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Investing trait : Common Sense

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019, 08:50 AM   |  >> Read article in Blog website


Will use LionInd to talk about Common Sense ... perhaps if I have mood, the fairness and patience.

I saw a good writing from a FB-friend regarding investing traits ... the three critical ones listed here ... and I would focus in common-sense ... which NOT commonly found in stock markets, obviously.

to be continued : https://cpteh.blogspot.com/
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(70B-SAPNRG-3Yrs) Philip Scam article to get readers into a AD filled blog. Pathetic!
15/03/2019 05:32

It has been a while ...

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019, 03:15 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

1.55pm : It has been a while ... the last time I really sit down and blog. Being alone ... sitting in an empty room, with songs playing ... and no classes, no devices to disturb me ... or distract me to ... blog.

someone of the songs I was listening now ...

I was showing the group regarding the craziness in Dayang and some other stocks which retailers chasing. We don't know who would be the greatest fool ... some as greater fools ...while many would be silenced, being a fool. Will only post the chart of Dayang by end of day. Those punters inside, good luck.

Let me start with TNLogis, CJCen and MNRB which I supposed to post that day ... I didn't even check.

TNLogis : long black candle last month ... due to gap down. RM 1.80 to current 60cents. Downtrending, not cheap too. PER 18.41 with NTA 1.57

website : http://www.tiongnam.com/

CJCentury : Was previously known as Century ... till CJ came in.


Note : I cant remember the price CJ paid for Century ... RM1.30 plus? wait ... I go google :

PETALING JAYA: Substantial shareholders of Century Logistics Holdings Bhd, including founder and executive chairman Datuk Phua Sin Mo, are disposing of a 31.44% stake in the group to CJ Korea Express Asia Pte Ltd for RM174.79 million cash or RM1.45 per share. This represents a 39.4% premium against Century Logistics' last traded price of RM1.04.

website : http://www.cjcentury.com/

Both above are logistic .... let me check MNRB.

MNRB : Don't know why it gap down so much with huge volume ... and why recovered so much before gap down? hmm ... must be due to QR. Lazy to check (LOL).

ok ... to be continued ...

it has been a while since the last time I really blog ... I cant sustain the momentum, anymore.


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RainT another rubbish
05/03/2019 23:16

Overbought : When to sell stocks

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019, 09:28 AM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Morning ... nice to see KLCI minus 9points. Have you sold your stocks, or doing the unthinkable averaging down again?

I posted last Thu/Friday .... then even had an e-meeting asking all to SELL ahead of the selldown. Guess by now, many seen that few pages of QR , showing many companies doing badly?

Even Tenaga can lose money .... hmm ... something amiss. Anyone can explain ar?

Wait .... market crashed liao meh? Nope ...only retailers stuck up there. and GOOD LUCK.

Check out AirAsia ...making a loss?

AirAsia : monthly chart ... bearish ... coming lower. Wait RM2.40.

later update ... TNLOGIS, CJCen .... MNRB?

now, go jalan-jalan first.

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kingcobra okay lah keep your monies under the pillows....
01/03/2019 11:09
TimmyTim something very wrong with this guy :(
01/03/2019 18:45
cheoky What is the motivation of cipeteh posting viper article at all time? To analyse this is more difficult than analyze stocks
01/03/2019 18:49

e-meeting : when to sell?

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019, 08:52 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Note : selling stocks is more difficult than buying

You have been invited to a join.me meeting
Join the meeting: join.me/cpteh2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 9:30 PM

Kuala Lumpur, Singapore
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Vc Looi Market up he is silence when market down abit then he appear again make noises
26/02/2019 22:16
davidkkw79 Even uncle kyy has sack him off...
26/02/2019 22:21
speakup cpteh missed the boat, so when market down, he is happy.
27/02/2019 07:21
kingcobra very stupid topics!!
27/02/2019 08:45

QR period : high risk

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019, 11:37 AM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

I shown my group this chart this morning ... if you understand, good. If no ... never mind.

Also ... I sold off all (except one to collect) to be in cash position last thu/Friday. Bye-bye stocks and crazy-ness ...

when do we buy stocks, I asked so many times last week ...

so ... I will wait for them to kill each other

to continue LATER ... and u hv to go to my blog-site  https://cpteh.blogspot.com/     and not third-party portals(such as i3) for update/refresh.






oh yes, OIL down 3% last night ... this weekend, cheaper petrol ar?

I go 'pyramid' jalan jalan now ... time for lunch.

