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My Top Points List 2: POHUAT (7088), GKENT (3294), FLBHD (5197), CHINWELL (5007), HLIND (3301)

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1st blog refer https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/WahLau/210925.jsp


Just sharing for study propose. No call buy, Take your own risk in investment ><"

Today I add 5 more Top points list. POHUAT, GKENT, FLBHD. CHINWELL and HLIND.

I add it due to high points, don't because I have those share.



*Updated MAGNI new quarter results and rank up from 3 to 2

*ALLIANZ rank drop to 8 due to 3 new comer have better score.


NO.5 POHUAT (7088)

-Strong cycle furniture share

-We can compare it with LIIHEN


NO.6 GKENT (3294)

-Uncertainty due to political issues

-Change to buy or sell?


NO.7 FLBHD (5197)

-Last quarter QoQ result no good

-DY and P/L (Imp) no good

-Super low PE

-Super high DY


NO.9 CHINWELL (5007)

-Last 3 quarters YoY improve but QoQ decrease

-Low ROE compare other


NO.10 HLIND (3301)

-High ROE

-Bad P/L improve


Remember ...

High points because good fundamental.

High points because strong cycle, we don't give it high price

High points because not goreng it

High points because future change bad

High points because fundamental improve

High points because political issue

High point ....


It just easy for me to find share. Hope it can help me find the high profit share =.=...

Thanks for reading and hope u like it.


Current rank and date adding.


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23/06/2019 10:09 PM
gladiator What he talking?
24/06/2019 12:00 AM
antoniomc27 What is P/L?
24/06/2019 11:55 PM
antoniomc27 your numbers do not make sense... DPS is dividend per share? If so, they are just wrong.

Put a legend man. Dont waste our time.
24/06/2019 11:56 PM
Wah Lau Hi antoniomc27 thanks for you reading and ask questions.
1st) I consider P/L is refer to item number 4 P/L(Imp) = Totals 4 Quarter Profit/ Loss (Improve) compare previous Quarter. (same QoQ profit/loss compare) Totals I take 28 quarter and lastest 4 quarter If better get 1.5 points and loss/lower -0.5 points. So maximum 28 YoY improve we will get totals 30 points.
25/06/2019 12:17 AM
Wah Lau 2.) Yes DPS is dividend per share.
For item number 4 DPS (Imp) = That 4 dividend per share compare previous 4 dividend per share.
Example (2018Q4+2018Q3+2018Q3+2018Q1)DPS compare (2018Q3+2018Q3+2018Q1+2017Q4) DPS. If yes +1points else 0 points. Totals I take 28 quarters. Why I take 28 quarters, because I think it is lucky number =.=...
25/06/2019 12:26 AM
Wah Lau 3.) DPS (Y) = I take 4 quarter if have dividend I give 1 points else 0 points.
Totals I take 28 quarter. Example BAUTO only get 26 points it mean got 2 times 4 quarter continue not dividend. It can be Q1234 + Q1234 or Q12345.
25/06/2019 12:31 AM
Wah Lau I still consider add in QoQ P/L. Example MAGNI and FLBHD share price drop due to new quarter result QoQ P/L no good.
25/06/2019 12:37 AM
bnmacai Can you create a telegram channel? Imma follow your post.
25/06/2019 12:51 AM
Wah Lau bnmacai thanks for you support. I need some time to polish my skill and sharpen my tools.
25/06/2019 1:00 AM

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