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Is Market Going To Crash In 10 Year Cycle?

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EWM, MSCI emerging market index for Malaysia. It regards for reflective and meaningful compared with FBMKLCI and used by many oversea big fund to track the perfromance of KLCI. 

From the above chart, a simple TA tool can tell you whether the market is in big bear or big bull by just looking at the dead cross and golden cross of 2 moving averages. From the past since 2003 till now this signal consider very effective and useful. The 2 moving averages I use is 50ema and 200ema. You can see from the chart, when golden cross happened in 2003 and 2009 the market were in major bull run for many years. Likewise when dead cross happened in 2008 and 2014 the market were in big bear for few yrs as well. In fact, the latest bear market was the 2nd longest in the KLCI history after 1981-1986 bear market. Since the market has just bottom out in Dec 2016 and has just making golden cross in early part of this yr would you think the market is going for crash again?

Many stocks like CIMB, Genting, auto stocks (like UMW, Tchong, APM, MBMR etc), 2nd liners plantation stocks, O&G and steel counters has dropped more than 50% from the peak even crash to all time low. If you talk about pennies then plenty have crash to historical low. So, u really think the market going to crash again?

From the above chart, the 2013-2016 correction in fact just as bad as 2007/08. I always believe chart don't lie but not news created from media. Many news come from media serve a purpose and motive. You have to read wisely.



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apolloang don't forget key asic and hubline also.....every year been bleeding until left suspenders only.i think must ask ah jib bangrupts n pocket kosong people can drive Bentley ar? hahaha
19/10/2017 00:42
apolloang dow jones bullish tomoro opening palette,key asic boh chow mati in 30 mins.....hahaha
19/10/2017 00:44
hstha Dow Hovers Above 23,000, Boosted by IBM
19/10/2017 00:50
hstha Why Does the Stock Market Keep Going Up?
19/10/2017 00:53
apolloang cos of cheap credit and trump.....if Clinton won it won't touch even 20,000 now
19/10/2017 00:55
hstha KLCI may want to catch up with a global rally. It's not priced in yet.
19/10/2017 01:05
TheContrarian apolloang, why so grumpy? You been eating too much murukku?
19/10/2017 01:08
apolloang no grumpy lah worry people get trapped by the crooks
19/10/2017 01:11
hstha US semiconductor stocks have been insanely bullish recently.
19/10/2017 08:51
humbleisland What would the effect of a crash in the US be on the Malaysian market? Seems like it works in an inverse fashion to me, i.e. US crash, Malaysia fine.
19/10/2017 08:59
hstha MARKET BUZZ: Malaysia KLCI Likely Higher Tracking Dow; 1743-1770 Band Tipped
19/10/2017 09:03
hstha http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/bursa-malaysia-resumes-trading-after-holiday-dow-tops-23000-points
19/10/2017 09:05
hstha http://www.nasdaq.com/article/malaysia-shares-may-halt-losing-streak-20171018-01475
19/10/2017 09:07
hstha Warren Buffett: Be Fearful When Others are Greedy
19/10/2017 10:18
hstha Warren Buffett just made nearly $800 million in IBM, a stock he doesn’t even like that much
19/10/2017 10:23
hstha be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
19/10/2017 10:25
apolloang IBM is a blue chip stock,palette,keyasic are junks
19/10/2017 10:40
SpecTraChart All those penny went up because the operator already finger itchy, can't wait to mark up the share price. They have been waiting for this opportunity for years. Imagine suppressing the price flat for years, you think no need patience ah? When penny stock A got marked up insanely like 50% in a week, operator B will get a boost of confidence that now it's his turn to mark up penny stock B, this cycle continues with operator C,D,E and so on. The reason they are doing can only be: they believe the whole market will soon rally insanely again like 1993 or 2006/7. These are the telltale signs.
19/10/2017 11:38
tecpower Stock prices are determined by their fundamentals and investors'sentiment,
but Malaysian people tend to focus more on investors' sentiment. That's why they cannot stop downward trend of the market easily.
19/10/2017 11:51
hstha SE Asia Stocks-Muted; Malaysia hits 6-mth low
19/10/2017 15:09
hstha KESM, Inari, MPI,Unisem and Sam Engineering are up. Semiconductor stocks are not bearish.
19/10/2017 16:47
InvestorsDoctor A angle from Fibonacci analysis in Dow jones
19/10/2017 17:38
hstha Fidelity Investments
19/10/2017 19:05
emil Crash activated......major selling in full force!
19/10/2017 19:52
hstha SINGAPORE: Fidelity International favours Singaporean and Malaysian stocks in the short term, while it likes Thai stocks the least in Southeast Asia because of weak growth.

