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Hai-O - 8 JULY 2019 - Stevent Hee

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8 JULY 2019


HAIO 7668

PE : 14.65

Shares Issued : 300.297 millions

Syariah : No

Dividend Yield : 5.65%

NTA : 1.07


Recent New Development


27 Jun 2019

Hai-O downgrade to sell with a lower target (TP) of rm1.80.

Source obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/haios-mlm-segment-seen-facing-structural-challenges


15 Jan 2019

Hai-O seen to focus on high-margin goods. Kenanga Research downgrade to Underperform with a lower target price (TP) of RM2.20. Hai-O Enterprise Bhd continued promoting its new Bizumer Digital App, which now accounts for 50% of total multilevel marketing (MLM) SALES, and to recruit new distributors. Additionally, Hai-O plans to penetrate the kid and infant market with a new brand (undisclosed) and expand it Indonesian Market by organizing Jakarta Business Summit. Hai-O expects its Indonesian MLM market to break even this year.

Source obtain from https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/haio-seen-focus-highmargin-goods


14 Mar 2018

The study of Thomson Reuter and DinarStandard also projected that the Muslim consumers’ spending on clothing and footwear would reach US373 billions (RM1.45 trillion) in 2022. Modest wear brands are definitely making their presence felt and solidifying themselves as local luxury brand, with some big names offering lifestyle products on top of other fashion item. Sahajidah Hai-O marketing manager Jyann Tan Pei Yong said tapping into the hijab market make perfect sense for the direct selling company, based on the eagerness of career women to remain fashionable, while strengthening their professional image.

Source obtain from https://themalaysianreserve.com/2018/03/14/malaysian-fashion-brands-to-shine-as-islamic-wears-global-appeal-heightens/


Financial Ratio :

Current Ratio : 5.03

Net Gearing Ratio : Net Cash

Gross Profit Margin : 38.36%


Technical Outlook :

Chart Pattern : Resistance Breakout  ;  DOJI- BULLISH ( 1 DAYS – 7 DAYS )

Volume Pattern : Increasing Trading Interest



RSI : 50.11 (BULLISH)


Trading Mode: Moderate

Investment Mode: Low



SUPPORT: 2.18; 2.26

RESISTANCE: 2.40 ; 2.47 ; 2.60


PERSONAL OPINION: Although what we are reading from online news, it seems to be negative bias from what I share it above. However, I still pick this stock to share it with you guy how I see it from technical perspective. It may not look sexy and hot for long term but we are seeing there is sign of bottoming up. On top of that, I also notice there is increasing trading interest in this stock. If this is a stock that is so negative as what I read from online news, then why are people are buying? Probably is those long-term investors collect it at the bottom for dividend collection. Why am I looking at this stock because I adopt Fibonacci Ratio which is fall at 23.6% that equal to the price of 2.29. So, if this level able to sustain strong, next Fibonacci level which is 38.2% that equal to the price of 2.92 which is the next level I am looking at but this is for swing trading method. It pretty much that need patient and time to reach such level. So, for me to be at the safe side, I am looking at recent support resistance. Again let see, is it fundamental investor more in town or technical follower. Why am I saying so? If fundamental followers wont be entering at current stage as it not look good at the moment. What about technical players? Let revisit this stock after a month to check out how does it perform.




21 JULY 2019


地点 : ITPA, Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, 11900, Pulau Pinang

时间 : 10.00am - 12.00pm

Registration Link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stevent-hee-registration-64661196379


21 July 2019

How to pick a winning stock in just 5 minutes 

Location :  ITPA, Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, 11900, Pulau Pinang

Time : 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Registration Link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-pick-a-winning-stock-in-just-5-minutes-registration-64661484240


Kindly whatapps me your detail to obtain a reminder at 016 – 499 3828

Name :

Email :

Session : Morning / Afternoon


FB LINK : https://www.facebook.com/Steventheeinvestment/

TELEGRAM LINK : https://t.me/steventhee628




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Philip ( buy what you understand) Hi, serious question, if you have the ability to pick a winning stock in 5 minutes, why do classes? As I find teaching classes very mafan and not as money making as spending time researching winning stocks and just invest capital behind it.

If you have a successful and tracked portfolio I'm sure it is very easy to get high networth investors to put capital to invest directly, get a bank beards license ( it's only 500k to get the management license) and open up direct collection team for you to invest large capital

I think it boils down to do you have a track record, and what is your shareholdings portfolio. Do you reveal that in your classes?

I am searching for a capable trading house with a proven track record (>8 years track record of long term successful trading portfolio). I am willing to invest 500k-1M if the technical analysis and trading portfolio has shown growth and good long term profits.


21 July 2019

How to pick a winning stock in just 5 minutes

Location : ITPA, Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, 11900, Pulau Pinang

Time : 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Registration Link : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/how-to-pick-a-winning-stock-in-just-5-minutes-registration-64661484240
08/07/2019 6:49 AM
VSOLAR Sailang Margin All In you can't even spell trainer properly. Scam. Period
08/07/2019 6:58 AM
StallionInvestment Thank for raising up the question. Just a clarification. I am educator not fund manager. If you are seeking for knowledge, I am here to provide it to you. Mr Jho do mind your word as i never scam anyone. I never promise lucrative return or perform any fund management to cheat people. For your information, i was ex investment trainer under a stock broking firm. So,dont mix up the role of fund manager or educator. If anyone of you are looking fund management legally, you can either go to mplusonline as they provide discretionary fund management services or alternatively you can invest into unit trust that let license fund manager to do their job.
08/07/2019 7:07 AM
Philip ( buy what you understand) I see, so your pick a winning stock in 5 minutes class is also from an educational standpoint and not based on real results of past returns?

Ok noted and thanks for spending your time to reply. Have a great day.

P.s. I do hope you will change your class titles as it sounds very sensational and easily confused old men like me. It sounds like a easy, consistent way to make money.
08/07/2019 8:12 AM
StallionInvestment Philip, i do hope you drop by for my upcoming preview to understand better to judge does my method work or not. I am not saying my method 100% profitable but if this method got 70%-80% to picking up the right winning stock with a proper trading plan.
08/07/2019 8:20 AM
Philip ( buy what you understand) Hi I am currently based in Sabah. As you can see from my portfolio page I keep a concentrated long term approach to my investments. I am interested in learning the latest knowledge from technical analysis ( I have been trying TA since 1996, but since 2007 I have been using munger's mental model to method is of qualitative analysis instead of just quantitative).

I maintain my portfolio here.


I am very interested in your 70%- 80% pickup of right winning stock with a proper trading plan. Are you able to share your portfolio for you claims as well during your classes? I would like to study your picks and your mindset in making them.
08/07/2019 8:45 AM
StallionInvestment Philip, the approach i am teaching is for short term trading. I will reveal 1 of the method. Then you follow the trading rules and find out the accuracy rate on your own. Kindly provide me your email so that i can send you the info.
08/07/2019 9:58 AM
Philip ( buy what you understand) Meaning you will not show your own trading portfolio? I see. Great and thanks noted.
08/07/2019 12:14 PM

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