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KLCI's Dividend

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Continue from the above my post published on 1st July 2020.

The formula for FKLI fair value is simple, PFAIR = PC (1 + i*t) - D

However, a bit of hardwork is required to estimate how much KLCI points will be affected by Dividend Payout.

This information is very important for people who trade:


2) FKLI Spread

3) FBMKLCI-Call / Put Warrants



Make the above spreadsheet.

1) Column D: 

Quantity of each index counter in the basket, get from KLCI ETF (0820EA) Daily Report.

2) Column E:

The formula for Cell E4 is =C4*D4 

3) Column F:

The formula for Cell F4 is =E4/SUM(E$4:E$33)

4) Column AF:

The formula for Cell AF4 is =AE4/C4/100*F4*C$2

The 4 index counters that pay out big dividend are CIMB, MAYBANK, PBBANK and TENAGA.

5) Cell G34:

The formula is =(($F4*G4/$C4)+($F5*G5/$C5)+($F6*G6/$C6)+($F7*G7/$C7)+($F8*G8/$C8)+($F9*G9/$C9)+($F10*G10/$C10)+($F11*G11/$C11)+($F12*G12/$C12)+($F13*G13/$C13)+($F14*G14/$C14)+($F15*G15/$C15)+($F16*G16/$C16)+($F17*G17/$C17)+($F18*G18/$C18)+($F19*G19/$C19)+($F20*G20/$C20)+($F21*G21/$C21)+($F22*G22/$C22)+($F23*G23/$C23)+($F24*G24/$C24)+($F25*G25/$C25)+($F26*G26/$C26)+($F27*G27/$C27)+($F28*G28/$C28)+($F29*G29/$C29)+($F30*G30/$C30)+($F31*G31/$C31)+($F32*G32/$C32)+($F33*G33/$C33))*$C2/100

6) Cell S17:

The dividend of 15 cents for KLK has been removed from calculation as it was already ex-dated on 10th July.



1) September and March are the two months that have the most points affected by dividend ex-date. This is due to most companies announce their half year results in August and final results in February. 




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