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speakup go go go Fortune, kasi hantam this self-proclaimed sifu
26/02/2019 11:59
teareader818 During Bursa rally, busy making money, no time to talk talk lah. Now after release all can have time to jalan jalan.
26/02/2019 13:52
chuatuanboo when market is down, he would start to claim that he had sold off all the shares 2 days ago.
26/02/2019 21:28

KLCI bullish day : 1724

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Wed, 20 Feb 2019, 03:57 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

4pm : Today KLCI reaching back to 1724 level, and it is a SELL day.

show them this quote ...

nothing to write ... haha. busy with classes and trading as market up further. SELL ... touch-n-go ... exit.

note : those stuck ... good market sentiment, rebound = sell.

good luck as I m OUT.

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cubic7117 Still around, now say bullish NOT MARKET CRASH MARKET CRASH n CUT LOST CUT LOST
20/02/2019 17:29
FamousAmos Sohai
20/02/2019 17:39
speakup cpteh must be CRYING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK ;-) Coz he missed the boat!
20/02/2019 17:45
Goh Kim Hock He missed the boat bcos he thinks he's very smart. Can outsmart all the experts in i3 here. Really sohai.
20/02/2019 19:45
deMusangking Fortune Bull is the new GURU!!!!!!

20/02/2019 20:20
kingcobra cipet teh, making tons of money OR missed the boat?
20/02/2019 20:52
lizi very obvious loh....the last he post still say crash...must be hard for him to see market rebound like that.

speakup cpteh must be CRYING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK ;-) Coz he missed the boat!
20/02/2019 17:45
22/02/2019 10:59
KAQ4468 speakup : cpteh must be CRYING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK ;-) Coz he missed the boat!

20/02/2019 17:45

aku pun sama woiiiiii

crying all the way

haram jadah !!!!
22/02/2019 11:23

Beli lah bungaraya

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019, 06:39 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Bought 4 types of Hibiscus so far ... if bloom 1, buy 10 lots. bloom 100 lots .... get what I mean.  haha

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hollandking darn, the synchronicity phenomenon is getting stronger and more frequently. im starting to suspect what these syncronicity events are about
07/02/2019 19:18
VenFx Happi CNY Pro. Cp teh.
Finally see your courage for Hibi currently while it traded near 0.980
I has exposure for hibi since 0.360

Would like to seek your attention for another 2 o&g counters, which believe to be able to offer high margin of safety plus averagely higher return.

Dayang @ 0.690
Sapuranrg @ 0.265

Better still, a veteran guru who did in depth study for the 3 winners, probably will know which one shall be the biggest weighing over the next 1 year.

Maybe pro CP can shed some light.
Which should deserve a higher weighing in 2019/2020/2021 accordingly.

07/02/2019 22:33
VenFx My view for above 3 picks

Hibi still the top wanted list...
While, sapnrg 2nd wanted at below 0.275 0.235
Lastly, Dayang only accumulate at below 0.520; a buy low sell 0.750
Before the debt restructuring scheme done very likely the preferably trade.

However, different opinions are very much appreciated from fellow sifus.
07/02/2019 23:36
qqq3 the young ones pays too much attention to value here, value there because of the popularity of popular teachers.......

they need to re direct their attention to the actual business, the quality and reputation and the correct stories/ business sense.....

Philip is good enough to have found it 10 years ago.....who will take another 10 years to realise it?

ven......your problem......you did not opt for the best in class, eg VItrox vs EG......

better to opt for best in class.
07/02/2019 23:40
VenFx Haha !
I'll let EG to continue inspire me...

No worry at this juncture as the bottom has been taken care with.
Evidenced by its relatively stable net profit.

Maybe EG management only know how to not to be lost , and not planning for how to win yet as most of their Top level are from accounting field.

The management may need to hear different views from tech engineer.
It is time to sail from the calm to the rough sea and fight the battle.
That, shall earn their tittle and claim victory.

I stay open now !
08/02/2019 00:04
VenFx Qqq3 pro,

Hope to see your specific target !
Instead of pointing a general picture which very hard for me to guess.
08/02/2019 00:05
VenFx Let's take scenario in Sapura & Dayang...
What would you put in most crucially merits when come to selection of both ? In term of the calculated Entry price and Best entry timing ?
08/02/2019 00:09
qqq3 me? 99 % not suitable for investments...trade only la.

Hibiscus and Sapura no longer in my radar...Dayang and carimin, trade if u wish....
08/02/2019 00:11
VenFx Hihi ! Hibi not suitable for investment ?

