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How to trade in a bearish volatile market?

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With FBMKLCI and FBMSCAP languishing at its low of the year, it has become increasingly difficult to for retail investors who are more inclined to short term trading approach to make money from share trading. The common question in many people’s mind are how low can the stocks continue to drifting downwards. While as the main indices dropping, technically the stocks valuation should be looking cheaper and presenting a more value buy if the companies can maintain or achieve its previous profit records. However, in our case here, while some of the stocks are starting to show ‘value’, the broad macro sentiment on weakening world economic growth is the main concern among many investors, particularly when the bigger institutional players are unwinding some of their index link core holdings and the exodus of foreign funds which have hit almost RM10.0 bil in the first 10 months of 2018.

What should one do in such a depressing market environment?

For the short term traders, it is even more important that we constantly remind and psycho ourselves that we should only enter a position when the probability of winning is high and not just because the stock is getting ‘cheaper’ or just because we don’t feel easy without having a trade for the past few days. Some people trade for “fun” and ‘”excitement” without assessing the winning chance before entering the position. It is more like having the ‘gambling’ habit.

To thrive and win in stock trading, we must have a set of winning strategy and to follow the market sentiment and momentum especially when we have the constraint of limited investable capital. Just because the stock appears to be ‘cheap’ is not good enough reason to enter a position as all short term entry must be supported by volume and the correct chart patterns that is up trending. Hence, that is what I mean “ don’t lose”  as the first psychological trading rule to win.

As the main thrust of short term traders is to ride on the price differences caused by market volatility, we have to focus on the skills to identify the pivot point where price are about to break out which are supported by common bullish technical indicators. That too would require the understanding to identify stock at its various stages of trade cycle to increase the chances of getting a wining trade. Hence, this is the time that requires a little more hard work to find stocks that meet the right chart patterns, volume and timing.

Short term trading is all about ‘timing’ as we don’t usually average down unlike ‘value investing’. Even then with the very low cost offered by stockbrokers for online trading, there is also not a very good reason to average down. If the stock trend is weak and trending down, one can always sell first and then buy back later when the price stabilized. However, that would require some understanding to read the transaction flow and trading records. If we wish to trade short term, it is best that we read up and learn some basic skills to identify the characteristic of the various stages of stock cycle and the bullish and bearish chart patterns to better prepare us to ride through the storm.

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