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GE14: An open letter to Generation Y

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Dear Generation Y,

Your reputation precedes you.

What I hear from the media is that you’re ill-equipped for the real world. You’ve been raised by helicopter parents, and you can’t cope with the possibility of failure or starting at the bottom of the totem pole. I hear your eyes never leave your hand phones, and your young men have spent so much time playing video games you lack the social skills to communicate and did not give a damn on what happening in our country and you simply do not bother to vote come GE14 or intend to spoil your vote.

But the real you? The Millennials I saw at PH and Warisan? You’re nothing like that.

  • 1.Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman (PKR), 26 — P146 Muar parliamentary seat

  • 2. Jo-Anna Sue Henley Rampas, 28 (WARISAN) N11 KIULU state seat

  • 3. Yeo Bee Yin (PKR-DAP), 35 — P145 Bakri parliamentary seat

  • 4.Chrisnadia Sinam (PKR), 35 — P170 Tuaran parliamentary seat

  • 5.Raymond Ahuar (PKR), 33 — P182 Pensiangan parliamentary seat

  • 6.Mordi Bimol (PKR-DAP), 33 — P192 Mas Gading parliamentary seat

  • 7.Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen (PKR-DAP), 31 — P195 Kuching parliamentary seat

I see you committed and passionate about causes and the people affected by them. You’re using your technical savvy to serve the people, to learn how to do helpful work and to connect with others who share your dreams. I see you using your youth to nurture the Malaysia dream, a dream share by all Malaysians. You are the group of people full of passion, dreams, hope and determination.

We need you, Millennials. Because we generation X have been at this a while now, and we have been bloodied and bruised by the darkness we so wanted to eradicate. That torch of hope you throw confidently into the darkness? Our are now a flicker, burning but just barely, and we guard it with both hands. We need you. We need you to remind us that change is still possible, and darkness will never win in the end. We wish you well and please come out in full force to vote for PH and kick out the corrupted MO1 and his decadent, Kleptocratic Government. I thank you


Highlight: Remain supporter Elizabeth Mayfield, 19, looked on in despair as the referendum results came in. And she knew who she blamed - an older generation that she sees as having secure jobs and gold-plated generous pensions, people who had caused house prices to soar and plunged the country into debt."I'm annoyed that baby boomers have messed things up for us again," says Mayfield, a student at Staffordshire University. "They've voted for something that's not going to really affect them. They're not going to have to deal with the consequences."

There's evidence that areas with lots of younger voters tended to have lower turnouts,

Beware Millennials if you spoil or do not go out and vote then your fate will be determined by those older generation that have their own vested interest in voting for BN or those generation that had been conditioned to vote for BN no-matter what. Your future is in your hand vote wisely.

Millennials please do not fall for BN false hope of ambiguity and lofty vision TN50? With fractional story Firdaus.

Malaysia future is in the hand of youths (Generation Y). But if we have the Federal Minister of Youth and Sports,  Khairy Jamaluddin, aka KJ, the MP for Rembau, went to Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), in a speech for GE-14, he told Malaysian youths, who wanted to start a family, that if they wanted more handouts, they should have more children. What future does Malaysia have if our most well educated Minister of Youth can only offer more handouts?


Where Tun Abdullah Badawi’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin got his wealth



KJ Rasuah ! KJ Rasuah !

Thank you.

Yours truly,


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probability the problem most of the gen Y are not registered voters...

the best they can do now is to influence their parents.
07/05/2018 11:43 PM
probability Malaysia's youth have power they won't use
By Mayuri Mei Lin
BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

07/05/2018 11:44 PM
hstha Oil surges past US$70, hughest in 4 years; US$ new 2018 high | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/375543
08/05/2018 8:27 AM
Sslee Dear Raja Petra Kamarudin,
It must have been a painful and lonely night having to live in darkness far away from your family and struggling with your conscious doing your evil master bidding.
Your salvation is near, when we bury yours evil master the curse, blackmail and dark-force that controlled you will disappear like a sunlight shot thro’ the darkest night a new dawn will appear and you will regain your freedom. You can come back to Malaysia and help us to rebuild our beloved Malaysia and live happily with your family.

Thank you
08/05/2018 8:35 AM


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