I love Dayang. But, only trade at range from 0.520 to 0.750
Will only sailang at my calculated price below 0.550-0.520
for my investment trade.
Carimin pls wacth out for its very very tough 0.990 level.
08/02/2019 00:36
speakup why thank cpteh for recommending Hibiscus?
Ah Koon already recommend Hibiscus when around 80sen! thank him not cpteh!
08/02/2019 09:15

Averaging down : Gamuda

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Thu, 7 Feb 2019, 10:24 AM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Gamuda : If we are caught at RM5, should we be averaging down at RM4? Then .... wait for RM3 to buy more? How about RM2 ... we certainly need huge funds prepared for averaging it. Once RM2 done, are we going to all in at RM1?

This is Gamuda, one of the largest construction company in our country, Malaysia and listed in KLSE. It used to be index-linked, for your info.

Averaging down is not easy ... as we are prepared to be stuck for some time ... and expecting it to have reverse and uptrending again.

But ... we never know the BOTTOM. So, instead of timing the bottom, we buy in stages?

We were taught in very wrong ways/methods of averaging down, actually. We do not simply average it down. It the stock traded at RM5 previously, it doesn't mean RM3 is cheaper? Perhaps, you have bought at RM5 at very high-level? It is VALUATIONS thru biz-analysis and fundamental-analysis ... not base on the price traded in bourse, ok?

Averaging down in 2018 is kinda ridiculous decision to make ... and adding more in 2019 could be suicidal. But again ... no one knows, right?

Good luck to those averaging down. If we know what we are doing, no need to care about what others saying. Stick to our plans?


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speakup here goes cpteh mocking uncles & aunties again. kesian innocent uncles & aunties get eaten by sharks already, now get mocked by cpteh.
07/02/2019 10:52
Bursa2019 ergghhhhhhhhh
07/02/2019 10:56
speakup https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2019/02/06/now-theres-a-malu-apa-bossku-song-and-the-rapper-wants-najibs-forgiveness/1720317
07/02/2019 10:58
speakup cpteh, stop lah mocking innocent uncles & aunties who already lost money. kesian them. dont lah u be soooo cold hearted.
how u feel if u lose money, then someone mock u kaw-kaw? u suka?
07/02/2019 11:24
Bursa2019 at Gamuda counter ... got I kiddo named CindyBull

bought Gamuda @ RM5 ....uhukkk uuhukkk

now everyday maki PH , blaming PH for the loss
07/02/2019 11:28
speakup pity CindyBull get mocked by cpteh everyday
kesian CindyBull
07/02/2019 11:31
michaelwong Got stuck lah and helping someone to pull his leg in the stranded muddy water....wtf !!!
07/02/2019 18:42
LaoTzeAhSir shut up cp teh. you offer zero value to this i3 community.
08/02/2019 00:08


Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019, 09:58 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Do you know market ALREADY crashed ... and you might be one of those STUCK up there in some stocks, perhaps most part of your funds STUCK up there ... and you are still in denial mode?

Let me re-shared ... KLCI is comprises of only 30 stocks which could be easily supported. So, we are standing around 1700 level at the moment, down from 1800 plus before GE14.

Exactly ... a year ago, Feb 2018 ... we were at 1820 level , this week we are at 1683.

So, KLCI shown that after a year ... we are 'just' 137 points lower, right? So, technically speaking ... KLCI not crash yet ... and still sideway, awaiting to break higher than 1900 OR below 1500. Sideway ... no bear or bull. Just stay supported (artificially). Along the way, we seen TM taken out and inclusion of the over-valued  Harta/TopGlove.

2018 was the year many crashed ... especially after GE14.

Markets dislike un-certainties ... so, punished many counters, which are fully-valued or over-priced anyway. One of the sector which battered the most was CONSTRUCTIONS.

With new PH-gov trying to prove their points, many projects cancelled, down-sized or deferred.

Construction-index down some 40% from exactly a year ago ... what is that call if not CRASHED?

Note : Crashes can lead to a bear market. That's when the market falls 10 percent beyond a correction for a total decline of 20 percent or more. It typically lasts 18 months. Bear markets occur with a recession.

The note is copied from : https://www.thebalance.com/stock-market-crash-examples-cause-impact-3305864

It was about 56% from the peak to recent bottom. Are construction counters CHEAP after such a crash?

Answer : NOPE

Why not?

Answer : because many projects cancelled/downsided/postponed ... so, hitting hard in their EXPECTED earning ... bear in mind, stock-market factoring in the so-called good projected earnings ...

SO .... get ourselves clear here. KLCI will not crash yet till DOW to crash. But, we have more than 10 sectors which crashing .... or crashed.

Ask those MAJORITY whom stuck up there, of coz they wont tell you the truth they are stuck up there, right?

