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[转贴] [JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BHD:CPO和PK的销量分别增长28%和24%;FFB和CPO的生产成本分别降低了39%和12%,这是由于产量提高了15%和22%] - James的股票投资James Share Investing

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[JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BHD:CPO和PK的销量分别增长28%和24%;FFB和CPO的生产成本分别降低了39%和12%,这是由于产量提高了15%和22%]



与上一季度相比,集团的收入和税前利润表现更好。收入的增长主要是由于FFB和CPO的销量分别增长了93%和69%。木材部门也因原木销量增加做出了积极贡献。 FFB的产量提高和工厂产能利用率提高,导致FFB和CPO的生产成本降低。结果,油棕部门的营业利润显着提高。

James Ng Stock Pick Performance:
Since Recommended Return:

a) FRONTKN (FRONTKEN CORP BHD), recommended on 12 Aug 18, initial price was RM0.715, rose to RM2.16 (dividend RM0.025) in 1 year 3 months 24 days, total return is 205.6%

b) PRLEXUS (PROLEXUS BHD), recommended on 25 Aug 19, initial price was RM0.455, rose to RM1.00 in 3 months 11 days, total return is 119.8%

c) JAKS (JAKS RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 20 Jan 19, initial price was RM0.575, rose to RM1.23 in 10 months 16 days, total return is 113.9%

d) KKB (KKB ENGINEERING BHD), recommended on 1 Jul 18, initial price was RM0.795, rose to RM1.44 (dividend RM0.04) in 1 year 5 months 5 days, total return is 86.2%

e) MI (MI TECHNOVATION BERHAD), recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.67, rose to RM2.75 (adjusted)(dividend RM0.01) in 6 months 4 days, total return is 65.3%

f) PWROOT (POWER ROOT BHD), recommended on 7 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.59, rose to RM2.37 (dividends RM0.083) in 1 Year 1 month 29 days, total return is 54.3%

g) TSH (TSH RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 30 Jun 19, initial price was RM0.90, rose to RM1.33 in 5 months 6 days, total return is 47.8%

h) GBGAQRS (GABUNGAN AQRS BHD), recommended on 16 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.80, rose to RM1.15 in 11 months 20 days, total return is 43.8%

i) ELKDESA (ELK-DESA RESOURCES BHD), recommended on 18 Nov 18, initial price was RM1.27, rose to RM1.69 (dividend RM0.07) in 1 Year 18 days, total return is 38.6%

j) KGB (KELINGTON GROUP BHD), recommended on 23 Dec 18, initial price was RM0.965, rose to RM1.31 (dividend RM0.018) in 11 months 13 days, total return is 37.6%

k) BAUTO (BERMAZ AUTO BHD), recommended on 14 Oct 18, initial price was RM1.89, rose to RM2.10 (dividend RM0.22) in 1 Year 1 month 22 days, total return is 22.8%

l) PESTECH (PESTECH INTERNATIONAL BHD), recommended on 2 Jun 19, initial price was RM1.04, rose to RM1.26 in 6 months 4 days, total return is 21.2%

m) SWKPLNT (SARAWAK PLANTATION BHD), recommended on 24 Mar 19, initial price was RM1.55, rose to RM1.78 (dividend RM0.05) in 8 months 12 days, total return is 18.1%

n) SERBADK (SERBA DINAMIK HOLDINGS BHD), recommended on 29 Jul 18, initial price was RM3.96, rose to RM4.31 (adjusted)(dividends RM0.111) in 1 Year 4 months 7 days, total return is 11.6%

o) DESTINI (DESTINI BHD), recommended on 24 Sep 19, initial price was RM0.20, rose to RM0.215 in 2 months 12 days, total return is 7.5%

p) KAREX (KAREX BHD), recommended on 20 Oct 19, initial price was RM0.445, rose to RM0.465 (dividend RM0.01) in 1 month 16 days, total return is 6.7%

我希望将我的策略分享给读者,希望他们在阅读后能够表现出色。我正在使用基本面分析(Fundamental Analysis):

预计公司每年的增长率必须> 14%


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James Ng
[JAYA TIASA HOLDINGS BHD: Increase in the sales volume of CPO and PK by 28% and 24% respectively; reduction in the cost of production of FFB and CPO by 39% and 12% arising from higher production volume by 15% and 22% respectively]

For the financial period under review, the Group recorded a 10% increase in total revenue as a result of higher sales volume from the Oil Palm division. Higher pre-tax profit for the current quarter was mainly due to:-

-Increase in the sales volume of CPO and PK by 28% and 24% respectively ;
-Reduction in the cost of production of FFB and CPO by 39% and 12% arising from higher production volume by 15% and 22% respectively

The Group’s revenue and pre-tax profit performed better when compared to the immediate preceding quarter. Improvement in revenue was mainly due to 93% and 69% increase in the sales volume of the FFB and CPO respectively. The Timber division also contributed positively with higher log sales volume. Higher FFB production volume and better mills capacity utilisation in the current quarter led to lower production cost for both FFB and CPO. As a result, the operating profit for the Oil Palm division improved significantly.

In view of the recent improvement in the price of CPO due to anticipation of lower global palm oil inventories level and the proposed initiative of higher biodiesel blend, they expect better performance of the Group’s oil palm division in the coming quarters. The Group will continue to take various measures to improve FFB and palm oil yield to ensure cost effectiveness. The Group is also reviewing the operational strategies of the timber operations in the light of the changing global and market conditions.
I wish to share my strategy to readers, hope that they can perform well after reading this. I am using Fundamental Analysis:

the forecasted growth of a company must > 14% per year

I wish to convince readers to learn FA in order to make money from stock market.

I am providing STOCK PICK SERVICE for readers who want to make money from Malaysian stock market. Those who want to subscribe to my mailing list to achieve a good return from stock market, you can contact me at jamesngshare@gmail.com or PM me in my FB page.

This sharing is purely a discussion and analysis of the sector, buying or selling at your own risk. Please Like and Share this post. Final decision is always yours, thank you.

James Ng

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