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Summary of the book how to become millionaire in 7 years.

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Money is all about the attitude how people seeing it. It also represent a lifestyle, a energy force. Money dont fell from the sky. If we focus doing the right thing, money will come to us eventually.
We should not over stress the important of the money but we can't deny the important of having it.
Everyone has a dream. Day by day, you has give up your dream due to lot of obstacle happened in life and you forget about your dream. So, you need a method to make your dream come true.Follow the 4 steps as below:

1. Putting a proportionate income into saving
2. When it reach a certain number, use the money for investment
3. Create multiple source of income
4. Save up certain percentage of additional source of income into saving.


Understand your current financial situation and find a solution for it.
1. How do you think about your current income?
2. How do you find your current investment situation?
3. Do you satisfy with the cash and the asset you own?
4. Do you understand the important of financial planning
5. Do you have any financial coach?
6. What type of circle of friends you are mingle around? Poorer than you, around your level or richer than you.
7. Do you ever think you deserve to be more wealthy?
8. If a day you lose your job, how long can you survive without salary?
9. How well you understand financial product such as stock, unit trust, futures, property?
10. Do you think money is it important?
11. Did you ever consult any investment expert before?

You just need to answer the question by yourself honestly.


To be success ,you need to remain focus doing what you love to do. That the only way to success. You can’t go far if your aim is just purely making money from your job. We need to sit down and think about the talent we are having and how to further develop it. Life is just like a script, you need to make it interesting to tell the audience.

Many people do very detail planning when come-to holiday, so that they can maximise their holiday to visit as many places as they could and at the lowest cost. It take months for doing such preparation. When come to your personal development in wealth or career, they not willing to put in effort at all. They tend to rely on expert and put the blame toward the expert when thing go wrong. Why is it a person do such a detail planning when come to holiday, it because their mind, dream, vision and strategy all this put together in place. Did you do so when come to your personal development?

Ask yourself below few question:



1. What is your dream?

Is it about getting big car, becoming a big bosses, stay at MANSION, go tour around the world? Your dream need money to realise it


2.what is your goal?

I want to become millionaire by the age 30,35, 40?
How you going to achieve it in 5 years , 7 years or 10 years. What tools you having to achieve it, such as mechanic who earn 5k a month do planning to own his own workshop. You need a road map and planning to achieve it.


3. What is the value of the job or career?

Let take myself as example, my aim to educate people to earn money so that they become knowledgeable and having the skill to pick up winning stock. I want to make people life become better. I want people benefit from my sharing. Put a noble value for your career else if you are working for money, a day you will feel tired and exhausted.


4. What are the strategy?

When your dream, goal and value is the same. Congratulation, you are doing the right thing. Now you need a strategy to execute it. You need to learn how to cut down unnecessary expenses. You need to find more sources of alternative income from part time job, investment income.


In order to be success, you NEED TO STEP OUT FROM COMFORT ZONE.


Being responsible is a way to be better in life. Being a team leader, you in charge of leading the team to achieve the target. Being a department head, you need to delivery your result. As a CEO, you decide the direction and the survival of the company. The greater responsibility you take, you are a step closer to your dream.


After you have set your mentality, now is how to execute it.





If you are not satisfy about yourself, make changes on yourself. Example, if you think your house is messy. Then get it clean up. Start at the very thinny thing to make thing better. A small step action can make great different for your future.



2. Skill

Everything you do in order to excel in life, it require skill. Accountant need to have the knowledge for accounting, mechanic need to have the skill to fix a car. The more skill you have it with you compare to the rest, it make you outstanding. These day it is easy to acquire relevant skill by using search engine to look for relevant information. We also have youtuber to teach many thing in clearer matter which you facing difficulty imagine via wording. You also can acquire financial knowledge through self reading via book. Book tell us what are the mistake that people made in the past and the success story. It help us in a way that we can avoid the mistake what people did in the past and we are faster to reach our goal at the end of the day.


3. Personality

A success person do have strong charisma which can attract people to work for him, work with him. Do you have such charisma to make people follow you. Charmful, attractive, confident, helpful, humble, determine, never give up easily. Do you have such personality with you? Look at US PRESIDENT, he is kind of cowbay style, but people like him and some people hate him. So, you need to have very clear branding of yourself. When you have such personality, do mix around people who share the same taught and mentality with you. For me, I join JCI to know more entrepreneur and people who run their business successfully. A group of people who have the trait of being success. 


4. Vision

If you are running a business with the vision of getting neighbour business, then your business only limit to neighbour. If your business aim to penetrate nationwide then your business is whole Malaysia. If you think business is borderless, you can do business in the earth just like AMAZON and ALIBABA. Set a big vision and who know 10 years down the road you see a totally different of you. You never know what is the possibility of achieve great success. Set your dream big enough and never stop chasing after your dream and be persistent doing it to make your vision come true.


5. Recognition

You need to understand why you are doing this job. Every job come with a purpose in life. Take me as example, I aim to become investment trainer and i hope i can share my experience and knowledge in stock to educate people to make a better decision when come to stock pick. If your goal is making money, you can't go far. As ALIBABA founder said, you need to solve social problem. Ask yourself, does your business helping people solve their problem or need. IF yes, congratulate. You are doing it right. If you havent find the recognition of your value or business, time to think about it. You need to recognition from your colleagues, from your superior, from your boss, from your customer, from the society. The greater recognition you receive which mean you achieve a greater success. Think about the recognition. Is not about how much money you earn. Is about the value you deliver to the society.



When you do business, use your heart to do it. Eventually people feel it and do the right thing using brain. 


I hope my article inspire people who is like me pursue their career to another level. Be persistent and never give up. See you all at the top by 2020. 

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