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The Daily Digest: Meat Tax?

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Meena Raman, Climate Change Programme Coordinator, Third World Network | Hillary Chiew, Freelance Environmental Consultant

08-Jan-19 14:15

As Caroline Lucas urges the UK parliament to 'seriously consider' a new tax on meat, we wonder, should we ‘seriously consider’ it here? Today we discuss the feasibility of implementing a meat tax in Malaysia and how the meat tax differs from carbon tax.


Produced by: Tina Carmillia and Raghu Sharma

Presented by: Tee Shiao Eek, Tina Carmillia and Sharmilla Ganesan

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Shinnzaii Aiyoooo....apa macam macam tax also got...soda tax, carbon tax, meat tax, next instant mee tax ah? or vegetables tax?
08/01/2019 16:22


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