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Downtrending at critical support.

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Benalec : See if going into new low once the current support broken.

Boilerm : See if breaking low 74cents ... into new low. So, I put these into my waterfall list ... as I traded them at high previously.

JTiasa : This is how it looks like when the critical strong support broken ... Today, JTiasa still going lower, at 90cents now. Strongly advised not to average down if one is stuck up there. Well ... we don't see bottom yet ... and wont know how low this could be going, right? Cheap could go cheaper, ya? 

Malakoff : dropped with a downtrending chart and we do not see the bottom yet. Hit new low 85.5cents in recent selldown. So, I m still tracking how low Malakoff could be ... and MANY funds and retailers stuck up there.

So ... I m monitoring many downtrending ... to understand how these downtrending stocks going cheaper.

As I m a novice and learning ... it is only logical to watch from sideway, and to see how 'dead cat bounce' works.

Note : This is not a recommendation to buy-sell.

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Beary Why so thick skinned to collect subscription fees when you yourself admitted that u r a just a novice and still learning.

From my observation even a market crash will not benefit you much.

You will always wait for the price to go lower and lower and dares not to buy.

Eventually when you begins to buy, you will sell for a few sen profit and cut loss when a few sen down.
13/03/2018 11:56
yfchong sai-lang...
13/03/2018 13:21
shortinvestor77 He does not know how to invest as he is a trader.
13/03/2018 13:24
kasinathan zero value write up
13/03/2018 13:24
gladiator good job
13/03/2018 13:39
miker still can make profit if short sell the downtrend counters
13/03/2018 13:47
zoozooka Ty. Like waterfall
13/03/2018 13:53
SuperBest tqs 4 sharing
13/03/2018 14:16
Flintstones Sometimes i really pity teh chong peng who keeps indulging in downtrend chart porn. Imagine for a second if he had took the initiative to look for trading opportunities instead of waiting everything to crash like 2008, he would have made some money from the market to buy his kids a new bicycle. A stubborn gambler is a stubborn gambler. One day teh chong peng may have found his enlightenment and start trading like a proper trader.
13/03/2018 17:26
BenPg Will Bursa also become a waterfall soon?
13/03/2018 19:00
pussycats Cpteh, your waterfall charts r beautiful. Good job
14/03/2018 08:09
Pengyong Loo Cpteh good job I like to read your waterfall charts and thanks
14/03/2018 11:23


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