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Call Warrants on HARTA / KOSSAN / SUPERMX / TOPGLOV, My pick is HARTA-C54

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1) I capture only the call warrants issued by CIMB, because I never found any call warrant issued by other investment was worth looking at, just wasting my time.

2) Those call warrants with low gearing are also not included, wasting time looking at.

3) Fair value calculation by Binomial 200 steps.

4) Volatility input into the calculation are annualised from the last 90 days volatility.

5) Interest input into the calculation is 2%.

6) Market prices are updated to the mid day closing at 12.30pm today.


My pick is HARTA-C54:

1) The fair value of HARTA-C54 is RM0.1249, market price is RM0.0800, fair value over market price = 0.1249 / 0.0800 = 156.1%, the highest among all the call warrants, in fact very much higher than the next one SUPERMX-C1D's 121.5%.

2) Among the four Glove Kings, at the moment HARTA's volatility is the lowest at 76.19%. Volatility could change from day to day, let say may be HARTA's volatility will pick up and go higher in near future, then HARTA-C52 fair value will increase further.


Important Note:

1) I could have input wrongly the expiry, exercise price / strike and exercise ratio, please double check at bursamalaysia.com.

2) Do not really trust me 100%, please download calculators from any website and verify my calculation.

3) Very important, must say three times, trade at your own risk, trade at your own risk, trade at your own risk.


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HARTA-C54 0.15 -0.025 (14.29%) 24,530,300 

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i3gambler Correction: .....issued by other investment banks was worth looking at,
28/09/2020 1:11 PM
i3gambler Correction: then HARTA-C54 fair value will increase further.
28/09/2020 4:21 PM
VenFx Thanks to i3gambler bro,
for your generous sharing for these structural warrant dissection game plan.

i wish i can learn something from you.
28/09/2020 6:32 PM
i3gambler After reading my posts, you can learn further from youtube.


28/09/2020 6:51 PM
VenFx Thank you sifu i3gambler for your above link shared...
28/09/2020 6:54 PM
Armada Quantum Leap Stock In 2020 Ya. VenFx finally learn something, don't trap again
29/09/2020 12:45 PM
fattydad Stop buying call warrant - the only winner is IB. Unless there is proper governance imposed by Bursa, we should stop buying call/ put warrant.
29/09/2020 10:06 PM
Mat Cendana #1 - Yes! All the other investment banks' structured warrants are mostly stacked against the speculator/punter. Premium percentage is so high and would require big movements before we even get into the money. CIMB's SWs are often worth exploring and considering.

Thanks for your effort in coming up with this post. Really appreciate it.
30/09/2020 3:20 PM

Don't buy the Call Warrants starting from CW46 to CW60 except CW48.All are highly overvalued and out of the money by a big percentage. DON'T BE TRAPPED BY THE IBs.
Also don't buy the HA and HB.
30/09/2020 3:41 PM
goldenluck16 CW48 is the best buy
30/09/2020 3:44 PM
Morpheus61 My General guidance to all investors who value their hard earned money:


Whatever you do, they will kill you. All they care about is themselves. They don't care about you.
30/09/2020 3:44 PM
i3gambler If you intend to trade short term, say buy today and sell within a week, then fair value calculation is not very important, because the issuer will most probably maintain the same pattern of market making, you will be buying expensive and selling expensive too.

But if we don't mind to buy and keep until cash settlement, then fair value calculation is very important.
01/10/2020 10:19 AM
Morpheus61 From: <aduan@seccom.com.my>
Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 10:09 AM
Subject: [Case:SC2020-13624] - Public opinion about Structured Warrants affecting the price of shares on Bursa Malaysia.

Dear sir/madam,

Thank you for your email dated 30/09/2020.

Your case has been logged under Case Reference: [Case:SC2020-1xxxx]. Please quote this reference number for any future communications.

In the meanwhile, you may contact us at 03-6204 8999.

Thank you

Kind regards,

Aduan Duty Officer
Consumer & Investor Office
Securities Commission Malaysia
01/10/2020 10:40 AM
i3gambler Morpheus61,

No harm to write to them, let us see how they answer you.
However, please accept the reality that the authority wanted to promote structured warrants by waiving the 1% stamp duty. Anyway, we respect different opinions.
02/10/2020 11:52 AM
Morpheus61 i3gambler. I'm not really concerned about the response of the SC or the regulatory bodies. I am convinced the people have a domain feel of these Structured Derivatives. To be fair, the intent of the Regulatory Authorities was to expand economic activity. However, a small market like Malaysia is open and prone to manipulation. You may call it by different names (Market Making ??for example). It boils down to the same thing.Manipulation. Again, its a question of credibilty.

I'm not against derivatives but I oppose opacity, Disclosure is Imperative. Let the people know your market making data. How much underlying shares you hold. What was your daily buying and selling of the underlying shares.

Please know that there are funds outside watching this.Those that have no encumbrances to warrants or to the issuers of warrants. All they too care about is returns. So watch your step.
02/10/2020 11:59 AM

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