Are you sure we have not crashed? More to come, by the way.

happy CNY ...day 2

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Kukumanis Dude! what happens to the 100 oil price?
06/02/2019 23:50
Goh Kim Hock stop wasting your time with this noob. He knows nothing about stock market. Throw him some investment jargon like EPS, premium or liquidity and most likely he has no idea without referring to Investopedia.
07/02/2019 00:47
John Lu Stupid article
07/02/2019 00:51
lizi Kejap kata going to crash, kejap kata already crashed....aiyoo....some of your waterfall stock already turnaround loh...got buy or not?
07/02/2019 08:19
speakup https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/deputy-minister-marzuki-reveals-did-124917446.html
like that speakup also can speakup say went to Oxford U! but never study in Oxford U.
this Bersatu want to tipu only!
07/02/2019 09:31
speakup wah lau weh
07/02/2019 11:01
enning22 after crash, so what,this is not end of the world,lifes go on.business cycle repeat all the time.crash/ boom ,crash /boom.now crash ,wait for next boom.
07/02/2019 15:00
LaoTzeAhSir Donovan will call out your stupidity right in your face.
08/02/2019 00:11

CNY Day #1

Author: CP TEH   |  Publish date: Tue, 5 Feb 2019, 11:09 PM   |  >> Read article in Blog website

Happy CNY day 1 ... done nothing much except visited mom and sis/bro.

Not so well ... and napped. No one visited me, so far.

There is an up-coming talk : Investment Blogger Day. Interesting ... by i3-forum. So, I will try to make myself available and attend. If I m free (no tuition classes, I m sure to attend many seminars/talks) ... I m not invited (as speakers?) as I m not active in i3, and not even in blogging. Also ... this is not an INVESTMENT blog, in case some out there really thought I m obliged to write about 'stock markets'.

This blog is just another cyber space for me to ... unblock. Blog to unblock, heard of that phrase? Never mind ... most wont understand what a blog is, anyway.

We are taking a break here ... but DOW up 175 points last night and expecting to move higher tonight. Mixed news ... but I guess market in US welcoming FED-chairman 'hints". It is very difficult to follow news ... and one moment we talking about trade wars, next would be looking at FED.

Locally, we do not have GE14 to distract the market ... BUT as I have mentioned for whole 2018, we ALREADY crash ... that is what I was preparing for in 2016 : CRASH. But ... we have not seen the crash in index --- KLCI. We are indeed still strongly holding at 1700 level, pending breakout of 1725 and heading to 1800 ... perhaps ... 1900 ... new high to 2000?

ok ... ok .. it is CNY ... we are allowed to DREAM ... and do get drunk. haha. cheers.

Where are we in the cycle now?

As stock-markets in high-valuation level with NO CHEAP or UNDERVALUED stocks hangin around to pick (invest = buy-hold), we would want to check on those crashed ... example : TM, GenM, Astro ... FGV? Or Karex? haha. Even after those stocks down so much, it is still NOT cheap.

We are at the BLUE region ... "rising interest rate" after the 'rising of property prices. As the interest rate would continue to rise in coming near future, we would see selldown in stocks/equities. Slump in earnings ... cooperates failing and sectors crashing. Nope, we are not there YET ... we at increase in the interest rate level ... and might stay at this level awhile as market digesting 'inflation'.

We do see falling of share prices, actually. So ... for many sectors (such as O&G, Property stocks, Logistic etc etc) ... it is crashing. Falling of commodities also happening. Crude Oil price down from recent high of USD70 plus to USD50 plus now. Crude Palm Oil down from RM2800 to RM2000 level. So, are we in that stage now?

SLOWING down ... and moving to GLOOM.

So ... majority already STUCK in few hundreds stocks ... I have listed so many, if you remain in DENIAL mode, it is up to you to remain STUCK.

You mean, GenM moving up to RM5 or FGV to RM2 again? How about MyEg back to RM3?

Layhong to RM1? etc etc ... no, we should not allow ourselves to day-dream. But take the NEW YEAR to make new resolutions such as : I PROMISED MYSELF TO LEARN ... on how market works and NOT TO GET STUCK in stocks anymore.

Wish all happy CNY ... and huat ar? really?


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TheContrarian Still in blue region? Thought we are already in green.
06/02/2019 05:36
samyew1234 why u so negative in cny? haizzz
06/02/2019 08:45
chuatuanboo Are you still dreaming of market is going to crash soon ?
06/02/2019 08:52
lizi Yes...huat ah....
06/02/2019 09:08
kalteh Where to register for the investment talk?
06/02/2019 17:36


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