58 PM

TDM - Stevent Hee

Author: StallionInvestment   |  Publish date: Sun, 14 Apr 2019, 3:48 PM



TDM develops and manages 16 estates at the following locations:-

• Sungai Tong Complex, Terengganu- Estates : Jaya, Fikri, Tayor and Pelung

• Bukit Besi Complex, Terengganu - Estates : Gajah Mati, Majlis Agama Islam, Pinang Emas and Jerangau

• Kemaman Complex, Terengganu - Estates : Air Putih, Tebak, Jernih and Pelantoh

• Nanga Pinoh, Kalimantan Barat : North 1, North 2, South 1 & South 2

Currently, the Group has a total of 44,198 hectares of planted oil palm land for its plantations in Terengganu, Malaysia and Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.

The Group also own operates three palm oil mills are located in Sungai Tong and Kemaman in Terengganu and Nanga Pinoh, Kalimantan Barat.

In 2011, the group opened its first bio-composting plant to convert empty fruit bunches (EFB) of oil palm into bio-organic fertiliser for use in its estates. The plant, which is located in Sungai Tong, Terengganu is able to produce up to 29,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser per annum.

The second bio-composting plant in Kemaman, Terengganu, has a capacity to produce up to 32,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser annually.

The two plants will be able to reduce the group’s dependency on chemical fertilisers and help to manage waste in a more sustainable manner.

Source obtain from https://www.tdmberhad.com.my/#2


On top of that, TDM do operate healthcare business.

The Healthcare division involves activities such as provision of healthcare consultancy and operation of specialist medical centres. It owns four community specialist hospitals, namely Kelana Jaya Medical Centre (KJMC) in Petaling Jaya, Selangor; Kuantan Medical Centre (KMC) in Kuantan, Pahang; Kuala Terengganu Specialist Hospital (KTS) in Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu and Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC) in Kuala Lumpur.


Above Financial highlight obtain from the TDM annual report.


Top 30 Major Shareholders 



Top 30 major shareholder listing obtain from Annual Report.

Please click below linkage to download ;



Let take a look who are key or important shareholder who is holding TDM : 

FUND HOUSES such as Public Islamic Opportunities Fund, Kumpulan Wang Persaraan, Public Strategic SmallCap Fund, Lembaga Tabung Amanah Warisan Negeri Terengganu, Public Islamic Treasures Growth Fund and etc.



NTA : 0.66


PE : 13.86


Catalyst : 

1. China going to buy more Palm oil as part of ECRL DEAL. Further information can be obtain by clicking this linkage : https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/04/08/ecrl-deal-with-china-to-include-palm-oil-buy/


2. In the event the ECRL talks lead to higher CPO price, CIMB Research said it will be positive for upstream planters and Malaysia’s current account surplus.

The higher CPO prices would help boost plantation earnings and/or defray costs from higher minimum wage, it added.

“Our economist estimates that every five per cent increase in palm oil export volumes, assuming palm oil prices remain constant, could raise Malaysia’s current account surplus by RM2 billion or 0.14 per cent of gross domestic product,” CIMB Research said.

“We are keeping our 2019 average CPO price forecast of RM2,400 per tonne intact and Neutral rating on sector.”

Source obtain from : https://www.nst.com.my/business/2019/04/477565/ecrl-deal-including-palm-oil-purchase-malaysia-positive-move

Personal opinion, base on current FCPO PRICE 12 April 2019 closing price 2166, If FCPO PRICE REACH 2400, that translate to approximately 10% upside of current price.


3. Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad today urged the local palm oil industry to join the ranks of countries already using B20 biodiesel fuel such as Indonesia.

Noting that Indonesia had standardised the use of B20 biodiesel since January 2016, he said players in the Malaysian palm oil industry must be brave enough to explore new markets and prove that the country’s palm oil quality is one of the best. 

Source Obtain from https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2018/12/11/malaysia-must-achieve-use-of-b20-biodiesel-by-2020-says-dr-m/

4. Accumulation Behaviour Detected base on chart

Accumulation Price noted happened at 0.165

Resistance : 0.235 ; 0.245, 0.32

5. Transformation of HealthCare is a good move to diverisfy from Palm Oil Plantation. 

Let take KPJ PE 25 as benchamark and we give 30% discount which equal to 17.

Where else planatation sector for those profitable counter, PE range from around 18- 40. Let take PE 25 as average PE and we give 30% discount equal to 17.

However, due to this is loss making company, there is no PE available unless you want to derive - PE which i think is meaningless.

If, palm oil future outlook turn to be bullish, DEFINITELY this will be one of the counter benefit from the rise of FCPO price.

