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My comment in Tun Dr. Mahathir blog “BUDAYA BARU the culture of SHAME”

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Dear PM Tun Dr. Mahathir,

With reference to Tun’s blog: http://chedet.cc/?p=2940 BUDAYA BARU the culture of SHAME

Aku curi. Apa nak malu.
Apatah lagi aku boss kamu.
Tak perlu kamu malu kerana boss kamu mencuri.
Sikit-sikit kamu juga boleh dapat duit yang dicuri.
Nak malu apa. Bossku.
Bangsaku tak perlu malu.
Lebih banyak yang dicuri lebih mulia.
Digelar kleptokrat adalah puji-pujian.
Ayuh bangsaku. Mari kita curi supaya boleh jadi boss

Please allow me to elaborate on the difference between culture of “FEAR”, “SHAME” and “GUILT”


In a fear society, control is kept by the fear of retribution. The fear-power worldview focuses on physical/after life dominance. A person in this culture may ask, "Will someone hurt/jail/harass me if I do this or am I going to hell or heaven if I do this?" Thus fear had been misused by tyrants and misguided religion leaders to have total control of his subjects and silent any voice of reason/different.

And in Malaysia race and religion, fear-mongering, physical intimidation, harassment by those in power or mislead followers have ostensibly permeated into the core of our national pride and prejudice and not helping are the draconian/unjust laws that oppress, suppress and silence dissident voices


In a shame society, the means of control is the inculcation of shame and the complementary threat of ostracism. A person in this type of culture may ask, "Shall I look ashamed if I do X?" or "How people will look at me if I do Y?" Shame cultures are typically based on the concepts of pride and honor and appearances are what count.

The shame-power worldview focuses on physical appearance or success at any cost and shame only if you failed. During World War II many Japanese soldiers committed hara-kiri rather than tolerate capture and shame of failure. And in Malaysia to be seen as successful many succumb to corruption, breaches of trust, cheating, stealing, robbing to enrich themselves and live a luxurious lifestyle.


In a guilt society, control is maintained by creating and continually reinforcing the feeling of guilt (and the expectation of punishment now or in the afterlife) for certain condemned behaviors. The guilt-innocence world view focuses on law and punishment. A person in this type of culture may ask, "Is my behavior fair or unfair?" This type of culture also emphasizes individual conscience.

The guilt -power worldview focuses on our conscience of fairness and justices and once they realize that their action has break the law or cause grievance/injustices to the other party, their conscience will complied them to quickly seek justice or forgiveness to rectify a wrong.


So my question with current perception shame-power worldview focuses on physical appearance of success what lessons can we learn on “Malu Apa BossKu”? Or PTPTN borrowers refuse to pay-back their debt even they are well-off? Or Japan successive government for not offering sincere apology on the crime committed against humanity during war world II/comfort woman issue? Or honor killing still practice in some part of this world? Or our “KIASU” rich neighbor Singapore insists in honor the raw water contract rather than asking their conscious "Is my behavior fair or unfair?"?

The culture of “Fear, Shame or Guilt” does not belong to any ethnicity or nation but is nurtured into us by our education, religion teaching and upbringing. It is a choice we make, so choose wisely.

Thank you


Yours truly,


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davidkkw79 Zero contribution to country, but just sitting there to wait for money or curi money, that is our Ummno and PAs
23/03/2019 6:31 PM
Heavenly PUNTER Unker, you know what they say, slapping your own face...
23/03/2019 7:05 PM
Heavenly PUNTER Also, it's not a problem of shame or whatever, it's a matter of integrity. The culture here is so corrupted that you want to find a person with integrity is as difficult as finding a good company with huge potential 10 years down the road.
23/03/2019 7:06 PM
Cryptotrader If 3rd car is electric car like telsa then is different story.....
24/03/2019 12:51 PM
stockraider Malaysia where can make car leh ??

Even copycat also cannot do well loh...!!

