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Top 5 Glove In Malaysia (Harta, Topglove, Kossan, Supermx, Comfort)

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After Topgove last quarter report come out. Glove become hot topic.

I don't own any glove stock.

I just take some data to compare each other. Maybe it useful for you ^^...


All data some base on date as below:

(mostly data copy from i3)


1.) Revenue

Harta best in increase they revenue. Supermx =.=...


2.) Net Profit

Comfort good turnover results but tax increase from 2017 to 2019. Supermx =.=... again


3.) Net Profit Margin

Comfort lower net profit margin but most increase profit margin =.=...

Harta best profit margin.


4.) ROE

Harta best ROE, but 10 years ago ROE too good (become worst results ROE increse (%).

Opposite condition for comfort.


5.) PE


Base on PE, rank given from investors. Harta, Topglove, Kossan, Supermx and Comfort.


6.) USD/RM

Harta, Kossan, Supermx 1-Oct-2019 to 31-Dec-2019 average USD/RM about same with

previous quarter 1-Jul-2019 to 30-Sep-2019. But in furture will effect it.

For Topglove and Comfort we can see average USD/RM lower compare last quarter

*Data taken until 17-Jan-2020


7.) Latex Cost

* Jan-2020 data until 17-Jan-2020


Simple calculation average buld latex cost vs quarter report date as below:


8.) PBT


9.) Wuhan Coronavirus

Confirmed Cases 291



Harta higher PE - Best ROE and profot margin (AMG Antimicrobial Glove)

Topglove second high PE - Big name president Lim Wee Chai and exploxe condom market

Kossan third high PE - ROE and profit margin better than Topglove but PE lower than Topglove

Supermx - Contact lens

Comfort - Cheap glove counter in Malaysia


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johnny cash First we have to make sure are this gloves are going to make profits from this flu..next question is,,, is this flu is going to be a longterm or short term thing?? If short term thing,, you should know when to enter n when to exit,, if long term thing, then when to enter only.. Just my oppinion
19/01/2020 6:07 PM
Armada An Quantum Leap Stock In 2019/2020 Where is Rm vs us profit sensitivity?
19/01/2020 8:07 PM
Wah Lau Thanks for suggestions. Update USD/RM vs Quarter Report date. If have material cost link please share here and thanks.
19/01/2020 8:58 PM
Wah Lau Updated USD/RM in 6.) and Latex cost in RM in 7.)
19/01/2020 10:55 PM
popo92 comfort have not been paying tax for quite a long time, they are still paying minimal tax now. expected to used up unabsorbed loss even without factoring new accounting law.
19/01/2020 11:02 PM
popo92 use EBITDA as a parameter and you will see a different view
19/01/2020 11:04 PM
Wah Lau popo92 in Last 10 FY in I3 only can found PBT and updated in 8.)
19/01/2020 11:35 PM
Wah Lau add in 9.) Wuhan Coronavirus Confirmed Cases 291
21/01/2020 10:10 PM
21/01/2020 10:56 PM


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