5. Zainal Abidin Shariff Being appointed as CEO TDM.

More infomation about him can be obtain by clicking this linkage : http://www.utusan.com.my/bisnes/ekonomi/zainal-abidin-ceo-baharu-kumpulan-tdm-1.874883

Malaysia Short-Term Technical Analysis Workshop

Date : 16 April 2019

Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Language: English

Location : Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor





日期: 18 April 2019

时间: 2.30p.m- 4.30 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor





日期: 21 April 2019

时间: 1.30p.m- 5.00 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: B-2-13A Plaza Arkadia,No 3, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa ParkCity,Kuala Lumpur



黄永辉先生是一位资深抽佣股票经纪。他见证了股票市场繁荣现象和经历市场萧条的凄凉的时刻。他发觉大部分的散户如果长期在市场打滚。最终的结果还是亏钱。他苦思如何改变此现象让股民在市场上赚钱以及避免亏大钱。然后,黄永辉先生动用了他一生的累积的财富创办了FIAVEST 公司。FIAVEST 身为马拉西亚首家推出 INTRADAY 软件来实时追踪股市热钱流动。通过此软件,股民可以察觉大户在何价位累积股票和在什么价位开始出票。如果,你想成为一位高明的投资者,你不可缺席此课堂。



Stevent Hee 本人自小在外婆的带领下,经常接触股票和见证外婆投资致富之道。从此,开始和股市结缘和大学报读Financial Engineering 科系。毕业之后,在OSK投行开始了期货/股票经纪的事业。在他踏出创业之路之前,Stevent Hee 在M+Online成为一位股市讲师和开班分享技术分析心得。Stevent Hee 在 2018年尾开始研发一套系统来筛选股票。他的学生里头有上市公司总裁,金融部落格,全职操盘手和资深投资者。成名作如1打4,MARKING SYSTEM, SWING-HERO 指标。此系统会令你改变您的看法原来短线交易一点也不难学。 如果在近期的牛市你还还没有赚钱,强力推荐你出席此免费分享会。



FB : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

Telegram :  https://t.me/steventhee628


免责申明: 以上文章纯属个人意见以及学术性分享,不构成任何买卖建议。在你做出任何买卖之前,建议您和你的股票经纪质询任何投资意见。买卖风险自负


Disclaimer: Above article is for educational sharing purpose. Kindly consult your dealer/remisier for any investment advise before you make any decision. Trade at your own risk.  




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Technical Stock Watch List - 11 April 2019 - Stevent Hee

Author: StallionInvestment   |  Publish date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019, 7:26 AM





SUPPORT : 0.51

RESISTANCE : 0.61 ; 0.705

Why Karex: Accumulation behavior detected. Worst is over





SUPPORT : 0.285

RESISTANCE : 0.35 ; 0.39

Theme Play : Construction resume in Malaysia






SUPPORT : 0.79

RESISTANCE : 0.86 ; 0.92

Theme Play : Ikea Effect, Penang Transportation Master Plan





Malaysia Short-Term Technical Analysis Workshop

Date : 16 April 2019

Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Language: English

Location : Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor




日期: 18 April 2019

时间: 2.30p.m- 4.30 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor


FB : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

Telegram :  https://t.me/steventhee628



Disclaimer: Above article is for educational sharing purpose. Kindly consult your dealer/remisier for any investment advise before you make any decision. Trade at your own risk. 

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8 April 2019 - Technical Stock Outlook - Stevent Hee

Author: StallionInvestment   |  Publish date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019, 11:18 PM



8 APRIL 2019



SUPPORT : 0.79

RESISTANCE : 0.855 ; 0.87


Related News : https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/iwcity-continues-rise-possible-revival-mega-projects

Theme Play : ECRL , Bdr Malaysia




SUPPORT : 0.23

RESISTANCE : 0.255 ; 0.28

Recent News : https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/taliworks-major-shareholder-buys-989-stake-thriven-global


Theme Play : Benefit from stamp duty waives and political connection 




SUPPORT :  0.275

RESISTANCE : 0.315 ; 0.335


Recent News : http://news.seehua.com/?p=426846



Theme Play : JV with Tenaga, Benefit from resume the work ECRL.




Malaysia Short-Term Technical Analysis Workshop

Date : 16 April 2019

Time : 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Language: English

Location : Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor




日期: 18 April 2019

时间: 2.30p.m- 4.30 p.m

语言: 华语

地点: Level 2, P-16, Icon City, No: 1B, Jalan SS8/39, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Selangor


FB : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

Telegram :  https://t.me/steventhee628



Disclaimer: Above article is for educational sharing purpose. Kindly consult your dealer/remisier for any investment advise before you make any decision. Trade at your own risk. 






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