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Do you know market ALREADY crashed ... and you might be one of those STUCK up there in some stocks, perhaps most part of your funds STUCK up there ... and you are still in denial mode?

Let me re-shared ... KLCI is comprises of only 30 stocks which could be easily supported. So, we are standing around 1700 level at the moment, down from 1800 plus before GE14.

Exactly ... a year ago, Feb 2018 ... we were at 1820 level , this week we are at 1683.

So, KLCI shown that after a year ... we are 'just' 137 points lower, right? So, technically speaking ... KLCI not crash yet ... and still sideway, awaiting to break higher than 1900 OR below 1500. Sideway ... no bear or bull. Just stay supported (artificially). Along the way, we seen TM taken out and inclusion of the over-valued  Harta/TopGlove.

2018 was the year many crashed ... especially after GE14.

Markets dislike un-certainties ... so, punished many counters, which are fully-valued or over-priced anyway. One of the sector which battered the most was CONSTRUCTIONS.

With new PH-gov trying to prove their points, many projects cancelled, down-sized or deferred.

Construction-index down some 40% from exactly a year ago ... what is that call if not CRASHED?

Note : Crashes can lead to a bear market. That's when the market falls 10 percent beyond a correction for a total decline of 20 percent or more. It typically lasts 18 months. Bear markets occur with a recession.

The note is copied from : https://www.thebalance.com/stock-market-crash-examples-cause-impact-3305864

It was about 56% from the peak to recent bottom. Are construction counters CHEAP after such a crash?

Answer : NOPE

Why not?

Answer : because many projects cancelled/downsided/postponed ... so, hitting hard in their EXPECTED earning ... bear in mind, stock-market factoring in the so-called good projected earnings ...

SO .... get ourselves clear here. KLCI will not crash yet till DOW to crash. But, we have more than 10 sectors which crashing .... or crashed.

Ask those MAJORITY whom stuck up there, of coz they wont tell you the truth they are stuck up there, right?

Are you sure we have not crashed? More to come, by the way.

happy CNY ...day 2

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Kukumanis Dude! what happens to the 100 oil price?
06/02/2019 11:50 PM
Goh Kim Hock stop wasting your time with this noob. He knows nothing about stock market. Throw him some investment jargon like EPS, premium or liquidity and most likely he has no idea without referring to Investopedia.
07/02/2019 12:47 AM
John Lu Stupid article
07/02/2019 12:51 AM
lizi Kejap kata going to crash, kejap kata already crashed....aiyoo....some of your waterfall stock already turnaround loh...got buy or not?
07/02/2019 8:19 AM
speakup https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/deputy-minister-marzuki-reveals-did-124917446.html
like that speakup also can speakup say went to Oxford U! but never study in Oxford U.
this Bersatu want to tipu only!
07/02/2019 9:31 AM
speakup wah lau weh
07/02/2019 11:01 AM
enning22 after crash, so what,this is not end of the world,lifes go on.business cycle repeat all the time.crash/ boom ,crash /boom.now crash ,wait for next boom.
07/02/2019 3:00 PM
LaoTzeAhSir Donovan will call out your stupidity right in your face.
08/02/2019 12:11 AM


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