Msia not cut out to be car manufacturer loh...!!

When no good admit mah....even operate MAS lose Rm 23 billion...u can imagine how bad leh ??
24/03/2019 1:01 PM
probability Sslee and Mr.Koon...i think we all need to refrain from bringing politics and court cases into i3...

it poses some level of risk to i3..and we do not want to end up having this site banned
24/03/2019 4:28 PM
Sslee Dear Probability,
Your concern is noted with thank. But please allow me to address your concern.
When I first received invitation as speaker for investment bloggers’ day I reply back as follow:
“I’m delight, honor and at the same time humble by your invitation to “Investment Bloggers’ Day 2019 conference to be held on Saturday 2nd March 2019. I am more than happy to attend the event and YES I accept your invitation to attend the event as I’m very eager and looking forward to meet with many great Sifu of i3.

As of your allocation tentatively 45 minutes for my session as a speaker I am dumbfound as I do not think I have earned the merit to be given such honor to be a speaker. Please allocate this speaker time to more establish great Sifu of i3 ------

Only after all the allocation and if there is still a little time of 15- 20 minutes, I might consider having my 15 minutes of fame or my greatest embarrass 15 minutes on the stage. Any particular topics I should speak about?

One again thanks you for giving me the i3 platform to voice out my thoughts and views especially during the Malaysia GE14 campaign period.”

I3 stand for independent, Intelligent and informed hence I believe any topics and diverse views are welcome so that we as readers will be able to make our intelligent and informed decision.

Thank you
24/03/2019 9:30 PM
Sslee Dear all,
Politics are all around us whether you like it or not and government are what we have whether you like it or not. I quote Ronald Reagan, “Government is the people’s business and every man, woman and child becomes a shareholder with the first penny of tax paid”

Nothing destroyed the wealth of the nation as fast as a Kleptocratic government and I am glad that we manage to get rid of one in GE14.
I know many are unhappy or lose hope on the PH government but let me remind all. Nothing destroyed a nation totally, faster than a government governed by racialist, bigot and religion extremist. So what choice do we have except voicing out our views and hoping that something good might come out of it?

As of my article I am calling out the conscious of all as what shame mean nowadays?
Do you need to feel shame when you are not wealthier but have sincerely trying your best to earn an honor living all your life and never cheat any one?
Or do you feel proud or shame when we have people like “Jho Low” or many of CEO of listed companies/ government GLC and politicians lying through their teeth and cheat millions from company coffers or public coffers?

I am constantly asking my-self this question. “Is my behavior fair or unfair? I once stood up for my subordinates and argue with management as what is fair, just and reasonable salary. And I felt so guilty that once I discover the cashier had actually overpaid RM10 for my bill change, I actually drove all the way to repay back the overpaid.

Thank you
24/03/2019 9:32 PM
probability your postings so far is fine as per my opinion sslee...infact i always agree to your opinions...

just being cautious for your info...everything we need some level of balance

thanks for making i3 interesting
24/03/2019 9:43 PM
Junichiro "Nothing destroyed the wealth of the nation as fast as a Kleptocratic government and I am Nothing destroyed the wealth of the nation as fast as a Kleptocratic government and I am glad that we manage to get rid of one in GE14. ."

People does not know what it is like when a nation goes bankrupt. My friend, a businessman, went to Greece n told me what he saw.
Almost 10 years have passed since sub-prime crisis.
Buildings that were burnt down have not been rebuilt. A big shopping complex with a beautiful glass facade is empty. Trees have grown inside the complex. GST is 40%. When the waiter puts food on yr table, U have to place the receipt beside yr meal n 15 minutes later tax inspectors would inspect every receipt to ensure GST is paid. The only sector that keeps the country going is tourism. Most of the males have left home to neighbouring countries like Germany to work. The women are left behind.

That businessman told me that he was "glad that we manage to get rid of one in GE14."
25/03/2019 10:06 AM



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