Singapore benefits from global and regional growth because of the focus of businesses in the city-state, says Gillian Kwek, equities portfolio manager for Southeast Asian equities.

“Outlook for Malaysia’s corporate earnings is good in next six to 12 months because of upcoming elections and increased investments,” she said at media briefing on Thursday.

Asean benefits from young and growing workforce, rising savings rate; government are capping their fiscal deficits to 3% of GDP and that’s helped maintain stable monetary policies.

Meanwhile, Fidelity is cautious on credit markets, according to Charles McKenzie, the London-based chief investment officer for global fixed income.

He cites risk of recession in US, which has had 32 quarters of successive growth; that’s good for govt bonds but not for credit.

Also points out that excessive leverage globally is an unresolved financial risk

In Asia US dollar-denominated debt market, there are investment opportunities in triple-B and double-B as the “sweet spot" for credit, Bryan Collins, fixed-income portfolio manager for Asia
Pacific, says at same briefing. - Bloomberg

19/10/2017 20:00
apolloang KLCI very shameful compare to Thailand SET.....last time KLCI difference of a few hundred pts now KLCI 1743 THAI SET 1683. yesterday thai 1707.soon in future THAI index gonna shoot past msia
19/10/2017 20:30
pang72 imminent market crash . sell immediately
19/10/2017 20:54
emil Next week Massive Global Sell-Off!!!
19/10/2017 21:25
rogers123 Market will be superbull run soon
19/10/2017 21:33
hstha Unilever says emerging markets a bright spot amid poor Q3 weather

Time to buy stocks in emerging markets, especially Malaysian stocks
19/10/2017 23:38
hstha KLCI has not been affected by a global rally, so it may not get affected by global bearish markets negatively. Global bearish markets could have a positive impact on KLCI.
19/10/2017 23:59

KLSE IS ONLY 1,200 Points from US Fund Managers' Value Benchmark






20/10/2017 00:04
apolloang where got crash,KESM still 16.78,aji 20.00,vs 3.13 and many more
20/10/2017 00:30
apolloang I sold KESM at 4.60 crash also cannot buyback.....hahaha
20/10/2017 00:31
hstha China economy shows solid momentum but property curbs bite | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/295071
20/10/2017 08:30
hstha US jobless claims hit 44-1/2-year low; mid-Atlantic factories humming | http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/295057
20/10/2017 08:31
speakup when everybody talk about CRASH, it's time to LOAD UP!
Warren Buffet say BUY WHEN EVERYBODY FEARS!!!!
20/10/2017 09:31
1010 agree wif speakup
20/10/2017 09:35
apolloang must ask jamal for tips cos now whole BOOSA control by thugs and goons.foreigners exiting BOOSA,everyday down bit by bit and soon thai set gonna be higher than BOOSA
20/10/2017 09:38
speakup when u see stupid articles like this http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/20/could-the-1987-stock-market-crash-happen-again claiming a big crash is coming, it's time to BUY! they write stupid articles like this so that they can SCARE YOU and they can BUY CHEAP from YOU!
20/10/2017 09:39
apolloang no crash but slow death,if crash the big kakis how to sell? so they use slow tactic to unload,everyday down bit by bit and not cause panic
20/10/2017 09:40
hstha KLCI hit a bottom yesterday or today it will hit a bottom.
After that it will rebound.
20/10/2017 09:41
hstha Malaysia's September inflation at 4.3% on-year
20/10/2017 18:46
tecpower Elsewhere in Asia, Japan's Nikkei 225 rose 0.04%, South Korea's Kospi climbed 0.67% while Hong Kong's Hang Seng was up 1.17%.

Reuters reported Japan's Nikkei share average rose for the 14th straight session on Friday to post its longest winning streak in over 50 years, as a weaker yen helped stocks recoup earlier losses.
20/10/2017 20:26
tecpower http://m.themalaymailonline.com/money/article/bursa-ends-mixed-on-cautious-trading1
20/10/2017 21:25
tecpower http://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2017/10/20/malaysia-sept-inflation-at-six-month-high/
20/10/2017 21:27
tecpower US semiconductor stocks are insanely bullish!

The Dow and US semiconductor stocks are bullish again!
20/10/2017 23:37
tecpower Malaysian investors are the most miserable in the world. They have missed an opportunity of making easy money!
20/10/2017 23:41
tecpower Regarding how the bearish market started, I think many fortune tellers in news articles and forums were involved. Malaysian investors tend to follow them blindly compared to traders in other markets.
20/10/2017 23:48
tecpower Like Bitcoin after it crash, it will hit a new high. Haha
21/10/2017 00:12


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