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July 21st : Sunday blah-blah

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Sunday morning ... good morning.

I have wanted to blog more regularly ... I used to blog EVERYDAY without missing a single day for years ... that is due to my pleasure of reading what I m writing. I no longer find that simple pleasure in blogging ... err ... not that I lost interest ... just that I lost the motivation ... the flow ... the freedom that I wanted too ... the blah-blah stories that I enjoyed most writing ...

Ok ... I can try to fix Sunday morning to blah-blah ... after sent my boy for his badminton game and done some park-walking just now. Reminding myself to be FOCUS to blog ...here I am (otherwise, I would be distracted by my ipad/handphone etc)

My thoughts? Full with excitement that my baby girl would be 11 tmr. Yup ... 22/7 = pie day ... 2008 is the crisis time. I cutloss all my stocks to realise losses in July 2008 ... and started this blog in AUG 2008. WOW ... it is 11 years now, since the market crash ... and crushed me. I was at my lowest point ... and this girl bringing me some joy (worried too in 2008 as she is not so 'normal')

Can see the photo of her 'walking'? That was my greatest joy as she was born with 'crooked' legs and can't walk till she is about 3yrs old. Smallish size too as she has delayed 'growth' ... and still slow in talking at age 11 today. But ... she brings lots of joy to me.

Happy Bday, girl ...

Just now .... randomly I clicked on some of HKSE (China's companies) ... saw ZTE rebounded x2 ... since it

We need to read WHY it gapped down ... will it ever recover?

How about XiaoMi? It is drifting lower ... and are we still believing in the biz-model, the company's fundamentals to invest in her? Why? and Why not? After a short surge after a month of IPO, it has been down almost 50% now .. do some homework if you wish.

It is not MI ... which traded in KLSE.

YongTai : Will you buy low-low stocks or high-high stocks?

buying into low-low stocks ... we have issues of : How low is low? Buying low means we are basically INVESTORS, checking fundamentals of the companies ... and it is under-valued, so it is worth waiting for the 'fair' value to be realised ... and we average it down if we could get cheaper!!

Check the post I written yesterday when I was lepaking at Aeon-Mall, Shah Alam.

Aeon : nice reversal ... was checking some weeks ago, but didnt trade her as I was focusing in UPTREND stocks ...

UPTREND stocks : Frontkn, Yinson, BAuto, Serbadk ... Greatec ... Revenue ... hmm ... these stocks.

so ... buy high-high stocks means ... we are traders ... trend following. Imagine the sky is the limit ... without resistance. Aeon shown so many resistance level as it is DOWNTRENDING and crashed ... same goes to few hundreds stocks traded in our boleh-land bourse : BURSA.

Which is your flavour? down-down or high-high

It is not up or down, it is PROFITING from trades that matter!!

Have a nice Sunday as I want to catch up with Sunday ...


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bursatrader2018 UPTREND stocks : Frontkn, Yinson, BAuto, Serbadk ... Greatec ... Revenue ... hmm ... these stocks.

seems like these uptrend stocks are in process of profit taking correction n shd be avoided until they test the SMA20 line n rebound to indicate strength.
Like AEON,has tested the SMA20 line whole week n rebounded each time, looks a good bet for more upside
Bauto already breached the SMA20 line, may go down further to test SMA50 line if market weakens
how does a daytrader profit from downtrend stk like Yongtai ??

..just my Sunday blah-blah, have a profitable week ahead..
21/07/2019 9:55 PM
speakup another boring article by self-professed sifu cpteh
22/07/2019 9:42 AM


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